Chapter 503 - The Extreme Yin Aura

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Chapter 503: The Extreme Yin Aura

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Shi Mu’s body went numb, left half-squatting on the ground and breathing loudly through his mouth. In his heart, he secretly rejoiced over his endurance.

If the tide of fire continued for a long time, he would definitely not have been able to hold on, and his Primordial Spirit would be destroyed.

After taking a moment to breathe, Shi Mu stood up and looked ahead.

There was not much road, but there was an exit over a hundred feet away. The surface was foggy, making it difficult to see what was outside.

Shi Mu’s expression sank slightly and he continued to walk on.

As expected, after the five elemental attacks, the passage was now safe. There was no longer any danger.

He quickly went to the exit and looked at the misty fog that could not be penetrated by his Primordial Spirit. He hesitated for a while but eventually stepped out.

The surrounding scenery abruptly changed as he appeared in an empty hall.

Looking around, there was nothing left in the empty space but a faint white light in the center of the main hall.

Shi Mu carefully looked a few times and he was happy.

Judging by the various signs in front of him, he should have passed the test of the labyrinth set by the azure ancestors and reached the end.

Shi Mu looked at the white light and walked over.

Just as he reached out to touch it, the light rolled up as if it had a life of its own.

Shi Mu could not help but jump back a few feet in case of another hidden attack.

Just then, a majestic voice came from the light.

“Jiang Beidao, you have successfully passed through the Eight-doored Hollow Array and withstood the attacks of the five elements. The second phase of cultivation for the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art would be passed down to you. However, this technique will be a blessing and a curse at the same time. You would need to pass judgement yourself…”

Shi Mu heard the words and his expression changed slightly. This passage must have been left by the ancestors of the Azure Ape. It was apparently a gift for Jiang Beidao if he won his bet. He did not expect that after thousands of years, he would be the one who passed the test.

When the azure ape ancestor’s voice fell, the faint white light suddenly flashed and bolts of light shot out of it. Each bolt became a character which together formed a sentence in midair.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed with golden light. He immediately read the characters, making sure he remembered every single detail.

After half an hour, he closed his eyes. The contents of the white characters had been completely memorized. Compared to the cultivation of the first phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art, the mind transferring method was of the second phase of the technique.

“Didn’t the cyan azure ape mentioned that there were two or three phases of the cultivation hidden here? Why is there only one? Could it be…” Shi Mu questioned himself.

The white characters gradually faded with a burst, scattering around the hall.

Shi Mu’s eyes were blinded with intense light and his mind became foggy, falling unconscious.

It was unknown how long it took but he finally woke up. He was surrounded by walls of stones that were bursting with a faint red light.

Shi Mu was intrigued. He sat up straight and his face showed an expression of happiness and overjoy.

After being trapped for a month in the labyrinth, he had finally returned to the real world.

He quickly closed his eyes again and began to come to terms with the changes within his body.

Fortunately, his body was still tough. Compared to a month ago, although he had lost a lot of energy and vitality, it was still not a big problem to him. However, if he were to get trapped for another month, it would be hard to say.

As his thoughts subsided, Shi Mu managed to relax a little. He could not wait to start the second phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art.

After a while, Shi Mu opened his eyes and was filled with surprises. When he was in the labyrinth, everything was based on memorizing. However, in comparison to the second phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art, it was completely different.

The first phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art stressed the brute strength of the yang aura. Due to this, Shi Mu’s left hand possessed the power of the fiery yang aura. The second phase of the cultivation for the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art would require one to cultivate in a place with extreme coldness in order to absorb yin energy at its peak.

“Extreme yin aura…” Shi Mu brows slightly wrinkled as he muttered to himself.

Since Shi Mu had been practicing cultivation related to the yang aura flames, he had not been involved in any cultivations related to the yin aura blizzard aside from the Art of The Almighty Ape Rebirth.

Shi Mu immediately stood up from the futon and planned to go to the square of the Xuanling Tower to see if there was any spiritual material related to the extreme yin aura.

Upon exiting the secret chambers,, Shi Mu felt a small shadow rushing towards him.

Shi Mu whispered a little and grinned. He did not escape, letting the shadowy figure hit his chest.

“Shi Mu, why haven’t you talked with me for so long? I was so worried that you might be dead!” Cai nagged. He could not stop himself from feeling wronged.

“There were some issues. I didn’t expect it to last for such a long time either,” Shi Mu explained.

“Ah, so that’s why we got disconnected so often. Don’t scare me like this next time! My soft heart can’t stand it!” Cai landed on Shi Mu’s shoulder and waved his wings exaggeratedly as he spoke.

“Oh there is something I need to ask. Cai, when I was gone, did anything happen?” Shi Mu asked.

“Under my management, all the affairs of the residence were arranged in a well-organized manner…”

Before Cai could even finished his sentence, he abruptly stopped talking as Shi Mu looked at him in a judgemental manner.

“Fine. I know what you want to ask. Cui Huan had been retreating all this time. Occasionally, Zhao Sanbao would come over to our residence with a handful of men demanding to see you though they got sent away by me and that fatty Qi Feng. However, he said that the next time they come over, Zhao Shenlei would be here personally.”

“Oh… If he comes the next time, tell me directly.”

“Hey Shi Mu, that girl Cui Huan is very beautiful. Have you been taking such good care of her to make her part of your harem? But still, her beauty can’t be compared to Zhong Xiu’s. She isn’t bad either…”

A soft pat could be heard on Cai’s skull before he could even finish his sentence.

“Ah, it hurts! You ungrateful prick! I did so much on your behalf…”

Before Cai could once again finish his sentence, he had his gaze fixed on two spirit stones thrown by Shi Mu. He immediately flew to onto Shi Mu’s shoulder and took off to the air. In just a swoop, the spirit stone’s words had not been finished yet, and the eyes following the two spiritual stones was caught by Cai and he swallowed it into his belly without any hesitation.

“Cai, I’m heading to the Xuanling Tower a bit. Come follow me,” Shi Mu said.

“Alright! I’ve been so worried about you these days to the point of not leaving the residence.”

Shi Mu took off in the Green-winged Flying Carriage along with Cai.

After entering the Xuanling Tower, Shi Mu went straight into the circular light column inside the tower. In the blink of an eye, his body began to rise.

But for a moment, a huge circular doorway appeared in front of him, and a noisy ear piercing sound came in through the hole.

Shi Mu stepped into the door hole and walked hundreds of steps inward. He saw a huge stone with a height of dozens of feet standing in front of him. The characters “Common Square” were written on it.

Bypassing the boulder, the noise increased. Shi Mu could see a straight and wide bluestone street appearing in front of him, extending to the end of his line of sight. On this street, there were still some unknown horizontal streets.

The Bluestone street was about three hundred and forty feet wide, and both sides were rows of shops. There were various flags hanging on the building eaves. In the middle of the street, one could see the booths of the merchants from time to time.

Most of the horizontal streets were as wide as the Bluestone street. However, there were a few of them that were on the narrower side, squeezing between countless other shops.

In addition to the shops that were selling spiritual artifacts, there were restaurants, tea pots and taverns as well. It looked like he was in another Qinglan City.

On the streets, people would come and go. Voices of the merchants could be heard everywhere, promoting their products and services to the people who were there. Some of the shops even had friends at the door to attract customers. The lively scene was no worse than in Qinglan City.

“Come take a look! This is the finest fire crystal?…”

“To the ones passing by, don’t miss out on the Lightning attributed charms that had just arrived today!”

“The poisonous bio-gas had arrived too! Don’t miss out! Come now…”

“Wow! If it wasn’t for you bringing me here, I’d never know such a place existed in the Holy Land of Qinglan!” Cai looked in all directions with awe. He could contain himself from being wowed by what he was witnessing.

Shi Mu was a little surprised himself too. Brother Ling Feng had not brought the new disciples here, but he did mention about the existence of this place once or twice. He had expected how it would be, but seeing it with his own eyes was amazing. It may still be stranger to this place than to him, but he could not help but felt the liveliness.

Shi Mu walked a few streets with Cai on his shoulder. Many of the pedestrians and merchants here were the attendants of the disciples of the Holy Land of Qinglan. Some of them might’ve entered into Qinglan City through some other means.

A quarter of an hour later, Shi Mu walked past a spirit shop called “Heavenly Pavilion”. There was a fat man laying on the lounge chair in the shop. He was curious of what kind of spirit materials they would be selling so he composed himself and walked in.

“Ah there’s a visitor! Where are my manners… I apologize.”

When the fat man saw Shi Mu coming in, he immediately stood up and composed himself.

The man looked like he was in his fifties. He wore a purple robe and had a round guilloche on his head, which made him look like a rich country man.

“I was wondering if there are any spiritual materials that absorb yin aura?” Shi Mu looked at him and asked directly without dragging on his questions.

“Materials that help in the cultivation of yin aura?”

The fat manager of the shop was somewhat surprised at Shi Mu’s question.

“Yes,” Shi Mu said without slight hesitation.

“Please come into the commander room. We will discuss the details there,” the fat manager heard his request and ushered one of his attendants to lead Shi Mu into the room.