Chapter 507 - Trouble At The Door

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Chapter 507: Trouble At The Door

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“The Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art is one of the classics of Qinglan’s three great sacred places. The third phase would require 10,000 Xuanling points…” The protector answered Shi Mu’s questions directly before disappearing into thin air.

“10,000 points…” Shi Mu heard the words and could not help but feel stunned. The sweat on his forehead rolled down his cheeks.

Due to the protector’s voice fading as it began to disappear, and Shi Mu himself a little lost for his words, he did not clearly hear about the four phases of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art.

It did not make much sense to him right now.

Shi Mu shook his head and reached out to wipe the sweat off his face. He was shocked yet slightly relieved for the time being.

The third phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art required a certain amount of points. Normally, it would be impossible for a disciple of average rank to exchange. Even a thousand-year-old disciple may only be able to exchange the first three phases at most.

Shi Mu looked at the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven and his eyes flickered. Finally, he gritted his teeth and activated his spirit sense.

A white light flew out, penetrating the seal and hitting the books on Heavenly Staff Techniques.

The white light within the Xuanling Wall flew and the Xuanling points instantly reduced by 95 points.

The jade slips of the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven flashed directly out of the prohibition seal and fell into Shi Mu’s hands.

Shi Mu looked at the jade slip in his hand and sighed. His expression was a bit complicated and he did not immediately look at it. Instead, he turned around and flew toward the exit.

As he left the Holy Spirit Pavilion, he went straight toward the Xuanling Tower. As he arrived, he released Cai and rode on his Green-winged Flying Carriage back to his cave residence.

His eyes flashed and the gate of the residence opened up. Several of his attendants stood outside the door with swollen faces. They seemed to have been beaten.

Shi Mu’s face sank as he flew down towards them.

Several attendants saw Shi Mu and their faces were filled with relief and joy. Among them was Qi Feng, who was shouting what was going on loudly on the top of his lungs.

“Great, young master is back and so is master Cai! A while ago, a bunch of people came by and tried to barge into the residence.”

“Who dares barge into my residence…” Upon hearing Qi Feng’s report, Cai shouted in fury. However, as he was shouting, he sensed a sharp glare from Shi Mu and immediately quieted down.

“Tell me bit by bit. Who are those who came?” Shi Mu turned his head with his eyes narrowed into a seam and asked.

In the Holy Land, it was of great provocation for one to enter the residence of the owner without any permission.

“It was exactly that group of people who came last time to look for Cui Huan. Only this time, Zhao Shenlei had joined in personally,” Qi Feng whispered in fear.

A cold light flashed across Shi Mu’s eyes and he headed toward the main gate of the residence.

Qi Feng and others saw and looked at each other while remaining near the door.

In the hall of the residence, a tall and thin young man was sitting on one of the stone chairs.

He appeared to be in his twenties. He had a hooked nose and his deep-set eyes. From time to time, his eyes would flashed with a hint of coldness, giving off a gloomy vibe.

Beside him stood a few attendants. One of them was Zhao Sanbao. At the moment he appeared charming as he flattered his master.

“Sanbao, are you sure the information you gathered was accurate?” the gloomy man asked.

“Young master, this matter is absolutely true. I personally inquired about him from a few of the disciples who came into the Holy Land with Shi Mu. He is indeed in his first stage of cultivation and recently advanced as a disciple of Qinglan from the trials,” Zhao Sanbao reassured.

“It’s truly unbelievable for someone still in the early stages of cultivation to make it through the trials,” the gloomy man muttered to himself.

“It’s estimated that this Shi Mu lad was lucky to have passed the trials. He managed to rank 35th, barely squeezing into the ranks of the upper disciples. However, he is human and can’t compare to you, young master.” Zhao Sanbao said praisingly.

“Ah, that’s only natural! But Sanbao, you’re in your early stages of cultivation as well, and from the leopard clan. You’re no weaker than this human peasant. Why bother me to come here and fight him instead of doing it yourself?” the gloomy man snorted and said.

“Either way, this person is an upper disciple of the Holy Land. I expressed my intentions with courtesy and yet, not only did he not accede, but he was verbally rude as well. I’m afraid that I wouldn’t stand a chance if I were to attack him. However, in your presence, wouldn’t Shi Mu just give in and hand over Cui Huan?” Zhao Sanbao eagerly looked everywhere as he spoke.

He did not tell Zhao Shenlei about the last time when Shi Mu had thrown him out when he went looking for Cui Huan in his residence. This time, since Zhao Shenlei himself was present, he would use this opportunity to seek revenge for his humiliation.

Zhao Shenlei snorted and did not speak again.

A heavy footstep came from outside.

The footsteps were as heavy as a mountai, and the ground shook slightly.

The man’s gloomy expression changed somewhat. However, he composed himself and showed a hint of dignity as he looked outward.

A shadowy figure appeared and it was none other than Shi Mu. His tall figure appeared outside the hall, almost blocking all the light outside from shining in. A few people in the hall momentarily had the illusion that the entire day had been covered by his figure.

The gloomy man’s expression was firm. He slowly stood up from his seat and faced Shi Mu’s direction.

“You must be Zhao Shenlei. For someone like you to barge into my residence is a great prestige!” Shi Mu said while looking straight into Zhao Shenlei’s eyes.

“Bold of you! Who are you to address our young master this way!” Zhao Sanbao roared in anger.

A cold spark flashed in Shi Mu’s eyes as he looked straight at Zhao Sanbao.

Zhao Sanbao’s expression immediately changed, as if a knife had stabbed him right in the heart. His initial anger faded and he could not help but take a few steps back, hiding behind Zhao Shenlei.

“My attendant here lacks manners. Funny that brother Shi Mu had to witness such a scene,” Zhao Shenlei said laughingly.

“You’re in my territory, my residence, you should obey the rules. You of all people should be aware of this, yet you bring in your people here today. You not only barge into my residence but also injured my fellow attendants. I will not take this!” Shi Mu’s expression did not change at all as he spoke.

“Hehe. Oh dear brother Shi Mu, there is no need for you to be angry. We originally planned to come here just to pay you a visit. Sadly, after waiting outside for a long time without sight of you, I took the liberty of coming in without your permission. My fellow attendants here are ill-mannered and violent so an altercation took place between your attendants and mine. I take full responsibility for this. I apologize sincerely,” Zhao Shenlei said in a casual manner but turned around and scoffed at his attendants, including Zhao Sanbao.

Sanbao’s face changed a few times, as if he did not anticipate Zhao Shenlei would say such words. He could not help but hesitate a little.

Zhao Shenlei’s eyes were cold as he glanced at the attendants beside him.

A few of them had a change in their expression, as if they were falling through thin ice. They quickly hurried in front of Shi Mu and bowed apologetically, then slapped themselves across the cheeks until the corner of their mouths bled.

“Young master Shi Mu, it was our fault for offending you. Please forgive us,” Zhao Sanbao and the other attendants said.

Shi Mu furrowed his brow as he had not expected Zhao Shenlei would use such a demeaning method in public. If he were to continue pursuing this issue, it seemed things would get out of hand.

“Since you have all admitted your mistake, go outside and face those who you assaulted. Apologize to them and ask for forgiveness,” Shi Mu said and waved his hand.

Zhao Sanbao’s body was stiff and his eyes flashed as he lowered his head.

Shi Mu’s strength was formidable and he did not bow. Shi Mu’s attendants outside did not looked them in the eyes as well, regardless of position. To bow to someone and apologize was a shameful act. It reinforced someone as a weakling.

“What are you doing? Don’t you understand young master Shi Mu’s words? Go now!” Zhao Shenlei shouted.

Thoughts rolled in Zhao Sanbao’s mind and he was furious to the point that his eyes were blood red. However, in fear of Zhao Shenlei, he gave in and walked outside to face Shi Mu’s attendants that he had previously beaten up.

Seeing Zhao Sanbao walking out, the others followed behind.

After a while, several of them walked out in frustration.

Shi Mu released his spirit sense to make sure that they really followed his command to apologize to his attendants that had been beaten. Among the beaten attendants was the right-hand man in the management of the residence, Qi Feng.

“In that case, this untoward incident has been resolved,” Shi Mu nodded his head and said.

“Haha! Thank you brother Shi Mu for being such a forgiving person.” Zhao Shenlei’s pupils shrank slightly before laughing.

“So, brother Zhao, what is it that brings you to come visit me today?” Shi Mu sat down and asked.

“Oh, it’s not actually a big deal. It’s regarding one of your attendants, Cui Huan. I presume brother Shi Mu knows about the large debt this woman owes me, and she’s been hiding here in your residence. She had no intention of repaying the debts, which resulted in us coming here to get it ourselves.”

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed and he remained silent for a moment.

“I told Zhao Sanbao the last time he came here. Cui Huan has now been assigned to my residence by the Holy Land of Qinglan. If you want to settle your issues with her, please wait till the day she leaves this place.”

Zhao Shenlei heard the words and his eyes slightly twitched.

“There’s a saying that money owed should be repaid. This is only natural justice on my side. How can brother Shi Mu not care about the bond between disciples and the importance of repaying solely for a girl like Cui Huan?”

Zhao Shenlei spoke calmly but it was obvious that he was extremely furious.

“I would never dare to take lightly the bond disciples share, or the importance of fulfilling an agreement. However, Cui Huan belongs to my residence. I can’t sit back and watch things go south for her.”

Zhao Shenlei’s face was dull and his eyes narrowed. Suddenly, his eyes lit up with two glaring silver lights, stabbing toward Shi Mu.

Shi Mu was not surprised at all. The golden light in his eyes had also released. Both the golden light in Shi Mu’s eyes and the silver light in Zhao Shenlei’s eyes collided with one another.

A crisp bursting sound echoed through the room!

The gold and silver lights collided and cancelled each other out. There was a ripple in the space between them, and a circle of invisible fluctuations began to sweep away.

The red awn of Shi Mu’s body flashed off the invisible fluctuations.

The layer of silver light glowing around Zhao Shenlei’s body shook a little as it blocked off the invisible fluctuations.

However, Zhao Sanbao and the others were caught in between the invisible fluctuations. Their bodies shook violently and they could not help but back away a few steps as their faces began to bleed.

Fortunately, this invisible wave had only one wave so several of them quickly recovered.

Zhao Shenlei’s expression changed slightly. Although it was merely a test for Zhao Shenlei to see how strong Shi Mu was, Shi Mu’s strength was far beyond his expectations.