Chapter 511 - Frost Spider

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Chapter 511: Frost Spider

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Shi Mu’s vision focused and the fire wings behind him swayed a few times as his entire body floated up. He quickly drew a line of flames midair and rushed it toward the ice wall.

His left arm was wrapped in a layer of white flame. With it, he landed a punch at the hole with a loud booking sound.

The entire ice cave vibrated violently, and thousands of icy stalactites began to fall from the roof of the cave. As soon as they fell on Shi Mu, they collapsed into dust.

Shi Mu’s left arm was wrapped in white light and landed on the hole. However, the ice did not move one inch. It seemed to be unaffected.

The ice wall made a clear cracking sound.

Shi Mu’s eyes glimmered and once again on the hole in the wall. A small crack, the size of an infant’s arm, had rapidly extended toward the insides of the ice wall.

As if having a life of its own, the crack went straight to the center of the ice cave but did not crack around its sides.

Shi Mu was surprised.

By this time, he could almost see through the crack. Within it, countless small white lights rushed forward. There were about ten ice crystals, creating a narrow passage.

Looking at the crack in the center of the ice wall, his face immediately showed a hint of joy. His left hand flashed and a white jade bottle appeared out of thin air.

He held the jade bottle at the gap within the crack on the ice wall and his left hand began to glow with white flames once again.

In the center of the ice wall was a strong cold aura. The air around it was chilly. As if it was summoned, it began to shuttle through the cracks. In the blink of an eye, everything was sucked into the white jade bottle.

When the last smoldering cold aura was sucked into the jade bottle, Shi Mu quickly sealed the bottle and held it tightly in his hand.

He had specially bought this jade bottle to hold the extreme yin aura and reign in its force. Yet even with the bottle sealed tight, Shi Mu could not help but shiver at the cold it emitted

He composed himself and released his spirit sense into the bottle.

However, as soon as his spirit sense entered, a cold breath rushed at him, invading his senses. It was so cold that his spirit sense seemed to have formed a large ice covering around him, slowing down his movement.

The golden light suddenly magnified and his left arm glowed with a faint blazing color again. A circle of invisible force swayed open, which forced the chilly breath back. The dullness in his mind also faded.

Shi Mu sighed and continued to explore with his spirit sense, but after a while, the original joy in his face disappeared.

He realized that due to the smoldering temperament he collected, the cold atmosphere contained in it was very complicated. Although it was barely in line with the standard, it was still the product of the extreme yin aura, usable but only to a certain extent.

This amount of extreme yin qi may not be able to meet the needs of a second turn.

Shi Mu was slightly disappointed but calmed down after a while. After all, it was better than nothing. Finally, he would not return empty-handed. In the current market, it would be worth a hefty amount.

After cleaning up, he decided to leave and return to Qinglan for other plans.

The wings behind Shi Mu’s back flapped and he continued on.

Shi Mu was shocked to look back at the ice wall, which was 100 feet high. By this time, it had collapsed completely, revealing a more open space inside.

At the same time, a strong spiritual fluctuation had also spread from the empty space.

“This isn’t true… Don’t tell me…”

Just as there was an unpredictable feeling of foreboding in Shi Mu’s heart, a loud bang could be heard. The ice on the ground began to burst and crack, scattering toward its surrounding area.

Shimu was unable to prevent it, and got hit by several huge ice blocks and cubes.

Although this level of impact could not harm him, he still stepped back a few steps.

Suddenly, a white light shot from the inside of the ice wall, stabbing into Shi Mu’s chest. The speed was like an electric current.

Shi Mu quickly dashed to the side using his wings.

Though Shi Mu’s reflexes were extremely fast, he could not completely evade the ice blocks. As he dodged, a white light shot right through his shoulders and blood began to pour out.

The white light didn’t lose its momentum or drop in speed. It hit directly inside the hole in the wall, emitting a chilly aura.

A thick layer of white frost appeared on the wound on Shi Mu’s shoulders. It quickly spread toward the surrounding area as the numbness began to seep in.

He grunted in anger as his body began to shine with golden light. Golden scales began to appear on the surface of his skin, completing the totem transformation in an instant. At the same time, a layer of white light had appeared on his shoulder, which blocked the spread of white frost.

Before Shi Mu could even catch a breath, the ground shook! A ray of white light shot from within the ice wall, hitting Shi Mu at full blast.

Within the white light were several white icicles which made the air around them cold.

Shi Mu’s face sank. His eyes flashed under the golden light and his arms violently held the wishful steel staff in front of him. He swayed in front of the staff and a criss-crossed shadow intertwined forward.

Under the sound of the cubes falling, the dense white light scattered around in the air.

He was performing the Art of A Thousand Blows of the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven!

Speaking of which, the wishful steel staff was not of real top quality, but its power was comparable to the best of them. Though the white icicles were falling fast and forcefully, the staff was able to resist them. If Shi Mu was defending himself with a typical low-grade spirit weapon, he would have been severely injured and the weapon would have been greatly damaged as well.

He waved his hand and warded off the last icicle. With a flash of his eyes and a wave of his arms, the staff in his hand glowed in black light that pierced the sight.

Within the black light, the wishful steel staff had grown longer and bigger, turning into a black giant staff with a length of more than ten feet. With a slam of Shi Mu’s arm, a booming sound echoed across the place where white light had emitted from.

The sound was so violently loud that it shook the earth until countless blocks of ice collapsed onto the ground.

A white shadow mixed with the ice in the sky, falling beside Shi Mu.

Shi Mu looked at it with a hollow expression and his face changed slightly. He waved his hand and extended the wishful steel staff which he placed before him.

The white shadow was a giant frost spider, a few feet in diameter. It was as beautiful as an ice sculpture and exactly the same color as the surrounding environment. If it was hidden, it would easily camouflage.

Its eight thick legs slid on the ground l, and its jaws were prominent. The many eyes atop its head emitted an icy light.

The ice spider wrapped itself around a faint white mist, giving off an extremely powerful icy atmosphere.

“A Heaven-ranked beast!” Shi Mu muttered as his pupils shrank in fear. He had not expected such a powerful creature to be here.

His mind was awash with thoughts. He was left with only two choices, either kill the beast with a higher chance of losing his life or by save himself by escaping.

After all, he came here solely for the purpose of collecting the extreme yin aura, not killing beasts. In addition, he was at a disadvantage in this environment, but the frost spider was in its element.

Just as Shi Mu was deep in thought, the frost spider was somewhat unbearable. The eight thick legs suddenly slammed into a white light and rushed toward Shi Mu with great force.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed and, with the wishful steel staff enlarging, he quickly slid down to decapitate the frost spider’s legs.

Suddenly, the spider opened its mouth wide and spat white liquid toward him.

Shi Mu braced himself and shrank the steel staff. With a thrust of his wings, he quickly dodged to the side.

The white liquid wrapped around his body and flew over, not far away. It suddenly expanded toward the surrounding area, turning into a huge transparent spider web. The rear, together with the entrance of the cave was sealed.

Shi Mu wrinkled his brows as his body fell.

The ice spider landed in front of him and turned around in an instant to face Shi Mu. However, it did not immediately rush toward him.

Instead, its eyes flashed with light and it spread white mist from its wide open mouth. The most soon spread around the cave.

As he came into contact with the white mist, he felt a strong chill in his body that could not be stopped or warmed by inner qi.

He shouted as he glowed red and a burning force began to radiate from his body. Suddenly, the white cold mist around him retreated.

Shi Mu’s body flashed red as he flew up and appeared in the air, lunging toward the frost spider.

At the same time, his wishful steel staff instantly became several times larger. While making a semi-circle in midair, it picked up with the airflow and headed down toward the frost spider.

Azure Falcon Technique!

As the wishful steel staff emerged, a horrible pressure whistled and made a void. The void was so so strong that ripples were visible to the naked eye.

Seeing the frost spider avoid the inevitable moment, a strange scene appeared!

White light flashed on his body like crystal clear water, falling into the ice underground.

The wishful steel staff hit the place where the frost spider was located. On the ground of the hard and frozen cave, it was hit by a big pit. Under the tremor of the whole cave, the ice stone was covered with icicles.

The frost spider was not hurt in the slightest. In the blink of an eye, it immediately disappeared out of sight.