Chapter 512 - An Unexpected Joy

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Chapter 512: An Unexpected Joy

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“Ice Style Technique!”

The light in Shi Mu’s eyes flashed. Using the fire wings on his back, he flew high up into the air.

A cold fog rolled in the cave and gradually dissipated. All at once, the cave fell into dead silence and the frost spider was nowhere to be seen.

Shi Mu’s golden eyes dilated as he looked around with his brows slightly arched in confusion.

He did not possess the special ability that Cai had which allowed one to see through objects. His spirit sense was unable to look far into the ground as well, so he was unable to detect the whereabouts of the frost spider.

With a sudden thought in his heart, Shi Mu quickly flew toward the hole that had previously been blocked.

The spider silk was thick as a finger and tough as crystal.

Shi Mu grunted and his golden sword emerged with a flash.

He began to perform handsigns as he brandished the weapon.

The golden sword flashed several times and turned into a grand golden light, falling onto the spider web.

The spider silk stretched under the pressure but even the golden sword could not cut through it.

“It’s indeed tougher than I thought!”

Shi Mu eyes flashed. While waving a hand to recall the golden sword back to him, his body turned red, condensing into the Crimson Ape Energy Construct.

The Energy Construct opened its mouth wide and spewed out a pure flame mixed with the Primordial Inferno. It tore into the white spider silk and swallowed it.

Ever since Shi Mu had advanced to the middle stage of his cultivation, his inductive strength and power of his fire attribute had once again increased greatly. The inferno was close to seven degrees due to the mixed element of the real fire. Under such calcination, the white spider silk melted.

Shi Mu was moved by joy.

The ice on his side flashed and a thick sharp icicle rose up and shot toward Shi Mu.

However, Shi Mu seemed to have sensed the attack from beforehand. As the icicles appeared, his body immediately turned backwards, dodging the icicle attack.

Within his eyes, the golden light flashed and the wishful steel staff in his hand glowed in blazing black light. He immediately flew out and away to the ground on the left.

The staff had penetrated through the floor and a painful roar came from within the ground.

Shi Mu sneered slightly, and his figure immediately appeared beside the staff, reaching out and holding it.

The wishful steel staff flashed black and enlarged. He grabbed the staff with one hand and twisted it.

The ice layer on the nearby ground was smashed and picked up into the air by a giant force.

A white figure had been also picked up into the air. It was none other than the frost spider with a wound in its lower abdomen. Blue blood oozed out of its wound. Its planned sneak attack had backfired.

The frost spider’s eyes showed a burst of blood-red light. Its fangs kept grinding as the creature squeaked in fury.

The white light of its body blazed until the spider grew to twice its size. Its aura similarly increased, Almost to the peak of Xiantian level.

A few of its front paws were drawn around and a gust of wind rushed toward Shi Mu, squirting a large white light column.

The light column flashed and spread out, turning into numerous ice thorns. It was dense to the point that it had almost covered the entire underground cave. Like rain, it shot toward Shi Mu.

“Hmph!” Shi Mu snorted and grabbed the end of the wishful steel staff to stab forward.

The staff suddenly grew ten times longer.

Shi Mu’s arm trembled and the wishful steel staff suddenly turned into a few black staff, flying up and down.

It was one of the techniques of the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven, the Art Of Serpent Waves!

The surroundings were stirred up by the shadows and the air seemed to lunge like waves of anger.

The ice spurs were swallowed up by the raging air waves, and shattered as the ice slag splashed.

With just one stroke, the spider’s icicle attack was broken.

The huge frost spider was shocked and its reddish aura faded slightly.

It suddenly stopped in his tracks and the next moment, it flew toward the ground, seemingly trying to break into the ice again.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Shi Mu emerged from the shadows out of nowhere, blocking off the way of the giant frost spider.

Hovering above with his fiery wings, Shi Mu came down hard on the beast at full force.

“Azure Falcon Technique!!” Shi Mu shouted. With the staff glowing black in his hand, it landed right on top of the slider’s skull.

Around the shadow, the weather rolled with a sharp whistling sound.

In the eyes of the giant frost spider, there was a hint of fear. It widened its mouth and a white crystal ball flew out. The ball rose in the wind, colliding with the shadow of the black staff.

The collision caused an earth-shattering loud noise as they shattered. A black crack in space appeared but it closed up just as abruptly.

The entire cave trembled and countless shards of ice fell, large and small.

The shadow of the staff turned back. The white crystal ball was shaken til it fell and cracked.

The life of the beast was damaged and the giant frost spider groaned in a low-pitched voice. It opened up its mouth inhaled, sucking everything into it.

The white crystal ball flew back and shrank rapidly, flying into the mouth of the giant frost spider.

A thin shadow like a needle flashed. Together with the white crystal ball, it flew into the mouth of the frost spider.

Due to its extreme speed, the spider was not aware of what was going on.

Like a shadow, Shi Mu had now appeared in front of the giant beast.

Both eyes of the frost spider flashed red. Its front claws rose high, like two knives cutting down on Shi Mu.

Shi Mu shook his head and sneered. He rubbed his hands and shouted “Expand!!”

The frost spider’s body suddenly solidified and the front claws stopped a few feet from the top of Shi Mu’s head.

The frost spider’s lower abdomen bulged in two directions, as if its body was stretching out.

The creature roared in pain and its huge body fell onto the ground, rolling in agony.

The bulge in its belly was getting bigger by the minute until finally it broke into two big holes in its stomach with two ends of a large black stick emerging. The black stick was none other than the wishful steel staff!

With a shift of a shadow, Shi Mu’s figure appeared atop the frost spider. The white flame on his left hand spread. He smirked slightly and landed a forceful punch on the spider’s skull.

It was unclear how the skull was able to withstand the force of Shi Mu’s left hand, which contained the power of the void. The skull broke apart and blue juice splattered out of it. Its body trembled slightly before it stopped moving.

Shi Mu breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew his left fist. With a wave of one of his hands, the wishful steel staff flew out of the body of the frost spider back into his hand. It shrank to the size of a finger as it flew back toward him.

A red flame appeared in his hand, burning the blood stains off the wishful steel staff.

Looking at the black staff in his hand, there was a hint of joy in his face.

The size-altering ability of the wishful steel staff could be described as an infinite power. Its varied uses according to the situation were truly magical.

Shi Mu was loving this wishful steel staff more by the second!

After he turned his hand and stored the staff for safe-keeping, he quickly walked over to the body of the giant frost spider.

The spider was a beast that had reached its Xiantian level. It could be described as a treasure, especially its Xiantian-level demon pill.

He walked over and took out the golden sword to carefully cut off all the spider’s legs. These legs were extremely durable, which made them suitable materials for refining.

As he cut open the body of the frost spider, he heard a clacking sound. It was a white crystal bead. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was the creature’s demon pill.

Shi Mu was happy and quickly took the demon pill into his possession.

The white pill was cold to the touch, seeping through into Shi Mu’s palm like cold stinging bites.

There was a hint of happiness in his eyes. It was no ordinary demon pill, and would likely be worth hundreds of top-quality spirit stones.

If he had accidentally damaged the demon pill in the process of fighting, its value of it would have greatly reduced.

A smile slightly cracked at the corner of his mouth as he shook his head. He immediately kept the demon pill safely as he continued searching for anything that was of valuable in the spider’s body.

Shi Mu’s expression changed and he took a step back. He had a human-sized silkworm-like white item in his hand.

On the white item, a pair of spiders were entangled, giving off a bitter coldness. It was much colder than the demon pill.

“Is this what the frost spider used to produce the spider silk?” he guessed since he had so little information on the beast.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed slightly. With a raise of the golden sword, he slashed it onto the white silkworm.

The golden sword bounced off and the spider silk remained intact.

“I almost forgot. This spider silk is very tough.”

Shi Mu touched his chin as he thought of a plan to break it. After a moment, his left hand flashed in white light and entered the strength into the golden sword.

The golden sword suddenly emitted a white light, faintly condensed into a white flame.

Then, his arm waved and the golden sword turned into a white sword, squatting on a white skull.

The white silkworm had been easily spilt into half.

Then, a crystal white gas floated out of the silkworm and the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped several times!

“Extreme yin aura!” Shi Mu could not help feeling joyous at his successful venture.

This extremely cold temperature was far superior to the ones that had been collected before, It was definitely of top graded material.

He immediately rolled his hand and took out a white jade bottle, waving the silkworm to be sucked into it.

The jade bottle sent out a suction force, sucking in the crystal white gas then sealing it tight.

Shi Mu’s initially joyful expression suddenly shrank slightly. He could not helped but think of the unintentional sorrow he had caused. He killed a frost spider solely for his own selfish purpose.

However, by possessing the extreme yin aura, it would be no problem for him to cultivate the second phase of the Nine Revolution Mysterious Art. All he needed was the blood essence of a Heavenly Beast.

Shi Mu looked at the jade bottle and picked up the silkworms on the ground with his other hand to store it inside the bottle

In the following time, he continued to look for materials within spider’s body. However, there was nothing left of value.

As soon as he was done, he waved the frost spider’s body into the crack, burying it.

After doing this, Shi Mu did not stop there. He urged the power of the white flames and smashed through the spider webs in front of him to exit the cave.