Chapter 514 - The Barter System

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Chapter 514: The Barter System

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Shi Mu roared in anger as his hand held on to the stave and stirred up and down, picking up a burst of white air to protect his whole body. His entire body was like a huge white dragon, rushing down.

The black and white lightning in the sky was also rushing toward Shi Mu. The speed was amazing and much faster than Shi Mu!

The next moment, the sound of the cackling rain hit the leaves from the air!

Since Shi Mu did not dodge at this moment, most of the black and white thunder and lightning smashed onto his face and fell on his body. Although most of them were resisted by white air waves, there are still many scales that had fell off from his bodies due to the attack. The scales of the body surface were broken and split and the blood was mixed with the fragments of the scales.

“Brother Liao, be careful!”

Lu Jing apparently did not expect that the original Shi Mu who was had been cornered would resorted to such crazy plan. The look on his face suddenly seemed to be difficult to look at.

Above the sky, the face of the black and white mist seemed to show a hint of horror.

Just listening to the its huffing sound, the black and white face collapsed in the blink of an eye and the black and white lightning that fell in the air suddenly stopped as well.

At the same time, Liao Yong, who was standing still there immediately woke up.

“You’re dead! I won’t let you die an easy death!”

As he sighed in anger, he took a big slap in his hand and began to mutter a charm spell.

At the same time, the white flame suddenly ignited above his left arm. The two flame wings behind suddenly increased in strength as some white flames had mixed with the fire on his flame wings.

Seeing his wings were fierce and agitated, his entire person looked like a fireball from afar. The sound was so loud that it smashed a hole from the blocked green mist, turning it into a fast stream of light.

Due to this sudden change, the speed of the flame wing with the power of white flames was so amazing that Liao Yong and Lu Jing could not react. In just a blink of an eye, Shi Mu had now almost disappeared into the sky.

Even if they want to chase him, it was already too late!

Half a month later, Shi Mu returned to the Holy Land of Qing Lan. He did not alarmed any attendants and returned to the caving residence in the mountains.

Before entering into the caving residence, Cai appeared out of nowehere and fell directly on Shi Mu’s shoulder, complaining loudly.

“Shi Mu, where did you go during this time and left me here all alone?!”

“I was out on an expenditure. I was in a hurry so I did not have the time to bring you along.” Shi Mu smiled and walked into chambers in his residence.

As soon as the door was closed, his face was slightly pale and coughed a few times.

“Shi Mu, are you hurt?” Cai said.

“It’s not fatal. I’m alright.” Shi Mu waved his hand to dismiss the issue.

His body had suffered a lot during his fight with Lu Jing and the others. He was put into a tight situation where he had no other choice but to rush back to his residence. There was no time to heal the wounds and it seemed that his injury had seemed to outbreak due to it.

“Cai, I want to retreat and recuperate. Help me take a look out. Don’t let any outsiders come in and bother me.” Shi Mu confessed a few words to Cai and headed straight into the secret chamber.

He sat down on the knees and took out a few healing medicinal herbs as he quietly rehabilitated his medicine.

This time, it took a full three days to work for his injuries to finally recovered.

He did not stay in chambers for long and headed straight to the Heavenly Pavillion.

“Shi Mu, what are you doing here? Are you planning to purchase the extreme Ying Aura?” Cai rushed over to Shi Mu’s shoulder and asked.

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“No. This time I’m selling.” Shi Mu said as he picked up his pace and went into the Heavenly Pavilion.

At this moment, the Heavenly Pavilion was crowded and the business was quite good. The fat management was naturally busy. As soon as Shi Mu entered into his shop, he immediately recognized him.

He immediately called up several attendants to replace him as he hurriedly greeted Shi Mu.

“Sect Fellow Shi, I haven’t seen it for a while. Can it be that you had…”

Shi Mu coughed slightly and gave him a look.

“Ah I see. Follow me, we shall talk in details.” The fat manager quickly caught on and ushered Shi Mu into a room at the end of the hall to talk.

The fat manager looked at Cai who was on Shi Mu’s shoulder and seemed to wonder.

“Don’t worry. This is my spiritual pet.” Shi Mu said.

As soon as the fat management heard his words, he nodded and sat down with a smile on his face.

“Sect fellow Shi, by the look on your face, it can be said that your expenditure is a success.”

“This is all thanks to the information you’ve given me. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to locate the extreme Ying Aura.” Shi Mu said as he waved out a white jade bottle and placed it on the table.

The fat manager took the jade bottle and opened it. His face immediately changed slightly.

“Sect Fellow Shi, what do you mean by taking out extremely Ying Aura?” The fat manager was shocked and asked.

“This extreme Ying Aura, how much value would it be?” Shi Mu asked.

“Sect fellow Shi, why are you willing to sell this? Aren’t you previously in need of it… Ah I understand now. It seems that Sect fellow Shi has a great harvest.” The fat manager was stunned then quickly caught on and laughed casually.

Shi Mu’s face showed a faint smile. There was no denial nor admiting.

The fat manager’s eyes once again examined the extreme Ying Aura in the bottle and his face indulged slightly.

“Sect fellow Shi, since both of us are familiar with each other then I don’t see the point to sugar coat my words then. The quantity of the extreme Ying Aura was alright but it is very complicated. It can be said that the products are somewhat reluctant. Although the market price has soared a lot, but for this quality, I can only be sold best at nine hundred top quality Spirit Stones.”

Shi Mu heard the words slightly sinking. All he could do was nod.

This price was not too much of difference from what he had estimated. This fat manager was indeed a person that could truly be trusted.

The fat manager looked at Shi Mu nodding in agreement and his face showed a smile. “That’s great! Wait here Sect Fellow Shi, I’ll be back with the Spirit Stones.” The fat manager said.

“If you’re in a hurry, I have some things here I would like to sell as well.” Shi Mu waved his hand and a pile of items appeared on the table. Among them were the materials found on the frost spider.

The fat manager saw something on the table and his face changed greatly.

“These materials… They have such a strong Qi to it. This is not something that belongs to a mid-level beast… It must be the materials found on a Xian Tian level beast!” The fat manager said in shock.

“You’re right. I’ve accidentally killed a frost spider. This is the Demon Pill of the frost spider.” Shi Mu said as he handed a white jade box and palced it on the table.

Cai also showed a surprised expression and looked at Shi Mu. However, he did not say anything.

The fat manager quickly took it and opened the lid. Upon opening, a chilly scent came out from it and within the box was a while demon pill the size of a fist.

The fat manager had an excited expression across his face. A layer of blue light appeared on his hand as he carefully picked up the white demon to have a closer look at it.

After a while, the fat manager put the demon pill back into the jade box.

“This is indeed a demon pill of the frost spider which contains a rich Qi. Unfortunately, there is a crack on the demon pill, which would resulted to a decrease in the value of the demon pill.” The fat tube nodded in advance then sighed as he broke the bad news to Shi Mu.

“There’s no need to say more. If you take a look at these materials, how many Spirit Stones can it be bought into your case? If I find it suitable with the price, I would like to sell them to you all together.” Shi Mu said casually.

The fat manager heard his words and put down the jade box to pick up other materials to check on them one by one.

“These materials are very good. Hmm, how about this! Together with the extreme Ying Aura and these materials, I shall buy them for one thousand and five hundred top quality Sprit Stones. What do you think about that?” The fat manager indulged and opened up a price for negotiation.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed and remained silent for a moment.

The fat management did not bother to speak and patiently wait for his reply.

“The last time I came to your pavilion, I’ve noticed that you also sell some blood essence of a Xian Tian level Bai Ze beast. I remember there are two drops of the blood essence. May I know if they are still here?” Shi Mu suddenly asked.

“There are here.” The fat manager heard a sigh of relief as his thoughts turned sharply and nodded.

“If that’s the case, you can take all these materials in exchange for the blood essence of the Xian Tian level Bai Ze beast. All I need is the the blood essence of that beast.” Shi Mu smiled and said.

The Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art required the supprot of a Xian Tian level beast. With the blood essence of the Xian Tian level Bai Ze beast, it would be just right. N

The fat manager’s expression changed as he seemed reluctant. “Sect fellow Shi, you’re one smart disciple. However, the price of the blood essence of the Bai Ze beast cost one thousand seven hundred top quality spirit stones. How can this be a fair trade…?”

“Don’t make fun of me since I don’t know much about businesses. It’s not wrong to say that the price sold for the materials in your shop had always been higher than other shops, which leaves alot of room for bargaining. Besides, we are seeling something to each other. The main point of it is both parties gaining profit and benefits in the process. I’m sure you had the same thought in your mind as well.” Shi Mu chuckled.

The fat manager forced a smile and let out a sigh.

Shi Mu looked at the fat manager and frowned a little. “If you think this is not worthwhile, it’s alright. I’ll go down to other shop and enquire.” ,

As he said, he stood up and made a desire to collect all the materials that was on the table.

“Alright. Since Sect fellow Shi is an old customer of mine, I agree to this sale.” The fat manager quickly stood up and stopped Shi Mu as he said with a smile.

Shi Mu looked at the fat manager and sat down again.

“Sect fellow Shi, please wait here for a moment. I will go retrive the two drops of blood essence of the Xian Tian level Bai Ze beast.” The fat manager seemed to be anxious as he quickly turned around and went out.

“Shi Mu, this fat old man had been pretending the entire time. I’m certain that he couldn’t wait to close the deal with you and pretend to suffer a big loss in the process. If it weren’t for you holding me tight, I would had tear him into pieces!” As soon as the fat manager was gone, Cai said immediately.

“That’s human. Businessmen are like this. Even if they earn more, they will always be a crying poor in front of people.” Shi Mu said.

“You humans are really embarrassingly sneaky.” Cai said disdainfully.

Shi Mu smiled and did not answer.

It was only after a moment, the door of the room was pushed open and the fat management had entered once again. There were two white jade bottles in his hand which had seals plastered infront of them.

Seeing this, Shi Mu’s eyes were shining slightly brightly.