Chapter 521 - First Fine Exposure

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Chapter 521: First Fine Exposure

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“Competition against your foes. Only one winner will stand before life and death! If one party could no longer afford to fight then the fight is over. You are not allowed to deliberately pursue them after they have given up. If you no longer have any strength to go on, you can take the initiative to admit defeat. For this rule, do the both of you have any questions?” A shadowy green figure asked once more.

“No.” Shi Mu replied.

“Hehe, not from me as well.” The man with an arched back looked at Shi Mu with a sinister smile and replied.

“After the two of you report your names and races, the fight will begin.” The shadowy green figure said he immediatelu float up into the air, looking down upon them.

“I am Shi Mu from the Cerulean Sea Star and from the human race.” Shi Mu stood tall and said..

“Cerulean Sea Star? I have never heard it. Must be an irrelevant place to be!” The man with an arched back said mockingly.

Shi Mu glanced at him and said nothing. All he did was raising his right hand, making a gesture asking him to give him his best shot in a mocking manner.

“Hmph, his person sure doesn’t know how to respect. I advise you get on your knees right now and beg for forgiveness and admit defeat before things get ugly!” The young man with a long face screamed with a sharp pitch at Shi Mu.

“I am Li Wu from the Wind Drifting Star, of the demon raccoon race.” The man with an arched back said while glancing at Shi Mu.

“Brother Li Wu, show him what you got! Teach him a lesson!” Another person from the demon race shouted.

Dozens of the crowds from the demon race began to pick up and cheered for Li Wu.

“Lil brother Shi Mu, right? Let me give you an advise as a disciple as well. Although the rules said we are not allowed to take one’s life, but I must warn you that your bones will hurt a lot from this. If your spirit sense is hurt, there’s no turning back.”

“Do you want to fight or not?” Though Shi Mu’s voice was not loud, everyone present could hear it clearly.

“You’re courting death!”

Li Wu roared in anger as his body began to lit up with a cyan glow. In a blink of an eye, a huge raccoon armor appeared in his back.

As soon as his armor appeared, Li Wu squatted down on his own two hands and feet on the ground, crouching like a beast.

Shi Mu’s sight were blurry and suddenly, Li Wu’s two feet emerged and his entire body flew out. His figure had immediately transformed into a ray of blue light.

Li Wu’s speed was extremely fast and the airflow around him was also spinning at a rapid speed under his guidance. In a short time, a huge tornado was formed, surrounding Shi Mu.

For a time, the air flow on the stage was turbulent and smoke was seen everywhere.

Just around the corner, the audience shook their heads, thinking that Shi Mu was finished for good as a loud bang could be heard in the midst of the smoke.

Suddenly, the tornado covered with the smoke which was originally in the field had swayed. On the middle of the stage, there was shadow glowing in bright red.

Upon seeing, the bright red shadow suddenly slammed into the inner wall of the tornado and a glare flashed in the middle as it was burst opened.

Under the chaotic airflow scattering around, and a figure flew out of it and fell heavily on the stage.

The original tornado has disappeared and Shi Mu was seen standing still in the middle, as if he had never made a single movement since Li Wu had launched his attack.

The crowd was shocked and quickly looked towards the stage. Upon closer inspection, they saw Li Wu’s originally arched body had been straighten and laying on the stage without a single movement.

“How… How is it possible? How can someone from the human race possessed such great power?” Under the stage, a young man with grey skin from a demon race muttered shockingly..

“With just a punch… He….” The young man with a long face was too shocked to speak up.

The others from the demon race were shocked as well. At this moment, they seemed to have lost their minds and words.

“Not good! Brother Li Wu seemed to be dead…” Just then, someone suddenly exclaimed.

“This terran from the human race… He had broke the rules and killed someone!” Another shouted.

However, Shi Mu remained stagnant and showed no signs of expression.

The shadowy green figure quickly flew down from midair over to Li Wu’s side. He reached out to his forehead and examined him to see if he was alright.

“He not dead but seriously injured from the fight. His bones are broken and his spirit sense seemed to be affected by some oscillations, sending him into a coma-like state. With bed rest for half a year, he would be fine.” The shadowy green figure said.

Upon hearing this, everyone turned their gaze towards Shi Mu and looked at him indifferently. They did not dared to scorn him further.

“Shi Mu wins!!” The shadowy green figure announced.

Upon the announcement made, Shi Mu walked over to the shadowy green figure and shook his hand before walking off the stage to another place.

Before even taking two steps, he heard a burst of warm cheers around the stage in front of him.

He walked slowly to the front and realized it was Zhao Ji’s stage. Around the stage, the three floors were filled with people. Those who went over to watch his fight was nothing compared to Zhao Ji’s.

After watching it for a while, Shi Mu realize that Zhao Ji was battling with an extremely strong elder disciple. He was skillful with his big knife. Even under the continuous punch launched by Zhao Ji, he was still able to witstand it. However, he was unable to counter attack back.

“Brother Shi Mu!” At this moment, Shi Mu suddenly heared someone calling out to him.

Just as Shi Mu turned around, he saw Qing Zhang Tian and Chi Ni Zi both were walking side by side towards him. It seemed the both of them were unhappy with what they were seeing.

After greeting each other, the three men turned their attention back to the stage.

“With the strength Zhao Ji possessed, why is this fight dragging on longer than it should?” Chi Ni Zi said frustratingly.

“Well, he was ranked second here and hsi opponent is extremely strong. It is said that his opponent was an elder disiciple who is in his late stages of cultivation.” Shi Mu said.

“Ah, I see.” Chi Ni Zi said.

“So brother Shi Mu, how was your fight?” Qing Zhang Tian asked.

“I won. I guess the both of you won yours as well then.” Shi Mu said.

“HAHA! You’re right indeed.” Qing Zhang Tian said with a bright smile on his face.

Just then, the cheering around the side of the stage got louder.

Shi Mu looked up and saw that the blue light on Zhao Ji’s left hand had retreated and the elder disciple was now fallen on the edge of the stage. He seemed to be deep in unconsciousness without a single movement.

Zhao Ji won without suspense and the crowd around him began to disperse. Shi Mu then said his goodbyes with both Chi Ni Zi and Qing Zhang Tian before leaving.

In the following period of time, Shi Mu had continued to fight two rounds in a row.

All the opponent he had encountered were demon disciples with outstanding defensive power. One of them seemed to possess the blood essence of a giant mammoth while the other possessed a technique that allowed him to summound a giant rihinoceros as an armor. Their strength had obviously reached their late stages.

However, Shi Mu possessed a huge amount of power and strength. With the strength of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art on both his hand, it only increased his strength much stronger.

His opponents would arrogantly put up their defense in front of Shi Mu. Sadly for them, there were mere papers to the strength Shi Mu possessed though their defenses were ultimate. With how strong Shi Mu was, he had made a great impression in the new and elder disicples’ eyes.

Of course, the person who caught everyone’s eyes was undoubtedly Zhao Ji. For every battle he was in, his opponents were all elder disciples who possessed formidable strength and in their late stage of cultivation. However, no matter how powerful they were, none of them could defeat Zhao Ji, let alone put Zhao Ji in a tight corner where he would had to resort to using the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art to survive and win the battle.

As for the top ranked disciples among the group of new disiciples, Zi Ling, Qing Zhang Tian, Chi Ni Zi, Jiang Shui Shui, Lu Jing, The Wu brothers from the Wu Clan and the others all won in their own respective battles. In this championship, they were able to show off their talents, techniques and strength to everyone else.

The elimination rounds lasted for several days due to amount of disciples participating in the grand championship this year.

On the last day on the seventh stage.

Shi Mu had a green robe over him and stood tall as he looked at the person standing in front of him with a smirk.

“Brother Lu, how fornuate for us to meet here.”

The man standing opposite him was covered in a green robe as well. He had a green cloth covering his face, only revealing a pair of sly eyes, glaring at Shi Mu. If the man was not Lu Jing, who else could it have been then?

“I’ve let you slip out of my grasp the last time but this time, your luck has run out!” Lu Jing said.

“Well, I think you’re the one with bad luck here for having me as your opponent.” Shi Mu said.

“We will see about that!” Lu Jing screamed back in rage.

As soon as his voice fell, a green fog emerged around Lu Jing and rushed towards Shi Mu with all force and top speed.

Shi Mu rushed out of the green fog with a flameing armored protecting his body in all direction.

However, the rolling green fog covered in the red flame of Shi Mu’s armored. In a blink of an eye, white smokes appeared as it burned.

Lu Jing witness this and let out a cold sigh. His entire body began to lit up in bright green light and a dense fog behind him immediately boiled and stirred up vigorously.

After a while, the green fog rose up ten feet hight, turning into a green armor soldier with a huge axe.

The green armored warrior screamed silently in the sky and charged right into Shi Mu.

Shi Mu did not backed down at all. He immediately opened his mouth and spit out a black stave onto his palm.

When the stave in Shi Mu’s hand, it immediately grew in size into a black long stave that had the thickness of an arm.

Shi Mu held his hands across the stave and lifted it over his head, blocking the axe’s attack launched by the green armored warrior.

A fierce collision sounded and Shi Mu’s hands were shaking with his knees slightly bent. However, he was able to stop the attack of the axe.

He then stepped back a few steps and pushed the stave forward as the flames on his wrist slowly rapped around it. After a while, the stave was now wrapped in blazing hot flames.

Immediately afterwards, Shi Mu jumped forwar and made a high jump onto midair several dozen feets away from the ground.

It seemed that Shi Mu looked like a flaming demon from afar with his body curved in the sky like a bow. His power and strength were at its peak as he clenched on to the stave and smashed through the green armored warror in front of him with full force. The momentum of his attack was extremelt amazing.

Lu Jing and immediately put up a hand sign to counter attack Shi Mu. Suddenly, a giant axe appeared and went towards Shi Mu, wanting to cut him to pieces and end everything once and for all.

A fierce crit sounded and the heavy green fog on the stage suddenly dispersed. Countless gravel smokes vacated into thin air.

It was seen that Shi Mu’s flaming stave had broke Lu Jing’s giant axe into half and Lu Jing himself was pinned on to the ground by Shi Mu’s flaming stave.

After a while, the smoke gradually dispersed and the crowds were surprised to find that there was a deep pit under the center of the stage.

Lu Jing on the other hand was weakly laying in the middle of the deep pit.

Shi Mu stood on the edge of the deep pit with his stave pointing right at Shi Mu. The expression on his face seemed to be mockingly asking Lu Jing if this was what he had wanted and to admit his defeat.

At this point, the green cloth that was covering half of Lu Jing’s face was torn, revealing a face full of poisonous sores. His eyes were gray and looked deep into Shi Mu’s eyes, losing the glorious smug look he once had.