Chapter 526 - A Showdown With Liao Yong

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Chapter 526: A Showdown With Liao Yong

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Jiang Shui Shui said nothing as she pointed her fingers in front somewhere. Shi Mu looked along her finger and caught a slight glimpse.

It was seen that right in front of him, the disciple who initally stood on at 19th place had now been exchanged. The current 19th place disciple had a delicate small figure. It was none other than Zi Ling.

“When brother Shi Mu was caught in your spirit sense, Zi Ling stepped up to the stage and challenged brother Xue Chang who ranked 19th. I did not expect someone like her to be such a powerful Soul Magician. She had summoned several powerful spiritual animals to the point of forcing the other party to directly admit defeat. She is currently the second person to succeed after brother Zhao Ji.” Jiang Shui Shui said.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed slightly. Though Zii Ling was a little weird and seemed to look delicate but she possessed two souls in one body. She had such immense strength and power which was shown back in the trials of the disciple.

If this woman was to exert the strength she displayed back in the trials in the secret territory, it would not be a surprise that she won.

His thoughts rolled over but all he could thought about was something other that was important. He was able to have a glimpse of it but he never knew so much time had passed by.

“Looking at the shock on your face, it seemed that you did not expected this.” Jiang Shui Shui looked at Shi Mu and said.

“No?! I’m quite surprise in my heart. I didn’t expect lady Zi Ling to have such strength.” Shi Mu smiled and said.

“Hehe, those who are able to enter into the Holy Land of Qing Lan is strong. However, for those to advance into the second round, most of them were of mid-level or Xian Tian cultivation. There will always be someone stronger than the other.” Jiang Shui Shui said.

“You’re right indeed.” Shi Mu nodded.

As they two of them talked, a suddenly loud explosive bang sounded on the ring.

A glare of red light flashed, a figure was shot and flew out of the ring, slamming into the blue light curtain. The person had red hair and a bulky figure. It seemed that he had fallen into a coma.

Shi Mu’s eyebrows picked as he had slight memory of this red-haired man. He was one of the disciple who ranked top ten among hundred and eight challengers. However, he was defeated.

“Ou Yang He had been defeated in this round of challenge. The winner is Kun Peng!” The red-browed youth face announced the result with a blank expression.

On the platform, a young sly man with a long nosed screamed in disbelief and turned around, flying across the platform.

There was a loud discussion around the ring and the challengers on the stage looked at each other, waiting to see how would be next to go on stage and challenge.

“Are you really not going to try it?” Shi Mu looked at Jiang Shui Shui and asked.

“No. I’m well aware of my own capabilities and these upper disciples are tyrannicaly superior in strength compared to me. There is no point for me to challenge anyone. Maybe if i cultivate for another ten years, there might a slight hope.” Jiang Shui shook his head and said calmly.

“Well, I guess I’m going to try out my luck.” Shi Mu nodded and said.

His lips moved slightly as if he had something before he jumped into the ring.

The hustle and bustle around the ring suddenly died down and everyone turned their gaze at Shi Mu who was walking up on to the stage.

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“My name is Shi Mu and I would like to challenge Liao Yong who ranked 37th.” Shi Mu said calmly.

“This person is following brother Zhao Ji and challenge a higher level disciple. Is he insane?”

“Here comes a good show!”

“This person is somewhat superficial and it seemed that he is a new disciple too? Brother Liao Yong had reached the peak of his Ying Yang Demon Art. This new disciple is looking for death!”

As soon as Shi Mu announced his challenger, there was a burst of arrogant statement made under the ring. Some of them were even making this into a laughing stock.

After all excluding Zhao Ji and Zi Ling, the other disciples who had challenged the upper disciples that ranked within top 50 were hardly seen. Shi Mu was the third to do so.

Jiang Shui Shuii looked at Shi Mu’s figure and flashed a trance of odd expression. On the upper disciple side, Zi Ling had a smile on her face as she looked at Shi Mu.

Among the upper disciples, Liao Yong who ranked 37th seemed to be annoyed. Suddenly, black and white arcs began to appeared all over his body.

His figure suddenly disappeared and in the next moment appeared on the ring.

“Thunder speed!” Under the ring, everyone turned their eyes to Liao Yong and made a burst of exclamation.

Shi Mu looked at Liao Yong who stood about ten foot away from him with a calm expression. There was no wave of ripples.

“Challenging me,very well! I have unfinished business with you as well for our last encounter!” Liao Yong sneered.

Shi Mu smiled and said nothing.

Not far from the ring, Ma Long’s body shook and immediately turned to the direction of the gambling table.

“What’s wrong? Did Shi Mu sent you a telepathic message?” Cai who was standing on Ma Long’s shoulder asked.

“Yes.” Ma Yin nodded.

On the gambling table, the gamble between Shi Mu and Liao Yong had begun.

The odds for Shi Mu were quite high. Before his fight even started, he had reached a loss of five while Liao Yong had a lost of four for one.

“This idiots are really dumb!” Cai said mockingly.

Ma Long decided to take out the pouch that Shi Mu had given her before the match was annouced. She listened to Cai’s remarks and her eyes flashed with determination.

The next moment, she bit her teeth and waved the pouch out from her storage ring.

“One hundred top quality of spirit stone to be on Shi Mu winning the challenge!” Ma Long shook two begs of the pouch and large amount of top quality spirit stones rolled over on to the table.

Shi Mu had initially given her a bag with sixty pieces of top quality spirit stones. The remainign fourty spirit stones were from Ma Long’s own savings.

The people near the gambling table screamed a strange exclamation. Although there were many gamblers here, most of them here only possessed three to five pieces of top quality spirit stones. It was very rare to see a hundred top quality spirit stones at a time.

Behind the gambling table, Duan Mu Guang glanced at Ma Long a few times. After a while, he waved away the spirit stones on the table and handed out a white jade to Ma Long.

Ma Long took the jade then turned around and walked toward the ring with an awkward expression on her face.

On the ring, Shi Mu and Liao Yong had already began their fight.

When Liao Yong came up, he had summoned a large black and white mist in the surrounding area of ??ten feet. From within the mist, a large black and white lightning bolt shot through and hit Shi Mu on the face.

Every thunder and lightning were flashing and its power was enormous. It was far greater from the power the last time he used outside the ice cave. Wherever it passed, the void would trembled.

However, Shi Mu’s speed was incrediblely fast and he was able to dodge the attack of the black and white lightning.

In the blink of an eye, these black and white lightnings formed into a huge thunder net. It’s space was so wide that it most covered all the space in the ring, making it difficult for Shi Mu to avoid.

“I’ve underestimated you the last time. However, this time, there is nowhere for you to run. Where are you gonna hdie now?” Liao Yong’s eyes showed a hustle and buste as he said mockingly.

Shi Mu swayed and escaped several of the black and white lightning attacks. However, the thunderous sounds around him sound and the black and white thunder nets quickly streched in, wanting to corner Shi Mu in the middle.

Suddenly, Shi Mu’s body began to glow in bright blazzing red light and the Crimson Ape Energy Construct appeared. It opened its mouth wide and it began to spew out a large piece of pure and incomparable fire cloud. The Primordial Inferno collieded with the black and white thunder net.

The void trembled fiercely and a series of huge thunderous sounds rang.

The power of the black and white thunder net was obviously above the red fire cloud. However, no matter how many electric light flashed, it was entirely impossible to defeat the fire cloud that was formed by the Primoridial Inferno.

“How is it possible?!” Liao Yong’s face was fulled of disbelief.

Shi Mu smiled coldy. This black and white lightning power was indeed powerful and large but the lightning was doped with a kind of haze energy, which played a hand in forming this strange black and white lightning. With the Primoridial Inferno suppressing the true nature of all haze, it was powerful enough to support the attack of black and white lightning.

Ever since he encountered Liao Yong back in the ice cave, he had thought of this method. Now that he had tried it, it was exactly the same as he had expected.

The red glow of his body sparked and his entire body was now shrouded in red flames. The next moment, he had transformed into a ray of red light which was incorporated into the real fire of the Primordial Inferno.

The red flames suddenly burst into the air, exploding everything in its path.

The black and white thunder net was torn open and a red fire pillar flew out from it, shotting at Liao Yong in a flash.

In the fire, Shi Mu’s shadowy figure emerged in midair. It was unknown when but Shi Mu now had a long black stave in his hand.

“Fire!” Liao Yong’s face changed as he screamed.

Shi Mu’s arm moved and the black long stave in his hand began to emit a bright light. Within the flash, it had tranformed into a thick giant rod and shto down towards Liao Yong.

Liao Yong’s face changed greatly. He could only felt his surrounding world was tumbling. The air seemed to be instantaneous for the waves in the sea. Even the surrounding space was pressed against him. Compared to the day when they had a battle at the entrance of the ice cave. the power of the stave now was several times stronger than before.

Liao Yong screamed in his heart as the thunder and lightning of his body spurted out. He opened up his mouth wide and spewed out blood, which was integrated into the thunder and lightning.

A black blood thunder appeared in the black and white lightning and his figure disappeared in the next moment.

Shi Mu saw this and sneered. The golden light in his eyes glared and began scanning his surrounding.

His eyes condensed and his arms suddenly turned as the black giant instantly turned in the direction from the lower jaw to the horizontal cross. It immediately hit the left side of the void and the power of the attack did not decreased at all.

On his left, a thunder flashed and Liao Yong’s figure emerged.

Just as his figure appeared, a black giant stave went towards him. He had no time to react to the attack and was slammed by the black giant stave.

The light curtain that was protecting Liao Yong’s body had collapsed at once and his body immediately flew out like a scarecrow. He slammed into the blue light curtain on the side of the ring and bounced back down to the ground. The blood in the mouth seemed to be flowing out like a clear waterfall.

“You have been hiding your strength from our last encounter!” Liao Yong tried to stand up on his feet and said while breathing heavily.

Shi Mu turned over and looked at Liao Yong but did not say anything.

It was true that he did not show his exact strength back when he was in his expenditure in the ice cave when he encountered Liao Yong. After all, he had first tried to resist the cold in the ice caves then fought a fierce battle with a frost spider on the same day. His body was seriously injured d then fought a battle with the ice spider that day. The body was really hurt and he had to resort to the power of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art.

As his body swayed, he immediately rushed toward Liao Yong. The black giant rod in his hands were now blazing with a layer of flames.

“If that’s the case, don’t blame me for your demise!”

Liao Yong’s eyes showed a firm decision. With a wave of his hand, seven blood-colored flying knives emerged out of thin air. The spell runes were arranged in a row and the knives were now radiating a scent of a demon’s blood essence.

He began muttered the spell in his mouths and the seven bloody flying knives began to shimmer.

At the next moment, those knives actually penetrated into his body, wrists, abdomen, armpits and other seven parts. It was so deep into his body to the point that the handle of the knives could not be seen.