Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Stone-Breaking Matches Jade-Iron

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“Blood Dragon Gang? I first need to find a place and take rest. I couldn’t endure the way we were tossed from side-to-side on the road down to this place. I’ll get back to you once I’ve given it a thought, okay?” The young girl didn’t turn down the invitation. Instead, she smiled calmly.

“No problem. The Young Sister can meet me — Qu Kun — if she wants to join the Blood Dragon Gang,” Qu Kun stated; he didn’t seem to mind. Then, he waved his hand and took the initiative to get out of the way.

“This Young Sister is thankful,” The young girl laughed softly. The sound of the ‘jingling’ bells was heard as she started to walk. She soon disappeared in the midst of the stone houses.

The young girl had seemingly crossed the intersection with ease. Therefore, two youngsters suddenly took a few steps forward, and tried to dash past the intersection.

‘Bang’ ‘Bang’ Two loud sounds were heard.

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Both teenagers let-out a loud scream and were sent flying as Qu Kun hit them with his arms. They fell on the ground and were unable to get up.

“What are you doing? Didn’t that young girl take your punch a moment ago?” someone asked in an angry manner.

“When did I say that ‘everyone’ gets to pass if ‘someone’ can take my punch…? The young girl passed the intersection because of her ability. Whoever wishes to pass shall first take my punch,” Qu Kun grinned evilly.

The new disciples couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay after they heard this.

“Brother Shi Mu, Brother Xiao, it’s no use to sit around and wait. It would be better to go up and face him,” Bai Shi — the youngster with long hair exhaled a long breath and said.

“My Lost-Steps Art is mainly an evasive technique, but it’s too weak to face his punch.” The youngster with curly hair saw Qu Kun. He then shook his head and spoke.

“I’ll go after Elder Brother Bai has passed.” Shi Mu smiled and said in a noncommittal manner.

“Hehe… I didn’t know that Brother Shi Mu is so confident about me. I’m thankful for your faith,” There was a trace of surprise in Bai Shi’s eyes as he heard Shi Mu. He then laughed and replied. He started to move forward soon after.

Bai Shi obviously didn’t know that Shi Mu had beheaded and killed an initial-stage level Hou Tian Warrior. Qu Kun looked very ferocious… but how could he give rise to the feeling of fear in Shi Mu’s heart?

There was a ‘smothering’ sound.

Bai Shi fell back a few steps with a loud thudding noise. His arms seemed to be broken. He grimaced in pain as he struggled back to his feet.

Bai Shi had used the exact same method as Fang Tian Xu to block the incoming punch. However, he had somewhat succeeded in his attempt.

“I had used a good attack, yet you managed to withstand my punch! Moreover, you’re quite young. That’s good. You can cross the intersection,” Qu Kun nodded his head as he said. Then, he waved his hand again and stepped aside from the intersection.

“Thank you, Elder Brother,” Bai Shi replied with a smile while his arms hung by his sides. Then, he strutted past the intersection.

The other boys and girls became eager to give it a try when they saw Bai Shi succeed in blocking the punch.

“Several youngsters amongst you possess great strength… that was contrary to my expectations. I had underestimated you. But, it doesn’t matter. I had been using a mere part of my Qi till now. But, if someone wants to give it a try… don’t expect anymore leniency from my side,” Qu Kun stated with a snort.

His voice hadn’t even faded when he stomped his feet on the ground; forcefully.

‘Bang’ ‘Bang’ two faint sounds were issued.

Two of the ground’s tiles were crushed into small pieces.

The new disciples had started harbouring thoughts of taking a risk… but their bodies went cold once again.

“Brother Shi Mu, let it be. Even Bai Shi wouldn’t have been lucky-enough to cross the intersection if he had attacked with his entire strength…,” Xiao Ming — the teenager with a wide mouth commented to Shi Mu. He shook his head repeatedly. It was evident that he had given-up on the idea of a confrontation.

“I’ll give it a try. I’ll receive some injuries at most.”

Shi Mu smiled when he heard Xiao Ming’s words. Then, he lowered his head and raised his foot to move forward.

Shi Mu’s actions had attracted the attention of every teenager. They gazed at Shi Mu in astonishment and started to whisper.

Qu Kun looked at Shi Mu with cold eyes as he saw him emerge from the crowd. He said, “I just warned you guys. But I didn’t expect that some of you would be fearless in the face of death. According to the rules of the Sect — I can’t kill you. But, you will be bed-ridden for six months if I break your limbs. And that won’t get me in any trouble either.”

Qu Kun’s extended his legs as his voice faded, and his body shot forward; like a gigantic arrow from a bow. Then, he shrugged his shoulders and formed a fist to hit Shi Mu. The grey cloth wrapped around his hands burst open to reveal his fists.

The young man’s huge fist had already come close to Shi Mu by the time everyone realised what was happening…

‘Boom’ there was a loud explosive sound.

Two fists had collided. Both the youngsters stood motionless. However, huge circular waves rolled-out with an explosive sound.

Shi Mu and Qu Kun had failed to oppress each other. But, the floor tiles within the vicinity of a few meters had been shattered by the after-effect of their collision. Both of them groaned in faint voices. Then, they fell back half-a-step before regaining their respective footing.

They had shared the impact of the collision; evenly at that.

The surrounding crowd stood in silence. Some of the new disciples were staring with their eyes wide open.

The disciples standing behind Qu Kun were staring at the scene in disbelief.

Everyone had been able to sense the power contained in Qu Kun’s punch. And his companions were well-aware of its terrifying effect.

“Impossible! You don’t have your Qi. Then, how did you have the strength to deal with my Jade-Iron fist? Which martial arts skills did you employ?” Qu Kun looked at Shi Mu attentively as he asked in a loud voice. It seemed that he couldn’t accept the outcome of their confrontation.

“Brother Qu will mock me when he hears the truth. I employed the ‘Stone-Breaking’ Fist…!” Shi Mu withdrew his fist and calmly turned around.

“Stone-Breaking Fist? How can a basic-level martial art skill match my Jade-Iron Fist; and I’ve trained hard for so many years…? Ah… you’re a blood warrior too. Your blood’s inheritance has provided substantial strength to your body!” The youngster couldn’t believe the outcome at first. However, he suddenly recalled something and realised this.

“Brother Qu can assume whatever he wants. But, I need to know whether I can cross the intersection or not,” Shi Mu asked calmly.

“Humph! Since you have resisted my punch… you can cross the intersection. But, you can take advantage of your blood’s inheritance in the initial levels only. That ‘blood’ of yours will be useless at a higher level; it’s the worst type of ‘blood’. It has no advantages in future practice.” Qu Kun’s expressions started to become gloomy. Then, he waved his hand hatefully and stepped aside.

Shi Mu respectfully cupped his fists. It seemed as if he hadn’t heard those demeaning words. Then, he went past the intersection; leaving behind a group of boys and girls who seemed to be in a day-dream.

Qu Kun snorted loudly, and then blocked the intersection again. Then, he looked at the new disciples with an intensified fierceness in his eyes.