Chapter 530 - Vile Of The Inferno

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Chapter 530: Vile Of The Inferno

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“I’m aware of that. If someone decided to challenge me, please continue to place my spirit stones as a bet,” Shi Mu replied.

“Alright then,” Ma Long said.

After a while above the ring, the voice of the red-browed youth sounded again.

“Fellow disciples, is anyone still up for a challenge?”

As long as his voice fell, a tall thin-eyed young man with a face covered in black runes immediately emerged from the queue and went toward the center of the ring.

“I am disciple Dai Tuo, ranking 43rd. I would like to challenge disciple Shi Mu.”

When Shi Mu heard this, he walked out of the queue calmly and stopped in front of the thin tall youth.

Although this person in front of him seemed introverted, he was a warrior in his early Xiantian-level!

After the two men stated their names, Shi Mu knew that the thin tall young man named Dai Tuo came from the same planet as Qing Zhangtian, the Planet Lunaryx.

When Shi Mu was back in the Convention Pavilion to take on missions and tasks, he had inadvertently seen a short introduction to Planet Lunaryx.

Due to certain reasons, most of the districts on the planet were covered in pitch-black all year round. Everyone lived in a dark environment. The martial arts practiced on the planet were mostly of the darkness attribute and favored for assassination in the Magnum Solis.

“Hehe, Shi Mu, right? I heard that you’re a new disciple who can’t seem to understand the rules,” he raised his eyebrows and lowered his voice.

“I’m unclear on what rules you’re talking about?” Shi Mu said.

“Stop acting like a fool! It’s said that all debts must be repaid, and it’s natural for one to take charge only in your own business instead of butting into other people’s problems,” Dai Tuo snorted.

“Oh, so what about you?”

“I’m here to teach you those rules!”

“Are you done yet?” Shi Mu said with a smile.

“You’re courting death!”

With a sneer, Dai Tuo’s hands that had previously been empty were now holding two short dragon-shaped daggers.

At the same time, the black lines on his face flashed, and a layer of cyan light appeared on his body.

When Shi Mu’s eyes focused, he saw a layer of blue light and a dark blue dragon shadow lurking around.

He held the Wishful Steel Staff in his hands as his body began to glow with a faint red light. He locked eyes with his opponent but he did not make a move.

“Hidden Dragon Technique!”

As Dai Tuo stepped forward in a big leap, the surface of the two short daggers flashed brightly as they suddenly spurred forward.

The dark blue dragon shadow on his body was split into two from his arms, and he slammed up from the tip of the dagger.

Two dark blue dragon shadows screamed and squirmed toward Shi Mu.

Shi My squinted both eyes. With a turn of his arms, his longstaff fluttered quickly and a white airflow was drawn. A white tornado with a thick water tank was drawn in the air. Then, he suddenly took a step forward with the staff as he slammed onto it hard with all his strength.

“Spirit Snake Trench!”

The white tornado rolled down with Shi Mu’s voice like a white dragon. It squirted from the top of the longstaff straight against the two dark blue dragon shadows. Both the staff and the dragon shadows collided with each other.

After a burst of commotion, the white tornado and the dragon shadow almost collapsed at the same time. As the light shined and the smoke and dust scattered, it instantly filled the entire platform.

A fiery shadow smashed out from within the smoke and rushed straight toward Dai Tuo. The speed of the shadow was amazingly quick.

Seeing this, Dai Tuo’s figure blurred a little with a series of afterimages of him retreating.

What was surprising was that the speed at which it prided itself was not comparable to that of the fire. It was able to catch up with it.

“Weight of Jungle Mountain!”

In the shadow of flames, Shi Mu’s wings flapped fiercely and the Wishful Steel Staff in his hand swayed down, like dense sticks on a hill covering his face.

Seeing that Dai Tuo could not avoid it, he crossed both his hands as if to welcome the attack.

“Rising Dragon Technique!”

Two dark cyan dragons entwined, welcoming the shadows of the mountain.

A burst of gold and stone crashes spread!

It seemed that Dai Tuo used a pair of dragon-shaped daggers to capture the shadow of the staff. However, the ground was broken and the figure was hard to see with the naked eye.

“Oh brother Shi Mu, what strength!” Dai Tuo raised his head and groaned a few times.

Shi Mu’s eyes focused and found that the black runes which were previously on his face had now spread to his body, and their color strangely darkened.

The next moment, he suddenly fell underneath the staff.

There was a loud bang and a huge force came at his right rib.

It was unknown when but Dai Tuo’s ghostly figure appeared behind Shi Mu. With a leg whip across him, Shi Mu was slammed down.

Shi Mu snorted. A few pieces of gold scales under his ribs had formed to brace against the fall and the impact.

Before he could stabilize his body, he felt a bang in his ear and the two shadows slammed into his head and legs.

Shi Mu hurriedly put his arms together and blocked with the Wishful Steel Staff.

He blocked the stabs of the two daggers with his longstaff but he failed to escape a punch to the abdomen and was beaten again.

Near the gambling table, Zhao Shenlei stood side by side with two men and one woman as they looked in the direction of the ring.

“Brother Zhao, you said that Dai Tuo was in the top ten within the assassin squad of the Planet Lunaryx. Is this true?” a tall black-faced man asked.

Before Zhao Shenlei could say a word, another young man with a folding fan answered leisurely.

“Of course. As far as I know, if this person was not trying to avoid the enemy’s pursuit, he would’ve joined the Holy Land in Qinglan.”

“This Shi Mu is having a taste of bitterness! It’s all thanks to brother Zhao for letting us know about this in advance!”

Among the three men, a lady among their group said.

“You’re right. Thank you, brother Zhao.”

The other two men heard it and agreed unanimously.

“There’s no need to be so polite. This is what friendships are supposed to be. We struggle together, we rise together.” Zhao Shenlei turned his back and smiled.

Not far from there, Ma Long was facing the three men’s backs. She had a slightly worried expression as she looked at the ring with a bag of spirit stones in her hand.

In the ring, Shi Mu was once again thrown to the floor by a box.

As soon as he fell, a squid slammed up from the ground. His eyes swept away but he could not see the sly figure

His golden eyes flowed and the golden scales under his body were broken and shattered with blood flowing out of his wound. His face was slightly pale.

Although he had used the spiritual magic, he could only see a blurry black figure moving fast and changing his position at a speed that was difficult to view with the naked eye.

What disoriented him was that he could not see a complete movement track. He could barely see the fragment of the black shadow that was constantly flashing. He could hardly feel a glimpse of the qi. Even if he were to lash out numerous counter-attacks, it would accomplish nothing. In fact, it would expose his flaws and the opponent would have the opportunity to flee.

Fortunately, his body was now far superior to what it was before. With the gold scale armor covering himself, he would not suffer any fatal injuries, although it would take a toll on his stamina.

The shadow suddenly slowed down and rushed toward his side. Shi Mu’s eyes were frowning. His body shook and his hands swayed toward the side without saying anything.

Since it was impossible to capture the trajectory while the opponent was moving, it would simply brake statically. After enduring so many attacks, he had gradually figured out the opponent’s attack pattern.

When the black shadow witnessed this, the figure retreated back before coming in contact with the Wishful Steel Staff. It once again turned into a vague black figure and patrolled within a range not far away from Shi Mu.

In less than ten breaths, the black shadows that had been smashed launched several attacks. Each was more fierce and more angled, but Shi Mu was always able to detect it in advance and avoid the attack.

Suddenly, Shi Mu found that the shadows around the patrol had slowed down.

His golden eyes focused and he found that Dai Tuo was clutching at his own hand. He seemed to be enduring some kind of pain so his speed had greatly reduced.

Shi Mu’s took this as encouragement. His flame wings danced and he suddenly rushed to the front. A sly smile appeared on the face of Dai Tuo. With his right hand which was close to his heart, he suddenly cocked and sighed.

“Shadow Serpent Technique!”

The shadow in front of him suddenly detached from the ground and turned into dozens of black dragon shadows. Along Shi Mu’s foot, the shadow suddenly slammed up, directly bounding him on his waist.

Shi Mu was shocked and waved the flame wings to fly away. However, his lower body was tightly bound by the black dragon shadow and he could not escape.

The magical runes in Dai Tou’s hand changed and a black energy construct emerged behind him. The energy construct had a knife in its hand and it headed toward Shi Mu’s head.

The fire behind Shi Mu suddenly surged and his fiery wings disappeared, replaced by a giant red python wrapped with flames.

As soon as it was formed, it opened its mouth and spewed a white flame toward the black figure that was rushing toward it.

“Primordial Inferno!”

Dai Tou whispered to himself and immediately stopped the offensive. He quickly retreated and disappeared along with the black figure.

Shi Mu felt confident. With a change of his charm spells, the Primordial Inferno drew back and bounded the black dragon shadows. As soon as the black dragon shadow came into contact with the Primordial Inferno, they screamed and burst into tears.

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After he got rid of the bondage, he lifted the Wishful Steel Staff in his hand. The Azure Energy Construct behind him opened up his mouth and spit out a ball of Primordial Inferno onto the staff.

The almost pure white flame fell on the Wishful Steel Staff and it circled around the staff, wrapping it in flames!