Chapter 535 - Three Years Of Retreat

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Chapter 535: Three Years Of Retreat

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“Is this medicinal herb refined by you as well?” Shi Mu asked.

“Oh brother Shi Mu, you think too highly of me. With my alchemy level, I’m unable to refine the Clear-Boned Purifying Pill. I got this pill through a trade with another alchemy master. If I didn’t require special types of materials these days, I wouldn’t have to spend so many spirit stones. I had to sell them in order to recover some spirit stones,” Qi Shi answered with a bitter smile.

“Can I have a look at this herb?”

Qin Shi took out a green gourd and handed it over to Shi Mu.

He looked over the gourd and found that its surface was engraved with a circle of runes. It seemed to be a special type of spirit weapon.

“The Clear-Boned Purifying Pill needs to be stored with a certain type of wood to maintain its medicinal properties,” Qin Shi explained.

Shi Mu nodded. Upon opening the gourd, he found a medicinal herb the size of an eyeball with a green flame around it. It seemed to be glowing with a spiritual aura and constantly emitted a strange kind of medicinal fragrance.

Merely by smelling it, he felt that his mind was clearer by the second. It seemed that his soul had been tempered and cleansed. It indeed lived up to its name which contained the word “purifying”.

Shi Mu was overjoyed. He did not have much knowledge regarding the Clear-Boned Purifying Pill. In fact, this was the first time he encountered it, but based on what he could tell by the look of it, it was definitely one of a kind. It might even be the key to his breakthrough.

Shi Mu paused for a while before asking, “How much is this herb?”

Qin Shi hesitated and then replied, “That would be a thousand spirit stones.”

Shi Mu shook his head in disagreement and said, “Brother Qin, although this medicinal herb is of good quality, at a thousand top-quality spirit stones, unfortunately I have to give up on it. I’ll just purchase the Yang Zhi Pill instead.”

Even with the wealth he possessed, to spend a thousand top-quality spirit stones on a single herb was absurd.

Qin Shi was a little anxious as soon as Shi Mu rejected the price. As it was, he had not exaggerated the effects of the Clear-Boned Purifying Pill. Back when he traded for this particular pill, the cost was too high. If he were to sell it at a cheaper price, it would definitely be a loss for him.

He had tried to recommend this herb to several other people.Unfortunately, due to its high cost, his attempts were unsuccessful. Since he was lucky enough to cross paths with a wealthy disciple like Shi Mu on this day, he would definitely not let the chance slip.

“Alright then. How about eight hundred spirit stones? It can’t be any less than that. Oh, I forgot to mention I have a few medicinal herbs that are mainly used to feed spirit pets. Just one pill is enough to improve the physical strength of the spirit animal drastically. I’ll give this as a token to Cai,” Qin Shi said as he handed over a cyan jade bottle containing nearly one hundred pills. A strong scent filled the air.

Shi Mu could not smell anything, but as soon as Cai got a whiff, his eyes began to glow red and his body swayed a little out of eagerness.

Cai took a few glances at Shi Mu but did not say anything. Shi Mu could clearly sense the desire in Cai’s eyes. His brows wrinkled slightly and he calculated if he should give in for Cai’s sake or not.

Since Cai started following him on his adventures, he had been rushing to his secluded cultivation and had only given him a few spirit stones to consume. All this time, he had barely taken note of Cai’s other needs, which left him feeling a little guilty. If Cai were to get stronger as well, it would help him immensely in the future.

Qin Shi was very pleased and waved a red-hot gourd. It was engraved with Daoist rune patterns that warped the space around it.

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“This gourd is actually a storage device and I’ll give it to you. The Yang Zhi Pills are inside it,” Qin Shi said.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed slightly. He took the gourd and explored it with his spirit sense. The five hundred Yang Zhi Pills were stored inside. From a distance, it looked like there were many fireflies flying within the storage space.

Qin Shi handed the medicinal herbs over to feed Cai then handed the Clear-Boned Purifying Pill to Shi Mu as well. Shi Mu unleashed his Xuanling wall and transferred five hundred points to Qin Shi. After the payment was completed, eight hundred top-quality spirit stones were sent to Qin Shi through his storage ring.

“Brother Shi Mu is indeed a man of his word. If you have any more alchemical needs in the future, you’re welcome to come to me,” Qin Shi patted his chest and promised.

“Alright. If it’s necessary, I won’t hesitate,” Shi Mu laughed heartily. In the end, both sides were happy with the outcome.

Shi Mu did not remain there much longer and soon took his leave.

As soon as they walked out of the medicinal herb center, Cai yelled, “Shi Mu, hurry up and give me a spirit pill.”

Shi Mu took out the cyan jade bottle and retrieved a pill.

Cai did not think twice and immediately swallowed it. As his eyes closed slightly, a faint yellow aura appeared around his body. He had a very satisfied expression on his face.

After that, Cai seemed to be drunk as his body swayed left and right.

Shi Mu’s face changed slightly and he checked Cai’s body with his spirit sense. He found nothing out of the ordinary, but the phenomenon seemed similar to the situation when he was able to fall into a deep sleep.

He was intrigued that this spirit pill was indeed as good as he had been told. He quickly waved his hand and placed Cai into the spirit pouch.

Just as Shi Mu was planning to leave, a voice came from the front. “Brother Shi Mu, what a coincidence meeting you here!”

A man in a green robe came forward. It was none other than Qing Zhangtian.

Shi Mu did not expect to meet Qing Zhangtian here and greeted him, “It turns out to be brother Qing.”

“Hehe, you sure know how to keep a low profile. After the grand championships came to an end, you were officially promoted to an upper disciple. I haven’t had the opportunity to congratulate you,” Qing Zhangtian’s eyes fell on the robe Shi Mu was wearing and filled with envy.

“You flatter me. I was only able to be promoted through luck. If you had a different opponent, with the strength you possess, you would’ve been made an upper disciple as well,” Shi Mu said with a laugh.

Qing Zhangtian shook his head and spoke with a sigh, “Let’s not talk about that anymore.”

“Oh right, are you here to purchase some medicinal herbs?” Shi Mu asked.

“Yes! I’ve consumed so many over the past ten years and ran out. I’ve been coming here to stock up on supplies. They say that Zhao Ji was taken away by the followers of the sect. If his location is still unknown, there’s more of an opportunity for me. I don’t want to get left behind,” Qing Zhangtian explained.

Shi Mu was taken aback as he was unaware of the news that Zhao Ji had been taken away by the followers of the sect.

“Well, if that is the case, I shall take my leave now. Goodbye, brother Qing. See you soon.”

Shi Mu gestured in apology and summoned his green-winged flying carriage to take him away.

Before returning to his cave, he went to purchase more materials for his training.

As soon as Shi Mu returned to his cave residence, he immediately summoned Qi Feng and told him, “For the time being, I will be secluded in my chambers to train. All matters here will be handed over to you once again.”

“Yes,” Qi Feng quickly replied.

“Also, if anything happens in the Holy Land, you have to collect more information on my behalf. Tell me when you have everything in hand,” Shi Mu said when he recalled the news about Zhao Ji.

Qi Feng nodded. “Your wish is my command, young master.”

Shi Mu waved his hand to dismiss him and Qin Feng quickly bowed one last time before retiring.

Shi Mu sat for a moment then stood up again and flew away.

It did not take long for him to arrive at the spirit fountain near the cave residence. He quickly placed a barrier of light around his cave residence. In just a blink of an eye, the cave was covered by a strong yellow light.

In the secret chambers of his residence, Shi Mu sat cross-legged with a calm expression. He silently adjusted the inner qi in his body and placed the fiery red gourd at his side. After half a day, his state of mind had completely calmed down. He immediately raised his hand and a Yang Zhi Pill flew out of the gourd and into his mouth.

He body lit up with a ray of red light as heat spread from his lower abdomen. His body was burning slightly and he felt a little pain.

In Shi Mu’s heart, he was shocked yet happy at the same time. He quickly summoned the Art of Breeding A Strong Evil Ape with the assistance of the medicinal herb’s refining power. The flames had also gathered around his body.

After two or three days, Shi Mu finally opened his eyes and a glimpse of hope flashed past them.

The Yang Zhi Pill was not an all-powerful elixir, but it was undoubtedly strong.

At this rate, he would be able to reach the mid-level of his cultivation before he knew it.

As for breaking through to his late stage, he had already come up with several ideas. With the Clear-Boned Purifying Pill, he had at least a 50% chance of success.

Shi Mu sighed and waved his hand. A light flashed in his palm and a jade slip appeared. It was none other than the one that contained the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven.

He had already made up his mind to learn more about this particular staff set.

During his time in the grand championships, the power of the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven came as a surprise to him. If he could fully understand the extent of the technique, his strength would definitely grow.

Time passed by fast and in the blink of an eye, three years oassed.

On this particular day, several of the attendants were busy in the spirit field located near the cave residence.

One of the young attendants glanced at the residence that was blocked by a barrier of life and sighed.

“The young master sure is pushing himself. He’s spent most of his time in meditation.”

“Of course, unlike you slacking off in your practice. Without his preservation, he wouldn’t be able to achieve what he has,” a slightly older attendant teased.

A little embarrassed, the young attendant scratched his head. In the next moment, he suddenly grimaced.

The barrier placed at the residence had vanished and the gate at the entrance opened up. A ray of red light flew out from within and went off into the distance, disappearing in a flash.

An overwhelming pressure came out of the red glow and swept through the group.

“That is… the young master?” The young attendant opened his mouth and said in disbelief.

The older attendant nodded with admiration in his eyes.

“Look at our young master. It seems that he’s made great progress.”

Several other attendants heard this and could not keep the joy from their faces.

Shi Mu had gained so much strength through the years, the benefits for the attendants would naturally increase as well.

In a valley more than a hundred miles away from the cave residence, a ray of red light flew down like a meteor and landed on the ground. It was none other than Shi Mu.

His body was glowing red and shining. The qi he exuded was much stronger than before. He had reached the peak of his mid-level and he was only one step away from the late stage of cultivation.

Shi Mu’s brows wrinkled slightly. He turned his hand and a black light flashed on it. It was none other than the Wishful Steel Staff.

After three years of seclusion, he had made advanced in the Art Of Breeding A Strong Evil Ape, but he seemed to be stuck at the last stage of the technique. Apparently, something was keeping him from reaching this end goal.