Chapter 538 - Float Like A Bee

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Chapter 538: Float Like A Bee

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When Shi Mu was finally awake again, his vision was gray and blurred.

He glanced around and found himself in the foggy world of the staff once again.

In other words, he was about to face the test placed by the White Azure Ape ancestors.

Although he was unsure what test lied ahead this time, he had already made up his mind that no matter how difficult it may be and how strong his enemies would be, he must succeed!

“This time, if I don’t succeed, I’m done for!”

Shi Mu continually reminded himself and cheered himself on. The gray haze around him surged violently. Before he could think of anything, his entire body was drowned by the fog.

He only felt a blur in front of his eyes and his feet seemed to be stepping on air. His entire figure was like a cloud, rolling up and down endlessly.

This feeling was very subtle. Though it seemed to last a long time, it was only a short period. As his vision returned, everything became clear.

Shi Mu composed himself and looked through the surroundings with his spirit sense. He was shocked to realize he had entered a new world.

At the moment, there was a vast expense of green mountains in front of his eyes.

Among the mountains were countless green peaks and hundreds of white waterfalls far and wide. From a distance, it looked like jade connected by dozens of colorful arching bridges.

Shi Mu looked up and saw the top of a mountain filled with spirit grass and sage. In the sky, there were flocks of cranes flying together in formation. Countless spirit apes and elks frolicked within the green vastness of the forest, while rare birds with seven-colored feathers sang in high-pitched tones.

Shi Mu subconsciously lifted his foot and took a big step forward. As soon as he did so, a white cloud flew in from the air and landed at his feet.

Shi Mu glimpsed a little and then stepped on the white clouds. He felt like his entire body became light and he was lifted by the clouds as he flew up to the sky.

The white cloud he stood on danced in the sky as the breeze blew in his ears. From this distance, the great scenery on the ground could be seen by all corners of his eyes. His body and mind had never felt so relaxed. There was nothing compared to this experience.

There was a sudden sound of drums and gongs in the sky. When Shi Mu heard this, his heart moved a little and immediately followed the direction of the sound.

Shi Mu followed the sound straight up through several clouds. On one of the huge clouds, he could see a huge group of buildings that were located within a few miles. The beautiful sound of drums playing came from there.

The entire building was enveloped in a pale curtain of golden light. From the complex runes that he passed from time to time, and the solemn atmosphere they faintly exuded, the place was obviously guarded by extremely powerful defensive charm runes.

Shi Mu flew in closer to the building. There were two white jade dragon pillars, a hundred feet high.

He looked up and saw the two dragons in between the columns. There was also a huge emerald-colored plaque with the word “Nan Xun” carved on it.

During Shi Mu’s confusion, he saw the figure of a girl in the group of buildings, flying out from her team toward him.

The girl wore a colorful robe that slightly exposed her shoulders. Her beauty was beyond words. Something about her made her stood out. She landed by Shi Mu’s side and congratulated him.

“Upper disciple, the others have been waiting for you for a long time now. Please, come with me.”

Her voice was crystal clear, almost like clear water.

However, the lady did not wait for Shi Mu’s response and turned around to guide him.

Shi Mu followed her into the doorway of the columns. They passed through a winding jade corridor and a carved bridge. Finally, he arrived at a grand palace.

As he came along this path, all he could see were glasses of jade and all his ears could hear were the sounds of delightful singing. The fairies that passed by him were beautiful and prosperous. Such beauty would undoubtedly stun anyone in their tracks.

The palace was magnificent with beams made from purple clouds. The tops were inlaid with golden jade gems and the various colored plaques hidden on them were woven with colorful gold silk. It was too gorgeous to be described.

Among the palaces was a wide rectangular pool. The center of the pool was lined with a six-foot-wide emerald path filled with fragile lotus clams. On both sides of the pool were more than ten pairs of two-foot high-altitude purple wood. The golden plate was filled with fruits and drinks.

A few men in robes were either sitting or pushing each other in a friendly manner as they talked among themselves.

On the wall of the palace was a decorative jadeite jewel that was the size of a human head. Underneath was an expensive-looking golden screen with a high half-fold, painted with patterns of golden dragons that intertwined with each other.

Before the screen was a throne positioned in the middle of the palace. The throne was carved with a golden dragon pattern all around it.

There was a man with a purple face seated upon the throne. He had three white beards on his face and donned a robe.

When those present in the palace saw Shi Mu’s arrival, they immediately rose up and greeted him. They were screaming the word “elder sage brother” as if they were familiar with him and sat beside him.

Shi Mu had some doubts at first, but seeing how peaceful and enthusiastic the current situation was, he decided not to say anything.

In a short while, there were people playing musical instruments and singing. The palace was surrounded by beautiful sounds and more than ten beautiful fairies danced in the air. Their movements were very elegant and every move was extremely precise.

[Editor’s note: The word fairy here refers to something more like a heavenly nymph, not the small winged creatures of European mythology.]

The other fairy soon came over to Shi Mu’s side and poured him a glass of fine wine.

While tasting the fruits and wine, he greatly enjoyed the dance that was presented. He could not help but feel a sense of ecstasy. As his vision blurred, he seemed to have forgotten about time and the world around him. He could not take himself away.

Time began to pass by.

Shi Mu took a look at the wines and lowered his head as he placed his lips tight together. As he was about to drink down on the fine wine, his eyes inadvertently squatted on it.

He could see a gray smog reflected on the surface of the wine. However, there was no enamel painting or any jade jewel behind him.

Shi Mu’s heart was suddenly stunned, and a glimmer of clarity flashed through his mind. In an instant, he was knocked out of the drunkenness from his heavy drinking.

He stood up and threw the glass of wine to the ground in anger.

“Who are you to lie to me? Who would dare?!”

When Shi Mu’s anger came out, the palace suddenly calmed down and everyone’s eyes were gathered on Shi Mu.

Several fairies immediately came over and surrounded Shi Mu, trying to comfort him softly.

“Why are you angry? Sit, let’s not forsake decorum.”

Several other fairies came over to persuade him.

“Come, sit down. This is such beautiful scenery so why don’t you enjoy this fruit and the wine? Come now, don’t be angry.”

As soon as Shi Mu heard their voices, he could suddenly feel a haziness in his mind. He bit on his tongue to control himself as he flapped his sleeves and pushed them away.

“No more! No more eating and drinking!”

The old man on the grand throne saw this and screamed in anger as he thrust his palm toward Shi Mu.

A golden palm shadow emerged in the air. It squeezed through the heavy waves and wrapped in endless power, coming at Shi Mu.

Shi Mu was taken off guard as he witnessed the giant golden palm pass through the shadows, coming toward him. All sounds, scenery and fairies that were present instantly melted into vagueness, disappearing out of sight.

This was no illusion. No other objects were present, only the approaching giant palm could be seen clearly!

Shii Mu sighed and raised his hands. Black and white light appeared in his hands, and he thrust them toward the giant golden palm.

When the two came into contact, Shi Mu could feel a completely unmatchable force rushing into him like a tide of waves. In front of this huge amount of force, a sense of powerlessness through his mind.

The feeling only lasted a moment. His body was then suddenly filled with a sorrowful sensation to the point where breathing became difficult.

He felt his blood rush and lost consciousness.

When Shi Mu woke up again, he found that everything around him had disappeared. He had once again returned to the gray world..

“What just happened? Was it an illusion?” Shi Mu could not control his breathing as he muttered and questioned himself.

He rolled over and climbed up to his feet as he looked around diligently.

The fairyland was so real and extremely beautiful to the point that he was unable to contain himself.

During that time, he was on cloud nine. If he had not shaken himself from the illusion, he would have been caught in it, never waking up.

Recalling this, he still could not help but worry.

As a result, he just stepped forward a few steps and the surrounding fog rolled over and dissipated once again.

However, the surroundings were entirely different. He had now found himself in a dimly lit land surrounded by yellow sand. There was a huge crack and gap in the middle with red magma pouring out from it.

Tremors resounded through the heavens and the earth as the violent mana collision banged into one’s ears like thunder strikes.

Shi Mu looked around and was shocked.

He had appeared on a giant luxurious planet surrounded by countless mountain-like apes and golden ships in the sky.

At the forefront of countless giant pythons, they stood with huge golden armor in a fierce battle.

This situation was not too strange since he had this dream before when he was first sent out of the Cerulean Sea Star.

Shi Mu’s face was full of horror and his expression was a bit stunned. Once again, he was unsure how he even got here in the first place.