Chapter 539 - In For The Kill!

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Chapter 539: In For The Kill!

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A loud noise came from the distance!

The three-headed, six-armed azure ape in golden armor broke a golden warship in two. The warship burst in half with an explosion of golden light like the sun. Numerous soldiers immediately fell out.

The azure ape swept the ground with one hand. The surface was shiny white and the armor turned into powder under the white light. Even a scream was not heard.

As the gongs and drums sounded far away, there were three or four more giant warships approaching. A golden light column erupted from the warships and rushed toward the direction of the azure ape.

The rainbow-like light beams fell on the surface of the ape’s body and exploded. As the light converged, it left only a shallow white mark on the surface of the gold armor.

However, those around the azure ape were not as lucky. As waves of golden light fell, they groaned and moaned in pain.

The ape screamed in anger but abruptly stopped as if it sensed something approaching. The middle of its three heads suddenly turned backward and its gaze fell on Shi Mu, who was watching from a distance.

Shi Mu’s expression changed greatly and his body began to rise in flames like he was being burned in a pit of fire. He wanted to speak up but no words came from his mouth.

The ape’s middle head opened its mouth.

Shi Mu felt a wave of heat surging around his entire body suddenly subside. He realized he could not hear what the other party was trying to say to him.

Before he could make any sudden moves, the body of the azure ape became blurry. Not only that, the other sounds from the battle around him along with the battlefield itself had also blurred.

He was in shock but he could not move his body at all.

The entire space burst in a glare of bright light. When the light converged, he once again found himself in a pitch-black empty void.

Every corner of the void was dark, and there was no end at the bottom. It felt like he was caught in the deepest part of hell, causing an inexplicable fear.

However, the black void was not entirely empty. As Shi Mu swept his gaze around his surroundings, he came across a figure not far behind him. He realized it was a small young white-azure ape, and it seemed to be bruised and scarred.

Though it was a youngling, the little ape was almost two heads taller than Shi Mu. The wound on its body was so deep that the blood flow had almost completely reddened its white fur.

Shi Mu was shocked to realize that the creature’s eyes had been taken out, leaving two bleeding eye sockets. It was a horrible scene, and a difficult situation to make sense of.

“Kill the royals of the heavens for stealing my treasure!”

“Kill the royals of the family for stealing my treasure!”

The young ape did not seem to respond to Shi Mu’s existence as if it was unaware of him at all. It did not flinch and faced forward as it constantly repeated itself. Every word was full of endless grievances and anger.

Shi Mu was dull as he looked at the ape, but it took him a while to finally restore a sense of calmness within himself.

“Royals of the heavens? Treasure?”

His brow furrowed and he was confused as he had no recollection of what these two words meant.

He looked around and all he could see was darkness.

Shi Mu wrinkled his brows as he quietly walked away from the creature.

It seemed highly strange, and Shi Mu was still trying to figure the situation out.

Although the little white ape was seriously injured, the aura from its body was far beyond that of Shi Mu. There was a horrible scent of bloodshed around him, making him quite scary.

However, it was not far behind. An invisible force suddenly appeared in front of him, stopping Shi Mu in his tracks.

Shi Mu’s sight suddenly blurred and his body felt lighter than usual. In just the blink of an eye, Shi Mu had strangely appeared in front of the young white-azure ape once again, just where he started.

His face changed as he hurried away from the animal.

The little ape looked ahead obsessively and continued repeating the same two phrases. Seeing as it did not care about Shi Mu’s existence, Shi Mu let out a sigh of relief.

Shi Mu’s brows wrinkled and he looked around again. After a while, he decided to walk in a different direction.

This time, he deliberately slowed his pace. As a result, before he could cover out more than a dozen steps, he was once again stopped by an invisible force in front of him.

Shi Mu sighed and began to emit a ray of red light around his body, trying to resist the force. However, this force in front of him was like a banyan tree, easily able to swallow up his power.

With a flash, he was once again sent back to the side of the young white-azure ape.

Shi Mu could not help but feel a little anxious.

However, he was strong-willed and would not back down from this obstacle.

In the following time, he constantly tried to go in different directions in order to resist or avoid the invisible power.

No matter how many times he tried, the result was always the same.

He looked at the black void in front of him as his brows furrowed.

After a while, he turned around to look at the young white-azure ape as he walked over hesitantly.

“Hey, who are you? Why are you here?” Shi Mu shouted at the ape after a long while of hesitation.

The young white-azure ape was unaware of Shi Mu shouting at him and continued facing the front as he repeated the same two words.

Shi Mu frowned in frustration as he walked closer and shouted “Are you deaf? Can you not hear me? Where is this place and why are you trapped here?”

The little white ape still did not respond.

“This ape must be deaf. Is something wrong with its ears?!” Shi Mu asked himself.

He stood in front of the young ape and his eyes looked straight its face with a changed expression.

He opened up his mouth, seemingly wanting to respond. Although the creature’s face was bloody and scarred, it looked vaguely similar to the white-azure ape ancestors.

Shi Mu’s heart moved as he recalled the young white-azure ape that had appeared in his dreams before.

“Are you the white-azure ape ancestor?”

The little ape had no reaction, once again.

Shi Mu blinked a few times as if he had come up with a plan in his mind. After a long time, he took a deep breath and strode to the ape.

His palm touched the body of the young white-azure ape and pierced deep into his body as if he was touching the air.

“This is… a mirage!” Shi Mu was shocked.

In his mind, the last time he sent out the Cerulean Sea Star, he fell into fantasy and met the cyan azure ape.

“Could it be a trace of memory of the ancestors?” Shi Mu asked himself as he looked at the young white-azure ape.

He immediately tried again and it was apparent that the young white-azure ape was indeed just a mirage, a phantom.

This mirage seemed very realistic to the point that it was able to emit a violent aura that was indistinguishable from an actual person. Shi Mu had clearly fallen for a trick.

However, to compare the cyan azure ape with the young white ape, it was almost completely impossible to communicate. Shi Mu tried countless times yet there was no response.

Shi Mu could not help but smile bitterly. His eyes once again swept through the surrounding area of the pitched black void.

He was caught in an illusion, so his grasp of time was not accurate. However, based on a rough calculation, he had most likely been trapped here for seven or eight days and he still had no plans to break through from this trap.

He initially thought the young white-azure ape would hold an important clue to this mystery but it was all for nothing.

He remained silent for a while as he looked for a place to sit down and shut his eyes.

Within the black void, only the voice of the young ape echoed around.

After a long time, Shi Mu suddenly stood up.

“I don’t believe I won’t be able to leave this place!” Shi Mu said loudly, and his flaming wings appeared at his back. His entire body became like a ray of red light as flew away toward them distance.

He had never tried to escape by relying on his great speed, but this time it might work!

With such determination running in his mind, he dashed forward at great speed. More than ten feet away, the invisible force had once again reappeared. In just the blink of an eye, it had once again covered Shi Mu entirely.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed, and once again, he had appeared next to the young white-azure ape’s body.

He snorted and tried to fly away again.

Three months passed quickly.

During this time, Shi Mu had exerted all his effort and tried various ways to get rid of the invisible force. However, no matter how hard he tried, it was to no avail.

Whenever he tried to leave more than fifteen feet, the invisible force would appear and send him back to the young white-azure ape.

Shi Mu thought about all kinds of methods and even tried his best to perform a transformation spell. However, such methods seemed useless in dispelling the unseen force.

After three months of hard work, Shi Mu’s patience had gradually reached its limit.

He looked at the void in front of him and his expression was anxious as he screamed in anger on the top of his lungs.

The voice of the young white-azure ape echoed in the void. The voice that had once scared him at this point only irritated him.

“It’s always those two sentences! You might not be annoyed but I am…” Shi Mu glanced at the ape with irritation and said impatiently.

However, after saying half of the words he had on his mind, his eyes sparkled as if he had suddenly thought of something.

Shi Mu’s body swayed a little and he appeared in front of the young white-azure ape. He bowed to it three times and erected his palm.

“White-azure ape ancestor, I, disciple Shi Mu swear here to inherit your will. Once my cultivation is complete, I will complete your will by killing the royals of the heavens and retrieve your treasure without the slightest of regrets!” Shi Mu said loudly.

As soon as Shi Mu made the statement, the young ape stopped chanting the same two lines. It raised its head and laughed. Its laughter was smooth with a sigh of relief.

Shi Mu was overjoyed and knew what he did was right!

The young white-azure ape laughed heartily three times as its body suddenly ignited with a bloody flame. It instantly turned into a bloody light and merged right into Shi Mu’s knowledge ocean.

The blood light was as fast as lightning to the point that Shi Mu was unable to react to it.