Chapter 540 - Wrath

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As soon as the blood-red light entered Shi Mu’s ocean of knowledge, it instantly split into two.

A blood-red ray rushed down Shi Mu’s body and quickly disappeared deep into the Sky-shaking Staff.

The surface of the Sky-shaking Staff began to glow bright gold and countless blood charm runes emerged, surrounding the staff.

“This is the Blood Seal Rune…”

Shi Mu was a charm master himself. After living in the Holy Land of Qinglan for the past few years, he had also touched some of the runes, whether intentionally or otherwise. Thus, he recognized some of these bloody runes. This rune was a kind of secret blood technique used in ancient times.

Numerous blood runes quickly integrated into the sky and Shi Mu immediately felt that his connection with the Sky-shaking Staff had become closer. His heart was overjoyed by the result.

Another ray of blood-red light emerged, but it was left in his ocean of knowledge. Suddenly, it burst open and turned into countless letters and words.

However, this time, the text was not of a blood rune but some ancient scripts, which constituted a mysterious charm spell.

These words did not stay for long. As quick as they had appeared, they vanished without a trace.

Shi Mu continued to look at it. He was both shocked at the sight and excited to explore his ocean of knowledge.

That was when the pitch-black void around Shi Mu suddenly fluctuated sharply and shattered.

A strong light filled Shi Mu’s eyes. He was having difficulty opening them to see what was going on in front of him.

After a while, Shi Mu woke up and turned around. As soon as he opened his eyes, his face filled with joy.

He had already broken through the illusion and returned to reality, back in the cave residence.

Meanwhile, at a high altitude in the Dead Spirit World, a blood-red full moon hung in the sky. It shined its cold red light across the land below it.

In the sky above the peak, a slender figure with silver armor faced the whistling mountain wind. She stood straight with a white cloak blowing behind her, swaying in the wind.

The wind from the mountain blew through her black hair, revealing a lovely face. There was a very eye-catching black spiritual mark like a lotus between her eyebrows. The more one looked at her, the prettier she seemed.

This beautiful woman was none other than Yan Luo.

Her eyes were as cold as the night, passing through the heavy clouds on the mountainside and projecting directly on the vast plain under the sky.

Down in the plain dyed blood-red by the moonlight, there were two undead armies charging at each other, going in for the kill.

Among them were two skeletal generals. One was black and the other was white. One was tall while the other short.

The black skeleton had matching black armor covering over its torso and limbs. Its exposed bones shined in the light. It was none other than Wu Ye, resurrected by Yan Luo.

He held a long black knife and moved back and forth in the skirmish. In just a blink of an eye, it was cut into several pieces.

The translucent white skeleton was none other than Bi Ling. He had been crushed into dust, but somehow, he was still resurrected by Yan Luo.

Bi Ling held two crystal-bone knives. The knives were daunting, erratic, and constantly flashed everywhere on the battlefield.

With each flash of his body, a dead creature’s skull was destroyed and the soul fire was broken off as well.

In addition to the two generals, a dozen crystal and gold skeletons charged at the forefront. Each of their bodies exuded a strong aura, but their realms were no higher than mid-Earth rank.

There were nearly a dozen of these skeletons with almost a hundred other beasts. Among them were tigers and leopards, mixed with several massive giants. Their qi was at the early stages of cultivation as well.

There were also thousands of white-skinned soldiers, holding bone spears in their hands and marching at an even pace, leaving a formidable impression.

The clash of these two undead armies resulted in a huge collision.

There was a gargantuan green zombie with a height of more than ten feet. Its eyes were like copper bells and the corners of its lips were turned out. It had two white fangs and a black wolf in its hands. With a swing of its gigantic staff, dozens of skeleton soldiers were smashed into pieces by the impact.

Behind it was tens of thousands of undead corpses, including beasts such as giant tigers.

Without exception, they were all festering corpses. Green pus oozed out of their mouths, fouling the air with its awful smell.

As soon as the two sides collided, they were at a stalemate. There were countless skeleton soldiers crushed into powder and numerous zombies were torn into pieces.

Standing on the mighty peak, Yan Luo stared indifferently at the slaughter before her without the slightest hint of emotion in her eyes.

She suddenly felt something strongly in her heart.

There were a series of intermittent pictures in her mind. There were gorgeous palaces and also fierce battles with peerless smiles or anger… Until finally, all that was left in her mind was a series of blood runes flashing past.

Yan Luo snorted as she placed one hand on her chest.

After a long while, she jerked her head up with her fists clenched. She gritted her teeth and chanted in anger.

“Royals of the heavens…”

At those words, Yan Luo’s body suddenly jerked and an unstoppable rage rushed into her heart.

She strode forward and fell straight down the cliff like a rock.

Yan Luo’s body looked slender and thin, jumping from the top of the peak hundreds of feet above the ground, bending her knees as she landed.

A circular crater formed where she fell circular, and the smoke and swells of the wind suddenly blew the surrounding soldiers into the air.

The two great military forces were shocked and looked at each other in unison.

The huge crater was filled with silver light and a figure burst into the air, rushing at the monstrous army.

Bi Ling turned to the general in black armor and then looked toward the silver light. The soul in their eyes seemed to be jumping with happiness.

When the light reached the army of corpses, it was like a silver bullet. It passed through hundreds of rotting bodies cleanly, leaving a half-meter-wide hole in each of them.

Immediately, there was a commotion in the undead army. A giant rhinoceros emerged, its body shining with a khaki-colored glow. It ran wildly toward the silver light at full speed.

The silver light did not try to dodge it at all. It abruptly turned and flew straight toward the one-horned giant rhinoceros.

There was a series of dull sounds and the beast’s green blood rained down on the ground. The sharp white horn shattered and fell to the floor.

Then, the mammoth body of a giant horned rhinoceros also fell with a huge bloody hole on its forehead.

With the rhinoceros down, the silver light faded, revealing a crystal spear held firmly by Yan Luo.

The zombie ape, which had been fighting with a three-headed skeleton, turned its head and screamed at Yan Luo.

Blood began to spew out of its mouth like a thick black mist, hitting Yan Luo like a spiraling vortex.

Where the black mist passed, the soldiers were slain, turning to dust. A large number of the huge undead beasts collapsed as well. Their bodies fell to the ground and disintegrated.

Yan Luo looked at this scene and a cold expression was painted across her beautiful face. The anger in her heart was still burning.

The bone spear in her hands swayed and danced, forming a barrier of silver light out of thin air. It wrapped around her body like a shroud.

The black vortex came swiftly, violently slamming into the glowing barrier.

The seemingly faint barrier distorted for a moment before stabilizing without any movement.

Yan Luo snorted and picked up her pace. With the bone spear in her hand, she flew out like a beam. In a blink of an eye, she appeared right in front of the fanged zombie ape.

The ape trembled in shock. Suddenly, it burst into a thick black mist and shot a black spear at Yan Luo.

Yan Luo’s speed instantly doubled. The bone spear in her hand shone with silver light, piercing directly into the zombie ape.

The zombie ape let out an agonizing scream and a blood-red light appeared on its neck. Then suddenly, its whole head burst open, scattering green ooze like heavy rain.

After slaying the zombie ape, Yan Luo did not retreat but rushed straight to the rear of the undead army.

Though the ape fell, there were tens of thousands of corpses clashing on the battlefield.

Still in the midst of it, Wu Ye watched the battle, and black light appeared under his feet. In a blur, he flew to Yan Luo’s side in an instant.

The bright light emitted from Bi Ling’s body had gradually disappeared as well.

Even when the armies of the undead rushed toward her, there was no sign of terror or fear on Yan Luo’s face.

She rose up into the sky and roared in anger as the armor covering her body shined with a dazzling light. The light shined upon the hundreds of undead soldiers, spreading across the surroundings.

Along with the almost transparent burst of silver light, her inner qi and aura had increased and spread drastically. An unspeakable pressure suddenly swept in from all directions.

Wu Ye was moving rapidly, but he stopped in his tracks when he felt the pressure.

Not far behind him, the waves fluctuated together and Bi Ling’s figure slowly emerged.

As soon as the silver light passed through the undead armies, the soul fire in their eyes faded as they collapsed into dust and dissipated.

However, in the distance, more undead soldiers were rushing toward Yan Luo like an endless tide.

For a moment, Yan Luo was surrounded by a group of undead, squeezing her in the middle.