Chapter 542 - Power Of The Negative Yin

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Chapter 542: Power Of The Negative Yin

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A moment later, Shi Mu appeared in front of a huge mountain hundreds of miles away.

There was a large cave at the bottom of the mountain. It was steeped in darkness, and one could feel the strong presence of a demon within.

Through Cai’s vision, Shi Mu had a panoramic view of the inside.

The cave was deep underground and there was a huge chamber in the deepest part of it. There were two large yellow monsters lying on their backs. They looked like mountain lions with long manes. They were seven or eight feet long, four feet high, and had a row of yellow spikes growing on their backs. Their entire bodies emanated a thick demonic aura.

As Cai said, these were monsters that had achieved Heaven rank.

“Looks like a couple of Golden Hurricane Hou Beasts!” Shi Mu whispered as he took a deep breath and released the inner qi from within his body.

His hands clenched the Wishful Steel Staff as he put one foot forward. He swung the long staff forcefully.

Suddenly, there was a flash of black light!

A giant shadowy staff flew out of the Wishful Steel Staff, flying a hundred feet into the cave in front of him.

With an earth-shattering sound, there was a tremor in the cave. Rocky debris blocked the huge hole in an instant.

Almost immediately there was a bang in the cave, and the wind rushed from the hole.

The boulder that was stuck in the entrance seemed to be pushed by a huge force from inside the cave. It flew out and the entrance was clear once again.

Shi Mu looked at the movement in front of him but, in front of the staff, there seemed to be no movement at all.

The boulder then rocketed out. As soon as it was struck, it collapsed, disintegrating into powder.

With a whistling sound, two yellow whirlwinds came flying out of the cave, coming to face Shi Mu.

A yellow light bloomed from the two huge figures of the Golden Hurricane Hou Beasts.

Their yellow manes flowed wildly around them and their eyes glared at Shi Mu intensely as they growled.

As this was happening, Shi Mu released an unusual type of qi, and the beasts did not dare to launch their attacks at him.

Shi Mu swept through the beasts as he shouted a battle cry.

Both his arms glowed black and white, getting brighter every second.

Though just a human, Shi Mu was like a towering mountain as he stood at the horizon. A fierce pressure erupted from his body and rushed at the two Hou beasts.

The two Golden Hurricane Hou Beasts’ eyes changed greatly and growled quietly. As they widened their mouths, countless yellow forms emerged. They condensed into two pillars of yellow wind and charged at Shi Mu’s face.

The wind whistled and creaked as it sucked the dusty vegetation on the ground. Its power continued to increase.

The two tornados started at twenty or thirty feet in height. When they arrived in front of Shi Mu, they had skyrocketed to about a hundred feet. Even the ground shook and the sky was turning dark as if the day was coming to an end.

Shi Mu suddenly opened his eyes as he faced the two tornadoes. He scoffed and unleashed the black light in his hands.

He was like a cyclone and his hands turned blurry.

The black and white light enveloped his body like a dazzling black and white sun.

“Art Of The Vanishing Gods!”

Shi Mu’s voice was like roaring thunder. It resounded in the air and lasted for a long time.

A huge black and white staff appeared in mid-air and fell directly on the Golden Hurricane Hou Beasts.

When the black and white staff touched the two huge tornadoes, they burst apart as if they were paper and then disappeared.

The Golden Hurricane Hou Beasts were shocked. Before they could react, the black and white staff created a square barrier of dazzling light, trapping the beasts all around.

The creatures ran wild as a yellow hurricane appeared inside the barrier. They wanted to force their way out, but the surrounding space was distorted and warped. The black and white light then separated.

When the white light went up, the black light fell, as if Heaven and Earth had split.

The bodies of the two Hou Beasts floated upward. Somehow the black and white light and the qi had canceled out gravity and a unique space was formed.

The fabric of space was squeezed in the middle.

The two yellow Hou Beasts were shocked. Their bodies sparked with bright and glaring light as they shot out gusts of wind. They seemed to be trying to break the barrier, but everything they did was futile. Even with their combined might, nothing had any effect.

The black and white space changed drastically as the two colors separated. It suddenly condensed together to form two huge black and white grinding discs. They rotated while moving toward the middle.

The Hou Beasts’ eyes looked desperate as they widened their mouths. They began to roar as their bodies swelled up, seemingly wanting to blow themselves up to escape the trap.

There was a cold voice in the black and white space. The grinding discs suddenly accelerated and closed, sandwiching the Hou Beasts in the middle.

There was a loud noise in the void, and the black and white grindstone spun continuously.

The huge bodies of the two Hou Beasts was pulled inside and violently mangled. There were squishy sounds as they were ground into a bloody pulp. Like fruit being juiced, blood poured out, and the process also crushed their souls.

In an instant, between the heavens and the earth, only the black and white colors were left, and the speed was still slow.

After a while, the black and white space fluctuated and faded away.

In the middle of the sky, the image of Shi Mu appeared. He was pale at the moment and flying a little unsteadily.

On the ground below were scattered pieces of flesh and blood, the remains of the two Hou Beasts.

Shi Mu waved and two fist-sized demon pills of the Golden Hurricane Hou Beasts flew from the gory mass into his hands.

These two demon pills had been cultivated to their heaven rank by the Hou Beasts. They would be an excellent material for refining medicinal herbs and other things, making them highly valuable.

After he looked at it a little, he took the two demon pills up and quickly landed nearby. He took out a few medicinal herbs and consumed them.

His eyes were full of excitement. With the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art mixed with the Art of the Vanishing Gods, its power was beyond his imagination. With such strength, nothing could stand in his way.

This type of staff technique had been kept apart from the scope of any other ordinary method as the power contained endless space. It could utilize the power of the heavens and the earth. If the force of space reached a certain level, it would be unfathomable and unstoppable.

This Art of the Vanishing Gods was exquisite but it consumed a great amount of energy. At his current level, Shi Mu just barely had enough to perform it.

After one time, his body was almost drained.

Cai flew from a distance while shouting, “Shi Mu, what kind of technique was that? It’s amazing!”

Before performing the Art of the Vanishing Gods, Shi Mu had sent Cai far away just in case the bird got caught up in it.

“It is the staff technique known as the Art Of The Vanishing Gods that I recently acquired,” Shi Mu said to Cai. He turned away from him as he took out two pieces of the best spirit stones in his hand to restore himself.

Cai did not ask again and consciously guarded himself around him.

The essence of the Heaven and Earth purity was without compare in all of nature. After a while, Shi Mu opened his eyes, and his body had completely recovered. His strength and qi were restored.

“Time to go,” he said to Cai.

“Are you going back now?” Cai seemed somewhat dissatisfied.

Shi Mu smiled a little. He only came here to test the capabilities of the staff technique. Now that the experiment had passed, it was only natural for him to head back.

“Shi Mu, since we’re out now, why not hang out for a while and have some fun? Let’s go look for some good food. Staying in the residence all day is tiring,” Cai said.

Shi Mu laughed. “Fine then, since we barely go out and have fun. I remember a city nearby that’s renowned for making wine from spirit grass’ nectar. I’m gonna make you one before we head back then.”

“Great!” Cai excitedly shouted.

Shi Mu shook his head as his body became like a red light heading in one direction.