Chapter 546 - The Heaven and Earth

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Chapter 546: The Heaven and Earth

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Yan Luo did not stay long at the previously desolate valley and soon left.

Before the fierce battle, Shi Mu had some sentiment regarding the Heavenly Staff method. He was now fully aware and immediately started with his self-cultivation.

In the following period, Yan Luo would appear more frequently.

Shortly on the 7th and 8th then after 10 days, she would suddenly appear. Without a word, she would allow Shi Mu to follow her to her latest destinations. Time after time, they would arrive at the nest of various demon kings where the undead creatures gathered.

The original ruler of these areas naturally would not allow any invaders to invade their nest. However, Shi Mu was the only one who had to endure the fury of the demon kings.

From the beginning till the end, Yan Luo would only watch the fighting from a distance. Even if Shi Mu was barely on the verge of survival and was seriously injured, Yan Luo would not help at all.

Shi Mu’s heart was far more determined than anyone else. Yan Luo’s actions had moved his unyielding heart, making him stimulate his potential whenever he was caught in danger.

After several experiences, Shi Mu had gradually become accustomed to this practice. After all, the right source was the best opponent to sharpen his combat skills in battles of desperation. Naturally, when anyone is caught in a tight position, they would easily be able to present their best in order to survive.

The Serpent Hound King he had battled a while ago may be a demon in its early stage of Heaven rank, but it was nothing compared to the opponents’ Shi Mu met later. It could be said that the Serpent Hound King was the weakest.

Following countless battles with different demon kings, Shi Mu had gradually become more skilled in the use of the Wishful Steel Staff along with the Heavenly Staff Technique.

On one particular day after two years…

On the bank of the Darkwater Lake, a silver and a red light flashed from afar and fell on the ground.

“What is it this time?” Shi Mu held the staff across his shoulders as he looked around.

Yan Luo raised her arm without saying a word. As her thumb and middle finger buckled, the air started moving toward the surface of the lake. There was a silver light bursting out of the fingertips, falling into the lake.

The originally calm lake oscillated as soon as the silver light entered it.

A circular wave of ripples spread out from the center of the lake. In a short time, a huge vortex was formed.

Just a sound of a loud explosion in the lake, a thick water serpent rolled. The vortex shook out and went straight into the air.

As Shi Mu focused his vision, he could see a water serpent retreating toward the rear. At the same time, his arms continued to rotate the black longstaff, rolling out countless waves.

The reddish-blue water serpents were like broken bamboo as the white tornadoes defeated one after another. However, after the castration, it was delayed by a little then shunned by Shi Mu’s burst of dazzling light into the ground.

With a loud bang, the whole earth trembled fiercely and a huge crack that was a hundred feet long appeared in front of him.

Shi Mu was able to stabilize his body not far from the crack and the Crow Demon King had already turned over and fell on the shore of the Darkwater Lake. Its feet were heavy and a loud thump could be heard with every step taken!

Suddenly, a circle of waves began to spread around the Crow Demon King. When it passed, the ground suddenly trembled like an earthquake and the gravel splashed.

Shi Mu’s brow wrinkled as he jumped back up on his feet. A white cloud emerged out of thin air under his foot to support him.

His body was full of golden scales as he had already unleashed his totem transformation. His inner qi had climbed to the peak of his Earth-rank cultivation.

“Nowhere to escape!” the Crow Demon King shouted as it lifted up the blue-green giant triton in its hand. The surface began to shine brightly and a trace of magical runes appeared on the surface. Behind him was a circle of runes in the lake.

With a piercing sound, the water of the Darkwater Lake rose from the runes and turned into a giant bloody horse that emerged from the bottom of the lake. It was dense and filled with thousands of horses.

The blood-colored giant horses rushed into the air, rushing toward Shi Mu as they roared in anger.

Shi Mu remained calm as he wildly brandished his black longstaff. His entire body had been filled with a white air stream followed by the sounds of roaring beasts.

When the bloody horses charged at him, Shi Mu bravely took a step forward and swung his staff.

The thundering sound on the shore of the Darkwater Lake was loud. The beasts of white airflow rushed in as soon as they snarled at the scent of the blood-colored giant horses.

The overwhelming white behemoth collided with the Darkwater Lake and condensed as a result.

The white and red light suddenly burst out in the void between the Crow Demon King and Shi Mu. An invisible airwave swept across the sides and the whole sky was split straight from the middle into white and red.

The two sides were faintly comparable!

On the surrounding land, the waters of the Darkwater Lake had begun to vibrate violently. The ground that had just been shattered by the Crow Demon King suddenly collapsed, causing the water to pour in.

The Crow Demon King emitted blue light from its entire body. In an instant, it had increased 100 feet in height with a blue shadow behind it. The shadow possessed a giant body with the head of a horse.

The horse-headed fish leaped violently, holding its huge tail high as it charged toward the beast in front of it.

There was a shrill shaking sound as the shore of the lake rolled up a vast wind. It wrapped around the water of the lakes like a landslide and tsunami, rushing toward the torrent of the beast.

The turbulent flow of turbulent turmoil rolled up the soil and instantly covered the torrent of Shi Mu’s beast. The airborne beasts struggled for a moment before finally breaking apart.

The remaining blood-colored giant horses broke out as if they had finally been freed of their bounds and rushed toward Shi Mu.

Shi Mu was stunned. His arms moved as the black longstaff in his hand blurred a little. Shi Mu confronted the enemy head-on.

There was a burst of black and red light in the air once again and he was finally able to resist the remaining blood horses.

Just then, a huge blue fishtail whistled as it swept in.

Shi Mu could only feel a breath. His flaming wings wanted to avoid the attack but due to the lightning speed of the other party, he was hit. Though the force was not huge, he was swept away.

It turned in midair in order to stabilize its body. The scales on its body were now mostly broken with blood spitting out from its cut on its throat.

“How dare you?! Go to hell!” the Crow Demon King screamed. With the energy construct following right behind him, it chased toward Shi Mu at great speed as the trident in its hand shined brighter than ever!

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed in golden light. His flame wings suddenly brightened as he transformed into the Crimson Ape Energy Construct. The flames in his hands merged with the black longstaff, turning into a huge flaming staff!

Shi Mu picked up his pace as he leaped forward with the increase of inner qi through his body!

He swung the Wishful Steel Staff aggressively, leaving a dazzling afterimage as numerous white air streams gathered around him.

The Crimson Ape Energy Construct behind him followed closely behind as it waved a huge flaming staff in the air as the sky glowed in red.

The red shadow of the staff and the white air fused together to form a huge red dragon-like tornado, wrapping tightly around Shi Mu.

The tornado was connected to the sky cloud and slammed onto the earth, causing the sky to constantly surge and shake.

Shi Mu was held tight within the red tornado as he struggled to use the Wishful Steel Staff.

Strife Of The Mountains!

Undeviating Into The Void!

Art Of The Overwhelming Ground!

Shi Mu’s shadow continued to dance, followed by the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven had completely and smoothly blended with one other, hitting with great enthusiasm.

Though it seemed to take long, everything happened in the blink of an eye!

Shi Mu’s long staff swung into the sky, and the red dragon-like tornado broke up as it swept away in all directions.

“To Heaven And Earth!”

It was the twentieth technique of the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven, with a combination of immortality which he had been developing for more than two years now!

A white light flashed above the sky.

The piece of heaven and earth where Shi Mu was located was now discolored!

Countless giant white lightning bolts crashed down. Gravel burned on the ground in rolling black flames. Under the thunder, they flew into the air.

The Crow Demon King was now in midair and was too shocked to speak.

He could not imagine how an Earth-rank human warrior was able to display such a world-shattering trick!

In spite of his fear, he had nothing left under his sleeves and immediately wanted to turn around and flee.

Several thunderbolts suddenly fell and intertwined with the fire.

“No! I am the Crow Demon King! I will not back down!”

The Crow Demon King’s eyes were bloodshot red and the trident swayed out. His giant energy construct shouted out.

The rumbling sound shook the world, and the place was instantly drowned in black and white light.

The huge body of the Crow Demon King, together with its energy construct, was reduced to ashes under the light as his soul dissipated.