Chapter 551 - The Peak Of The Battle

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Chapter 551: The Peak Of The Battle

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On the second day, the two figures stood opposite each other above the platform.

One of them was on a cloud with a black staff on his shoulder. It was none other than Shi Mu.

The other person was covered with dragon scales and shining armor. He had a look of pride on his face as he held his golden knife in his hands. It was the hundred-year disciple who ranked first in the Holy Land of Qinglan. It was Long Zhanye.

The crowd around the platform had doubled in number over the last two days. The sound of their clamorous discussions rose and fell. They had been waiting for the hundred-year-old disciple who was in the limelight. They wanted to see him in an all-out battle.

“I didn’t expect that both Ling Feng and Yun Xiao would lose to a kid like that. That was such a surprise to me!” Long Zhanye said.

Shi Mu addressed him, “I’ll continue my winning streak today too!”.

“What a joke! You will pay for your arrogance!” Long Zhanye sneered in disgust.

On the platform, the golden dragon knife in Long Zhanye’s hands suddenly turned into an enormous golden dragon. Its long body spiraled up and down as it charged at Shi Mu ferociously.

Shi Mu spun the long staff in his hand, instantly generating a white tornado immediately that rushed toward the golden dragon.

At the sound of the impact, the dragon went straight through the white tornado as its momentum carried it forward.

Shi Mu faced the shockwaves in front of him and did not flee from it. Instead, he held the Wishful Steel Staff as he strode forward. His arms twitched as he performed the staff technique meticulously.

Shi Mu screamed in the air as he clenched the steel staff tightly and dashed toward the charging golden dragon at great speed.

The black staff covered the sky and suddenly formed a huge shadow. It blanketed shrouded the golden dragon like a giant mountain.

The whole platform trembled. The wind was so strong that it covered them in smoke and dust, obscuring the view of the audience.

When the smoke dispersed a little, everyone saw that a large crater had formed in the ring and the golden dragon had returned to its original knife form. It was sticking diagonally out of the sunken pit on the platform.

Long Zhanye stepped forward as he flexed the claws on his left hand and then slashed his own chest.

There was a golden light in the sky above the ring as a huge cloud suddenly appeared. A massive golden dragon claw emerged from the cloud and swiftly reached down to grab Shi Mu.

The flaming wings on Shi Mu’s back blazed as they flapped, moving him backward in order to escape the deadly grip of the giant claw.

The dragon’s claws were like three iron plows. They dug three deep gullies into the platform, shocking the crowd.

As soon as Shi Mu stopped, there was a violent wave of spiritual power behind him. Before he could move, he felt as if a giant hammer had hit from behind and his body was knocked to the ground.

Without him realizing, another golden dragon claw had appeared at his back.

Long Zhanye waved his right hand and called out mockingly, “That’s all you have to offer? How weak!”

Shi Mu got up and moved back a few feet as blood poured from the wounds on the side of his body. As he walked forward, the Wishful Steel Staff in his hand began to sway.

A white wind wrapped around him as a black shadow covered him.

For a moment, Shi Mu was completely obscured by the heavy white wind, and the growl of a beast could be heard clearly.

Feeling the oppressive force from Shi Mu, there was a sly smile on Long Zhanye’s face.

“This is a little bit more interesting!”

The light in Shi Mu’s eyes suddenly brightened as the long staff in his hands shook violently.

With a thunderous roar, hundreds of beasts screamed one after another while the white wind around Shi Mu seethed as if it was boiling.

There was a tapping sound that got increasingly louder as the earth beneath quaked fiercely.

The disciples around the ring could not comprehend what was happening as they backed away in panic.

The white wind violently surged and formed into an army of fierce beasts. Like soldiers, they gathered together into a torrent and rushed toward Long Zhanye.

After the army of beasts charged, Shi Mu once again retreated backward, but his hands did not stop moving. Indeed, their motions increased in speed.

Long Zhanye’s wild eyes looked at the army of beasts in front of him and the golden light on his body brightened tremendously. He transformed into a golden dragon, more than ten feet tall.

His face went from being quite similar to that of a human to a huge golden dragon’s head.

After forming the dragon’s head, Long Zhanye’s qi instantly surged as his whole body emitted golden ripples that swept through the entire ring.

The bestial army crashed into the golden ripples and its momentum was greatly reduced.

Long Zhanye growled in anger as his legs bent. Suddenly, he made a move and charged at the beasts head-on.

The more than ten-feet-tall golden dragon attacked the savage army.

After a loud bang, countless golden and white waves rushed everywhere to the point that the protective light curtain around the ring was almost torn apart.

The golden dragon’s claw had struck the army and slain countless airborne beasts.

Long Zhanye rushed out of the torrent and his eyes could not help but show his smugness.

In the next second, a huge red tornado had appeared in front of him, making him even smugger.

Bombarded by the spiraling red dragon, Shi Mu’s body was in flames with the long staff on his shoulder. The corner of his mouth evoked a smile as he thrust the staff at the sky.

The red tornado suddenly collapsed and countless red gusts of wind rushed to every direction on Heaven and Earth.

Long Zhanye felt the ground shatter and looked up at the scene in front of him.

Countless blazing bolts of lightning were falling like rain, rolling down and enveloping the center of the ring.

The ground at his feet suddenly burst into pieces, turning into black fireballs that flew at him.

The electric light and the fire illuminated each other, as if the world was dyed black and white.

The stunned disciples around the ring looked up at the sky in shock.

The glowing blue barrier at the edge of the ring was finally overwhelmed. In an instant, large pieces of the barrier fell out and burst open in the ring.

Seeing that, the crowd rushed away to protect themselves from injury.

Sitting on the battle platform, the veteran with a single horn immediately lit up a blue light. With a wave of his hand, an ancient bronze octagonal mirror flew out and hovered over the ring.

A bright blue curtain of light fell from the mirror and wrapped around the entire ring, covering it in radiant electric lights.

“The Guardians are here!” some people in the crowd excitedly shouted.

The change was obvious!

In the center of the platform, among the black and white lightning bolts, a golden glow suddenly appeared.

With a slight sound, an incredible wave of power emerged. The enchanted curtain of light formed by the eight-foot mirror had slammed into the ring violently, causing the disciples in the crowd to exclaim.

Fortunately, the barrier only shook a little before restabilizing.

Behind the curtain, Shi Mu was hit in the chest by the golden light as he spat blood from his mouth.

Along with the golden light bursting, the black and white light of the thunder mixed with the fire and intertwined. The black platform had disappeared, as all that could be seen was a black pit.

Shi Mu was on one knee inside the pit. One of his hands held onto the Wishful Steel Staff as it propped him up. His body was covered in golden scales and he held his chest up high.

The Heaven and Earth had exhausted all his inner qi. He was then hit by the golden light, which exhausted his Real Qi and damaged it pretty badly.

On the other side, Long Zhanye slowly got up from the ground. His armor was damaged and some pieces were missing, He had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. The parts of his skin that were exposed had a blackish tinge, making him look miserable.

Although his qi was weak, he still tried to put on a brave face.

“Forcing me to resort to my life-saving technique that took me a hundred years to cultivate?! You will die!”

As he raised his arm, blood dripped from his hand. It was unknown if the blood belonged to Shi Mu or Long Zhanye.

Shi Mu was shocked and in his heart, he knew he was dead.

Long Zhanye laughed sinisterly and stabbed himself in the chest with his dragon claws, carving strange runes into his flesh.

Shi Mu’s arm struggled and the Wishful Steel Staff immediately flew forward, going straight for Long Zhanye.

Long Zhanye saw this and quickly evaded, just barely able to avoid the long black staff.

Long Zhanye growled in anger as he chanted a magical spell under his breath.

He continued chanting as he lifted his hand and cut into his chest with his claws.

His eyes looked fiercely toward Shi Mu, but he did not see the panic in his opponent that he wanted.

The corner of Shi Mu’s mouth suddenly arched, showing a sly smile. He had two fingers in front of him and was also chanting.

Long Zhanye was dumbfounded. He had been focusing on his secret skills, so he was unable to dodge what was coming. He had to turn back quickly as he held his hands in front of him.

Shi Mu was using the Art of the Hawking Flow technique with the Wishful Steel Staff. The staff grew instantly and struck a direct blow at full strength on Long Zhanye’s arms.