Chapter 553 - Endless Slaughter

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Chapter 553: Endless Slaughter

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“Kill, kill, kill everything!”

The more Shi Mu killed, the more the urge within him grew. He wiped his cheek with one hand, then jumped back and forth in eagerness like a rabbit.

Every time he landed an attack with the long knife and beat into metal skeleton bones, several lives were devastated.

His long knife slanted out from the bottom, and a soldier on the opposite side broke the knife with two pieces. As their bodies swayed, the long knife waved out laterally and the enemy was decapitated and thrown.

From the cavalry in iron armor to archers in steel armor, Shi Mu himself didn’t know how many he killed, but he knew that the more he took down, the more excited he was.

He gradually became more like a decisive general and completely forgot about the fact that he was a monk.

Finally, the head of the enemy’s leader was now in his hands but he did not stop at all. Sword clenched in hand, he stared back at the warrior in black armor with bloodthirsty eyes.

His Knowledge Ocean was now greatly diffused by a bloody atmosphere. However, only the central area where the golden staff was located had yet to be invaded.

Shi Mu once again stepped out with the long knife in his hand, seemingly wanting to slaughter the soldiers in front of him.

“General Shi Mu, what are you doing?”

Several black-armored soldiers screamed in horror and squatted back under Shi Mu’s knife.

Shi Mu seemed deaf to the pleadings of the soldiers as if he was deep in a nightmare. All he could do was constantly mutter the word “kill”.

With a slam of the long knife in his hand, the black armor of the soldier broke down as red hot blood flowed to the ground.

“Don’t… Please don’t kill me… Ah!” The soldiers pleaded desperately as they tried to turn back to escape.

Shi Mu’s eyes were bloodshot as he strode toward the soldiers.

His body suddenly turned back as he began killing everything and everyone in his path. Fresh blood spurted out and several horrifying heads rolled down to the ground.

On the other side of the battlefield on the hill where the corpses were piled up, the sturdy man with a heavy face and heavy armor. He had a long knife in one hand as his eyes gazed at Shi Mu’s actions.

“Slaughter… Slaughter all you want… Let your killing nature take over!” The man murmured with a strange sinister smile on his face.

Shi Mu’s body was covered in fresh blood but he did not feel any sense of discomfort. He even had a faint impulse to lick off the blood on the blade.

As soon as he had the idea in his mind, his body suddenly shook.

At the same time in his Knowledge Ocean, the golden staff suddenly light up.

The ray of light flashed for a moment before gradually disappearing.

However, the invisible ripples that stirred up did not disappear. They went straight to the surrounding area and immediately washed away the red blood mist that permeated Shi Mu’s Knowledge Ocean.

Shi Mu only felt a needle-like pain in his head as it snapped him out of the impulse of uncontrollable killing. The bloodlust in his eyes had faded as well.

He looked down at the blood that had already begun to darken, and the corpses that were scattered around him. He was shocked and quickly threw aside the sword in his hand as he backed away in horror, finally realizing what he had done.

However, just as Shi Mu had retired a few steps back, the bloody atmosphere around him rose once more. The smell turned his eyes bloodshot once again, and the violent emotions within him came up to the surface.

Shi Mu screamed painfully as his body began to glow and the Crimson Ape Energy Construct emerged.

The huge red hustle of the Crimson Ape Energy Construct that lingered around his body looked up toward the sky without making a sound. It slammed its two fists on the ground and a whirlwind suddenly rose as it blew up the corpses around Shi Mu.

For a time, almost all the soldiers on the battlefield stopped killing and looked at Shi Mu in horror.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed and his gaze swept through everyone on the battlefield.

Suddenly, he caught the expression of the huge man in heavy armor. Everyone else on the platform had fear in their eyes yet this man had a sly smile instead.

Shi Mu’s face was in awe as a thought raised in his head.

Shi Mu strode forward as he summoned the Wishful Steel Staff into his hand. In midair, it grew in size as it was held tightly in Shi Mu’s hands.,

With just a leap, Shi Mu jumped up and swept toward the huge man.

“Move aside!” When the huge man saw this, his eyes turned pure black.

As soon as the voice fell, all the soldiers on the battlefield seemed to go insane, as their eyes were bloody and red. All of them waved their weapons and charged toward Shi Mu with the intention to kill.

There were dozens of black-armored soldiers at the front with their blood-stained swords in their hands as they rushed toward Shi Mu.

Shi Mu’s hands clasped onto the staff and inserted half of it deep into the ground.

Then, the veins on his arms began to bulge as the staff slammed forward. A large piece of rock on the ground was picked up by a stick and slammed forward.

The dozens of people screamed as they were smashed into pieces by the large rock.

Shi Mu’s pace did not stop as he kept going toward the boulder. The Wishful Steel Staff in his hand danced wildly as he rushed toward the huge man, slashing at the army of soldiers.

In front of him, there were more than a thousand black armor soldiers and hundreds of other lightly armored men with longbows on their side.

Hundreds of black feather arrows whistled in the air, merging into a large black arrow rain, covering the sky.

Shi Mu’s face remained unchanged as the black longstaff in his hand continued to dance, producing a buzzing sound.

White air flowed over him, followed by a burst of humming sounds as it wrapped him up.

The beast was shocked!

Shi Mu slid the staff in front of him as he was caught off guard followed by a long shout.

In the tumultuous white air, countless birds and beasts rushed out, such as a beast of torrents. It was like a white wall with a height of several feet, pushing forward unstoppably.

When the black arrow rain fell into the white gas wall, it broke and turned into powder.

Under the impact of the beast torrent, thousands of soldiers immediately collapsed.

Shi Mu was shocked by a fascinating beast as there was a soldier who had no obstacles in front of him. He hurriedly rushed toward the man without hesitation.

At his feet, the ground was broken after being trampled by the airborne beasts, and the bodies of the soldiers lay everywhere. The soil on the ground was eroded with red blood.

Shi Mu jumped across the blood-red soil and arrived in front of the huge man.

When the man saw this, he remained standing firm on the corpse. He did not welcome Shi Mu nor did he escape from him.

The black light in his eyes lit up and the two thick black veils of mist rushed out of his eyes.

After the two black veils of mist emerged, they did not dissipate but sank into the ground, mixing up with the soil.

Shi Mu strode forward and looked across the hill where the corpses were piled up, and suddenly smashed it.

He looked down and reached out his bloody hands, trying to clutch onto his ankle and pull him out of the pile of corpses.

The longstaff came forward and smashed the strange hands into pieces.

Just as he was about to take another step, he felt that his foot was numb and half of his calf had fallen into the ground.

His eyes swept away and found the original solid ground under his feet had softened up, turning into a swamp.

Within the radius of half a foot around him, the ground had all turned blood red. The soil rocks were now all gone as they had turned into thick dark red plasma and both his feet were trapped in it.

In the viscous plasma swamp, large bubbles emerged from time to time. When each bubble burst, red gas would overflow from it before dispersing into the air.

It was only a moment of effort and Shi Mu’s side was completely covered by this light red gas.

He jerked his foot and tried to move forward but found that he could not lift his foot out of the plasma swamp. Instead, he fell in faster to the point that he was waist-deep.

Shi Mu furrowed his brows slightly. Through the reddish mist, he saw dozens of shadows emerging as he tried to crawl out of the plasma swap.

Those who were covered in blood toward him, seemingly trying to pull Shi Mu down into the depths of the swamp.

Shi Mu had one arm up with the staff in his hand as he slammed into the blood-soaked undead. With just a slam, their bodies broke into pieces, leaving blood and residue on Shi Mu.

At the same time, the surrounding reddish mist was getting thicker and the stench of the bloody atmosphere gradually got heavier.

There was intriguing hoarseness in Shi Mu’s ear.

“Kill, kill, kill… Indulge in killing and enjoy this pleasure… I shall return all sources to you!”

When these words rang in his ear, Shi Mu’s Knowledge Ocean once again fell prey to the bloody fog as his eyes turned into bloodshed.

The black longstaff suddenly stagnated in the air, letting the bloody figures around him flutter as it tore into the depths of the swamp.

Almost Shi Mu’s entire body was now submerged in the swamp, leaving only part of the skull exposed.