Chapter 556 - A Rebelion

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Chapter 556: A Rebelion

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“You and I are both fallen disciples of our respective sects. Our job in this village is to help each other and live a peaceful, harmonious life. How can I let this incident slip?” A red-headed youth said.

“He was looking for death!” Shi Mu glanced at those surrounding him and snorted before walking toward his residence.

“Hold your step! Don’t think of leaving if you’re not gonna tell us what’s really going on,” The red-headed youth shouted loudly.

“Stop blaming this on Shi Mu! Let me tell you what really happened…” a middle-aged man came over and explained everything.

Knowing the full story, everyone was relieved that the move was justified. What Xue Yi did to Zhong Xiu was a criminal act and highly unforgivable. It was indeed right for him to be killed in this manner. Several people within the crowd who were once Xue Yi’s best mates were now ashamed over what was exposed.

Just then, a young boy hurried to Shi Mu’s side and said loudly “Brother Shi Mu, hurry home soon! Sister Zhong Xiu seems to be in a bad mood. I think it’s best if you go and take a look.”

Shi Mu’s expression changed slightly and he hurried back to Zhong Xiu’s house.

He pushed the door open and saw Zhong Xiu seated down, facing the back of the door, twitching. She seemed to be weeping.

“Zhong Xiu, what’s wrong?” Shi Mu let loose a little and reached out to hug her tight.

Zhong Xiu heard Shi Mu’s voice and immediately poured into his arms and bawled her eyes out.

It was unknown how but Shi Mu was able to warm and soothe her from crying.

After a long time, Zhong Xiu’s emotions seemed to have stabilized as she asked softly “Brother Shi Mu, what Xue Yi did to me… Would you think I…”

“Don’t say that! Xue Yi was killed by my hand. From now on, no one will dare bully you ever again,” Shi Mu immediately said as he gently pat Zhong Xiu’s back.

The news of Xue Yi’s death finally the thoughts of her problems slip away from Zhong Xiu’s mind.

At that moment, a footstep could suddenly be heard outside the door. It was none other than Chief Wan.

Zhong Xiu blushed intensely and hurriedly stood up from Shi Mu’s arms.

“Chief Wan,” Shi Mu got up and greeted the man.

“Shi Mu, for something like this to happen in my village, I take full responsibility for it. I came here today to apologize to both of you.”

“What Xue Yi did had nothing to do with you, Chief Wan. Xue Yi was to blame for his own monstrous actions,” Shi Mu replied.

When Chief Wan heard this, his expression seemed a little better, as if he had thought of something.

“Shi Mu, since both you and Zhong Xiu are pledged to each other, I think it’s best that the two of you get married soon to avoid gossip among the villagers.”

As soon as Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu heard this suggestion, their faces immediately turned red. Zhong Xiu was particularly embarrassed about it as she hurriedly turned around and walked back inside.

Shi Mu’s eyes flickered and stayed silent.

“Haha! If both of you aren’t saying anything, that means you agree. Shi Mu, console Zhong Xiu, then you can leave everything to me,” Chief Wan said laughingly. Before waiting for a response from Shi Mu, he turned around and walked out.

The people in the village quickly learned the news about Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu’s wedding. One was of unparalleled beauty, the other was a hero who could easily hunt without any trouble. They were a match made in heaven.

The village was like a huge family, and everyone was busy trying to lend a helping hand. Soon an auditorium had been set up for the marriage.

The two were draped in red, in accordance with the custom. Under the eyes of Chief Wan, they were now officially husband and wife in this small village.

On the wedding night in their residence, Shi Mu gently opened the cover over Zhong Xiu’s head. Her infinitely charming face had been revealed.

“Zhong Xiu…” Shi Mu looked at the beauty in front of him. Her face was tender, and her eyes sparkled as both of them embraced in each other.

Zhong Xiu hugged Shi Mu tightly, full of happiness.

“Zhong Xiu, to have you as my wife, I have no regrets in this life.”

“Same goes to me. My beloved, let’s live a quiet and peaceful life. Let’s end your training, alright?” Zhong Xiu said softly

“Alright then, I promise you.”

As soon as Shi Mu agreed and made the promise, she could not contain her happiness.

But the next moment, her smile left her face as a black short knife protruded from her back, covered with blood.

“My beloved, why did you…?” Zhong Xiu’s body receded backward as her face was full of disbelief.

She had a short black knife in her chest as blood poured out, staining her clothes red.

“My beloved? Are you still going to continue this cover-up even now?” Shi Mu had a cold expression across his face as he looked at Zhong Xiu.

“My beloved, it’s me, Zhong Xiu. Don’t you like me anymore?” Zhong Xiu’s face was full of despair.

“Stop acting! You’ve shown too many flaws these few days and it’s impossible to escape from my eyes!” Shi Mu said coldly.

“My beloved, what are you talking about? Have you lost your mind?”

After Shi Mu listed these four reasons, he looked at Zhong Xiu coldly.

Zhong Xiu remained silent. Then she suddenly stood up straight as her body began to flash, turning into a black figure. The surrounding scenery also changed drastically. The huts, village and grass had all disappeared, turning into a misty gray.

“Hehe… Don’t be too proud of yourself just yet. The bigger test is still ahead,” the black figure mocked as it blew away.

Before Shi Mu had anything to say, he once again appeared on the black crystal path.

He immediately exhaled after a long time.

Although he knew deep down inside that Zhong Xiu was nothing but a mere illusion created by the Enchanted Road, there was still a pain in his heart at the moment he killed her. After all, the illusory experiences were just too real.

He rubbed his eyebrows with a bit of pain. As the sour feeling in his eyes slowly receded, he looked up and fixed his gaze on the black crystal paved path.

This time, he did not hesitate and immediately took a step forward. Suddenly, a dazzling white light appeared before his eyes. He passed through the white light and appeared in a large hall.

Shi Mu turned and looked around for a moment. In shock and surprise, he realized he was in the hall of the Enchanted Road filled with charm runes.

The blue-robed lawmaker’s brows slightly wrinkled while looking at Shi Mu.

“Shi Mu, you’ve passed the test of the Enchanted Road. What are you doing here on the array?”

“What? I passed the test of the magical road?” Upon hearing that, Shi Mu asked once more for reassurance with great excitement.

“What? I’m the lawmaker of the Holy Land Law Enforcement Hall. How could I deceive a century-old disciple like you?” the lawmaker said in frustration.

“But I had just…” Shi Mu still could not believe it. Before he even finished talking, he was yet again interrupted by the lawmaker.

“You’ve been in the Enchanted Road for seven days. Although you’re not the fastest disciple to pass, it isn’t all bad either. After all, you’re a century-old disciple. Let’s not waste time here. Go back now and rest. After two days, you’ll have to prepare to enter the second floor of Qinglan.”

“I have a lot of issues I don’t quite understand. Would the humble lawmaker answer my questions then?” Shi Mu persisted.

“What is it?” The lawmaker said with some impatience.

“Before entering the Enchanted Road, I was told there’d be eighteen steps. Others had to go through eighteen magical worlds, but I didn’t…” before Shi Mu could finish his words, he was interrupted once again.

“Time and space are chaotic in Enchanted Road. Before a disciple escapes, they would lose some of their memory. This is actually normal. After two days of cultivation, you’ll be able to recover.”

“No, this isn’t right… You’re not the lawmaker!” Shi Mu suddenly screamed and punched the alleged lawmaker.

A fist-like shadow of red flames flew out of his right fist and rushed toward the middle-aged man in the blue robe.

The lawmaker’s body did not move but a ray of blue right emerged from his eyes. He smashed right through the red flame shadow by an invisible force.

Shi Mu suddenly felt a strong pressure to let him not resent the heart of rebellion. His chest beat so fast and his throat began to itch before he coughed out blood.

“Rebellious crimes will not go unpunished! Do you know what’s the punishment for those who rebel against the rules and regulations?” the lawmaker turned around and asked Shi Mu coldly.

Was this the strength of the Holy Order? Only one gaze was able to emit such a strong force.

Shi Mu could not help but feel somewhat embarrassed. Did he really pass the Enchanted Road?

Shi Mu’s heart pulsated as cold sweat formed on his forehead. He quickly lowered himself up and said apologetically “Lawmaker, I ask for your humble forgiveness and redemption! I was confused and thinking I was still caught in the illusion of the Enchanted Road.”