Chapter 559 - A Mysterious Summoning

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Chapter 559: A Mysterious Summoning

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The moment Shi Mu passed through the brightly lit door…

In the depths of the first layer of the Holy Land, a bell-like spread far and wide toward the surrounding area as it rang through tens of thousands of miles.

“This voice… Could it be…”

“This is the monument of the Enchanted Road. Someone passed successfully!”

“Could it be that Shi Mu made it through?!”

Everyone heard the buzzing sound and was caught off guard. After all, the illusion of the Enchanted Road had been broken through, and those who were successful numbered less than ten. Knowing that someone broke through meant he was on par with the high-ranking disciples.

The doubtful ones had expressions of disbelief.

Shi Mu felt a blur before finding himself in a grand white hall.

He looked around a little and realized he was not in the Enchanted Hall from where he entered the challenge.

The hall was vacant and empty. Except for a few pillars, there was nothing else.

“You must be Shi Mu. To pass through the Enchanted Road means that you have a heart of gold,” a clear voice said from behind him.

Shi Mu quickly turned around and saw a figure shrouded in blue light standing there. However, he was unable to see the figure’s face.

“I’m honored to have met you,” Shi Mu bowed down in respect. It occurred to him that he was unable to detect the other person’s inner qi.

“There’s no need for such formalities,” the figure shrouded in blue light slowly raised his hand as an invisible force lifted Shi Mu’s body to stop him from bowing.

The figure looked at Shi Mu from head to toe and seemed to be interested in him for some personal reason.

Shi Mu was stunned but continued standing there without any major movements.

“Not bad. It’s been nearly a thousand years since anyone passed through the Enchanted Road. Yet here you are today.”

“I was just lucky,” Shi Mu said modestly.

“How humble of you. It’s no surprise that you could overcome the challenge of the illusion. Now that you’ve passed through the Enchanted Road, according to the rules, you’re now considered a millennium disciple. However, there are some procedures first. You’ll still have to wait a while in order to formally become a millennium disciple.”

“I’ll send you back now since you’ve used up a lot of your power and strength. Rest for the time being, and everything will be arranged for you,” he said as a wave of dust appeared at his fingertips.

White light enshrouded Shi Mu.

His eyes blurred for a moment, and in an instant, he appeared on a high slope surrounded by tall trees. It seemed that he had already returned to the first floor.

Shi Mu looked around and found that he was not far away from the Xuanling Tower.

He breathed in slowly and his face was bright with happiness. He could not help but felt somewhat puzzled.

The fact that he was unable to see through the figure in blue light meant that this person must have been someone highly important in Qinglan. Maybe even be one of the eight great guardians or one of the four elders of the Holy Land. It was uncertain why this person’s face would be hidden in such secrecy.

After thinking about it without any success, he turned his thoughts elsewhere. He immediately transformed into a ray of red light and flew toward residence.

“That Shi Mu had actually passed through the Enchanted Road. How is it possible? Is this true?”

As soon as Lu Jing received the report from one of his attendants, his face was filled with surprise and shock.

“It is true. I looked for numerous attendants working under the elder disciples and it’s no surprise that the voice was originally derived from the magical monument. That can only mean someone successfully passed through the Enchanted Road,” the attendant said quickly.

Lu Jing waved his hand impatiently and the huge ape-sized attendant quickly left.

When he was gone, Lu Jing grabbed a glass of wine and crushed it in anger and frustration. His face was gloomy and his eyes sparkled.

In the attic of a house located in the Bamboo Forest.

“I didn’t believe he could do it, yet he did. Is this a blessing or a curse…?” Ling Feng stood in front of the window and looked into the distance as he muttered to himself.

In another cave house, Long Zhanye sat on his knees and his face was sullen. After a long time, he finally let out a disappointed sigh.

“Sister, Shi Mu was indeed powerful.”

In the residence of an ordinary disciple, Ma Long and Ma Lie both sat inside and exclaimed in disbelief.

Although he was able to resist and break through the trials of the new disciple, he had failed to rank within 108. He did not succeed in the trials nine years ago, but due to the closest relationship between his sister, Ma Long and Shi Mu, he managed to earn some spirit stones. With that, he was able to be recruited and become an attendant instead.

“I said it before, Shi Mu’s strength isn’t something to take lightly. Ma Lie, if you ever bump into him again, pay attention to your words and actions.”

Ma Lie was arrogant but after suffering the blow of defeat getting caught up in his current situation, he could not help but lower his head.

“Don’t be discouraged. It won’t take long till the new round of trials. In the past few years, you’ve made great progress in your power and strength. After a few trips to handpick a spirit weapon for you, you’ll stand a chance.”

“Thank you sister! Since Shi Mu has now become a millennium disciple, does the issue we discussed have any hope of success?” Ma Lie suddenly raised his head and asked.

Ma Long was silent for a moment before replying.

“I can’t talk about that now. We’ll see how the situation goes.”

Ma Lie nodded in agreement.

In the next few days, news about Shi Mu passing the Enchanted Road spread at rapid speed, causing heated discussions.

The Enchanted Road itself was now known to almost everyone. Although many had shown interest in challenging the Road, they gave up after learning how difficult it would be.

In the twinkling of an eye, half a month passed by.

As Shi Mu was meditating in his secret chambers, he suddenly opened up his eyes and went to the door. Just as he was about to reach out his hand and opened it…

Qi Feng was standing at a distance as he faced Shi Mu with respect.

“Young master, master Ling Feng has come to see you.”

“Ling Feng? Please usher him to the living room and serve him with some good tea. I shall be there in a minute,” Shi Mu’s expression sank slightly as he spoke.

“It has been arranged,” Qi Feng said.

“That’s good. You and go ahead now.”

Qi Feng bowed before leaving

A moment later, Shi Mu put on a new robe and walked to the living room.

As soon as he entered, he saw Ling Feng seated on the right side in a blue gown. He had a teacup in one hand as he gently blew it before taking a sip.

His actions were bleak and his attitude was clear. It seemed he had a sense of freedom and easiness within himself.

“Brother Ling Feng, I’ve been insisting to invite you over for a tea. I see that the day has finally arrived,” Shi Mu said with a smile.

Ling Feng halted from sipping his tea and looked up to Shi Mu with a bright smile on his face.

“Well, you’ve been busy training, and your efforts paid off. As a disciple myself who knows the struggle of cultivating, I wouldn’t dare disturb you.”

“Anyhow, since you’ve come here today, may I know what I can help you with?”

“Naturally, it is a good thing.”

“Well, it’s like this. I came here today under the orders of Elder Mo Yan to guide you over to the Qinghuang Temple.”

“Elder Mo Yan? Qinghuang Temple? I’ve never heard of this person or this place before,” Shi Mu said doubtfully.

“Qinghuang Temple is located in the main hall of the yellow region. It is presided over by Elder Mo Yan who takes on affairs of all millennium disciples.”

“Main hall?” Shi Mu wondered.

“You don’t know? There’s a general hall between century-old disciples and millennium-disciples. The first floor is the Qinghuang Hall and the second floor is known as Qingxuan Hall.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. Since the elders summoned for me, let’s get going then.”

Ling Feng nodded in agreement.

The two walked out of the residence and turned into flew side by side toward the Xuanling Tower like rays of dawn light.

After just a moment, they arrived in front of the hall.

On the top of the main hall, was a red plaque hanging on the top. The character “Qinghuang Temple” was carved into it.

The two came to the entrance of the temple as Ling Feng arranged his robe neatly.

“Elder Mo, disciple Shi Mu has arrived.”

“Come in,” said a gentle voice.

Shi Mu followed Ling Feng into the hall and noticed a flowery scent. As he smelled the fragrance, his eyes widened when he realized he had walked into an elegantly furnished garden that was filled with exotic plants.

Shi Mu composed himself and noticed an elder in a black robe facing them sideways not far away. He had a black ceramic watering vessel with which he was watering his plants.

“Greetings, Elder Mo,” Shi Mu said as he bowed respectfully.

“Oh! Come on in and take a seat. Let’s talk,” the white-haired old man said as he turned around, revealing a kind face.

Shi Mu saw Ling Feng already sat down on the chair at the right side of the temple, so he sat beside him.

“You are Shi Mu. This may be the first time we’re meeting then. I’m in the order of the Lord, so all the work of a hundred-year disciple is under me. I’m not so keen to deal with the workload here, but fortunately Ling Feng and the other deacons are always around to lend a helping hand. That’s why I was rarely able to show up and greet each one of you,” Elder Mo said with a warm smile.

“I was unaware of this,” Shi Mu replied.

“Hehe. Back to the real topic, for the past millennium, you are the only one who has passed the test of the enchanted illusion and advanced into becoming a millennium disciple. I’ve invited you over, for one thing, to inform you of some things regarding the entry to the second floor of the Holy Land. Besides that, I wanted to see you as the leader of your generation.”

“Thank you for your praise but I believe I’m not yet qualified to be called a leader just yet.”

“Hehe, those who pass the test of the Enchanted Road deserved to be praised.”

Elder Mo waved his arm as he spoke, and a blue light slowly appeared and floated in front of Shi Mu.

Shi Mu quickly reached out to catch it with his hands.

As soon as the blue light scattered, it revealed a blue robe within.

His gaze swept over the chest area of the robe. Two vividly embroidered green leaves were sown onto it. Other than that, the robe looked similar to any other millennium disciple’s.