Chapter 560 - The Holy Spirit Animal

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Chapter 560: The Holy Spirit Animal

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“This is the millennium disciple costume. Keep it well. From today onward, you are now officially a millennium disciple.”

“Thank you, Elder Mo,” Shi Mu said.

“Hand your Xuanling Wall over to me.”

Shi Mu did not hesitate and immediately took out his Xuanling Wall and handed it to Elder Mo.

As soon as the elder took the jade and examined it, he stretched out two fingers and uttered a mysterious spell.

His fingers lit up with a blazing red light, followed by waves of humming.

He laid his fingers down on the jade and the Xuanling wall lit up in red as well.

Shi Mu noticed that the red leaves in the jade swayed before breaking off into two pieces.

The veins were clear and the leaves were full, as if alive.

Elder Mo did not stop. He placed one hand onto the Xuanling Wall and began painting.

His movement was smooth. After a while, the painting was complete and he retracted his right hand.

A circular six-pointed star pattern emerged on the surface of the jade. There were circles of runes as well.

Ling Feng’s face showed a hint of surprise.

“This is…” Shi Mu was somewhat puzzled.

“This is the Millennium Seal, a voucher for free access to the second floor of the Holy Land,” Elder Mo said.

Shi Mu took the Xuanling Wall and felt the special aura of the millennium seal on the jade wall.

“There is another thing. Because you have been practicing in the Yellow Region for less than a hundred years, your centennial discipleship can be retained as well. In addition, your original attendant will stay with you hence you can take them to the Xuanjie region as well. Before that, your original spirit land and residence must be reclaimed.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Elder Mo,” Shi Mu replied

“You don’t have to thank me. Ling Feng, your temper is too bleak. A younger disciple has now surpassed you. You should train more,” Elder Mo turned around and said to Ling Feng.

“Elder Mo, you must know that a disciple should pay attention to the cultivation of the heart as well. To enter the rankings of the millennium disciples after a decade or two isn’t too late either,” Ling Feng said calmly.

“Oh, as you wish then. I’m just as lazy. If not, I would have been in the same situation as you are right now. Alright then, there should be a lot of things for you to sort out. You may take your leave now, Shi Mu,” Elder Mo said and waved his hand.

“Alright. We shall take our leave now,” The two stood up and said in unison.

After leaving the tower and bidding farewell, each of them turned into a ray of light and flew to their own residences.

When Shi Mu returned, he saw that Qi Feng was sulking. He walked out of the doorway and almost got hit on the way out.

“Forgive me for my sin,” Qi Feng looked up and quickly said to Shi Mu.

“No problem. You’ve been pacing. What’s on your mind?”

“Young master, now that you’ve passed the test of the Enchanted Road, I’m afraid that you’ll have to leave here and head to the second floor of the Holy Land. I’ll notify the others to gather all the herbs from the spirit land right away. After that, they’ll be sold off in the market and I’ll sort out the finances of the residence as soon as possible before presenting them to you,” Qi Feng said in a hurry with a somewhat blank face.

Shi Mu looked into his eyes and thought a little before he finally understood. He figured that most of them were worried about how they’d fare after Shi Mu’s departure.

“Well, you’ve done a good job. However, after you’ve made the money, you need to re-create a booklet for all the servants to head over to the Xuanjie region. You must not miss a single one,” Shi Mu said.

“Young master, are you saying… Are you saying me and the others will be allowed to follow you to the second floor of the Holy Land?” Qi Feng’s chubby body shivered slightly as he asked.

“Go ahead and settle this matter first. There are still many tasks for you to deal with in the Xuanjie region,” Shi Mu said with a smile.

“Yes.” Qi Feng rejoiced with a sigh of relief and walked out briskly.

In the inner hall of the residence, Qi Feng held onto a few stacks of books and stood in a respectful manner.

“I won’t check the current account of the residence. You’ve done a good job for the past few years. In the finest quarters, you can handle it well. Tomorrow, I shall lead all of you with me to the second floor of the Holy Land,” Shi Mu stated.

“Understood, young master!” Qi Feng and the others replied at the same time.

Just then, a servant stepped into the hall.

“Greetings young master. Young master Ma Long is here to see you.”

“Ma Long? Let her in.”

In a short while, Shi Mu saw Ma Long in a fiery red robe walking in along with Ma Lie by her side.

“Big brother Shi Mu,” Ma Long and her brother greeted respectfully.

“Let’s sit down and talk,” Shi Mu invited the two of them into the living room.

“Brother Shi Mu, where is Cai?”

Before Shi Mu could speak, shouting could be heard from the outside of the courtyard.

“Which one of you is looking for me?”

Cai flew in almost as quickly as his voice. He perched on Shi Mu’s shoulder and obviously had quite a feast.

“Cai, it was me,” Ma Lie laughed.

“Are we even familiar with each other? Call me young master instead,” the fat parrot said without hesitation, not giving a single thought to his own words.

The smile on Ma Lie’s face quickly faded and he let out a low cough to cover up his embarrassment.

“Cai, don’t tease my brother like that,” Ma Long quickly played around with the atmosphere to make things less awkward between everyone.

“Well, since sister Ma Long had said so, I won’t bother that much then,” replied Cai, who clearly had a much better attitude toward Ma Long than toward her brother.

After that, Cai flapped his wings down onto Ma Long’s shoulders and praised her beauty while eyeing her storage ring for some spirit stones as snacks.

Ma Long squatted and smiled. With a turn of her wrist, numerous spirit stones appeared in her palm which she passed to Cai’s mouth.

The light in Cai’s eyes immediately brightened as he leaned over to chew the spirit stones given to him by Ma Long.

Shi Mu saw the virtues of Cai and did not even know what to say.

“Cai, where have you been?”

“Ki ki… I went to the spirit fountain. We’re leaving but there’s some fire essence left… I can’t let it go to waste,” Cai said while chewing on the spirit stones. His answer might be vague but it was clear and straightforward.

“Don’t tell me you summon some attendants to collect fire essence for you?”

“Oh… yes, one net was enough and none was left over,” Cai swallowed the spirit stones and said proudly.

“What about the fire essence then?” Just as he asked the question, he already knew what the answer would be.

“It’s all in my stomach now,” Cai waved his wings and patted his own round belly.

Shi Mu listened and could not help but laugh bitterly.

Seeing this, the Ma siblings could not help laughing as well.

“Right. For you to come here must’ve been something important. What’s the matter then?” Shi Mu looked at Ma Long and asked.

“Remember that at the end of the ten-year championship, brother Shi Mu promised that if I ever need any help, I can come to you?” Ma Long said.

“I did say that. What’s wrong? What help do you need from me?”

Ma Long did not reply immediately. After a long while, she finally took a deep breath to loosen up.

“I want to ask for brother Shi Mu’s permission to purchase Cai. We’re willing to pay, no matter the cost.”

“Cai is not some item for me to let you purchase. I’m afraid I can’t let you do so,” Shi Mu said in a somewhat unpleasant tone.

Cai too was shocked and waved his wings quickly, landing right back on Shi Mu’s shoulder.

“I know I’m extraordinary and you admire me, but I already have an owner and his name is Shi Mu. I won’t go with you!”

“Shi Brother, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean that. Fine then, I’ll show you something,” Ma Long quickly said, seeing how upset Shi Mu was.

Just as quick, Ma Long took out a palm-sized red cobblestone from her storage ring and handed it over to Shi Mu to take a closer look at it.

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“What’s this?” Shi Mu’s brows wrinkled as he asked.

“This is a red stone containing the blood of the sacred birds of my family.”

Just as she explained, her palm began to glow in red.

A drop of blood dripped onto the red stone.

The stone in Ma Long’s hand glowed with a huffing sound as a large flame ignited. It was like a fire curtain suspended in the air.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed. Within the red fire curtain, there was a huge bird shadow and a loud tweet was heard in the sky.

He quickly glanced back and forth at Cai who was on his shoulder.

From this point of view, he discovered that the ghost of the bird in the flame was very similar to Cai. However, it was a dozen times larger than Cai.

The momentum displayed by the illusion was completely incomparable to Cai.

“This is…” Shi Mu murmured.

“This is the sacred poem that has been enshrined in my family for generations. Cai is very likely to be the descendant of the sacred bird of my family.”

Shi Mu looked back and forth in disbelief between the shadow and Cai. He could not believe he could be somewhat related to this sacred bird.

He suddenly noticed that the usually hyperactive Cai was sitting still on his shoulder, concentrating on the shadow of the bird in the flame.