Chapter 565 - Streak Of Victory

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Chapter 565: Streak Of Victory

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Shi Mu had already completed his Secret Totem Technique. A golden horn appeared on his forehead that glared with golden light. In between preparing another technique, a violent aura spread around him. Such qi fluctuation was equal to a warrior in the early stages of Heaven rank.

“It turned out to be the Ancient Barbarian Totem Technique. No wonder…” Xu Yuan said as he narrowed his eyes.

The large man’s expression turned cloudy and full of uncertainty.

Lu Qing now realized how far ahead Shi Mu was compared to him. Shi Mu had not shown his real strength when they fought earlier.

Seeing this, the expression of the Sun-ranked sorcerer darkened. He quickly performed his technique and the three flaming beasts charged toward Shi Mu followed by a scorching heatwave.

At that moment, Shi Mu made his move.

He brandished the black staff and several shadows once again appeared around him. Together, they began to form a white airflow with their staves.

“Shock of A Hundred Beasts!”

The white airflow transformed into countless giant beasts such as elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, and clams. They rushed toward the huge flaming beasts of the Sun-ranked sorcerer without hesitation.

The three-headed fire beasts seemed to possess some spiritual sensitivity. Sensing the attack, they showed a hint of hesitation before letting out a roar as they charged toward the torrent of beasts head on.

The two sides collided with each other. The three flaming beasts spurted balls of flames from their mouths while the torrent of wild beasts tore into the flaming beasts with their claws.

However, the torrent of beasts had the advantage in numbers and soon overwhelmed the three flaming beasts.

In just a span of two to three breaths, the three flaming beasts were torn apart.

The torrent of giant beasts was like a raging wave as they continued rushing toward the Sun-ranked sorcerer.

The void between the two was filled with white fluctuation. A deafening roar shook the ground!

The young man’s face changed dramatically. He quickly waved both hands and muttered a spell under his breath.

The red light flashed between his hands and another red ring emerged. It turned into a huge reddish-white fireball and flew forward. The surrounding temperature increased and the heatwave distorted the void.

In the process of launching the technique, the fireball rose up like a storm, and the qi of the Sun-ranked sorcerer had weakened rapidly as well.

The fireball rolled over and turned into a large flaming figure holding a flaming scepter with a crown over its head. This figure appeared to be the emperor who controlled all fire powers.

The Flames of Nirvana!

This is the strongest fire-attribute technique that the Sun-ranked sorcerer had.

The huge figure waved the scepter in his hand and created a sea of fire. Countless flaming tongues appeared in the ground and swallowed the torrent of giant beasts deep.

The two sides collided fiercely. The flames were followed by a series of thunderous screams.

The torrent of white beasts was blocked by the firewall, making it impossible for them to take a step further.

Seeing this, the Sun-ranked sorcerer was overjoyed.

Shi Mu’s eyes flickered as he slammed the steel staff in his hand onto the ground.

Countless behemoth plunged over the wall of flames as their bodies suddenly shrank, turning into a white ball before exploding.

The wall of the flames trembled and the spots that were blown up dimmed slightly.

Even more white behemoths followed up and turned into white balls before exploding.

Under the repeated explosions, the wall of flames began to vibrate and crack under the constant pressure.

The Sun-ranked warrior cursed silently and began to take whatever action he could. As the wall of flames swayed, Shi Mu suddenly appeared and charged at the wall of flames. With the black staff in his hands emitting a piercing black light, it suddenly increased in size and slammed against the wall of flames.

With just a smash, the once invincible wall immediately collapsed!

Wall of flames burst, turning into a flaming rain.

Shi Mu did not stop at all. With the huge fiery wings behind him, he appeared like a ghost within the ground, charging at the flaming figure.

He suddenly swayed and several illusions appeared. Every single one of them had a staff in their hands.

With all the staves charging in the same direction, it landed on the flaming figure with lightning speed.

The flames rolled violently as fireballs danced in its hands. The red flames that were grounded in the sky rushed around. It began to burst when they passed each other, but the black staff was able to resist all of it. Popping sounds could be heard as each attack was launched.

The gold horn on Shi Mu’s forehead released a bright golden light, the thickness of a thumb. The light shot out of the horn and sliced through the sky, penetrating the forehead of the flaming figure.

The move was so fast that even the Sun-ranked warrior was unable to react. In just the blink of an eye, a hole could be seen in the middle of the flaming figure’s forehead.

The young man screamed as he witnessed the body of the flaming figure burst open.

However, at the last moment before it burst, he waved the flaming scepter in his hand, creating a red meteor that shot toward Shi Mu as a parting gift.

Shi Mu was also surprised, but with a wave of the steel staff, he was able to block at least a little of the red meteor.

Shi Mu’s body was wrapped up in a group of fire and flew out, landing heavily on the ground.

He rolled over and stood up on his feet. Though the golden scales covering his body were cracked and blackened from the flaming attack, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding, he was still able to resist.

“How dare you destroy the Flames of Nirvana!”

The calm face of the youth was instantly replaced with madness.

He took a deep breath and began to chant a spell. The shadow of the sun behind him suddenly split and half of it flew out.

Those who were watching the battle were stunned with worry.

“Brother, don’t!” the huge man screamed.

The Sun-ranked sorcerer seemed oblivious to the warnings and continued chanting. A white phantom appeared within a ray of white flame. The flame radiated a horrible aura. Wherever it passed, the void would be distorted and trembled under the pressure.

The wheel emitting white light quickly rose and widened. In the blink of an eye, it changed from the original size to a few feet. The meteor caught up with Shi Mu and fell backward.

Shi Mu’s expression changed greatly as the white wheel emitted a sense of power that made one feel like they were being suffocated. If he was hit, he would be seriously injured or even dead, regardless of how strong his physical strength and body were.

The yang power in his left hand suddenly seemed to move and flew out on its own. His eyes flashed as his thoughts turned sharp. He let out a low sigh as the red light surrounding his body condensed into the Crimson Ape Energy Construct.

The energy construct opened up its mouth and spewed primordial inferno, creating an explosion from the impact

The sound was followed by a glaring white light comparable to the sun. It drowned Shi Mu’s figure as countless flames stirred in the canyon.

The three men hurriedly covered their eyes with their hands. After a few breaths, the glare of white light gradually dissipated.

In the air, the youth’s face was pale as his body crumbled while looking in the direction where Shi Mu stood.

Both the huge man and Lu Qing looked over.

As the white light dissipated, Shi Mu was revealed standing on the same spot. However, his Crimson Ape Energy Construct had disappeared.

In addition, he looked unharmed. Not only that, but his face was ruddy compared to before.

Both Lu Qing and the huge man were shocked.

Seeing this, the Sun-ranked sorcerer looked not just furious but incredulous.

“How is this possible?!”

Xu Yuan’s brows wrinkled as his sight turned to Shi Mu’s left hand.

Shi Mu’s left hand seemed to be flashing with white light, but it disappeared in an instant. He was unable to decide if he saw what he thought he saw or it was merely just a trick of his eyes.

Shi Mu’s wings had increased in size as well. With just a flap, he suddenly disappeared from sight.

The next moment, he appeared behind the youth and shot out his arm with the Wishful Steel Staff in his hands.

The youth desperately wanted to dodge but it was difficult for him to even stand at this point. His face flushed with horror as the Wishful Steel Staff was less than three inches in front of his throat before stopping.

The youth had no choice but to surrender.

“You finally give up. It’s about time.”

Shi Mu smiled then retracted his right hand along with the staff. The flaming wings on his back had dissipated as well.

After the youth calmed down, he took a deep breath and asked “Tell me, how did you resist my Blazing Wheel of Light technique?”

“My apologies, I have no answer to your question.”

Shi Mu shook his head as he retracted his left hand back into his sleeve.

The yang force in his left arm was surging and he had secretly used the first phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art to his advantage. He originally only intended to resist the white light but he accidentally came into contact with it. Once his arm swallowed up the power of the sun, it was simply too much to keep under control.

The youth looked at Shi Mu with sadness. After a moment, he let out a sigh and sat on his knees on the side.

The secret technique that he just showed was costly. If he did not recover from his injury as soon as possible, he might even fall from his current cultivation as it used up too much of his physical strength and inner qi.

“For the second match, Shi Mu wins once again,” Xu Yuan looked over and announced with a blank expression.

Shi Mu did not hesitate and collected the cyan jade plates right in front of Xu Yuan. As he turned around, he unleashed his black staff once more and pointed the tip at the remaining man. It was none other than the huge man in the gray robe.

The man was shocked, and his muscles seemed to contract out of worry and fear.

“Brother Shi Mu, you already fought two battles in a row. If I were to fight right now, I would definitely win since you’ve used up so much of your strength and qi. Perhaps we should reschedule our fight for another day?” the large man suggested.

“If you don’t want to fight, then you have to admit you defeat and hand me your spirit waterfalls,” Shi Mu said loudly, not letting him back out.

“Liao Shan, this battle only happened due to the agreement of the three of you. Shi Mu lived up to the side of his bargain so it’s only fair if you live up to yours,” Xu Yuan said.

The large man named Liao Shan’s face darkened. He bit on his lips hard and finally waved a cyan jade plate and placed it on the big stone.

“Alright then. I, Liao Shan, will bet on six inferior spirit waterfalls that are under my name!”

Shi Mu smiled slightly as he took out a piece of cyan jade and threw it onto the stone. It was the piece that he had obtained from Lu Qing.

Lu Qing looked at the cyan jade plate and could not help but twitch with annoyance.