Chapter 566 - Knocking On Mountains

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Chapter 566: Knocking On Mountains

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Liao Shan’s hands shook as the golden light flashed in his hands. Two golden gourd sledgehammers materialized out of thin air, and the center of his palms dripped and shined before bursting into rays of golden light.

Shi Mu saw this and pointed the tip of his staff in a battle stance.

Lio Shan roared as he took a step forward.

From the two gourd sledgehammers overlapping in front of the wave, two full huge gold hammer shadows suddenly screamed and rushed toward Shi Mu.

Shi Mu did not avoid it but instead took a step forward. He went straight down from the air brandishing his staff, charging straight at the gold hammers.

The Wishful Steel Staff brought out a huge black shadowy staff, and the mountain fell under the pressure. The golden lights collided with each other. This was none other than the Art of Under Mount Tai!

Both a golden and black halo floated in the air before collapsing.

With a twist of the void behind him, Shi Mu summoned the Crimson Ape Energy Construct to his command. It screamed in fury at the sky as the flames in its hand-brewed violently and slammed toward the huge man.

The giant flaming staff vibrated in mid-air and a series of reddish staves spilled out to form a huge piece in mid-air. From afar, it looked like a sea of fire pouring out of the sky.

The two gold hammers in Liao Shan’s hands suddenly slammed into each other with a metallic clanging that spread in every direction.

The densely packed gravel around it seemed to be pulled down by the force. It suddenly flew from the surroundings and condensed into a black boulder at the top of the mountain. It floated out of the air and blocked some of the fiery rain. However, nothing came in contact with his body.

The light surrounding Liao Shan’s body once again flourished as a shadow of a strong man who was more than a hundred feet suddenly emerged.

The huge man was covered in an energy construct whereas his lower body was covered in armor. He wore an ancient helmet of sorts that hid his face. Only two thick fangs were visible, and he had two huge gourd hammers held in his hands.

Seeing the strong man’s arm move, the two giant hammers smashed against the flaming staff in the hands of the Crimson Ape Energy Construct.

Shi Mu was pushed back a few steps by the force, along with the Crimson Ape Energy Construct.

Liao Shan could taste his own bile. The black boulders above him turned golden-yellow, appearing from afar like huge pieces of gold.

The golden boulder whizzed and flew over Liao Shan’s Energy Construct.

Suddenly, there was a strange occurrence!

Gravel flew up in every direction, and all of it was dyed a golden color. It flew out and stuck on the surface of Liao Shan’s energy construct, gradually making it solid.

The already huge energy construct suddenly expanded several times in size. In just a moment, it had become a golden mountain, standing between the canyon.

The gourd sledgehammer in Liao Shan’s hand waved forward, like a man as huge and strong as his energy construct. With his movements, he waved a huge copper hammer wrapped with countless golden stones and came after Shi Mu who was trying to stabilize himself in midair.

Shi Mu’s eyes narrowed and the black long staff in his hand turned simultaneously. The white airflow whistled out and turned into a huge tornado in mid-air as it went straight toward the gold hammer.

The huge tornado and the large gold hammer were connected and only blocked for a while before collapsing.

Shi Mu twirled around his black longstaff while the Crimson Ape Energy Construct similarly spun its flaming staff.

The ape was almost ten times smaller than the huge man’s energy construct but its momentum was not at all weaker.

There was a red fluctuation in the air from which the sound of tigers was audible.

“Art of The Tiger Paw!”

Shi Mu used his staff to summon dozens of tigers and rhinos that rushed toward the giant hammer.

As numerous reddish tigers and rhinos collapsed and disappeared, the huge gold hammer was finally beaten back.

Liao Shan’s hands flashed with bright light. The two gold hammers retracted but he had his body down in a strange crouching position.

The energy construct behind him followed and crouched on the floor as well. Its two tusks that were covered in golden rocks. It looked like a fierce behemoth wearing gold armor.

The fierce beast roared and the golden light of the whole body suddenly became a masterpiece. There was a burst of strong spiritual fluctuations almost visible to the naked eye swaying in the surrounding air. It roared in the open sky before charging right at Shi Mu.

For a time, the entire canyon ground rumbled.

Not far away, Lu Qing shouted with excitement.

“Liao Shan’s Primordial Golden Stone was a success. At this rate, Shi Mu will be defeated!”

Blazing white lightning flashed in the sky and the three men watching the fight quickly looked up.

Shi Mu stood proudly in midair, brandishing his Wishful Steel Staff. It left a dazzling afterimage that gathered numerous white airflows around him.

Behind him, the Crimson Ape Energy Construct followed his pace as it waved a huge flaming staff in the air.

Soon, half of the sky was lit up with red.

The red shadow of the staff had merged with the white airflow, forming a huge red serpent tornado that was connected to the earth and sky.

Shi Mu’s body was now surrounded by flames like an ancient demon god. He stood in the reddish serpent tornado with the Wishful Steel Staff waving in his hand as he stirred the aura of the heavens and earth with such chaos.

The sky was turbulent and the boulder above the ground oscillated.

The longstaff in Shi Mu’s hand pointed skyward and the reddish serpent tornado collapsed, sweeping away in all directions.

“To Heaven And Earth!”

There was a sudden break in the surging clouds and white lightning. The land that was already broken from the previous fights once again shook violently as countless black flames rushed out of it.

Lu Qing and the Sun-ranked warlock were dumbfounded. Even Xu Yuan was shocked.

Hundreds of white lightning bolts fell from the sky and landed on the black earth, entangling with each other.

The golden behemoth seemed to be completely disregarded. With its four hooves, it rushed in without any hesitation.

The sound of agonizing screams could be heard. Among the thunder and lightning jungles, white smoke bursts, hundreds of pieces of gravel continued to smash in all directions.

The thunder continued to land as the fire rose.

The rocks on the surface of the golden behemoth had gradually fallen off, revealing a dimly lit phantom. It seemed somewhat dilapidated but it eventually rushed out.

Shi Mu’s face changed slightly. With the Crimson Ape Energy Construct following his every move, the flaming red staff in his hands slammed out toward the skull of the giant beast.

With a fierce crash, Shi Mu’s body flew out like a broken kite. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

His figure fell nearly a hundred feet and hit a cliff beside the spirit waterfall.

It was another loud noise. When Shi Mu hit the cliff, countless rocks fell and buried him under the rubble.

The golden behemoth also seemed to be out of strength and fell to the ground.

Lu Qing noticed and showed some excitement.

Xu Yuan was the only one who looked indifferent. He stared at the pile of stones that buried Shi Mu.

Just then, there was a sudden movement in the rock pile.

The stones rolled down and a red-figure rose to the sky.

It was none other than Shi Mu. His clothes were a bit torn and there was a line of fresh blood in the corner of his mouth.

With a movement, the black staff in his hands crisscrossed with each other, creating blurry afterimages.

The black and white light drowned his body, making him look like a blazing light.

“Art Of The Vanishing Gods!”

A huge black and white stick shadow appeared in the air and slammed into the golden behemoth on the ground.

The black and white light shrouded and the golden behemoth screamed as it could not help but float up high in the air.

It felt a huge force squeezing from all directions. It felt like it was being ground back and forth.

Just listening to the sound of the friction in the air, the rocks on the golden behemoth had been gradually stripped off and fell to the ground.

A mournful sigh sounded in the air as the countless pieces of rock collapsed and turned into powder.

Liao Shan fell down from the air before fainting. His body was bruised and bloody.

Shi Mu wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth as he floated down to the ground in front of Xu Yuan. His face was pale and it was obvious he had exhausted all of his inner qi.

Xu Yuan’s looked into Shi Mu’s eyes in a complicated way as he placed two pieces of cyan jade plates in his hands.

“You’re not bad. If I’m not mistaken, you relied on the Eighteen Staves Through Heaven throughout all three battles but there seemed to be some differences.”

“Brother Xu is sharp. I only made some slight improvement in this staff method, “Shi Mu replied.

“It turns out that way,” Xu Yuan nodded slightly.

“Thank you for your hard work today. I shall take my leave now.”

Shi Mu left as soon as he stored the plates safely. He did not even bother to look at the three men when he left.

He had no intention to be arrogant once he had advanced into the second floor. Since someone came forward and bet their waterfalls for a challenge, it was only natural he would not take things lightly.

This was good, to some degree. By showing how capable he was, the older disciples who initially harbored ill intentions toward him would be tempted to retreat and train more before making another move.