Chapter 571 - Chaotic Powers of Ying and Yang

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Chapter 571: Chaotic Powers of Ying and Yang

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Seeing the black and white light in a constant cycle of rotation, Shi Mu’s eyes flashed brightly. His heart felt a sudden sense of openness.

“The right hand is of yang energy and the left hand is of yin energy. Together, the power would reconcile with each other.”

The key to the third phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art was to combine the power of the yin and yang.

It did not mean that the power of the yin and yang would be separated into half but would reach a stable balance.

The power of the yin and yang met in the middle. A forced merge would not work. However, if one were to let it go, it would guide their ways in order to blend and transform each other to achieve a dynamic delicate balance. The connection had to be sincere.

Once he was able to get through the general rules, Shi Mu was still unable to merge the power of the yin and yang, which swept away any feelings of excitement he had.

The two black and white fish were still circling above his head.

Shi Mu closed his eyes as both his hands split up in white and black light. It followed closed by, chasing behind each other.

After the two fish turned around, the black and white light on Shi Mu’s body rotated and turned into a chaotic mist.

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Then, as the two fish continued to turn around, there was a new black and white ray of light, which was separated from the left and right hands of Shi Mu, It continued to swim along into his body.

With the constant force of the power of the sun and the power of the yin, Shi Mu could clearly felt that he was becoming stronger by the minute. The left and right hands exuded a feeling of blazing heat, making him felt so much stronger.

Shi Mu slightly relaxed as the black and white brocade on his head suddenly trembled, immediately subsided.

He let out a jump and quickly converged his mind. He continued concentrating on separating the power of the yin and yang, allowing him to move around with the guidance of black and white fish.

Time flew, and in just the blink of an eye, three springs and autumn seasons had gone by.

In Shi Mu’s residence, several attendants surrounded a fat middle-aged man wearing a black cap. Their faces showed they were uneasy.

“Qi Feng, young master hasn’t been home for almost three years now, and master Cai is nowhere to be seen. We can’t sit still without knowing what happened to them. Do you know where young master went?” one of the attendants asked.

Qi Feng unnaturally adjusted the small round cap on his head with some dissatisfaction.

“It’s only natural that young master is out training. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. What’s the big surprise?”

“Back then, Master Cai remained to help sort out the affairs of the residence. Now Master Cai is no longer here, and we’re newcomers to this land. What if…”

Before the attendant could even finish his sentence, Qi Feng cut him off with a wave of his hands.

“A few days ago, the young master sent a letter asking me about the harvest of spirit waterfall. All you need to do now is complete your task without any hesitation. If it’s not done, you’ll have to reason with young master yourself!” Qi Feng raised his voice with an irritated look.

“Young master sent a letter? That’s good then. In that case, I can now carry out my task without any worries.”

A few attendants expressed happiness at the news.

After everyone left, Qi Feng’s face darkened as he turned his worried eyes to another spot.

On the second floor of the Holy Land, in a remote valley, a huge waterfall suddenly burst with a huge splash.

A strong figure flew out of it with a pair of flaming wings at his back. This person was none other than Shi Mu.

He had a blue robe on, and his two large sleeves were rolled up high. He looked at his hands and was full of joy.

He saw that his left hand exuded a ray of dazzling white light, while his right hand emitted black light. It looked crystal clear.

When he pressed his hands together, it made a cracking sound.

There was a very complicated rune on both his arms, like two fish swimming together in a whirlpool.

The runes on his left hand were dark while the rune on his right hand was white. It was a combination of the yin and yang power.

After three years of cultivation, he made a slight improvement in the third phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art.

At the moment, the qi was rich and it slowly rotated in a certain direction.

Shi Mu’s heart was moved and the complex runes on both of his arms suddenly lit up. The black and white light passed along his arms toward his shoulders.

His flaming red wings were suddenly covered in black and white light. The red flames changed color, the left wing became white and the right wing dark. There was even a faint chaotic fog surrounding him.

Shi Mu turned around and his wings suddenly waved.

In midair, there was a continuous afterimage. Almost in a second, his figure had appeared in a few miles.

Shi Mu hung in midair as he looked back at the position where he stood previously. The original spirit waterfall had now turned into a small point and he could not contain his happiness.

His current speed had far surpassed the strength of his previous flaming wings. At this point, no one would be able to catch up with him easily.

He could still cover the power of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art using the power of the yang energy. However, he was worried that this would be recognized by people who were familiar with this mysterious technique.

Even so, it was always better to be safe than sorry.

As soon as he saw this, his body turned and the black and white wings behind his back continued to dance. He quickly flew toward the blank area displayed on the map.

About a quarter of an hour later, Shi Mu’s speed had reduced greatly. The flaming wings had reverted back to red light as he gradually fell from the sky.

Although the speed of his black and white fire wings was amazing, it was extremely infuriating. It was only due to the dogged spirit of Shi Mu that he was able to support them.

After he landed on an uninhabited mountain peak, he kneeled and turned his wrist as he unleashed a spirit stone to absorb it.

After closing his eyes and adjusted himself, the tiredness on his face had swept away and renewed his spirits.

Shi Mu pointed a little before his entire body flew up into the sky as he was held up by a cloud of air.

It was seen that a flash of light flashed in his eyes. With both hands, the black and white light on the two of his arms continued to shine from the palm of his hand. It gathered in the middle into a chaotic fog, alternating the colors.

Shi Mu clenched his fist with one hand and held the mist tightly, then took a step forward as one of his arms swung forth. The chaotic mist suddenly flew out from the top of his fist.

As soon as the chaotic fog was out of his control, he immediately swung up and turned into a black and white foggy ball in the middle of the air. It was like a ball of electricity in the middle of the mountain.

Shi Mu looked as the black and white fog ball danced out in the sky. His body shook and almost fell from the air.

With a single blow, he felt that the real qi within his body had been exhausted as all the powers had transformed into the power of yin and yang. Both of his arms converged before returning to their original color.

A chaotic mist slowly flowed out of his body, and his feeling from lack of qi was alleviated.

He immediately took out two recovery herbs but his eyes were fixed on the black and white fog in front of him.

As the black and white foggy ball fluttered in the air, there was no sound at all. Not even a bit of the real qi leaked out. It looked plain and unpretentious, faster but with no lethality.

Shi Mu knew that it was due to the black and white fog ball, the force of the yin and yang energy balanced each other out. Naturally, there would not be any leakage of power.

His hands pointed at the mountain in the distance and his heart moved.

The black and white misty ball suddenly broke into the mountainside and exploded. Countless trees flew out of the rock and the whole mountain was shocked.

In the place where the fog ball broke out, smoke and dust filled up as it formed into a group of fast-moving chaotic vortices. Countless broken trees and rolling rocks fell into the vortex and were ground into powder.

There was a loud bang on top of the mountain, and the large tracts of mountains collapsed toward the vortex.

Not only that, but the rock that collapsed also seemed to be pulled by a force, flying toward the vortex.

The chaotic fog seemed to have a mouth of its own, opening a black hole as it constantly plunged into the mountains and rocks.

The nearby area was covered with dust and debris. It was as if looking at the end of the world.

After a while, the dust too was swallowed up, and the scene was restored.

Shi Mu looked around in surprise, unable to say a word.

The original mountain peak that was a hundred feet high had suddenly disappeared. Only a large deep hollow was in its place. This would have shocked anyone who was present.

Shi Mu was somewhat fortunate. He was trying to test out the power of the yin and yang with the whirlpool of chaos. Otherwise, such a big movement would have been discovered.

This was the case and he did not dare to wait for more. His red flaming wings ignited. As soon as his wings began flapping, he immediately charged toward the direction of the chaotic whirlpool.

After a while, he returned to the cave behind the huge spirit waterfall. He sat in the lotus position while holding a spirit stone in his hands to restore his Real Qi.

After half a day, he leisurely opened his eyes as his face flashed in red. The Real Qi within his body had been fully restored.

Shi Mu did not stand up immediately. Instead, he used the Art of Breeding a Strong Evil Ape, emitting a strong red aura around him.

The red light was not so bright and glaring but rather it was gentle, giving off a feeling of perfection.

For the past three years, in addition to training the third phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art, he had never stopped in his cultivation of the Art of Breeding a Strong Evil Ape. Now that the twelfth phase had already been reached, his cultivation was not far from entering into Heaven rank.

Shi Mu nodded secretly as he was quite satisfied with the speed of his progress.