Chapter 572 - A Spiritual Change

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Chapter 572: A Spiritual Change

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Shi Mu quickly stopped performing the Crimson Ape Energy Construct and the red light on his body gradually disappeared. After a while, both of his arms glowed in black and white light, spreading toward his entire body. As soon as it met near his chest, the black and white light began to blend together.

After a long while, the black and white rays had each faded.

Shi Mu’s face flashed a hint of indulgence. He could faintly feel that the Art of the Vanishing Gods taught by the white ape ancestor seemed to have some sort of connection with the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art.

But then, he sighed with some regret.

Although the chaotic power of the yin and yang was strong, he had only been cultivating the improved version of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art. It was somewhat different from the ones that Zhao Ji and the others practiced.

Based on his final analysis, it was likely due to their bloodline.

In the years since he entered into the Holy Land, he would find the time to head over to the Holy Spirit Pavilion to get additional information regarding the Heaven-rank beast in the Star Field Dimension. He would take the opportunity to research his bloodline as well, but sadly, he gained nothing.

He shook his head and threw away the thoughts from his mind as he got up and walked out of the cave.

It had been three years since he left his residence. It was time for him to head back.

A moment later, a red light flashed out of the waterfall as it turned slightly in the air and flew off.

Outside the spirit territory of Shi Mu’s residence, a red ray of light flew from a distance and fell onto the entrance. The flames of red light converged and Shi Mu’s figure emerged from within.

“Welcome home, young master!”

At the entrance, two attendants who were present stepped forward and bowed as soon as they saw Shi Mu.

Shi Mu looked at them but said nothing. The attendants estimated that Qi Feng knew that he would be out, so he arranged for the both of them to stand guard and wait for Shi Mu’s return.

“Tell Qi Feng to come to see me,” he said faintly before stepping inside.

Shi Mu sat in the main hall. His face was a little dull, and his brows were slightly wrinkled.

On the way back, he realized that the second floor of the Holy Land seemed to be slightly different than before. From time to time, several twilights would be flying through the air, heading toward the Xuanling Tower, something that never happened before.

After all, in addition to some routine tasks, the second-generation millennial disciples were mostly in their own spaces, doing their best in their training, so they barely head out on such a large scale.

After a while, Qi Feng came in.

“I’m here at your service, young master,” Qi Feng said and took a bow.

“No need for formalities,” Shi Mu said faintly as he looked at Qi Feng from head to toe.

“You’ve made good progress. It’s only been three years yet you broke into the Xiantian level. That’s groundbreaking.”

Qi Feng’s face was filled with joy.

“It was all thanks to the young master that I was able to achieve what I have today. The Heaven and Earth Qi is rich here. If it weren’t for that, making such a breakthrough would take more time.”

“It’s a good thing to train for self-improvement. However, you not only need to prepare for the harvest of medicinal herbs but deal with the profits and revenue of the residence as well. It’s alright for you to use some of the profit to purchase some spirit stones to help in your cultivation. The faster you progress, the better. I’ll still need you to deal with the affairs here as I head out on for training.”

“Thank you for your kindness, young master,” Qi Feng was overjoyed and quickly kneeled in respect and gratitude.

“There’s no need. You’ve done your absolute best for me so it’s only natural that I do the same for you.”

Shi Mu waved his sleeve as a gust of wind floated out, holding Qi Feng up from kneeling.

“Rest assured young master, the affair of the residence would be executed with perfections.” Qi Feng quickly said.

“I called you here today to ask about some issues..” Shi Mu nodded then said he saw something strange on his way back to the Holy Land of Qinglan.

“Our subordinates also investigated this issue. During the time when the young master was out on a retreat, the higher-ups had sent countless millennium disciples out on a special mission. The specific task was unknown,” Qi Feng said.

Shi Mu sighed and nodded as he did not care much.

Qi Feng immediately reported to Shi Mu regarding the harvest in the spirit lands and field for the past three years.

The profit of the Xuanjie Region was far better than the Yellow Region. Together with the three spirit waterfall that Shi Mu gained from his gambling battle, the income of the spiritual land increased at an extraordinary rate.

Shi Mu made a huge profit from his previous gamble, and with the resources he gained from the white azure ape ancestor, he was rich. There was no need for him to be concerned about his income. He was so happy that he commanded Qi Feng to reward all his attendants before allowing him to take his leave.

Shi Mu walked to the secret chamber and kneeled down.

There was a slight success in his cultivation of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art. If he wished to go further, it would undoubtedly take decades of hard work. The most urgent task at hand now was to reach Heaven rank.

He also came to a better understanding from his times when he was still in Earth rank.

Shi Mu closed his eyes and ignited his spirit sense. The vortex condensed and was now spherical.

In order to advance to Heaven rank, the inner qi of one’s spirit knowledge would have to undergo earth-shaking changes. The liquid qi would have to be condensed into a solid pill.

Due to his increase in spiritual knowledge, it was known as Heavenly Golden Rank in the Star Field Dimension.

However, before the actual advancement to Heavenly Golden Rank, it was necessary to train to a high level of perfection. This extent was known as the “False Heaven Rank”.

Shi Mu’s current level was of False Heaven Rank and there were still a few steps to go.

He thought for a moment and decided to retreat once more and try it again.

Shi Mu waved a few rays of light and the residence shined with light that enveloped the cave residence.

He turned over and took out a Yang Zhi pill as he closed his eyes to meditate, and his body glowed red.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed by. In the secret chamber, Shi Mu finally opened his eyes as a red light surrounded him, forming a perfectly spherical ball.

He furrowed his brow and sighed.

After three months of hard work, it was a bitter ending, as he still had not reached the peak of False Heaven cultivation. He always remained a slight step away.

“It seems that the False Heaven wasn’t a success. According to the words of the Art of Breeding a Strong Evil Ape, I should look for the Millennium Burning ginseng,” Shi Mu muttered to himself.

This was mentioned at the end of the Art of Breeding a Strong Evil Ape. The method was to use a rare fire ginseng to formulate a kind of spiritual liquid. It would take seven days with the help of the ginseng to succeed.

Shi Mu originally did not intend to use this method, and wanted to rely solely on his hard work. However, it seemed that he had underestimated the False Heaven rank.

He thought about it for a while before suddenly standing up and walking outside.

After a while, a red twilight flew out of the spirit land toward the Xuanling Tower.

After half a day, a young man walked out of the Heavenly Pavilion. This young man was none other than Shi Mu.

He did not seem that well off.

The fat manager accompanied him out of the shop with an awkward smile.

“Sect fellow Shi, I’m very sorry but the Millennium Burning ginseng is a treasure that can’t be acquired that easily. It hasn’t been sold for nearly a hundred years now in the Heavenly Pavilion.”

Shi Mu was now a millennium disciple. It was only natural that the manager tried to sound more respectful.

“I’m aware that what I seek is out of the ordinary but since your items are widely distributed, please keep an eye out for it, and be sure to inform me,” Shi Mu said.

“Of course. I’ll immediately arrange for someone to look into it.”

“I apologize for the burden,” Shi Mu arched his hand and walked off.

When the fat manager saw Shi Mu walking away, he immediately went toward the store and rolled his hand, unleashing a white communication-like token.

Shi Mu pondered for a long time, considering whether he should head over to the Convention Pavilion and issue a mission to look for what he required since he possessed a hefty amount of spirit points.

“Hey, aren’t you brother Shi Mu? It’s been a long time.”

Shi Mu turned and looked around. A young man in a white robe was standing in front of the door of a shop door with a warm smile on his face. The man was the judge for his fights with Liao Shan and the others. It was none other than the millennium disciple Xu Yuan.

“Brother Xu Yuan, it’s been a while since I last saw you.”

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed as soon as he heard this.

“You’re amazing, brother Xu Yuan. For a millennium disciple to own several shops here is quite an achievement. What a promising future you have!”

“Don’t be so polite. I was only able to get to where I am due to the power my family holds in the Holy Land of Qinglan. Nothing impressive about that.”

The two laughed for a moment before Shi Mu shifted the topic to his purpose.

“Oh, what is it then?” Xu Yuan asked.

“I’m looking for Millennium Burning ginseng. The older, the better. I wonder if brother Xu Yuan could help me look for it?” Shi Mu looked at Xu Yuan with eyes full of eagerness.

“Millennium Burning ginseng!”

As soon as Xu Yuan heard Shi Mu’s inquiry, his expression changed slightly as he thought and thought.

“If brother Shi Mu is not in a hurry, please allow me some time to investigate at my shop.”

“No problem, brother Xu Yuan,” Shi Mu said as he followed Xu Yuan into the shop and sat down in the waiting quarters.

Xu Yuan arranged for an attendant to serve Shi Mu some spirit tea before he hurried out.

Shi Mu had no means or intention for tea time. After half an hour, Xu Yuan came in from the outside with a slightly apologetic smile.

Shi Mu’s heart sank and he sighed.

“I’m sorry. I investigated and couldn’t locate the whereabouts of the Millennium Burning ginseng. I asked my family as well and I was told that it’s no longer available,” Xu Yuan said.

“No matter. I’ve been looking for this particular item for a while now and was unable to find it. There’s no need to be sorry, brother Xu Yuan,” Shi Mu said, his face filled with disappointment.

“Don’t be discouraged, brother Shi Mu. I inquired of another millennium disciple and there are some unexpected gains,” Xu Yuan said with a turn.