Chapter 101 - Ramon (Two)

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Chapter 101: Ramon (Two)

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Wya stared at Putray in confusion, but the latter only furrowed his brows and made a gesture with his hand discreetly.

Ramon stared at the Prince of Constellation, as if he could not figure him out.

‘What is he doing?’

Thales rubbed his temple while he smiled and stared at Ramon.

He then slowly opened his mouth and spoke,

“Willow says you are from the capital. Eternal Star City, was it? I once flipped through the doctors’ name list in the Town Hall… but why have I never heard of your name?”

Putray furrowed his brows as he stood by the side. ‘Ever since the prince was recognized by the public, he had stayed in Mindis Hall all along. When did he ever go to the Town Hall?

‘And to flip through the name list of the doctors?

‘My god, the entire capital including the neighboring territories and the suburbs have more than hundreds of doctors with varying levels of skill and reputation!’

Ramon smiled awkwardly. “Oh, I only help and treat a handful of poor people and receive a scanty pay… so, I am probably not in the list…”

Thales frowned slightly and then immediately broke into a smile.

“Poor people, is that right?” the second prince replied bluntly, “Then I guess the place you are working in is probably Lower City District?”

He continued to stare at Ramon while he rubbed his finger against his temple.

Ramon nodded in a stiff manner. “Ah… yes… many poor people live there… I once went to the Lower City Second District to—”

The second prince did not let him continue. Thales exhaled lightly. “I have also heard that the place is Black Street Brotherhood’s territory?”

Without him realizing, Ramon stopped breathing.

“Even though it is inappropriate to talk about this in front of you… gang activities do indeed run rampant in Lower City District.” Ramon stared vigilantly at his surroundings, but he did not realize that he was already subconsciously replying to all of Thales’ questions.

Thales exercised his fingers gently and stared at Ramon with a gaze that could someone to feel uneasy. “Then do tell me—if the members of Black Street Brotherhood were injured or sick, would they also seek your treatment, dear Doctor Ramon?”

After he finished speaking, Thales put on a pure and genuine smile fitting of a seven-year-old boy as he stared straight at Ramon.

“How is it possible? We would not dare come into contact with those gang members.” Ramon awkwardly changed the topic. “Your Highness, pardon me for saying this, the condition of that man on the bed is not good… How about we—”

“Ah, is that so.” Thales suddenly put on a cheerful smile. “But, you do not think of it this way at the bottom of your heart.”

Ramon was momentarily stunned.

‘The bottom of my heart?’

Thales’ next words made Ramon widen his eyes.

“It seems like you have treated many members of the Brotherhood before.” Thales pressed one hand on his temple while he gestured with his other hand, making it appear as if he was trying his best to recall something.

“Hmm, a fellow who was holding a knife. Ah, that fellow looked like he was quite ruthless, but he just did not really like to speak… nonetheless, it was considered normal to have people like this in the gang…”

Ramon’s expression immediately became odd.

‘Holding a knife. Ruthless. Did not like to speak.’

A figure who matched the description appeared in his mind.

‘But how would that little sh*t know…’

Thales stared at him in glee.

“What is his name… Layork?

“It would seem like he came to you to treat his injuries frequently. Based on his appearance, was he perhaps, an assassin?

Ramon’s expression changed abruptly.

The silent assassin of the Brotherhood’s Thirteen Generals, who treated his enemies as relentlessly as he treated himself. Ramon had treated his scary wounds, which resulted from those intense battles many times.

‘But how does he know?’

Putray and the others were looking at each other in surprise by the side.

‘What is going on?’

“Let me see, a bedroom decorated in black, a still life painting of fruits, and a flower vase hanging above the fireplace…” Thales closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. It looked like he was trying his best to remember things.

“Ah, there is so much blood. A knife wound on the left shoulder… God, he was in so much pain, he almost crushed his teeth from clenching them. He was grabbing onto your collar tightly and muttering something about the ‘Venomous Sting’ and ‘Scorpion Whip’…

“Who is that weeping woman? She looked very beautiful… Her name is… Felicia?”

Ramon gritted his teeth.

‘Is he not a prince who has lived a privileged life?

‘How does he know about the time I treated Layork’s injuries a year ago?

‘Layork headed off to assassinate his target but he was ambushed by Blood Bottle Gang.

‘Is this information from the Secret Intelligence Department?

‘No. It is impossible…’ Ramon’s face became ashen while his heart froze. A thought flashed across his mind.

‘He even clearly knows about…

‘The details of the Black Street’s headquarters and Layork’s room…

‘Which I have almost forgotten.

‘And the weeping Felicia at the side…

“Do not stop, doctor.” Thales continued to rub his temple and opened his eyes. He was smiling when he said, “Do recall quickly, which member of the Brotherhood have you treated before? Were there any members who were of higher ranks? Quickly, try to remember them… Ah, that’s the spirit…”

‘Brotherhood. Higher ranks…

Ramon discovered that he was starting to tremble slightly.

“A fat person… What did you call him? Morris? Why did he always like to meet you at the back door of a pub? He brought along an ugly dog at first and he was always beaming. Was he very familiar with you?”

It was as if Ramon had suddenly fallen into an ice hole.

‘Morris of the Six Powerhouses?

‘My liaison regarding that matter was indeed Morris.

‘The secret meeting spot was at the back alley of Sunset Pub…

‘But how is this possible?

‘Morris would ensure the safety of the place every single time.


He did not want to think about that possibility.

Ramon tried his utmost to clear his thoughts. Yet he could not help but remember those things in his memory after listening to Thales’ words.

“Let us look at some pretty interesting memories…”


“Eh, this is a… person with a huge build?” Thales grinned while he slowly said, “He looks quite fierce and he is not really attractive. His temper is also pretty bad.

“He was actually injured at the groin. Poor thing… I am referring to you, doctor! You even had to treat his injuries!

“Oh, it was because his father was very fierce, right?”

Ramon put on an expression that revealed his utmost disbelief as he looked at the mysterious second prince.

‘He even knows about this?’

“Remember quickly, what was his name? Oh, Roda?”

Thales chuckled and said, “Is he considered the most troublesome patient you have ever encountered?

“Quide Roda?”

The confusion on Putray, Wya and the others’ faces became even deeper.

Ramon opened his mouth instinctively. His palms were already wet with sweat.

‘Quide? Roda’s son?

‘I was indeed the one who went to examine and treat his injuries.

‘But only the cadres of the Brotherhood’s top brass would know about this.

‘This was a top-secret matter.

‘How does the prince know about this?’

Ramon was stupefied while he stared at Thales.

Thales sighed and unfurled his right fist. He stared at Ramon and put on a cold smile.

“Do not be surprised, this is my psionic ability.

“Yes, Doctor Ramon.”

The next moment, Thales was smiling when he said a simple but effective sentence to the stunned Ramon.

“I can read minds.”

Ramon was dumbstruck. As he stared at Thales, his mind went blank.

Thales continued to smile brilliantly. “I can read all of thy thoughts.”

‘Read minds.’

Putray, along with Wya and Ralf, all had their mouths wide opened when they stared at the second prince in a daze.

On the other hand, Aida tightly furrowed her brows and stared at the back of Thales’ head.

‘Read minds?’

Ramon’s face reflected his internal struggles while his expression revealed his utmost disbelief.

‘Even in the Soul Tower’s notes… reading minds is the most untouchable field.

‘Yet, he is obviously only seven or eight years old, and he already has such…

The Brotherhood’s Strange Doctor shook his head instinctively.

Thales turned his head around and looked at Putray, Wya, Ralf and the other people in the barracks. Their expressions showed that they were in shock.

However, Aida, who was standing at the side crossed her arms over her chest and had a skeptical look on her face.

“Please keep this a secret on my behalf.” Thales showed them a brilliant smile. “He did not want anyone else to know when he trained me to use this power…

“But I trust all of you.”

“Trained… you?” Putray asked in disbelief, “Who?”

“Who else could it be?” Thales laughed cheerfully and turned his head around.

He looked at Ramon, whose face was filled with fear, and he said the name in a cheerful and relaxed manner, “Morat Hansen.”

Everyone in the room stared at Thales in dismay as if he was some sort of monster.

Ramon was even more dumbstruck when he looked at Thales.

He knew the meaning of this name.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Lance’s teacher.

Constellation’s nightmare over the past fifty years.

The viper in the dark night.

The Chief of the Secret Intelligence Department.

‘The new Prince of Constellation is the Black Prophet’s student?’

Of course, this was just a gamble in Thales’ heart. ‘Morat was even more skilled when he used this so-called “power”. After all, he could detect that the other person was lying to aid in his next line of questioning.’

But luckily, the bargaining chip he had in his hands was not too bad.

Everyone in the barracks came to a realization.

“But, you never said…” Putray furrowed his brows. “Who would have thought you would follow the Black Prophet…”

“Ah.” Thales sighed lightly. “You know, after all, a psionic ability like mine is far too rare.

“Let us get straight to the point.” Thales became the friendly seven-year-old boy once again. He rubbed his temples and smiled as he said, “Come, carefully think about your real identity, Doctor Ramon.

“You would not mind letting me know about it, correct?”

Ramon was trembling a little and staring blankly at the ground.

‘That will expose… will expose the Brotherhood… will expose that person…

‘I must not think of it.

‘I must not think of it!’

“Right, so this is your identity.” Thales rubbed his fingers against his temple and stared at the nervous, absent-minded Ramon. Thales then gave him a victorious smile. “No wonder I did not remember your name even after I read through the name list.”

Thales narrowed his eyes. “So, you are not only the secret back-alley doctor who provides medical treatment to those in the Brotherhood, you are also a member of the Black Street Brotherhood who is nicknamed the Strange Doctor…

“Corbb Srka Ramon.”

Ramon’s hands hung limp by his side, and he did not realize it.

‘My full name…’

Thales put down his finger and concluded.

‘I only know about this much,’ Thales secretly said to himself.

‘Hopefully this is useful enough.’

No attention would be given to a child-beggar, who had his life under his strict control. He had to beg persistently for ample food and means to live every day throughout the four years he lived in the Brotherhood.

Thus, Thales, who was once a child-beggar could always learn about many secrets in the Brotherhood without attracting much attention from other people.

For example, he could enter the dog hole with his weak, scrawny body and overhear the fight between Layork and Felicia’s fairies. Ahem, he was trying to discover secrets in their room, since Layork’s room was at the corner of the big house, which happened to also be the outermost room.

Of course, the thing he paid attention to the most was the Strange Doctor with his strange and unique features right before his eyes.

Strange Doctor Ramon.

He did not appear many times in the Brotherhood and he would also cover his head every time he appeared.

However, do not underestimate a child-beggar’s memory and ability to recognize people.

In order to survive, they had to recognize every pedestrian’s figure and posture to obtain a slight opportunity to continue living.

Which one of them was a poor man, which one of them was a rich person, which one of them was a laborer, which one of them lived a comfortable life, which one they could steal from, which one they could only beg from, which one was impossible to get near to… Not to mention, they were always ‘greeted warmly’ by the thugs… Also, which one was one of their own.

“You better get lost as far as you can when he appears, do you understand?” this was what Quide said when he grabbed a poor boy’s collar.

The Strange Doctor always appeared after something big happened in the Brotherhood. When he arrived, he smelled like medication, but when he left, he smelled like blood. It was obvious that he was treating those who were injured. There was a day when Thales went back late because he had just finished digging the secret tunnel. Thales lay on his stomach by the roadside and saw Layork being carried back. Thales saw the scary wound on his shoulder. It would not stop bleeding.

The figure who appeared after that was Ramon.

The child-beggar Thales remembered this figure ever since.

Thales, who was now a prince, could also remember this figure.

As for Quide, who was a heavy drinker—this name had now become a very distant memory, to the extent that Thales had almost forgotten about him—would go for ‘body checks’ regularly. However, he always had the unique medicinal smell of that Strange Doctor every time he returned.

Each time after Quide came back from his ‘checkup’, he would be enraged and drink excessively. When he was abusing and beating up the child-beggars, he would mention the Strange Doctor’s full name occasionally.

Thales buried the memories of the past deep within his brain.

It was such a shame that this mysterious ‘mind-reading’ was only useful on Ramon.

Ramon was drenched in cold sweat.

But then, he sighed in relief.

‘Fortunately, he has not declared my true identity….

‘That deadly secret…’

Thales observed Ramon’s expression and shook his head.

“It seems like your identity is not that simple?”

‘That is certain,’ Thales silently thought to himself, ‘I only know Ramon’s name and nickname. However, how can the identity of a fellow who enters and exits the Brotherhood and also one who meets up with the top brass frequently be some simple doctor?’

“Could it be that… you have other secrets?” he asked faintly.

Thales stared at him with a deep gaze. The seven-year-old boy slowly lifted his finger. “Come on, think carefully about it.”

Ramon started to tremble uncontrollably.

The scenario was somewhat strange.

An old man was shivering before a crazy boy.

‘Other… Secrets.

Ramon was alarmed and terrified when he yelled.

He did not dare look at Thales’ gaze and lowered his head in fear.

“Please… please, stop…

“Do not be too surprised, I have seen many people with expressions like yours.” Thales stretched his arms over his head.

Thales exercised his neck and whispered in satisfaction, “From criminals to the king.”

Ramon bit his lip in anguish.

Thales fixed his eyes on Ramon. “To be honest, I am the Prince of Constellation, the only heir of this country, but you are just a gangster.

“I am not interested in you at all.

“I also do not care about your secret.

“But when it comes to matters that involve me…”

He continued faintly, “So, before I tear your clumsy lies apart and dig out all your dirty little secrets from your brain… Doctor Ramon, do tell me why you insist on following us to the north?

“So that I do not have to dig some other boring facts from your brain again…”

‘And all those…


“I understand, Your Highness,” Ramon replied in anguish, “I will come clean with my aim…”

“Thank you for your cooperation. After all, it is not easy to use this mind-reading ability… I can only maintain it for a short period of time.” Thales sighed and put down his right hand. He smiled in a cunning manner and said, “I will have to wait until tomorrow before I can use it again.”

Ramon trembled slightly again.

“Oh, and also, you can begin with your treatment.” Thales pointed at Chora with a smile on his face. “We have already wasted quite some time.”

Ramon lowered his head dejectedly.

In contrast, the others were staring at their prince with different expressions on their faces.

It was as if they were meeting him for the first time.

“Blood Bottle Gang? Nikolay and Catherine?” Thales furrowed his brows.

Behind him, Ralf shuddered instinctively.

‘Big Sister?’

“Yes, I am hiding from them.” Ramon’s expression was profound and mysterious. He was holding a bottle of medicine, scissors and bandages while he was treating Chora’s injuries. He glanced at Thales every now and then with dread flashing in his eyes. “Of course, you have never heard of these people’s names…”

An idea then blossomed in Thales’ heart.

The big and burly Nikolay dressed in red and his fight with Istrone in Vine Manor appeared in his mind.

“I was chased by them for six or seven days and I just hid myself in the fortress… But it is only a matter of time before they discover my position. As long as they guard the outskirts, they will still be able to catch me in the end.

“Additionally, Eckstedt and Constellation are on the verge of war… If I run into any army from either side when I am alone in the field, the ending will not be any better than falling into Blood Bottle Gang’s hands…”

Thales muttered, “So, when we arrived here and searched for a doctor, you suddenly had a thought, and hoped to leave Broken Dragon Fortress with our protection? And you will leave after we arrive in Eckstedt?”

Ramon nodded bitterly.

‘This is very suspicious.’

Thales thought to himself.

‘Why would a secret doctor who sought a living in the capital come to the border of two countries?’

“There was a member who was injured at the border,” Ramon said quietly. He did not dare to even look at Thales. “I came over to treat him… but I was discovered by the Blood Bottle Gang.”

‘This is not right,’ Thales speculated in his heart. ‘Is a gang doctor only in charge of healing really so important to the extent that Blood Bottle Gang would dispatch their troops recklessly and pursue him vigorously for six or seven days consecutively?

‘There are some other secrets.

‘It is a shame that I have just told him that my “mind-reading ability” can only be used again tomorrow. Otherwise, I can still scare him.’

Thales nodded and said, “Continue with your treatment. Since you are so honest, maybe I will reconsider your request.”

Ramon nodded dejectedly.

Thales exhaled and leapt down from the chair, but he suddenly felt that his legs were numb.

Fortunately, he did not fall down thanks to Wya and Ralf’s support.

‘This is bad. I sat down too long, all for the sake of acting just now.’ Thales stood up strenuously.

Luckily, that fluctuation that appeared after he last ‘died’ automatically surged in his body again and eased his numbness.

‘Right.’ Thales hit his leg, feeling worried. ‘This fluctuation and strength are the source of troubles. Whenever I feel it, it strengthens my state in an instant, but it’s just to a small extent—just enough for me to cut a rope.

‘Also, what exactly is it?’ Thales thought worriedly.

‘The vision that seemed like some sort of thermal radiation detector seems like it is actually very cool…’

Thales thought about this matter while he directed the fluctuation to flow to the area around his eyes.

That special vision was once again activated.

He turned his head over and saw a bright light shining from the body of each person.

Aida had a glaring white light, Wya was radiating in a penetrating, grey light, Putray was covered in a gentle and mild purple light, whereas Ralf had a faint, green light on him that shone without end.

‘Are these different abilities? Signs of vitality? Or, the attributes of their energies?’

Thales curiously experimented with his vision.

He turned to look around the barracks.

The next moment, Thales was stunned.

With the vision provided by the fluctuations, he saw the most unbelievable scene.

Chora’s bright light was sometimes bright and sometimes dark, like a waning light that could extinguish at any moment.

Ramon did not have any glaring, bright light on him.

He was shining in flashes of a strange, dark-colored fluctuation that resonated with his surroundings.

Yet that was not what surprised Thales.

Ramon could be seen pressing lightly against Chora’s wound.

Rays of vibrating light particles slid through Chora’s wound and gathered in Ramon’s hands.

Those light particles permeated Chora’s scary, festering wounds one after another.

Every time some particles seeped through, the bright light on Chora’s body became slightly more stable and brighter.

Like a dying patient who was slowly recovering.

Thales stared at Ramon while he was in a daze.

Other people may not have been able to see this clearly due to the light.

But with the vision that was provided to him by the fluctuation, Thales was able to see clearly… that the Strange Doctor’s lips were visibly trembling while he remained in a dark corner of the barracks.

It seemed like his mouth was repeating something.

Those light particles that seeped through Chora’s body would rhythmically pass through Ramon’s hands and then return to his body to complete a cycle. During the whole entire time, Ramon chanted repeatedly in a rhythmic manner.

Thales furrowed his brows tightly together.

‘This is absolutely not medical expertise,’ he told himself with certainty.

‘Absolutely not.’