Chapter 102 - Eckstedt’s Welcoming Ceremony

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Chapter 102: Eckstedt’s Welcoming Ceremony

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Three days after the second prince arrived at the Broken Dragon Fortress.

“The envoy that was sent to Lampard’s military camp has returned.”

Commander Sonia Sasere stood on the fortress’ city wall with a solemn expression on her face as she stared ahead.

“Chapman replied. He says he is waiting calmly for the prince’s arrival.

“I am afraid that you will have to start your journey to the north today.”

Thales was leaning against the observation window on the city wall. He stared at the wide, snow-colored prairie towards the north.

He could vaguely see the continuous stretch of a wide military camp and the Iron Fist Flag that represented Black Sand Region’s Lampard Family in his field of vision. He could also roughly see the distant smoke, ascending from some military camps, which were hidden away from his vision field.

“They brought tens upon thousands of people to await my ‘arrival’?” Thales sighed. “I did not expect myself to be so ‘popular’.”

The Fortress Flower turned around and said to Thales, “Chapman Lampard is Eckstedt’s archduke. His territory is right next to Constellation. After Eckstedt’s diplomat group was attacked by the assassin, he immediately mobilized Black Sand Region’s vassals and gathered over ten thousand soldiers to form an army. All this within a few days’ time, and he pressed in on the border.

“They have already been stationed there for two weeks. At first, they were only observing and intimidating us. But in the past three days, Lampart started to send out small troops to purge the main roads around the perimeter. He even looted two villages and fought against our patrols… We have no choice but to minimize our area of patrol.”

Thales could feel a bone-chilling coldness as he rubbed his palms together and blew a puff of warm air. “I have already arrived at the fortress, the Jadestar’s Nine-Pointed Star Flag has also risen… Why is he not withdrawing his army? It is obvious that he does not have any excuse to invade Constellation anymore.”

Behind Thales, Putray raised his eyebrow. “Based on the unique life Chapman Lampard has led, he is a standard gambler. One of the characteristics of a gambler is that even if he has lost so much that he is forced to leave, he is still not willing to do so. He will not turn around even until the very last moment.”

“So, my arrival has no effect on this gambler?” Thales snorted and laughed. “Even if he is guaranteed to lose, he still wants to lay a bet?”

“Not necessarily,” Putray replied in a serious manner.

“What we were most worried about initially was the other two archdukes, whose territories are also right next to Constellation. We were worried that Reform Tower’s Trentida and Prestige Orchid’s Olsius would both send out their armies. Then, the three archdukes and many more of Eckstedt’s vassals will combine their military forces to oppress those who share a mutually supportive relationship with the fortress like the Lonely Old Tower, Watch Tower as well as Cold Castle. And, they will disregard the costs and attack the isolated Broken Dragon Fortress when the others are unable to help the fortress. Whether it is about physical strength or quality, Eckstedt’s soldiers adapt even better in this freezing, cold winter compared to our reinforcements that are heading up north.”

Sonia continued with Putray’s point. “If they seize this place, they only have to wait calmly for the Day before the Bitter Cold Winter to pass and for the beginning of spring next year to arrive, and it will be their time to use the fortress as their military base to go down south on a large scale… Just like what happened twelve years ago.”

“But following your diplomatic trip up north, those two archdukes have yet to appear till this day… This means that we have already finished half of our diplomatic mission. In the approaching Day before the Bitter Cold Winter, Archduke Lampard cannot depend on his own forces, which is made up of ten thousand people. So he has to take down the fortress before his supplies run out.

“He has already lost,” Putray said faintly.

“In this case, I am afraid that it is up to me to finish the other half of our diplomatic mission. I have to completely eliminate the threat of war between the two countries personally before King Nuven, right?” Thales shrugged helplessly.

“Firstly, I have to pass through Archduke Lampard’s military camp, but inside the camp, there are more than ten thousand physically strong northern men, who are full of energy. They have nowhere to let this energy out and they are waiting for me.”

Putray shook his head. “Lampard does not dare jeopardize your safety… Attacking the fortress to conquer the Northern Territory is a completely different thing from conspiring to murder the heir and confronting Constellation.”

“Lampard may not be daring enough to do that, but I am afraid that his opponents would be happy to see this sort of thing… We still have to be careful.” Sonia gave them a hearty smile. “Arracca will bring his Fury Guards to escort you to the entrance of Lampard’s military camp.”

“Arracca?” Thales recalled the aggressive and dangerous man, along with his scornful gaze when he looked at Thales. Thales shook his head. “Are you sure that he is willing to do that?”

Sonia snorted coldly. “I do not deny that I really dislike him, but on the battlefield, he is indeed the person who has fought hand-to-hand against Eckstedtians the most.

“Also, he insisted on this… I originally wanted to let Miranda…”

Thales could not help his feeling of astonishment.

‘He insisted on escorting me?’

He started to recall the man’s appearance… Arraca Murkh.

‘It is such a familiar name.

‘I must have heard it somewhere before.’

Right at this moment, a swordswoman with black hair slowly walked up to the city wall. Her hand, clad in a black glove, was placed upon her left chest as she bowed before Sonia. Her face was devoid of any emotions. “The troops for diplomat group are already prepared. Please send the prince’s subordinates to make the final confirmation.”

Even though the swordswoman had addressed the prince in her speech, she did not spare a glance at Thales’ direction from start to finish. She did not bow before him either.

“Alright.” Sonia nodded. Shen then turned to look at Thales and Putray.

Putray, who was standing by the side, sighed. “I will go with you… Miss Arunde.”

Thales was stunned again.


The swordswoman, Miranda Arunde nodded in stiffly and walked down along the city wall with Putray.

She still did not look at Thales.

“Do not take any offense.” Sonia smiled faintly. “Miranda is Duke Arunde’s only daughter. Her father has been imprisoned in the capital and the family is humiliated. It is very normal for her to hold a grudge against you in her heart.”

“Oh,” Thales nodded awkwardly and said, “I think I heard Wya mentioning that the fortress has an extremely well-known Swordswoman of Eradication. I also heard that she is the Tower of Eradication’s se—”

“The ‘seed’.” Sonia stared at Miranda’s back and sighed. “The Tower of Eradication stored a great amount of various fighting techniques and ways to inherit the Power of Eradication before the Battle of Eradication. The most information stored is on sword styles. Its scions are still continuously researching and developing new sword styles, techniques as well as the Power of Eradication itself. This is to nurture the generation after the generation of people who can control the Power of Eradication among us. Only very few people, who are the most outstanding students get the title of ‘seed’. Miranda is one of them.

“They are people who have the hope to shoulder the Power of Eradication’s legacy and they are able to shoulder the Power of Eradication’s mission as well.”

Thales stared at Sonia while he furrowed his brows slightly.

‘Power of Eradication.

‘The extraordinary power resulting from humans awakening to their power on their own.

‘This is another piece of information that is worthy of my attention.

‘Is it related to the fluctuations?’

Sonia did not know what Thales was thinking about as she continued to say helplessly, “But even so, Miranda has still been in a very difficult situation recently.

“After Duke Arunde was imprisoned, the Northern Territory was managed by a few vassals that her father trusted the most, and they are waiting for her to go back after this crisis ends… But Arunde’s few cousin-brothers and nephews are coveting the Duke of the Northern Territory’s right of inheritance.

“Fortunately, even though Val Arunde has been sent to prison, he is still the Duke of the Northern Territory. His Majesty did not sentence him with the crime of treason and did not strip him of his title or territory. The king only accused him of conspiring with foreign political leaders. It is a slightly comforting thought.”

Sonia let out a deep sigh and said, “It’s just that, I never thought that he would do something like this. You know, in the past, Val had constantly served as Broken Dragon Fortress’ backup for more than ten years.”

“He is a coward!”

At that very moment, a deep voice, which would have made anyone feel uneasy came from a distance.

“Compared to his heroic brothers, Val Arunde is a complete coward and he has humiliated his blood brothers… They did their utmost to protect Prince Horace and stood their ground.” Arracca Murkh’s figure could be seen slowly walking up the city wall. He had an impatient expression on his face.

“In comparison, twelve years ago, that Duke Val was scared out of his wits by those Eckstedt bastards… I am surprised that he still believes in trash like Lampard.

“If you want me to tell the truth, the only good thing he has done was killing that Eckstedt Prince.”

“At least this time, you said it after Miranda left.” Sonia pressed her hand onto her forehead and sighed. “Should I be grateful for your consideration and care for her feelings?”

“Her feelings?” Arracca snorted coldly. “Do I look like a person who would consider this?”

Thales rolled his eyes secretly. ‘This fellow, why does he always look like somebody owes him money?’

Sonia snorted lightly. “What is wrong with you now?”

Arracca gave her a disdainful look.

“I am here to find this little brat.” Arracca directed his fierce gaze towards Thales and made the latter slightly nervous. “The three hundred members of the Fury Guards are ready… If you really want to go to Eckstedt and seek death, at least do not make me wait for too long.”

“It looks like you are not too satisfied with my trip up north, Baron Murkh,” Thales could not help but ask. “In that case, why do you still want to send me to Lampard’s military camp?”

Arracca stared intently at Thales, and the latter could not help but feel a little apprehensive.

“Because I owe Jadestar a favor,” he only spoke after a long while, “And you, you annoying, dawdling little brat, you just happen to have Jadestar as your last name.”

After he finished talking, Arracca turned around and left without looking back.

“We are going to depart in the afternoon.

“Do not dawdle.”

Thales and Sonia looked at Arracca’s figure as he walked further away.

“Do not misunderstand,” Sonia said to Thales sarcastically, “That is his unique way of saying ‘how are you’. You know, Arracca is quite shy.”

Thales just had to stick out his tongue.

“Is it because of different ideals?” Thales suddenly asked.

“Hmm?” Sonia gave him a puzzled look.

“The dispute and discord between the both of you does not seem to come from some specific hatred,” Thales pondered while he spoke softly.

“Also, what you mentioned before about him and my uncle, Prince Horace…” Thales hesitated for a while but continued to say, “Even though he seems quite annoying, Arracca does not look like someone who would stab you in the back.”

Sonia kept quiet for a second.

“Those were indeed angry words.” Sonia smiled bitterly. “Arracca was the one who brought the remaining military forces and broke into Eckstedt’s tight encirclement. He bathed in blood all the way to seize back the remains of Prince Horace that year.

“Before the Fortress Treaty, Starlight Brigade headed north to meet with the few remaining soldiers left in the kingdom. They fought ferociously in three battles with Eckstedt in the Northern Territory, Land of Cliffs Region and Central Territory without caring about the number of casualties. We lost a large number of men, and the other party also had a huge number of casualties. I saw the almost crazed Arracca, his force and his destructive power on the battlefield with my own eyes. Even Eckstedt’s pride, the Doppels?ldners were incessantly wary of him… I think this was the reason why Eckstedt was willing to finally sit down and negotiate.”

‘That man with the impatient look on his face is actually…’

“As for ideals, you are right.” Sonia sighed. “John, your father’s uncle, his principles of war for the Starlight Brigade were sensibility and cautiousness, doing your best to protect yourself, being flexible towards changes and movements, as well as waiting for an opportunity to attack.

“However, Prince Horace’s army was known for its merciless command and ruthlessly strict military rules. Under his army, Arracca became used to fighting tough and bloody battles. Because of the large number of casualties, Arracca’s army always has huge batches of new soldiers, but he only keeps the tough ones who can endure and carry blood and death on their shoulders…”

Sonia shook her head. “I do not understand why His Majesty wants to place the two of us together. We cannot even reach an agreement on whether to go forward or retreat on the battlefield.”

“Maybe, this is part of the king’s plan,” Thales suddenly said.

Under Sonia’s puzzled gaze, Thales lifted his head. “A main general with both sensibility and cautiousness is needed to defend the fortress in the long-term. However, when Eckstedt’s army presses upon the border, a person who can directly fight a tough war is needed.”

Sonia raised her head and glanced at him.

“Perhaps.” Sonia chuckled. “They were right. You really do not seem like a regular child. There really is a reason that the king to choose you for the mission up north.”

Thales scratched his head awkwardly and tried to change the subject. “Right, why is Arracca not that famous when he has such splendid military successes?”

Sonia was thoroughly stunned.

“Not that famous?” Sonia widened her eyes. She looked at him with an expression that said, “how is that possible.”

Thales narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“No.” Sonia came to a realization and shook her head as she smiled. “You must know him, even though you do not know his real name.”

Under Thales’ confused gaze, Sonia lifted her head and looked at Eckstedt’s military camp in the distance. Her eyes shone brightly.

“From the beggars to the king, every single Constellatiate knows him.

“Or at least, they know about his nickname.”

Thales widened his eyes in astonishment.

‘Everyone knows it…’

In that instant, he knew who Arracca Murkh was.

With Ramon’s ‘treatment’, Chora’s condition became stable, but it was obvious that he could not follow them on their journey up north.

“Yes, we need to fill in the spot for attendants.”

Putray was walking beside Thales, who had already finished packing up. Following them were Wya, who was wrapped in bandages, Ralf, whose arm was fastened with splints, and Aida, who was still extremely dispirited because of the cold.

“At least, there are some advantages… The people who are joining us are all experienced veterans who have been on the battlefield. They are not Jadestar’s private soldiers from the manor, who only went through training that focused on one-on-one wrestling and protecting someone…”

Thales looked at the thirty veterans who stood before him in a stern manner. They all had resolute gazes in their eyes. They were armed with different weapons, which consisted of swords, shields, bows, pikes and axes.

The former duke’s personal guard of Starlight Brigade, Genard stood right in front of the group. Thales was left a little stupefied by the situation.

Putray continued and said, “Thanks to your trial under the scaffold, many veterans were willing to join our diplomat group… even though many people still think our journey is extremely dangerous.”

They walked to the last row of soldiers when a young man with black hair, who was holding a pair of pikes in his hands waved happily at him.

Thales furrowed his brows. “Veteran?”

“He insisted on coming along.” Putray stared at Willow Ken, whose expression was bright and cheerful. He then spread his hands. “However, there are only twenty-nine veterans who volunteered. The others are new soldiers. If I have to make it thirty people, at least this new soldier who received your grace is slightly more reliable.”

Thales gave Willow a smile. “At least they gave him a pair of new weapons.”

Putray shrugged. ‘There are many broken pikes in the storeroom. It is not a hard thing to pare a pair of shorter pikes.’

“But that suspicious doctor… do you really want to bring him along?” Putray turned his around and looked at Ramon, pursing his lips and shaking his head. “I thought you learnt your lesson from the Duke of Iris Flowers…”

Ramon was shivering among the soldiers when he lifted his head and coincidentally noticed Thales’ gaze. He was slightly shocked and immediately lowered his head.

“Do not worry. I have already asked him about his origins and made an agreement with him as well.” Thales stared at Ramon with a complicated gaze. “Moreover, he did indeed save Chora’s life.”

‘That power he had in his hands.

‘If I am guessing correctly, that is…

‘I need to find out more about it.’

Sonia walked over from a distance away, followed by a chilly-looking Miranda. “Your Highness, if you do not have any further questions, according to the time we set, it is time to go.

“Arracca has already chosen three hundred sword-and-shield troops from the group of Fury Guards.” The Fortress Flower crouched down and patted Thales on his shoulder. Only this time, the strength of her hand was slightly stronger. “Sorry, the number of people cannot increase anymore. There are only three thousand people in the fortress nevertheless, those soldiers that Arracca has chosen are veterans.”

With her chin, she gestured towards a lightly geared man standing in a distance. He was carrying a bow across his back and was growing visibly impatient. “They will escort you all the way to the borderline.”

Thales exhaled, and his breath turned into a puff of white fog. He stomped on the snow, which belonged to Constellation.

He lifted his head and silently said, “Of course.”

Constellation’s Second Prince gave the crowd an effortless smile.

“Let us depart.

“Follow me to increase your knowledge about the Dragon’s Kingdom!”

Hence, the Double Cross-Shaped Stars Flag, which represented Constellation and Jadestar Family’s Nine-Pointed Star Flag were erected at the same time.

Wya mounted a Northland Horse with wide hoofs. It was a breed of horse unique to the north. He then pulled Thales up the saddle.

“I swear on my life that I will properly hold the reins, Your Highness,” Wya said solemnly, “Please do not worry about your safety.”

Thales nodded naturally. “Then, I will let you handle this, attendant.” He had already gotten used to Wya’s ‘excessive’ attitude.

Meanwhile, Putray and the few remaining Jadestar private soldiers, who had gone through horse-riding training, rode on the remaining horses.

It was obvious that Ralf could not ride a horse with his current condition, and for some unknown reason Aida shook her head all of a sudden when she saw a horse.

Arracca rode his horse towards Thales’ side and the sword-and-shield troops followed him with a stern expression on their faces.

“Do not be scared and wet your pants, little brat,” Arracca said coldly, “I heard the people on duty above saying that Eckstedt has prepared a welcoming ceremony for us.”

Thales was momentarily stunned.

Before he came back to his senses, he heard Arracca yell in the direction of the gate’s chains.

“Open the gate!”

Broken Dragon Fortress’ north gate slowly ascended while the sound of chains rubbing against metal rose into the air.

Thales took a deep breath and slowly made his way out of the Broken Dragon Fortress. He was followed by Constellation’s diplomat group, which consisted of less than forty people, and the escort guards, which consisted of more than three hundred people. They then headed north.

First, they had to pass through the five castles, north of Broken Dragon Fortress. The soldiers ahead had already strung their bows, and were ready for battle.

But soon, Thales understood what Arracca meant by ‘welcoming ceremony’.

Many people suddenly appeared across the endless white, snow-covered ground before his eyes.

Perhaps he should rephrase that as Eckstedt’s army.

Six troops of infantrymen lined up into two slightly curved lines and scattered to both sides of the road ahead of them.

Putray narrowed his pupils. ‘The number of infantrymen in each troop is almost four hundred.’ This also meant that there were almost two thousand Eckstedt infantrymen waiting for them to head north.

The people of the diplomat group became instinctively nervous. Wya held onto his reins even tighter.

“This is our welcoming ceremony?” Thales stared at the battle formation ahead, which was not really far away from him with a gloomy expression on his face. “They really did cross over the border…”

He turned his head back and glanced at the fortress. He could vaguely see Sonia’s figure.

“Prepare for battle.” Arracca, who was riding ahead, turned his head around and said to his soldiers in a deep voice, “Do not let your guard down.”

“Maybe this is a demonstration,” Putray said as he furrowed his brows, “But it is not necessary for them to make a formation in front of the fortress… It will still have the same effect as when we enter the Eckstedt military camp.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Thales said with a pale complexion on his face.

“So, do you want to retreat, young prince?” Arracca said sarcastically, “There is still time for you to turn around now.”

“Stop joking around.” Thales closed his eyes and exhaled, after which he opened them. “Let us continue onwards.”

“Do not worry,” Putray said with a low voice, “Lampard is not stupid enough to kill Constellation’s prince and heir, who is on a diplomatic mission under the watchful gaze of those at the border of the two kingdoms.

“As long as we do not do anything to provoke them and give them an excuse…”

They moved forward slowly until they entered the premise of the formation, which was in the shape of a mountain.

“They did not mention anything like this…” Ramon nervously nudged a soldier with black hair beside him. “Nothing will happen to the diplomat group, right?”

“Huh?” Willow Ken was taken aback for a moment but he immediately returned to his senses and patted Ramon’s shoulder with a smile on his face. “Do not worry! I have met them before… Eckstedt’s soldiers are quite nice.”

“Quite nice?” Ramon was stunned, but what Willow said next made him go pale.

“If they want to kill you, their swords are very sharp. They will not dawdle too, so you will not suffer.”

At that very moment, all six troops of infantrymen began to move slowly.

The members of the diplomat group instantly became nervous!

But luckily, Eckstedt’s soldiers did not walk towards them.

The first two Eckstedt troops plodded forward and almost brushed past the diplomat group on both their left and right sides. Thales could even see the Northland soldiers’ beard and yellow teeth.

They looked brutish and violent. These burly soldiers were armed with huge hatchets or gigantic, spiked maces.

They also turned around and looked at Constellation’s diplomat group with a hostile expression on their faces.

The sound of heavy footsteps on the snow-covered ground rang out in a disorderly fashion. However, the atmosphere caused by more than two thousand people from all directions made these concentrated sounds of footsteps more impactful.

They walked passed the diplomat group on both sides.

And Thales’ expression became stern.

It was his first time facing a battle array made up of a few thousand people and he was feeling a little alarmed.

Nonetheless, he was not the only one who felt the same way.

Even the sword-and-shield troops from the Fury Guards could not help but feel anxious.


“Keep your composure,” Arracca said in a deep voice.

Thales, who was feeling apprehensive, tried to calm himself down, so he turned around and got a good look at the Northland soldiers on either side.

From their armor, weapons, movements, to their advancement, Eckstedt’s infantrymen were obviously not as uniformed and orderly as Constellation. There were some soldiers who held axes and wore chain armor, there were also some soldiers who held single-handed swords and only wore chest plates. There were even some blade-and-shield soldiers who resembled Constellation’s sword-and-shield troops, but Thales could obviously feel that these infantrymen were different from Constellation’s.

They all had one similarity: their gazes were hostile, their expressions were fierce, they had an aggressive and threatening presence, and their faces were filled with contempt as well as disdain.

These infantrymen were holding flags with the picture of an iron fist—the symbol of the Lampard Family. However, they occasionally stroked, pounded, and swung their weapons as if they were demonstrating. They were ferocious like beasts that could go wild at any moment.

‘This is not right,’ Thales secretly told himself.

‘If this is a demonstration…’

“They are all light infantrymen, at least according to Northlander standards.

“Eckstedt’s famous Doppels?ldners and heavy-armored axemen as well as the Northland heavy cavaliers are not here, not even the light cavaliers,” Putray pondered and said softly.

“If these troops had been the ones I mentioned just now, it would be too simple for them to kill us, what with them being at the back now… As they are light infantrymen, they are probably just demonstrating.”

“Then, why did they not send those powerful armed forces to demonstrate?” Thales furrowed his brows tightly and asked, “A troop of Doppels?ldners walking around with an astonishing presence beside us… Surely, the effect would be even better?”

Putray also furrowed his brows.

‘This is indeed strange…’

“Do not let down your guard!” Arracca Murkh’s voice could be heard again.

“Even though there are only more than two thousand light infantrymen, if they swarm at us, they can chop us into pieces in just half an hour.” Arracca tightened the silver-black, metal bow across his back and turned around to speak to them coldly.

“On the battlefield with thousands of men and horses, without any support and protection, even a supreme class elite cannot hang on for more than eight minutes.”

However, right at the very next second, the situation completely changed.

The six troops of Eckstedt were moving slowly. After the first two troops passed by, they suddenly turned around under their military officers’ commands and merged with the other party.

The disorderly sounds of two thousand footsteps continued to rise into the air!

Eckstedt’s light infantrymen surrounded them and slowly changed their formation from two curved lines, which formed a mountain into a square.

“They are surrounding us!” Wya yelled in anger, “What is the meaning of this?”

Putray stared at the Eckstedtians before his eyes in shock.

In his disbelief, Thales stared into the distance, wanting to see what was happening in front clearly.

‘This should not be happening.’

“Stop!” Arracca roared angrily and had the entire diplomat group as well as the escort group come to a halt, “Form your formation in your place!”

Even though they were nervous and apprehensive, more than three hundred Constellation soldiers, especially the veterans still stopped in their tracks. They proceeded to turn around in an orderly manner. They formed their shields into a wall and surrounded the prince in a circular formation.

“It is already impossible to break through their formation now.” Arracca stared at the surrounding citizens of Eckstedt in agitation. “These bastards…”

The Constellatiates stared at the surrounding, murderous Eckstedt infantrymen in bewilderment and fear.

“What are we going to do now?” Wya clenched his teeth and asked.

“Do they have anyone that we can communicate with? A military officer or a commander?” Thales asked nervously, “Due to Lampard’s best interests, they will not dare to kill me…”

But at the next moment, a few unfamiliar but forceful commands could be heard coming from Eckstedt’s battle formation.

Arracca and Putray’s expression quickly changed!

So did many of the veterans’.

They recognized the type of military order from Eckstedt.

Within the next second, all six troops with over two thousand Eckstedt infantrymen raised their weapons and roared angrily!

Thales was terrified of the deafening roars. “What… is happening to them?”

Shortly after, Eckstedt’s infantrymen could be seen walking in huge strides with a ferocious look on their faces.

Sounds of footsteps that were louder than before came through like thunder.

More than two thousand infantrymen raised their weapons and rushed madly towards Thales’ diplomat group from all six directions.

“Kill them!”

Eckstedt’s light infantrymen were roaring in fervent ardor and charging towards them.

Thales was in a daze as he stared at everything before his eyes.

‘Did they not say that Lampard would not dare to jeopardize my safety?’

“He is waiting calmly for the prince’s arrival.”

‘Why does he want to… kill me?’

“Damn it.” Putray widened his eyes in shock as he drew a half sword from his waist. “How could they…?”

A louder roar exploded in the air and cut off Putray’s speech.

“Enemy assault!”

In the center of the group, Arracca Murkh’s was livid and filled with rage. He controlled his unstable steed and forcefully pulled out a menacing two-handed sword. He roared at Constellation’s escort team, his Fury Guards.

“Get ready for battle!”