Chapter 109 - Remnants of Magic

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Chapter 109: Remnants of Magic

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“I’m still not at ease about that strange doctor being together with His Highness.” Beside a bonfire, Wya looked at another bonfire from afar with a cranky expression. There were only two figures sitting around that particular bonfire; one large and one small.

This was the third night since they arrived in Lampard’s military camp. Ramon said that he wanted to check Thales’ injury privately and strangely, the prince agreed to it.

“He is a prince. He can do whatever he wants.” Smoking his tobacco pipe, Putray blew a puff of smoke, which made Wya’s expression turn sour. “Just relax. Ramon’s fear towards His Highness is not fake.

“And there are so many of Eckstedt’s sergeants on guard here. His Highness’ safety is guaranteed.” Putray glanced at the Eckstedt soldiers around them, who were either standing sentry or patrolling. They all had unpleasant expressions on their faces. Putray then glanced at Aida, who was not far away and slowly said, “Also, if Ramon really is an assassin, he had too many opportunities to kill the prince in the battlefield before this… Don’t forget, he was the one who rescued His Highness.”

Recalling the incidents in the battlefield, Wya’s heart jolted slightly.

The young attendant asked worriedly, “Speaking of…? What is going on with His Highness? That time, he wasn’t even breathing…”

Looking at Wya, whose face was filled with suspicion, Putray narrowed his eyes.

The gaunt vice diplomat asked in amusement, “Have you been thinking about that incident?”

“Not just that.” Wya furrowed his brows. He recalled the incident with a grave expression on his face, trying his best to give voice to the puzzlement in his heart. “His Highness’ physique is very good… Honestly, it is so good that it exceeds my imagination. No matter how severe his injury is, he recovers in a matter of days…”

‘Is this not even more suspicious?’

“And the psionic ability that His Highness said he learned from the Black Prophet… I cannot disregard that.” Wya lowered his head. His gaze swept past the single-edged sword in his hand. “After all, that is the Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department. Although His Highness is… At the end of the day, he is still a child and it is not a good thing for him to mingle too much with the Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department.”

‘The Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department… Hmph.’

With a perplexed expression, Putray raised his head and blew a puff of smoke in the direction of the moon in the sky.

“You think that the Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department is a scary place?” The vice diplomat did not look at Wya.

Wya pursed his lips and nodded.

The young attendant pulled out his blade. His voice was filled with uncertainty. “I have heard quite a number of stories about that place. Some are absurd, some are very strange while some completely illogical, but it is undeniable that the mysteriousness of the Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department and the reputation of the Black Prophet are both frightening.”

“I thought that you would not have heard much about the Black Prophet at your age.” Putray laughed mysteriously. “You have to know that Morat has been in control of the Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department for over thirty years. I suspect that Morat was already working in the Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department when young Aydi the Second was crowned.”

Wiping his sword, Wya shrugged.

“While training in the Tower of Eradication, I heard a joke. Something happened in each of the four main secret intelligence agencies in the world. The Red Witch broke a teacup into pieces. The White Ritual Master burnt an oil lamp. The Green Lieutenant wore a uniform until it became old. The Black Prophet slept on a pillowcase until it became torn… Guess which incident led to the most severe consequences?”

Putray inhaled a puff of tobacco and curled up the corner of his lips. “Perhaps there is one more incident, the Grey Sword Guard had worn out a sword sheath.”

Wya and Putray chuckled at the same time.

“Great Master Shao is not as unreasonable and frightening as the rumors say. It is just that as the Tower of Eradication’s tower master, he has to be more level-headed and cautious.” There was a yearning look on Way’s face. He nodded and said, “And apart from his hair and beard, nothing is grey.”

After joking around, Putray said slowly with a severe expression, “Wya, as an attendant, it is a good thing to show concern for the prince you are attending. However…”

He looked at Wya Caso with a levelled gaze. “Would you like to hear some advice?”

Wya raised his brows and implied that he was all ears.

“Every single Jadestar prince is like a Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department. They all store plenty of secrets,” Putray said with a profound gaze. “It would be enough to only show concern for those that you need to know.”

“Do not make your life too difficult.” Putray sighed. “You need to know that the lives of the princes themselves are already hard enough.”

‘Especially because… they are from the Jadestar Family.’

Putray thought in silence.

That figure from the past appeared in his mind.

Wya looked at the cackling bonfire, confused.

Wya turned his weapon over and said quietly, “Sir Putray, I still remember your words that day in the birch tree forest. Were you also an attendant?”

Putray’s tobacco pipe had stopped emitting smoke.

The vice diplomat took the tip of the tobacco out of his mouth and looked at Wya.

The latter raised his gaze and asked with a plain expression, “Then… which prince did you attend to?”

Putray’s gaze, which was focused on the bonfire froze, for a moment.

A few seconds later, he spoke slowly, “Just like… your father.”

“Just that I had more experience, and left the prince’s side earlier.”

Wya gazed straight at him. His hand, which had been wiping his weapon unwittingly stopped moving.

“Is that so? An attendant…” The young attendant’s expression was complicated, and his gaze was deep. “Then, do you have a family?”

Putray turned and glanced profoundly at Wya.

‘Hilarious,’ he thought silently.

‘The renowned “Cunning Fox” of Constellation, the person who played a leading role and was the signatory of the ‘Fortress Treaty’ cannot even manage his own family well.’

However, his gaze immediately dimmed.

‘I am not that much better myself.’

“Listen here, Wya.” The vice diplomat gently stroked the tobacco pipe in his hand, which was slowly cooling down. His tone was more solemn than usual.

“Gilbert was a competent and outstanding attendant. He was orderly and meticulous, loyal to his ideals, and aimed high from beginning to the end. He has his own principles.”

Wya slowly gripped the tip of his sword tightly.

The young attendant asked faintly, “Even if sometimes, those principles are so callous?”

“Callous?” Putray snorted softly.

“Sometimes, you must make a choice no matter how hard it is.”

Before Wya could respond, an unpleasant voice interrupted their conversation out of nowhere.

“Good night, my two distinguished guests from Constellation.” Wearing a thick attire exclusive to the Northland, Black Sand Archduke’s subordinate and most trusted advisor, Viscount Kentvida walked over from afar.

“I hope that I did not interrupt all of you!”

Smiling, Kentvida sat down across Putray, who had a ruminating gaze and Wya, who had an unpleasant expression.

“You have indeed interrupted us.” Wya looked at Kentvida in an unfriendly manner and flicked the tip of his sword, producing a cool rattle.

“Very good. This means that I have garnered all of your attention.” Kentvida took off his gloves nonchalantly and heated it atop the fire. “Why are you all not staying in the tents? The weather is very cold, and this is the Northland.”

“We like the outdoors and the open field,” Putray poured out all the ashes inside his tobacco pipe and answered coldly. The light from the flames flickered on his face. “A splendid scenery, a fine view.”

“Do not worry.” Kentvida smiled slightly, seeing through their thoughts. “All of you are in Eckstedt, and Eckstedtians do not have the habit of eavesdropping beside tents.”

He turned his head and looked at the prince of Constellation as well as his doctor in the distance. “The prince is very safe here.”

Kentvida narrowed his eyes. “He is such a special prince, is he not?”

‘Or else, the archduke would not have given such an appraisal.’

Wya snorted in disdain.

Putray furrowed his brows.

‘They have started to pay attention to the prince. That child probably said some strange things in Lampard’s tent a few days ago.

‘This is not a good sign.’

The vice diplomat took out his tobacco bag and grabbed a handful of tobacco. He spoke faintly, “It appears that we will have to depart tomorrow.”

Wya raised his brows.

On the other hand, Kentvida’s expression froze. He looked vigilantly at Putray. “You knew?”

Putray nonchalantly picked up a burning tree branch from the bonfire and reignited his tobacco pipe “It is written on your face. Also, those sergeants have been going back and forth all night… And is this not the reason you came?

“To convey your master’s intention?”

Kentvida stared earnestly at Putray, as if he wanted to observe him once more properly.

“Yes,” the Viscount of the Black Sand Region said calmly. “We are departing tomorrow. The Fire Knight, Lord Tolja, an army of two thousand soldiers led by me, including five hundred cavaliers, will be escorting His Highness directly to Dragon Clouds City. We will not be resting in any suzerain and noble’s castle or town on the way. At most, we will be camping in the fields.”

Putray chuckled and said, “Two thousand soldiers, and circumnavigating castles? Is it to ensure that no one will find an opportunity to plot against all of you? I am seriously worried for your master… It appears that Lampard has also been driven into a corner, with no clue about the hidden masterminds that are plotting against him.”

Kentvida’s expression changed ever so slightly.

In the midst of inhaling and exhaling puffs of smoke, Putray asked in a soft voice, “I thought that it was a glorious and proud Northland tradition to keep one’s words and be staunchly loyal, but look at this military camp now. Every corner is filled with the smell of conspiracies and cunning schemes. Is there still anyone that all of you can still trust completely?”

Kentvida’s expression gradually stiffened.

“Do you know what this is called?” Putray snorted lightly. “If a leader sets a bad example, it will be followed by his subordinates… Regardless of whether it’s King Nuven or your master.”

Kentvida grabbed a handful of snow from the ground, softly kneading them in his hand. He watched as they slipped through his fingers and fell on the ground.

The viscount said in a cold voice, “Do not be overly critical of Northland’s internal affairs, citizens of the Empire. At least, on Black Sand Region’s soil, accidents will not happen anymore.”

Wya put his sword back into its sheath. He felt that something was not quite right about the atmosphere.

“Accident? That Mystic Gun unit’s training officer may have a different opinion.” Putray put down his tobacco pipe and laughed. “Let me give you a suggestion, my clueless viscount.”

Kentvida’s eyes fluttered. “What do you know?”

“Do not investigate the relationship between that Officer Hadel and the archdukes or suzerains anymore. It is bound to be a waste of effort.” Frowning, Putray tested the temperature of his tobacco pipe. He was unsure if it was burning well. “Why don’t all of you look at the downline of his business? Starting from the Mystic Guns that have been reported as unserviceable but appeared in the black market…”

Kentvida looked puzzled. “Black market?”

“Ah, Northlander who looks down on Mystic Guns.” Putray sneered. “Compared to directly purchasing Mystic Guns from the Sovereign State, the training required to use them is the most expensive part. There is an inverse relationship between how whole the cores are and how new the parts are with the dexterity of the soldiers operating them.”

Kentvida appeared to be pondering about it deeply.

Beside them, Wya was extremely confused.

“The Archduke of Black Sand’s Mystic Gun unit is very skilled, and during the salvo, their aim was also very accurate.” Putray glanced at Kentvida and tapped the metal tube of his tobacco pipe. “According to my experience, unless Archduke Lampard was willing to scrape half of his knights and heavy cavaliers as well as allocate large amounts of funds every month to support the training for his Mystic Gun unit, it would have been impossible to produce such a unit within three years.”

Kentvida was absorbed in his thoughts. “He has to find adequate economic sources so that he can maintain such a unit by giving them a large amount of training. That way, they can be of use during vital moments…

Putray licked some tobacco as he taunted, “Fortunately, it has only been three years, and there is only one training officer. After these three years, those gunmen will probably be able to carry out orders such as ‘turn around and fire at the archduke’ scrupulously.”

Kentvida paid no heed to Putray’s taunts. He continued talking, enunciating each word, “So, he must have found connections in the black market. He obtained money, spare parts as well as Eternal Oil, and even bribed purchase officers who travel to the Sovereign State to buy cores. In exchange for all these, he provides Mystic Guns that were supposed to be destroyed according to their agreement.”

Putray shrugged and lit his tobacco pipe again. “I guarantee you that his contact person in the black market understands him a lot more than those careless soldiers.”

Kentvida exhaled and immediately asked, “Why can’t the mastermind cum funder be the one directly giving him financial support?”

Putray asked in disdain, “If so, all of you would have found clues of him interacting with other powers early on. Would it have dragged on until now?”

Kentvida’s face turned red. For the past few days, he had been deeply troubled by this matter, to the point that his basic judgement was affected.

Wya furrowed his brows. He did not really understand the two people’s conversation.

Upon realizing something, Viscount Kentvida spoke slowly, “Lord Putray, the ‘Secret Room’ once provided information about you. I am starting to believe what they told me.”

“Oh? What an honor.” Putray inhaled a puff of tobacco with an intoxicated expression. “What did the Secret Room say about me?”

“They only have information about you before you left the palace. But it is already interesting enough.”?Immense interest could be seen in Kentvida’s gaze.

“Putray Nemain, the plotter within the palace walls, the calm and collected schemer.”

Wya looked at Putray with a surprised and bewildered expression.

‘This man…’

Putray turned his head and laughed, “Ha! The Red Witch’s subordinates really think highly of me!”

Kentvida’s expression was a contemplative one. “No, on the contrary, I feel that it is time that they update their information.”

Viscount Kentvida curled up the corners of his lips and put on his gloves once again. “People within the palace walls may be good at observing?speech patterns and behavioral patterns, as well as being the masterminds of various schemes, but certain wisdom only comes with experience.”

Putray made some weird sounds with his nostrils and exhaled a puff of smoke at the same time.

Kentvida stood up and flashed a smile. “And another thing, Lord Putray Nemain, former Viscount of Constellation, that decision to charge in the opposite direction on the battlefield was brave and resolute.”

‘Very good.’

Putray glanced profoundly at Thales and Ramon from afar.

‘They like me more than you now.’

“We have entered the borders of Eckstedt… This was not part of our deal!” Ramon stared at Thales with an angry gaze.

“The Eckstedtians are not willing to let anyone related to Constellation’s diplomat group go.” Thales took a tree branch and stirred the bonfire, pouting the soldiers of Eckstedt around them. He sighed and said, “I am only a Prince of Constellation with no rights and power. What can I do?”

“You cannot be like this.” Ramon gritted his teeth. “I saved your life. Hurry up and find a way to get me out of this place!”

“You did not save my life!” Thales furrowed his brows. “Remember, I was just drained, and in the battlefield, all you did was—”

“We all know that’s a lie!” Ramon laughed in exasperation. “I do not know what you did, but most of the organs in your body had already collapsed that day. No matter how strong your body is, it would have been useless… Even the strongest steeds cannot pull carriages with no wheels. I was the one who did everything I could to stimulate your life’s potential…”

Thales broke the tree branch in his hand with force.

“Well, it is a good thing that my body is strong. On the contrary, you better lower your voice, as you do not need to talk to check your patient’s body,” Thales said coldly, “If you do not want your pathetic little secret to be found out by others…’Doctor’ Ramon.”

He placed an emphasis on the word “doctor”.

Ramon looked around and said with an unsettled expression, “Speaking of… Fine, at least find me a messenger raven…”

Thales snorted through his nose.

“No worries, doctor.” Thales drew upon the memories that appeared in his mind during the past few days, such as those block-shaped words, which looked like pictures. “The people from the gangs will not dare to provoke well-trained troops. You do not have to worry about Blood Bottle Gang.

“In the end, gangs are just gangs.”

“Ha! Your Highness, do you really think so?” Ramon turned his head and flashed a taunting smile.

Although Thales was expressionless, his heart sank.

‘Actually, Ramon’s words are not without reason.

‘Those two gangs are perhaps not so simple.

‘Especially Blood Bottle Gang, which is supported by Asda and Giza—those two lunatics… The gang is supported by the calamities.

‘It’s so strange.

‘Even though Blood Bottle Gang often does dirty jobs on behalf of nobles who are in a position of power, the threat of Mystics cannot be ignored, can it?

‘Why would Constellation allow such a gang to entrench Eternal Star City? Are they confident enough in the legendary anti-mystic equipment in their hands, and think that they can control the Mystics?

‘How is that possible…?’ Thales remembered Giza and chuckled to himself in self-deprecation.

‘Although Asda behaved like he did not care about Blood Bottle Gang’s fate at all, why would someone as powerful as him meddle in the territorial scrabble between gangs, which does not concern him? Isn’t Red Street Market only a Red Light District?

‘And Black Street Brotherhood… They actually dared to shelter people from the Charleton Family, the “regicide family”, in the capital city. They can even firmly control Blood Bottle Gang, and the latter is even backed by both the Mystics as well as powerful nobles.

Thales could not help but recall his five years in the Brotherhood. ‘Those two gangs have too many questionable points regarding them.

‘And one of them is in front of me.’

Thales looked at the strange doctor with his big nose. The latter was staring at him amid the light of the fire.

‘Ramon himself is a doctor who harbors secrets. He goes back and forth between the two kingdoms, and is at the center of the conflict between Blood Bottle Gang and the Brotherhood…’

Thales flashed a smile.

“A prince is not someone who can simply agree to other people’s request.” The second prince of Constellation looked at Ramon with interest. “Since you have a request, let us make a deal. You can give me something valuable as an exchange.”

“For instance, the origins of those powers of yours. I think that it is very interesting.” Thales pretended that he did not care and stretched his body. “As an exchange, I will do my best to negotiate with them… At least, you will be able to use a messenger crow to contact your friends in the Brotherhood. There may be other benefits too…”

Ramon looked at Thales in a daze.

‘He still cares about that?

‘Wait, if…’

After quite a while, Ramon spoke with much difficulty.

“You are Constellation’s Prince and you have shady relations with Morat Hansen.” Ramon gritted his teeth, deliberating his words and the tone of his voice. “I am not as stupid as to tell you my secret.

“Besides… have you not learnt the ability to read minds from the Black Prophet?” Ramon snorted coldly.

“Oh, enough of that. I do not feel like digging through your brain for secrets anymore.” Thales shook his head. “That ability hurts the head a lot… your head, that is.”

Ramon stared at Thales. There was a strange look in his eyes. “Although you are only a child, you do not look like you care very much about my health.”

Thales did not say anything. He only stared back at Ramon quietly.

“That power that you use to cure diseases and save people…

“It is magic, am I right?”

Ramon was expressionless. He did not admit or deny it.

Thales knew the answer.

Thales exhaled softly.

This was a term he had never heard since he came into this world until that night at Red Street Market, which changed his destiny.

“A long time ago, there was only magic and no mystic energy.”

This was Asda’s words.

“So, you do not even know the connection between mystic energy and magic.”

This was Giza’s words.

It was true that Eckstedtians did not allow anyone in the diplomat group to leave. However, Thales was no matter what, the Prince of Constellation. If he insisted, it would not be impossible to make Lampard relent and allow the irrelevant Ramon to leave.

However, Thales did not do that.

Because Ramon could possibly have something that he wanted.

Thales needed to exhaust all means to figure out everything related to himself.

Such as his mystic abilities… and magic, which was closely related to it.

Ramon giggled until Thales began to furrow his eyebrows impatiently.

The strange doctor stopped laughing and asked slowly, “You are not that close to the Black Prophet, and you are not his student, are you? Or else it would be impossible for you not to know all of this.”

An idea appeared in Thales’ head.

He figured out the crux of the problem.

Thales looked at the soldiers of Eckstedt around him. He then glanced at the bored Aida sitting at the entrance of the tent, before shifting his gaze to Putray as well as Wya, who were a distance away. He asked faintly, “So, is magic a secret that unsettles even the Black Prophet?”

Ramon did not say anything. He only fixed his eyes on Thales.

Thales suddenly laughed.

The second prince said, “I am a prince, and he is my father’s vassal. He sometimes agrees to my requests. That is all… he does not tell me too many things.”

“This is truly very interesting.” Ramon widened his eyes. His expression was strange and passionate, as though he had just met Thales for the first time. “The new Prince of Constellation is actually interested in such things… This is truly very fascinating.”

‘What does he mean?

‘Is this something I shouldn’t know?’

“In return, I will need to use your messenger crow to send a message to a secret location… But let me ask you one more time, do you really want to know?”

Ramon widened his eyes and clicked his tongue. “Morat will not be happy.”

Thales clenched his fist softly.

“I am Constellation’s future supreme king.” When he said the word “king”, Thales felt his own voice trembling slightly.

“Do you think that I care if he is happy?”

“Very good, very good. To explain magic to the Prince of Constellation, a descendant of the Empire…” Ramon flashed a strange smile. He shook his head, shut his eyes and said, “This is not a bad deal, and I can have plenty of enjoyment from it.”

Thales narrowed his eyes.

The prince asked slowly, “Then, shall we begin?”

Ramon opened his eyes swiftly.

“How are your history lessons, Your Highness?” Ramon asked slowly.

“I am talking about how humans fought against the ancient orcs and utterly defeated them in the Holiness Exorcism Campaign, along with how they made peace with the ancient elves as well as the ancient dwarves in the Battle of Survival, then eventually making a name for themselves in the world’s history.”

Thales’ face turned red.

From the time he was brought to Mindis Hall, he actually did not have much time to read up on history.

Thales said slowly, “Not very well, but I know that in the process of fighting against the orcs, humans awakened their superpowers, which is known today as the Power of Eradication. The first batch of knights—”

However, Ramon cut him off.

“So your lack of knowledge is not just limited to magic.” Brimming with energy and vitality, the strange doctor looked at Thales. “You do not even know about the history of wizards and the magic towers, do you?”

Thales furrowed his brow.

Ramon laughed mischievously. “So just like most people in the world, you live in this big web of confusing and unsettling fears that is also made of self-deceiving lies? Take the Kingdom of Gods and the Seven Layers of Hell for instance.”

‘Lies? Fear?’

“Those history books all mention these things, right? That the knights and the Powers of Eradication brought about the rise of humankind, and that the longswords of warriors and the neighs of battle steeds freed us from the oppression as well as the threat of the ancient orcs?” Ramon asked meaningfully.

Thales recalled the knowledge he learned from Gilbert in Mindis Hall.

However, before Thales could reply, Ramon firmly uttered a word with a hateful expression.

“Lies! Disgraceful lies. Downright lies.”

Ramon spoke with an excited expression, “Knights, superpowers or Powers of Eradication did not allow humans to defeat the orcs, wizards did.”

With a passionate expression, Ramon extended his hands and clenched his fists softly in the air.

“It was magic.”

Thales furrowed his brows a little.

The second prince asked in great doubt, “Do you mean to say that the superpowers, the Northland Military Sword Style, the knights—all of them are fake? That they actually did not stand a chance against the orcs? And that the only things that brought about victory in the frontlines of battlefields are wizards and the magic they use?

“Their magic… is an even stronger power than the Power of Eradication?” While pondering over this, Thales asked the second part of his question slowly.

“Ha, comparing magic with the Power of Eradication. You are just like those ignorant people one thousand years ago.” It appeared that Ramon was not really used to being cut off. He snorted in disdain. “Open that narrow mind of yours, Your Highness!

“Magic is not a power. It is not on the same level as the Power of Eradication.” Ramon shook his head. His eyes were filled with longing and respect.

“It is something higher, deeper and mightier.”

“Not a power?” Thales put on a puzzled expression. “Then what on earth is magic? A curse? An energy? Knowledge? A factor? An element? A mentality? An extraordinary psionic ability? A destructive force?”

Ramon looked at Thales in silence. His gaze was filled with a combination of contradicting and strange emotions such as respect, idolization, arrogance, modesty, and enchantment.

Thales had never seen such a gaze from anyone in this world before.

‘No…’ Thales suddenly came to a realization. Perhaps, he had seen it before.

In that dim chess room.

That figure in a blue shirt.

“Magic…” Ramon raised his hands and slowly extended them, like a devotee who was praying to the gods. He was so excited that he was shivering.

“Magic is a meaning, an attitude, a belief, and a principle of life.” The strange doctor gazed at the sky, as though it held the place that he belonged to, along with his dreams.

“Wizards are the practitioners of this principle.

“They believe that everything in this world is meaningful. Everything can be analyzed and should be recognized. In the process of this perception, humans can become more perfect, mightier, improve themselves and become closer to the truth.

“From the regular patterns of the sun’s movements and the mystery of the origins of life; to human attitudes and principles, and the progress as well as development of history, everything is in the domain of magic… Magic is the sum of all acquisition of knowledge, discoveries and truths. The advancement of magic will bring us a more glorious future.”

Thales furrowed his brows deeply, trying his best to understand Ramon’s words, which sounded rather insane.

“For this, they once entered the tent of the Ancient Chauvinistic Tribe and designed the first political system in history—the Ancient Chauvinistic Country.

“They once stood beside Takmukh, the deceased King of the North and warned him about our relationship with the orcs.

“They once stood behind the Iron Blood King, and with their knowledge as well as experience, they designed and supervised the completion of?‘Mankind’s Final Defensive Line’.

“They once relentlessly improvised their weapons and skills amid sacrifices and defeat. They summed up the experiences and skills of every knight by themselves, perfecting the first set of standardized ‘Northland Military Sword Style’ in history.

“They once noticed the potential within the human body too. They researched day and night for those powers to be born and developed, naming them ‘superpowers’.

“They once spared no effort to charge forward in battlefields filled with blood and fire. They tried their best to develop lethal skills while they improved their healing techniques as well.

“They once studied iron and steel intensively; forging stirrups and saddles, as well as establishing the first cavalier unit. This allowed the knights to possess speed and an offensive force comparable to the orcs’ for the first time in history.

“Of course, they also developed their own powers. They unearthed the truth behind materials, interrogated the truth behind consciousness, stirred up natural energy for their own usage and converted the world’s resources so that they could be of service to humans. The power in my hands is only a small and insignificant part of it.

“They once launched an attack together with the knights on the layers of ice in Glacier Quiquer. After countless assaults, with no regard for the sacrifices made, they utterly eradicated the myth that it was impossible to defeat the orc’s large heavy infantry formation. It made the Holiness Exorcism Campaign the most magnificent and glorious scene in human history.

“They once even questioned the existence of the gods and challenged the emperor’s authority.

“At one time, the Three Great Magic Towers were the wisest and most advanced existence in the world. They were detached and independent from the world. Even the supreme emperor and the head priest of Bright God Church, who were extremely influential, had to show their respect to the three towers.

“There was a time where the existence of wizards made many people believe that in this world, power and status were not the only things worth chasing after. There was also truth.”

Ramon inhaled deeply and slowly put down his hands. The corners of his eyes were already glistening with tears at this point.

He clenched his fists, trembling as he said in a choked voice, “These are wizards. This is magic. The most important, magnificent and precious chapter in the rise of human history. Yet, they have been forgotten by everyone.”

Ramon lowered his head and said desolately, “And now, no one remembers magic and knows about wizards anymore.

“There are only people like me, who are unfortunate and fortunate at the same time. While struggling with our feeble existences… we burn the embers of what remains of magic through books and scrolls written about them.”

Thales stared absentmindedly at Ramon.

He did not even realize that the tree branch in his hand was burning.

He could not believe everything that he just heard.

He could only widen his eyes and drop his jaw.

‘Magic? Wizards?’

This was different from any version of magic he had heard of in his past life. It did not consist of sizzling fireballs, muttering curses to control elements, using one’s self as a trove of unlimited mental power, conducting ceremonies to communicate with another existence, and the learning of psionic abilities or powers that were formidable for the sake of being formidable.

Thales was completely taken aback. At this moment, Asda’s words kept playing in his mind.

“Wizards pursued the truths of the world. They used all kinds of ingenious methods and wisdom to take advantage of the natural resources and energies in the world, to create an even more beautiful world.”

‘Is that so?’