Chapter 111 - Kaslan’s Tavern

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Chapter 111: Kaslan’s Tavern

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“The land you see rising and falling before you is the Sighing Hills. The hills located at the border to the east of Sighing Mountains. Look, the snow-covered summits in the distance going straight into the clouds are the Sighing Mountains.” As he rode on his horse, Putray pointed towards the mountains in the distance, which towered into the clouds as far as they could see. He was providing information regarding the geography of the Northland to Thales.

Thales raised his head and expanded his field of vision. He then let out a puff of warm air in the biting, cold environment.

“The Sighing Mountains were once the tallest mountains during the age of the Ancient Empire. The range was connected to Glacier Quiquer to the north and travelled south through the Northland Province as well as Eastern Southland Province, which separated the Empire’s northern region. It is currently Constellation’s Eastern Sea Hill, and also Duke Cullen’s fiefdom. The dangers in the Sighing Mountains and the difficulties faced when climbing them caused travellers to stop in their footsteps whenever they see it. They were only able to bow their heads and sigh. That is how this place obtained its name.” Putray put down the tobacco pipe in his hand and lowered his head as well to sigh, as if he was responding to his own words.

“When the Ancient Empire was still around, this was an infamous spot where criminals were banished to. This was a chaotic place. When the Empire was destroyed, more unrest occurred. It lasted until a branch of the elves moved to this place and stayed here for nearly three hundred years. They moved around freely in the mountain, and when they reached the height of their power, they built their own kingdom… After the Battle of Eradication, the northwest section of the Sighing Mountains was owned by the Western Peninsula, and the southeast section of the mountains belonged to Eastern Peninsula’s Hanbol.”

‘Elves in the Sighing Mountains? Wait, “Battle of Eradication Chronicles: The World’s Destruction” seemed to have mentioned this before?

Speaking of ‘elves’, Thales could not help but cast a glance at Aida, who was behind him.

“What is it?” Aida noticed Thales’ gaze and spread her hands in a frustrated manner. “I don’t know which generation of my relatives lived there either. My history’s bad!”

Thales shook his head and turned his head around to continue listening to Putray’s explanations.

He could not rely on that elf, who could not even remember his name.

Even if she was in supreme class.

“…The dangerously steep northwest section of the Sighing Mountains runs through the eastern part of Eckstedt and Constellation. Archduke Trentida’s Reformation Tower and the Lonely Old Tower of Constellation’s Friess Family are respectively located on two different mountains with a valley between them. Both are incredibly wary of each other. Nonetheless, both are spots that are easy to fend against, but difficult to attack.

“Further north of the mountain range is Eckstedt’s Elaphure City, which is the fiefdom of the archduke there, and further south of the mountain range is Constellation’s Land of Cliffs Region, which is also the fiefdom of the guardian duke stationed there. However, it is precisely because of the steep cliffs in the Sighing Mountains and the weather in the north, that Eckstedt’s Elaphure City as well as Constellation’s Land of Cliffs Region ended up near the Sea of Eradication. The number of ports are very few too, and the few that they have are situated in odd locations by the edge of the cliff…”

Putray smoked his tobacco and looked at the mountain range in the distance with a fascinated expression on his face.

“During the First and Second Peninsular War, the allied forces from the Eastern Peninsula traversed the Sea of Eradication and landed on either Constellation’s Eastern Sea Hill or South Coast Hill. This was because Constellation’s Land of Cliffs Region and Eckstedt’s East Bank Port owned the natural sea cliff. It was easy to defend but difficult to attack due to its steep walls. In addition, it was bestowed upon them by the Sighing Mountains… During the Third Peninsular War, the Eastern Peninsula Army pretended to attack Constellation’s Eastern Sea Port, but launched a surprise attack on Eckstedt’s coastlines. With a small number of soldiers, they attacked the sea cliff and obtained astonishing results. In the end, they broke through Elaphure City and entered Eckstedt’s heart…”

‘Peninsular War?’

Another question popped up in Thales’ heart.

“The war started due to the conflict between the two peninsulas—for example, on the diminishing whales in the Sea of Eradication. After the Battle of Eradication, we found that the Eternal Oil within them was the best fuel, and it was even better than charcoal.” Putray provided an answer to his question.

“The rights to hunt them, the quotient, the hunting regions and seasons where we were not allowed to hunt the whales; these were constantly the main focus of the argument between these countries located on the two coasts… This was the main topic of discussion during the four Peninsular Wars. Of course, after the Third Peninsular War, the political situation in the two coasts changed too much. Our relationship with Eckstedt turned completely sour, and Mane et Nox was engaged in a fight with Hanbol for absolute dominance in the Eastern Peninsula. In the end, under the Virtuous King, Midier the Third’s policy, we formed an alliance with Mane et Nox, while Eckstedt grew closer to Hanbol…

“This caused the Fourth Peninsular War, which happened in Year 468 of the Calendar of Eradication, turning things into a true world war. The flames of war were no longer restricted to one faction of power traversing the sea to invade another faction of power, instead it reached every corner of the world.”

Thales remembered the middle-aged king who held a staff and had a smile on his face. He was one of the three Kings of Constellation in Mindis Hall. The portrait of his head was engraved on the country’s silver coins and burnt onto Thales’ chest. Then, he remembered the Corleone Sisters and the so-called ‘Starlit Night Alliance’.

Thales shook his head and chased all of these thoughts out of his head.

“You do not agree to Mindis’ policy for diplomacy?” the prince asked curiously.

“That is not the case.” Putray shook his head. “Forming an alliance with Mane et Nox was something that happened naturally due to the progression of events. The Far Easterners have an ancient proverb that goes like this, ‘Form a good relationship with your allies in the distance, and attack your close enemies.’

“The Fourth Peninsular War was on an incredibly large scale and the results were devastating,” Putray was immersed in his thoughts as he slowly spoke, “but to me, the new political situation also strengthened the ties and relationships between the two peninsulas. The reasons behind the start of a world war were destroyed by the increasingly complicated linkages between the countries, such as the conflict between ourselves and the Western Peninsula. Since the Fourth Peninsular War, we have not gone to war with the peninsulas for two centuries. We have enjoyed more than two hundred years of peace… Before this, the two peninsulas would wage war against each other due to the conflicts between us accumulating so much that they reached a boiling point almost every single century.”

Thales frowned. He still believed that with the country’s productivity levels and its political system, this so-called Peninsular War was a little strange.

Traversing the sea to launch an expedition on another peninsular… How much manpower and supplies were needed? Were the repercussions and sufferings caused as a result of these wars really something that a little Eternal Oil could compensate for?

They continued to move forward as the soldiers by their sides continued to glance at them. Soon, a village materialized before their eyes.

Thales listed his head. He noticed that there were ropes tied around the trees beyond the village. There were quite a large number of food items bound there such as jerky, bread and other items. There were even prey like deer, foxes and rabbits.

‘Is this Northland’s custom?’

“My soldiers have already confirmed the safety of this village.” At that moment, the vassal under Archduke Lampard, Viscount Kentivida, went up to them from the back of the group. He moved past the crowd and proceeded into the village before he dismounted and handed the reins to a soldier. “We will dismiss a portion of the enlisted soldiers from the villages around the area. You can search for an inn here to rest for a while and enjoy some lunch.”

With Ralf’s help, Thales got off his steed and let out a long sigh for being able to temporarily get off his horse. Then, he lifted his head in excitement to observe the village, which was located beside Rayman Pass.

The place was supposed to be a small, peaceful village that did not even have a wall. But at that moment, it was surrounded by strong, burly men dressed entirely in armor. Even though most of the army escorts were stationed outside the village to rest, Thales could tell with just one glance that there were Northland soldiers who were moving about. They were engaged in activity under the single-storey houses built from bricks, earth and stone.

Yet curiously, these soldiers did not seem to disturb the peace and quiet within the village. They integrated themselves with the men and women in the village, who were dressed in sackcloth. The village square was already filled with soldiers as well as villagers sitting around and drinking from their mugs. Their laughter shook the skies.

“This time, I’m going to win against you in drinking, Craydon!” There were two people sitting at a huge table, which seemed to be usually used for displaying goods for sale. The table was filled with mugs and a villager was pounding his fist against it. He was looking at the soldier sitting across him, refusing to back down. “I can drink ten pints within a minute!”

“We’ll know right away if you’re just bluffing.” The soldier threw down his axe, took off his chest plate and pounded the table with his fist in a similar manner, refusing to show weakness. “The person who wins is the only one who can get Arosa’s flower crown!”

There was a group of onlookers surrounding them, enthusiastically causing a clamor. One of them was a young lady holding a flower basket. She was laughing loudly.

“What a load of bull!” She put down the flower basket and boldly lifted her skirt to sit down, joining in the drinking contest at the table. “The person who can outdrink me is the one who will get my flower crown!”

Thales could not help but chuckle softly. During that instant, he had even slightly forgotten that these Eckstedt soldiers had clashed with his guards on the battlefield, trying to kill each other.

This was different compared to the well-behaved civilians Thales came into contact with in Constellation’s Eternal Star City; a different society from the city, which had distinct social class boundaries. The rhythm in this Eckstedt village was wild and lively, the atmosphere was relaxed and full of enthusiasm. The villagers were basically tall and well-built Northlanders. They had bold appearances and their laughter was hearty.

“Hey, Tolja, how long are we staying here?” A soldier with a full-grown beard shouted loudly in their direction. He seemed like a mid-rank officer and he was carrying a warhammer as well as a wooden mug in his other hand. “Come on, please tell me we’re staying overnight!”

“We’re leaving by noon,” Tolja replied loudly with displeasure, “Before that, tighten your pants around your waist, Metalhead Crocer!”

“Pity.” The officer with the beard took a big swig in his disappointment. Wine flowed down his beard as he mumbled, “I remember that Hero Tavern has a beautiful cook…”

Thales did not bother about the soldiers and villagers who were pointing at him as they whispered among themselves. He did not bother about their disdainful and malicious gazes either. He followed Kentvida and Tolja, moving forward. Behind him were the members of the diplomat group.

“Are you certain that the safest way is for the soldiers to enter the village and drink with the villagers?” A Northland soldier was swinging his arm over the villagers’ shoulders and laughing boisterously as the duo walked past them. The prince’s young attendant, Wya Caso saw this and cautiously pressed down on the sword by his waist. With a tone that showed he did not truly approve of this, he said, “If I was an assassin, I could blend in with the villagers.”

“Don’t be too nervous. This is not Constellation, it’s Eckstedt!” Viscount Kentvida laughed loudly. “Most of the people in the village are veterans who have been released from military service. They can be trusted… In truth, due to their honor and dignity, the prince, who is a guest here, will be even safer in their midst.”

Wya shrugged, curling his lips to express his doubts.

“Do not worry.” Thales nodded at his attendant. “The soldiers have already dispersed and blended into the village. Even assassins will have to think about the possibilities and consequences of an assassination.”

“This is Mountain Pass Village, right?” Putray looked around him in fond nostalgia. “I recall there is a tavern here whose owner is very famous…”

“Hero Tavern. It was opened twenty years ago by a retired veteran,” Tolja said faintly by the side, “The rye wine in the tavern is well-known far and wide.”

Thales, who was curiously taking in the sights around him, followed Kentvida and Tolja into a larger stone building. A large sign of a wine mug was hung on the door. The Fire Knight pushed open the two doors and walked into the noisy Hero Tavern.

Thales followed him and stepped into the warm stone building. Once the chill in his body was chased away, he noticed that the guests filling the tavern suddenly fell silent. Plenty of people cast their gazes on Thales. He recognized that some of the guests were Northland Soldiers, and it was clear that they had just arrived.

However, several seconds later, the lively atmosphere returned to the tavern, as if the people who came in were just a couple of normal people.

“You did not clear the tavern,” Wya frowned and said, “Then, His Highness’—”

A bold and crude old voice rose into the air like an explosion.

“Boy, this is my tavern.” A burly old man with silver hair and a face full of wrinkles placed his elbows on the wooden bar counter.

With a condescending expression, he said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s the king, a priest, a foreigner, or even a god. No one can chase away my customers here!”

The old man then narrowed his eyes and lowered his head to look at Thales. A strange expression appeared on his face. “You sure have a lot of people… I only serve customers who can pay to buy wine.”

Thales smiled at him.

The prince could not help but notice that the old man in front of his eyes may be quite ripe in his age, probably at least sixty years old. However, his biceps and triceps were still well-toned, his waist was thick and he stood up straight. His gaze was direct and fierce.

“Kaslan! Don’t worry about the numbers or the problem about money!” Kentvida laughed. He sat down without reservation in front of the bar counter before he dug out a money pouch. “We have plenty of golden circular pieces that have Raikaru’s head portrait on them… Let me tell you something else, the Archduke of Black Sand asked me to send you his regards and greet Madam Talia!”

The old man threw him a deep look.

A thought appeared in Thales’ head. ‘He’s just a retired veteran and a normal owner of a tavern, yet the Archduke of Black Sand has taken personal interest in him?’

But Kentvida did not obtain the response he should have gotten.

“Each mug of rye wine is six Eckstedt bronze coins and the price of each mug for nobles is sixty.” The owner of the tavern, the old Kaslan, cast a glance at the money pouch with an aloof expression. He then pushed it back before he let out a cold harrumph. “Also, I don’t accept gold coins.

“Especially gold coins from Lampard, who killed his own family.”

Kentvida’s expression instantly froze.

Thales was also shocked. ‘Killed his own family?’

Kentvida spread his hands towards Tolja, who was behind him, and put on a resigned expression.

“That was a battle of inheritance. It is an ancient ceremony.” Tolja walked forward and brought out a pouch full of Eckstedt bronze and silver coins. Without batting an eyelid, he continued to speak flatly, “The archduke defeated his older brother, that is all… His death was just an accident.”

“He can argue however he wants. He killed his family and that’s that!” The old Kaslan received the money pouch in disdain. “As for that so called ancient ceremonial battle… That’s something in the past, and what the citizens of the Empire used to make us kill each other.”

‘The Archduke of Black Sand killed his older brother, won his right of inheritance, and adhered to a ceremonial battle that seemingly came from the Ancient Empire?’

Thales quietly stored that information in his heart.

He then cast a glance at the boorish old man. ‘Additionally… this tavern owner does not have an ordinary background. He does not seem to be on the same side as Lampard.

‘Perhaps I can obtain some information from him?’

“So there’s one, two, three… six, seven, eight…” Kaslan weighed the money pouch in his hand and counted the number of people in front of him.

“Wait!” An idea suddenly struck Thales and he spoke in the nick of time, “Let them pay with the Archduke of Black Sand’s money, but we will pay with our own money… We have, er… about a dozen people…”

Kaslan’s eyes moved and noticed Thales, who was not even at the height of the bar counter.

Kentvida frowned and looked at Thales, as if he had something in his mind.

Thales nodded in Putray’s direction. The latter raised his brows, then walked forward and brought out a few silver coins as well as bronze coins.

“Ah, I recognize this head portrait… The Oath Keeper Midier, yes?” Kaslan took the silver coins and threw them away casually. Instead, he picked the bronze coin with Midier’s head portrait engraved on it. He scrutinized the picture on it before he lifted his head and laughed, revealing a mouth full of yellowing teeth. “The lot of you are from the Empire?”

Thales smiled and shook his head. “No, we come from Constellation.”

By his side, Wya’s expression changed, and Putray looked like he was thinking of something.

“I get it, brat. You’re the Prince of Constellation… the one who has come to apologize.” Kaslan stared at him straight. “You have a long and arduous journey ahead of you.”

“Alright.” Kaslan snorted. “Constellation’s silver coins are even more valuable than our silver coins. There’s no reason for me to not receive your money.”

“Hey!” Kentvida protested. “Is Archduke Lampard’s gold coin not money now?”

“Hmph, Brian!” Hero Tavern’s owner ignored the viscount. He shouted at the top of his lungs and tapped the wooden window behind him. “Twenty mugs of rye wine… The normal one will do!”

A tall man with black hair and in his thirties walked out from behind the counter. There was a scar from a burn on the left side of his face. He let out a cold harrumph.

In a bad mood, the tavern assistant lifted a thin wooden stick and turned towards the wooden cabinet behind him. Then, with a shake of his arm, he hooked the ears of a dozen something wooden mugs with great proficiency and pulled them over, having them lined on the wooden stick like a kebab.

He shook his arm again, and the dozen something mugs fell on the bar counter. Brian nimbly extracted the wooden stick and lifted a huge, wooden wine barrel. As he poured the wine into the mugs, he looked at the group with a hostile expression. He even glared at Thales in the process.

“This isn’t something that can be done with regular arm strength.” Wya looked at the assistant’s movements and his expression changed. He spoke in a low tone, “I can bet that he’s an expert with the sword.”

“Don’t mind him.” Kaslan laughed boisterously. “My assistants here are all crude men who were once soldiers…”

Tolja said flatly, “Of course. Hero Tavern is the gathering and also parting place for retired Northland soldiers.”

Thales discovered dejectedly that he could not even haul himself up the chair by the bar counter. He was just not tall enough. If he had spoken up while the crowd was watching him, it would have been incredibly awkward.

At this moment, a guard who knew sign language was incredibly important.

Ralf picked Thales up and placed him on the bar counter’s high stool (The attendant, Wya, who discovered that he did not managed to perform his duty once more, frowned again). Kentvida and Putray sat down by his side. As for the citizens of Constellation and Eckstedt, they were split into two very distinct groups. They sat down on two round tables, and their soldiers glared at each other.

“Oh, heavens.” Willow looked at the noisy Northland customers around him. Brimming with spirit, he said, “I have never drunk in a place so far away before.”

“Keep those two pikes of yours close to your side.” The veteran, Genard spoke with a frown, “They may pounce on us at any moment.”

Thales’ lips curled up as he brought out his skills of engaging in small talk with others. It had been lying dormant in his memories. “Mister Kaslan, when did you open Hero Tavern? Why did you name it as such?”

“It’s been twenty years since I opened it.” Kaslan watched as Brian filled the mugs with a lackadaisical expression and brought three of them to the bar counter. He had Brian bring the other mugs to the others on a tray. “I got injured and I retired. Then, I returned to my hometown to open a tavern… As to why I called it Hero Tavern, heh, my wife was the one who gave it such a boring name.”

Thales touched the wooden mug, which was half the size of his head, then rationally decided not to touch it. “Oh, by the way, when I entered the village, I noticed that there were all sorts of food tied on the trees near the entrance. What is that for?”

“The Day Before the Bitter Cold Winter is about to arrive.” Kaslan yawned and brought them a few plates of black bread. The bread did not stir up any form of appetite in the others when they saw it. “That is a present to the mountains.”

Accustomed to the black bread, Tolja and Kentvida picked it up and ate it as they drank the rye wine. The latter was even looking at the distressed Wya, who did not know how to eat the bread. He was looking at Wya as if he was watching a good show.

“It’s best that you eat some of it,” Kentvida said flatly, “We have to press on in the afternoon… and we’ll only set up camp at night.”

‘Constellatiates who have lived comfortable lives…’ Kentvida laughed at them mockingly in his heart. ‘This is Hero Tavern’s signature dish and a Northland village staple made from common coarse grain.’

Wya stared at the black bread in front of him with a frown.

Putray sighed and picked up the bread. ‘Looks like this is our food for today’s lunch.

‘Perhaps Kentvida is doing this intentionally. He’s either testing the prince’s attitude, or perhaps, taking revenge on the prince for giving him the cold shoulder. It’s one of the two.’

Yet soon, everyone discovered to their surprise that the noble Second Prince of Constellation, Prince Thales Jadestar grabbed a thick and hard piece of black bread…

And bit down on it without any hesitation.

It made it seem like he was not eating something that was difficult to swallow, but…

“Present for the mountains?” Thales chewed on the tough bread and asked curiously in a muffled tone, “The Day Before the Bitter Cold Winter?”

‘Mm… the taste is not bad. I can actually bite through just by chewing on it… It’s not like the black bread from the Brotherhood. When it gets really bad, we even have to use fire to roast it.’

Kaslan’s expression changed. He looked at Thales, and his gaze was increasingly filled with interest.

“The Day Before the Bitter Cold Winter is a natural phenomenon unique to the Northland. At this time, the Northland will welcome the coldest time of the year. Daytime will be drastically cut short. The people who venture out must wear incredibly thick, fur-lined jackets and have enough materials to keep the fire going, and they cannot leave too far into the distance. The time where they can work outdoors will be limited to three hours.” Putray observed with a strange expression on his face as Thales ate with gusto.

‘I have been wandering outside all this while, and gotten myself a hard set of teeth as well as an iron stomach due to my adventures… but His Highness…’

Wya ate the bread with a long face, and only felt like hurling. However, when he saw that Ralf was enjoying the bread, he gained his appetite once more as his competitive spirit was instantly lit up.

“The Day Before the Bitter Cold Winter will last for several weeks if it’s short; one month if it’s long,” Putray continued saying, “As for the presents to the mountains…”

“Those are gifts for the gods.” The tavern’s owner, the old Kaslan grinned and continued, “We will hang the first game we obtain during the day or the first food we touch on the tree. It will belong entirely to the gods…?Only the travellers who are forced to venture out during the Day Before the Bitter Cold Winter can partake of it, because it is by the gods’ grace.”

“Gods…” Thales swallowed the bread. “Which God is it? Sunset? Bright Moon? Dark Night?”

In his memories, the more popular gods who had their own temples in Eternal Star City were these three.

But Kaslan grinned. “Not them. What we commemorate is the god that has been worshipped since the ancient times in Northland and even the world. He takes care of the land and the mountain ranges, and he is a generous god that protects travelers in the wild.

“The people call him…

“The Master of Mountains.”

Constellation, Eternal Star City’s Western District, Entrance to Western City Police Station.

“I’m sorry, Captain Kohen Karabeyan has applied for a month’s leave.” Western City Police Station’s secretary, Miss Jorah, looked coldly at the young brunette with short hair who was standing in front of her. “I mean, at least a month.”

‘She’s taller than me.

‘Her legs are longer than mine.

‘Her a** is bigger than mine.’

Miss Jorah thought furiously.

‘Thankfully, my chest is bigger than hers.’

Then, Miss Jorah straightened her figure, which she was proud of. She twirled her long, red hair, and said proudly, “If you’re looking for him, you can leave a message… I see him often, I can deliver your message to him.”

‘And, she isn’t as feminine as I am.

‘She looks like a boy.’

Miss Jorah sized up the brunette with a disapproving stare.

The woman furrowed her brows slowly and said, “Is that so? He’s not around…?”

‘Yes, and she speaks in such a crude manner… She doesn’t seem like a woman at all.’

As Miss Jorah thought about this, her mood instantly became better.

‘Yup, that is the voice of a drake…’ She would absolutely not admit that it sounded heroic.

The brunette remained silent for a moment as she looked at Miss Jorah.

Miss Jorah felt a little embarrassed.

Shortly after, the brunette lowered her head and looked at the Sword of the Twin Towers emblem on her right hand. Her lips then curled up into a smile.

“Very well. Please pass this message to him.” The brunette looked at Miss Jorah’s expression and said with a teasing tone. “Just say…”

Under the secretary’s impatient gaze, the brunette licked her lips.

“The woman who laid in his bosom that day in Red Street Market misses him.”

Miss Jorah’s expression changed, as if she had been struck by lightning.

‘Red Street Market…

‘Misses him…’

Miss Jorah glared at the woman in disbelief. She frowned while her expression continued to changed.

‘How could it be?

‘With the handsome Captain Kohen…

Jala Charleton immediately snickered.


“Alright, I was just joking.” Under the secretary’s murderous gaze, the descendant of the Assassin’s Flower laughed while she clutched her abdomen and waved her hand. “I only met… that blond co… police officer once.”

‘And saved his life.’

“You like him, have a crush on him, you love him so much that you could die, you want to have his children, yada yada.” As the secretary once again gave her a strange look, Jala shook her head. “I don’t care about that… I don’t want to become your competitor or your rival in love either. I’m just here to ask him for help.”

“Don’t worry… He isn’t my type.” The former bartender put on a bright smile.

In a rare show, the secretary blushed.

She looked at Jala’s sincere gaze and was speechless. She suddenly blanked out and did not know what to do at that moment.

They remained silent for about ten seconds or more.

“Alright.” Miss Jorah turned her head away in embarrassment. The red flush on her cheeks had yet to disappear. She spoke resignedly, “The truth is, Captain Kohen… has returned to the Tower of Eradication. We can use messenger pigeons to communicate with him. You can write him a letter, and then—”

“Alright, I’ll write him a letter.” The young, former bartender nodded, as though she was thinking of something. “Thank you, Miss Jorah.”

“Honestly, if it isn’t anything too troublesome,” the secretary said in slight embarrassment, “perhaps, I can help you. After all, you’re Kohen’s friend as well…”

“…Even though I’m just a secretary in the police station, I know plenty of people… My brother works for the Royal Family, and he gets in touch with plenty of important people…”

‘Then, you won’t have to look for Captain Kohen.’

Miss Jorah clenched her fist in her heart. ‘Did you think that it would end just because you said you didn’t like him?

‘Don’t underestimate a woman’s obsession, whether it’s her own or that of her rival in love!’

Jala looked at Jorah in surprise, then she cracked a smile.

“You won’t be able to help me with this.” Jala shook her head resignedly. “You’re still too…”

Jala suddenly stopped speaking. It looked as if she had thought of something.

Miss Jorah had on an expectant expression.

“Perhaps, you can actually help me,” she said slowly, “Jorah, you’re the secretary of the police station. You can see all the files, bounties and information in there. Could you help me keep an eye out on some information?”

Miss Jorah smiled and nodded. “Of course, if it isn’t something top secret… What do you want to know?”

Jala let out a long sigh and said in a low tone, “I want to check out the location where weapons are smuggled from Constellation to other countries for the past few years… especially those related to Black Street Brotherhood… and a man named Roda…”

Miss Jorah took out a pen and paper.

“Also…” Jala hesitated, but in the end, she said these words, “I want to find three children… They have very distinct characteristics and they may have been kidnapped by the Brotherhood. But, they are not in Eternal Star City…”

Miss Jorah lifted her head in curiosity.

“One of them is a ten-year-old boy called Sinti. He’s slightly larger than the average child.

“Another one is a small girl with a round scar left from a burn on her face. She’s Coria, about four or five years old.

“And one more is a seven or eight-year-old named Ryan. He doesn’t have a right arm.”

“Is that all?” Miss Jorah nodded. “I’ll go back and see whether there are any notices or reports regarding cracks on human traffickers…”

“Wait,” Jala lifted her head and said with a serious expression, “I’m also looking for another boy.

“He went missing near Red Street Market and could have possibly fallen into the hands of Blood Bottle Gang.

“He has black hair, grey eyes, and is about seven to eight years old.”

Jala’s eyes dimmed. “He is a-a boy that doesn’t seem like a normal boy.”

Miss Jorah lifted her head in surprise.

“He’s a little too smart and mature,” Jala lowered her eyes and continued explaining.

“Is that so? A mature child, hmm?” The secretary shrugged and continued taking notes.

“My brother says that he has seen children like that before; a boy and a girl.

“Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out for you.”