Chapter 113 - The Intersection of Fate

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Chapter 113: The Intersection of Fate

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Under old Kaslan’s extremely pitying gaze, Thales sighed in relief after he had wriggled his way out of drinking that cup of the rye wine using every possible tactic.

They rested for fifteen minutes before Viscount Kentvida turned his head around and gave the Fire Knight, Tolja, a nod as a signal.

“Make your preparations!” Tolja ordered at his soldiers, “We are going to depart! We must reach to the Prestige Orchid Region before tomorrow night!”

Eckstedt’s military officers and soldiers all stood up after they heard their commanding officer’s words. They left some money for the wine and walked out of the tavern.

On the other hand, the Constellatiates looked to Thales. The boy glanced at Putray and shrugged before he jumped off the bar counter.

But just as he waved at the old Kaslan and was ready to leave—

“Wait, little brat!” Kaslan left the bar counter and walked up to Thales.

Thales only noticed that this old man, Kaslan had an extremely tall build; he was almost seven feet tall. Thales had no choice but to strain his neck to its limit so that he could to look up at him.

Fortunately, Kaslan crouched down before Thales.

“You’re going to apologize before King Nuven, right?” the old Kaslan said slowly, “I have also heard that you are going to repay the misfortune Prince Moriah faced in Constellation.”

“Yes,” Thales heaved a sigh, “To see if King Nuven will have any interest in my intellect.”

The emotions in Kaslan’s eyes shifted slightly when he looked at Thales.

“When I was your age,” the old man sighed, “I would only follow behind my older brother and chase sparrows.”

Thales smiled a little.

But before Thales could say anything, Kaslan had started talking to himself, “Damned nobles and their hideous mess of political conspiracies. They would never be sparing and merciful, right? Whether you’re seven years old or seventeen years old… God knows how Prince Moriah died… Such a shame. That was a good, young lad.”

“This…” A surprised expression appeared on Thales’ face, “Thank you for your understanding… Sir Kaslan…”

Kaslan stared intently at him, until Thales put on an awkward expression and pointed at the door.

“Listen,” old Kaslan said faintly, “I once served in the army under Nuven. To a certain extent, I am kind of familiar with him.”

‘This tavern owner knows King Nuven?!’ Thales was slightly stunned. He turned around and looked at Kentvida, who was not far from him, ‘Why do they want to bring me here? Is it really to rest midway?’

Kaslan sighed gently, “He was a good king when he was young, the epitome of a sturdy Walton man. I still remember the scene where Nuven Walton stood on the Thirty-Eighth Sentry Grounds, and waved his hammer-and-chain at the attacking orcs. He was forthright, generous, lenient, and fair at the time. He would use his body as a shield to protect a nameless soldier before an orc’s axe. Every warrior was proud to die for him.”

“Oh?” Thales’ eyes brightened, “This is very good. At least it seems he is not a king who would simply order that my head be chopped off.”

“But people change.” The old Kaslan exhaled a breath and his gaze started to blur and drift off. “Nuven is also human, he can grow old; and can also be confused by slanderous talk, and sex. There will also be a day when he becomes influenced by desire and impulse.

“Although Raikaru Eckstedt’s blood flowed through his veins, he is, after all, not a perfect dragon or hero.?Especially… since he is still a father who has lost his son.”

Thales could not help but to stare blankly at him. Kaslan lowered his head and gazed intently at Thales, “Be careful, Second Prince of Constellation.

“Eckstedt has the Great Dragon as its flag, but in the past six hundred years, we have only worshipped the greatness of the Great Dragon. We have learned of the arrogance of the Great Dragon, but have thrown the Great Dragon’s wisdom and sagacity to the back of our heads. We might call ourselves the children of the Northern Wind and the Dragon, but the shackles of the Empire on us is no lesser than what the Constellatiates have.”

“What do you mean?” Thales widened his eyes. “Do you mean that the internal circumstances of Eckstedt may be even worse than we imagined?”

“Take care of yourself, kid.” Kaslan only shook his head and lightly put his hand onto Thales’ shoulder. “Since you have paid for the wine but did not drink it, consider this little advice a gift from me to you.”

Thales could only spread his hands. “Thank you for your advice…”

At any rate, he still had to face Nuven the Seventh. ‘What a pity it is not that useful. What will come, will come.’

“Oh, right.” Kaslan hesitated for a moment and suddenly exhaled a breath. He laughed. “If you run into a dangerous situation that you cannot resolve no matter what in Eckstedt… a problem so great that even King Nuven cannot save you…”

‘King Nuven would also be unable to save me?’

Suspicion grew in Thales’ heart. ‘What does it mean?’

“In Dragon Clouds City, there is a butcher’s shop with a dagger on its signboard, on West-Express Avenue.” Kaslan snorted in laughter. At Thales’ furrowed brows, he lowered his voice and said, “The owner is a Far Easterner with the last name Gu. He owes me a favor from years ago. That really audacious fellow will always dare to do some things that are against the law. If you want to seek his help, all you have to say is just ‘six-fifty’.”

Under Thales’ surprised gaze, old Kaslan once again forcefully slapped his shoulder! The second prince staggered again.

While grimacing, Thales saw the old man in front of him slowly stand up and gave a hearty laugh boldly as he said, “Come again next time! Remember to drink my rye wine! That is the only true sign of a man!”

Before Putray could show his murderous gaze, Thales had left with an awkward smile on his face. Kentvida furrowed his brows as he let his gaze follow Thales and the Eckstedtian until they disappeared into the distance.

Then he slowly walked to the bar counter and turned to the old Kaslan.

“You’ve seen for yourself; the future King of Constellation,” Kentvida’s eyes were glinting coldly. “Look at how different he is from the other children, how mature and shrewd he is… What were we doing when we were just seven years old? What was King Nuven doing when he was seven years old?”

“Hmm,” the old Kaslan stared at the tavern door while he slowly said, “The gaze of this child is indeed different from the others.” He could not see any sign of reverence or nervousness in that child’s eyes. There was only interest and curiosity filled within them.

There were also an enigmatic confidence and resoluteness in his eyes, as if he had never been wavered before. This was not the gaze a terrified child thousands of miles away from home should have.

“This is the opponent Eckstedt must face next… I am almost certain that when he grows up, he will definitely become a powerful enemy of Eckstedt.” Kentvida curved his lips and tapped the counter. “But unfortunately, the archduke cannot attack him directly.”

“Since when have we Northlanders become cowards who are afraid of seven-year-old children and scheme against them?” Kaslan said disdainfully in a deep voice, “To maintain a country in conspiracy and fear… This is something only the Empire would do when it is in turmoil.”

“Of course,” Archduke Lampard’s adviser said softly, “For this, we need a better king, not an old, incompetent person who takes credit without doing anything, and not a hot-blooded youngster still wet behind the ears either.”

“Hmph.” Kaslan snatched up two wine glasses and placed them in the window to the back kitchen. “So Chapman Lampard is really a good candidate?”

“I believe you love Eckstedt, the Dragon nation, very much.” Kentvida gazed intently at him. “Even though King Nuven removed you from the White Blade Guards.”

“Hey!” The old man seemed particularly displeased with that statement, “Nuven did not remove me! I was the one who chose to leave!”

Kentvida stayed quiet and only stared at the old man.

‘Is that true?’

After a few seconds, he slowly asked, “So, do you still disagree?”

“Ha!” Kaslan shook his head in derision. “I am only a tavern owner, what matter can I agree to?”

“‘Ground-Shaker Kaslan’, as the previous leader of the White Blade Guards, your reputation is still spread among them. Your story is still being sung and passed around the Thirty-Eighth Sentry Ground to this day,” Kentvida said languidly, “We only need one word from you…”

“Why? You want me to use my influence and contacts to convince my former subordinates to side with Chapman?” Kaslan gave out a snort of laughter in disdain.

“I believe you will make the choice that benefits Eckstedt most.” Kentvida had a calm expression on his face, but his gaze was sharp and penetrating when he stared at the old Kaslan with fixed eyes. “Kaslan Lampard… You are, after all, the archduke’s uncle.”

Kaslan raised his head abruptly.

“You are also the White Blade Guards’ most famous commander since Eckstedt was established,” Kentvida said faintly.

“In the approaching storm, it is inevitable that you will be unable to retain your values and righteousness.”

‘Of course, maybe not only to ‘convince your former subordinates’, maybe you will need to take it a step further,’ Kentvida thought to himself, ‘After all, the White Blade Guards are the king’s personal guards, and they are in tasked with safety of the Common-Elected King of Eckstedt—’

“Do you know what this reminds me of?” Kaslan interrupted his thoughts.

Kentvida curved his lips up politely and gave him a smile. The old man stared back at him coldly.

“Quiso Lampard was asked by the empire to convince the people of his hometown to cooperate with the empire, to pay their taxes obediently, and to not resist anymore. If I say no, is that Chapman brat going to banish me to the Reformation Tower as well?”

Kentvida furrowed his brows.

“Just go back and tell my nephew,” Kaslan said slowly but resolutely, “F*ck Lampard.”

“Alright,” Kentvida sighed and shook his head, unsurprised. “Then, you should at least be able to help with the second favor.”

Kaslan snorted coldly. “All you always care about is interest, right?”

“This time,” Kentvida narrowed his eyes, “It is about that prince.”

Kaslan put away a few more glasses again without paying any attention to the viscount.

“There is someone who wants to assassinate that prince in Eckstedt. Regardless of whether it is to frame the archduke by it, or to disrupt the situation,” Kentvida’s face darkened as he said, “They even began using a military spy lurking in our Mystic Gun unit.”

Kaslan lifted his head and said impolitely, “You know I hate dirty politics the most. I do not want to know any—”

“The following matter is relevant to you,” Kentvida interrupted in a stern voice, “The archduke sent a letter yesterday. We managed to investigate and find some clues about the military spy from the black market but we got cut off halfway by someone.”

“Does it concern me?” Kaslan said roughly.

“Those people who cut off our clues were using Tower of Eradication’s sword style, and a very different type of Power of Eradication!” Kentvida said in a low voice, as if he was talking about a secret. “But they were definitely not people from the Tower of Eradication.”

“Go on.” The old man was becoming serious. “What Power of Eradication?”

“I knew you would be concerned about this,” Kentvida said sharply, “This is what you had mentioned a very long time ago—that hysterical and uncontrollable Power of Eradication. I remember that you are still working for the Tower of Eradication…”

“Only to return a favor to Shao,” Kaslan revealed a reminiscence in his gaze, “After all, I have already graduated years ago…”

But he immediately stared seriously at Kentvida. “What else?”

“The supra class Swordswoman of Eradication who works under us, Kroesch… do you still remember her? She is the daughter of your comrade, that strong young girl… She was seriously injured by their hand and she almost lost her life.

“She was the only one who escaped and returned.”

Kaslan clenched his hands tightly.

“The trail that we tracked down was cut off. The only lead we had left was about the strange Powers of Eradication…” Kentvida said sincerely, “We need your help… Even if it is for the Tower of Eradication and not for Lampard.

“The person who is as famous as the ‘Gray Sword Guard’, the pride of the White Blade Guards and the Tower of Eradication—’Ground-Shaker’ Kaslan Lampard.”

A few days later in the Tower of Eradication. The House of Scions lounge.

“We can be certain that the Disaster Swords have not completely inherited the Northland Military Sword Style.” One of the supreme class scions, Zedi Taffner, sat on the table and said to his student, “Even if it is very old-fashioned, it is still a sword style numerous swordsman and wizards have carefully researched… and the House of Scions has the most complete archive preservation system.

“We can start from here…”

“Alright… you can continue searching for the book here, Zedi.”

Kohen Karabeyan looked exhausted as he leaned against the table, tapped against the table leg and rubbed his red eyes, “I can’t stand this anyway… But I will remember this wonderful time—the days I sneaked into the Truth Library with my teacher every single night…”

Zedi’s face darkened suddenly.

“You are going to give up?” his teacher said moodily, “Give up on the investigation of the Disaster Sword?”

“I’m not giving up.” The blond police, Kohen, replied sourly, “But do you know how many books there are in the Truth Library? Then, I received a letter from a beautiful lady yesterday…” Kohen ignore Zedi’s sour expression and yawned, “I have to return a favor.”

‘Jala. This is her name…’ Kohen touched the letter at his bosom and curved his lips up into a smile. ‘That cool dual sword-wielding girl.’

But right at that moment, a strict and cold, old voice came from behind the teacher-and-student pair. “Zedi Taffner. Kohen Karabeyan.”

Both Zedi and Kohen jolted at the same time!

Zedi leaped off the table awkwardly, stumbled, and fell gracelessly on the ground gracelessly.

Kohen sprang from the ground nervously and hit his head on the table.

The two of them were flustered. One rubbed his knee with his face scrunched up, while another touched his scalp and grimaced.

They stood up with much difficulty and tried their best to stand straight. They showed their most submissive and friendly smiles as they looked towards the gray-haired old man from the Far East who appeared out of nowhere, a sword hanging from his waist, and an ice-cold expression on his face.

“Ah! Shao! When did you return? They all said that you went to the Sharp Blade Valley to inspect…” Zedi Taffner had a huge smile on his face as he bowed respectfully with clasped hands.

“Great Master Shao! Master Shao! Ah, I planned to see you first for during this visit. I even brought some of Constellation’s local specialties, just for you…” the Constellation police officer and captain of the city defense team, Kohen Karabeyan, was rubbing his hands with an obsequious look on his face. But the gray-haired old man, Shao, ignored their smiles.

“The table in the lounge is not for dancing.” Shao glared at Zedi and his ingratiating expression. Zedi’s smile became increasingly awkward because of Shao’s cold and strict tone, “A scion must set a good example!”

“Of course, of course.” Zedi Taffner nodded with modest sincerity.

Then, he turned towards Kohen. The latter was trembling because he was frightened by Shao’s stern face. “Since there is a chair, you do not have to sit on the ground.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Kohen listened seriously and solemnly to his instruction.

Both Zedi and Kohen continuously nodded with a smile on their faces, and they appeared to be very respectful.

What a joke, this was the tower master of the Tower of Eradication owner, the Gray Sword Guard!

His lightest punishment for his students was a one-handed handstand for ten hours!

And the offense that deserved the lightest punishment was something like: walking with strides that were too big that showed bad deportment!

The Gray Sword Guard stared at them coldly. Zedi and Kohen stood ramrod straight.

Fortunately, in the end, Shao only snorted and did not say anything else.

The two of them secretly let out a breath of relief.

Until Shao said the next sentence slowly, “I heard that during these past few days, the two of you secretly broke into the Truth Library… many times?”

Zedi and Kohen froze in their original positions at the same time.

“Erm… hear me out,” Zedi laughed awkwardly, “Err… you were not around, you know, and Kohen found some traces about the Disaster Swords, so…”

“We are doing this for the Tower of Eradication and for the ‘Purgers’.” Kohen used the diction he had learnt from the police station and patted his chest in a righteous and rigorous manner. “We are doing this for the ‘Disaster Sword’—”

But Shao’s serious and deep voice slowly rose and interrupted them. “Very good.” The Gray Sword Guard looked serious. “Kohen Karabeyan.”

Kohen immediately straightened solemnly, his chest sticking out and his head raised.

“Make a trip to Eckstedt immediately,” Shao said unhurriedly, “There is an old friend named Kaslan who requires some help.”

“Huh? Kaslan?” It was Zedi who spoke up. He stared at Shao in astonishment. “Do you mean that Northland drunkard who used his sword like an axe?”

Shao turned to him. His chilly gaze forced Zedi to stay quiet.

“But…” Kohen rubbed his head awkwardly. “I have to go back to Constellation to help my friend first…”

“Do you remember Kroesch? She was in the same year as you,” Shao said in a deep voice, “She was hurt by the Disaster Sword… there is a huge possibility that she might never be able to use a sword for the rest of her life.”

Kohen lifted his head with a stupefied expression. ‘Kroesch…’

An image appeared in his mind of a Northland girl with a buzz cut, holding her sword while clenching her teeth under a scorching sun.

And her mouth filled with white teeth.

“Alright,” the police turned around without hesitation when he resolutely said to the two scions, “I will prepare immediately. How serious is the situation? Do I need to bring my family’s private army with me?”

“Bringing a Constellation noble’s private army into Eckstedt,” Zedi said sternly, “Is there something wrong with your brain?”

Kohen nodded in a daze.

In a deep voice, Shao said, “You are not the only one, there will be a person who will meet with you on the way there… She just recently joined the ‘Purgers’.”

Kohen was at once mystified.

Broken Dragon Fortress. The Northern Portcullis.

“Be careful on your journey. Even though Lampard has withdrawn his army, and war has not erupted… It is still Eckstedt, after all.” The Fortress Flower, Sonia Sasere, looked at the fully equipped Miranda Arunde and chuckled. “Even though I really want to recommend for you to bring along the private army of the Arunde Family…”

“This is the border between the two countries,” Miranda said softly, “it is impossible to bring troops across it.”

‘Not to mention… Arunde…’

Miranda squeezed her black gloves, and at the same time, clenched tightly on the white eagle symbol on her sleeve.

The Fortress Flower saw her subordinate’s look and sighed. “It is also a good thing to hide away for some time. After all, your uncles and brothers from the Arunde Family are really annoying…”

Miranda bit her lip and said nothing.

“I am not doing this to hide,” she said faintly.

Sonia held her subordinate’s shoulders helplessly. “Alright, you are doing this to help a friend, right?”

Miranda patted the white sword hilt at her waist lightly and nodded.

Kroesch. That girl who would never give up.

“We studied under the same teacher,” the daughter of Duke Arunde said quietly, “When times are difficult for her, I must be by her side.”

‘I already have very few things left in the world. I have to treasure them properly.’

Miranda recalled from her memory that brisk and bright figure dressed in white with his endlessly happy and optimistic tone.

Her lips curved up into a smile involuntarily. She turned around and stepped on the stirrup.

“Do not be worry, commanding officer, I am not some helpless kitten. Also, I am not fighting alone. An old friend will go with me. I will return once the matter is resolved.” Miranda Arunde sat astride on the horse and nodded to Sonia

She swung her steed and rode it out through the fortress’ portcullis.

Sonia watched Miranda’s disappearing figure, and the faintly discernible white eagle symbol on her back. She then sighed, ‘Are you really not doing this to hide?’