Chapter 128 - The Born King (Two)

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Chapter 128: The Born King (Two)

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The old man’s voice slowly rose, “Just like this, the Soul Slayer will never rest until we destroy every single one of our enemies or until the Waltons are practically wiped out.

“But if that time arrives, I swear on the kings of past dynasties that the world will also come to an end.”

The old man’s voice trailed off softly, but Thales could sense that the five archdukes by his left and right were shifting around either naturally or unnaturally in the dark.

“I believe that this is a great weapon, but solely relying on destruction and vengeance is probably not possible to display its glory,” Thales said somewhat meaningfully, “Since it was once held in the hands of such a mighty person, surely Raikaru’s wisdom, valiance, personality and glory are also reasons behind the greatness of the Soul Slayer Pike.”

According to plan, an expected conflict would happen between Nuven and Thales.

The hunter’s trap would then be laid out at that time.

The old man did not reply.

Even though Thales knew that this was all acting, he still twitched the corner of his lips in awkwardness.

The atmosphere was very tense.

In that instant, Thales could relate to what the suzerains thought of when they stared at Kessel back in Constellation.

“No one knows. A lonely king who completely lacks apprehension… What exactly would he do…” The scene of Koshder, the One-Eyed Dragon’s forceful abdication in the Hall of Stars was still vivid in Thales’ mind.

Thales suddenly started to feel anxious for no reason.

He gulped a little, controlled himself from being nervous, which started to become easier after he gained energy from that fluctuation, and gave his greetings respectfully in his original position. At the same time, he recited the script he had practiced before, enunciating each word clearly, “I, Thales Jadestar, the Second Prince of Constellation, on behalf of my father, the thirty-ninth Supreme King of Constellation of the Southern Islands and the Western Deserts, King Kessel Jadestar, am honored to pay a visit to the glorious Eckstedt, as well as the honorable Dragon Clouds City, and visit the equally prestigious and renowned Archduke of Dragon Clouds City…

“Who is also the ruler of Eckstedt, the compelling, common-elected king…

“The Born King, King Nuven Walton.”

This was the nickname given to Nuven the Seventh. It was not used by many, but it was widely known by the people.

He gained this nickname because it was frequently said that he had already showed leadership qualities when he was young.

Almost like he was born to be king.

Thales lifted his torso and looked at the old man’s cold, unchanging expression. His brows were tightly furrowed together. After taking in a deep breath, Thales slowly said, “My father and I both deeply understand your loss and sorrow.

“He entrusted me to represent the Jadestar Family in expressing his deepest apology towards you as well as the Walton Family, and to express his grievance towards Prince Moriah’s misfortune.”

This was a grudge between the two families, not between the two countries. He had to at least make this clear—it was what Putray had reminded him before.

“But he believes in your moral conduct and ability. He believes that you will make the best choice in this matter. The Jadestar Family is willing to provide every possible help to remedy and bear the tragic consequence.

“And I am here,” Thales said, “to bring forward the Jadestar Family’s most peaceful and friendly message.”

Now, he had to wait for a reply from the receiving party.

What came after was silence.

For a moment, Thales could only hear the dull noise of the braziers and the cold wind outside the stone hall.

Five pairs of eyes were fixated motionlessly on him.

And the old man, who was the only person with the right to reply him was also very still and his green eyes were dim as ever.

Just when he felt like a century had passed, the Common-Elected King of Eckstedt and the Archduke of Dragon Clouds City, the Born King, King Nuven the Seventh finally took slow breath and lifted his head in a manner befitting a king. His face was worn and exhausted when he looked at Thales.

“I am very old.

“I am only slightly younger than your grandfather, King Aydi of Constellation, but I do not have as many children as him,” Nuven sighed and spoke very slowly, making others feel the eerie coldness in his tone. “I only had my eldest son when I was thirty years old.

“And Moriah… was the child I had when I was over forty years old.

“I still remember, when he was your age, he once leaned against my seat. He begged me to let him go out of the palace and hunt with the help of the White Blade Guards.”

King Nuven’s expression was numb while his eyes revealed his complicated remembrance and sorrow.

“I always laughed when I assented.

“But after his older brother passed away, I became very scrupulous.” Nuven narrowed his eyes and slowly shook his head. “I could not let him sustain even a tiny bit of harm anymore… I could not…

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“But my rationality still told me,” King Nuven straightened his body and he moved closer in Thales’ direction as he said, “children had to grow by being tempered by hardships.”

There was silence for more than ten seconds.

The breathing of the archdukes from both sides of the room were the only audible sounds.

Thales’ rationality told him, ‘Even if this is just acting, Nuven’s current mood is absolutely not fake. I better not open my mouth.

‘If this is all Nuven’s plan…’

Finally, King Nuven exhaled. He closed his eyes and said slowly, “The day before I sent him down south, Moriah told me that he had a lover, but her background was not good.

“So he came to beg for my help, hoping that I would permit and bless their marriage.

“I was not too happy…”

King Nuven leaned against the back of his chair in dejection. “Do you know what I said to him?”

As usual, an inauspicious premonition enveloped Thales’ heart.

He comforted himself. ‘Everything is under King Nuven’s control.’

“I said…”

King Nuven opened his eyes and stared at his opened right palm. Then, in an apathetic and cold manner, he said, “We will talk about that after you come back.

“I said it that way…”

King Nuven’s voice started to tremble without him realising and the few archdukes turned towards their king with an unreadable expression. “I will wait for you… to come back…”

In the next instant, King Nuven suddenly clenched his right fist and smashed it upon the long table.

Thales was too scared to even breathe as he silently watched a father, who had just lost his son expressing his sadness in an incomparably genuine manner.

“He was my only remaining son…” The old man’s expression became dull and obscure.

“I should be able to witness his transformation into a real man and warrior. Then, before I die, I should be able to hand over my position, my fortune, my power, my everything to him… to Moriah.” Nuven the Seventh’s tone seemed to be remorseful and desperate.

“But now, I can only sit here and listen to a brat’s hypocritical apology.” King Nuven’s tone became increasingly dull, but the atmosphere became increasingly odd. “Listen to him saying: ‘I am very sorry that your son died on our territory.’

“And there is nothing I can do about it.”

Thales’ heart sank.

‘Things were still alright earlier on, but the direction in which this situation is heading…

‘Is the rough part coming?’

He secretly reminded himself of this.

The old king let out a long sigh. It was evident that his sorrowful mood had made the archdukes somewhat uncomfortable. They were visibly looking at each other and exchanging quick glances.

“Why?” Nuven lifted his head. He furrowed his brows and continued in a deep voice, “Because I am a king.

“Because I am almost seventy years old, because I am carrying a family on my shoulders, because I have to maintain the equilibrium of this country…

“Because once I do anything to this child, I have to pay the price of starting a full-blown war where I will have to fight to my last breath…”

Thales’ expression changed and he said with a soft voice, “Your Majesty, I sincerely bring forward Constellation and Jadestar’s—”


However, Nuven did not give Thales a chance to speak. Instead, he interrupted him with a cold, apathetic tone. “Believe me, when you are my age and your only son gets slaughtered out in the wild like livestock…

“You will discover that there is nothing…

“More genuine than that hatred and rage.”

One after another, the archdukes awkwardly adjusted their sitting postures, but not a single one of them voiced up.

“Especially when facing all of this… As a king, I cannot even do anything.”

Thales quickly adjusted his own breathing and thought about how to respond.

‘How will King Nuven utilize this situation to set the trap and lure out that secret co-conspirator?

‘Nicholas and Shiles did not say much about that.’

He turned his gaze towards the five archdukes who hid their faces in the dark.

‘Who is it?’

“Do you know that your father is very smart to let you come forward and apologize? He is using this method to protect you and at the same time, eliminate the threat of war.” King Nuven raised his left hand in the air and clenched it tightly into a fist. His voice was still trembling, but it was already beginning to sound calmer.

“Nonetheless, he is humiliating me, humiliating a father’s dignity, mocking my powerlessness…

“Sending the son he had just found to another father who had just lost his son.

“Is that an apology?”

The king’s expression was cold but indifferent and Thales was feeling increasingly scared.

‘This is not right.

‘This is obviously acting, yes,’ Thales took in the atmosphere around him and tried hard to steady his own breathing. He repeated to himself again and again, ‘Everything is just as Nicholas and Shiles had said…

‘King Nuven will be very tough on me…

‘Even somewhat… cruel.

‘What I have to do is only…’

Right at this moment, a clear metallic noise caught Thales’ attention.

“Your Majesty!”

An archduke who was nearest to the king cried out in surprise.

With a cold expression, King Nuven had apparently pulled out a saber from the archduke’s waist!

Thales took a deep, cold breath.

‘This is not just acting… Seriously, is it necessary to go to this extent, to make use of a weapon?’

King Nuven stretched his arm.

A longsword with a crossguard was thrown from afar.

It landed on the ground right before Thales and gave out a loud clank.

The latter could not help but take a step back.

At that point, the dark figures of the almost unconcerned archdukes entered Thales’ vision.

Thales could only passively wait for King Nuven’s next move. Meanwhile, he forced himself to start thinking about the archdukes before him.

‘What are they thinking? The Prince of Constellation is facing such circumstances right now. Can they be that unresponsive?

‘Will they see through the show? After all, even though Nicholas was already previously displaying…

‘Something is wrong!’

Thales clenched his teeth and he stared in disbelief at the suzerain’s longsword beside his feet. The sword had precious rubies embedded in it.

‘Something has to be wrong.’

Right at this moment.

An extremely important question that he had never thought of from the beginning suddenly flashed through Thales’ mind:

‘Nicholas and Shiles, these two people who told me about King Nuven’s wish to collaborate.

‘One of them is the Head of the White Blade Guards while the other is King Nuven’s firm partner in trade.

‘But are they… purely of service for King Nuven?

‘If I think about it from a more terrifying perspective, are they really even on Nuven the Seventh’s side?’

Thales’ heart turned cold.

‘If they aren’t…

‘Then, Nuven’s so-called “proposal” previously…

‘The so-called trap… so-called hunting…’

When he thought of that, Thales’ clenched left fist trembled uncontrollably.

‘But that’s… unlikely, right?’

“You have come forward to apologize?” Under the watchful gazes of all the archdukes, Nuven the Seventh calmly lifted his head. “You are indeed brave.

“Now let us see how brave you really are.” King Nuven stared at him without any emotions on his face.

“A sincere apology should not just stop at words, of course.”

Thales suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Marquis Shiles’ words rang in his ears once again:

“King Nuven’s treatment towards you may be a little… cruel.”

‘A little cruel?’

The next second, the following words undoubtedly came from Nuven the Seventh.

“Pick up this sword.”

Amid the archdukes’ different reactions, King Nuven’s face was visibly cold as he enunciated each word clearly.

“Slit your own throat.”

In that instant, Thales stared at Nuven’s gaze, which was filled with hatred and anger. His mind just went blank.