Chapter 131 - The Strange Swordsman

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Chapter 131: The Strange Swordsman

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Thales followed Mirk while they toured around the imposing, yet repetitive layout of Heroic Spirit Palace.

To avoid the five archdukes’ ears, they finally arrived before an open-air observation tower. Thales saw the two people who made him grit his teeth with hatred.

“Such a calm appearance—it seems like you have adapted quite well, young prince.”

The Head of the White Blade Guards, Nicholas had already removed his cape and scarf as he stood with his back against the scenery outside of the observation tower. With a calm expression, he looked at the Prince of Constellation, who wore an expression that indicated he was critical of Nicholas’ wrongdoings.

“If you are referring to the fact that I was almost forced to use a sword, which I could not even lift to kill myself by slitting my throat in front of six old men…” Thales let out a long puff of air and said resentfully, “Then, yes, I am getting by quite well.”

“Old men? I remember Archduke Poffret of the Beacon Illumination City still being very young. He can’t be considered old.” Nicholas chuckled lightly like he was making fun of Thales, which made Thales even more resentful.

“I’m starting to feel a little suspicious. Was what you conveyed, really King Nuven’s aspiration?” Full of anger, Thales stared at the two people with a hostile expression. “Perhaps ‘my life’ was not within his consideration at all!”

Marquis Shiles of Camus looked slightly embarrassed. “About that, I did remind you before that King Nuven’s attitude would possibly be a little… tough and cruel…”

Thales suddenly turned his head around and stared at him.

“Alright, His Majesty is not just tough, he is also a little bit, umm…” Under Thales’ angry glare, Shiles rubbed the staff in his hand and smiled awkwardly. After pondering for a moment, he finally found two more suitable words and he blinked his eyes as he said, “Wild and untrammelled?”

Thales took a deep breath and with great difficulty, he resisted the urge to yell at Shiles.

“If we encounter matters like this in the future, before you push me into some deadly trap, just tell me in standard, common language without any Northland or Western accents, and communicate with the usual rhetoric…” Thales stared at the two of them with a cold gaze and enunciated each word clearly when he said, “Is this how you treat your collaborator and alliance? Also…

“Forcing a seven-year-old child to kill himself… Is there any glory in that?”

Nicholas and Shiles exchanged glances. The former did not have any changes in his facial expression, whereas the latter propped up his staff and bowed lightly in a polite manner.

“Forced? Glory? I think you’ve misunderstood.” Marquis Shiles sighed and he immediately turned serious. “From the beginning till the end, the archdukes only discussed about killing you as well as the advantages and consequences of the act. As for the method and whether it went against their idea of glory, it was merely how a chef served his dishes; it did not really matter.”

Thales furrowed his brows tightly. “So, you already knew what circumstance I would face from the start?”

“As for being a seven-year-old and a child,” Shiles said with a solemn expression, “I believe, you are probably aware…

“Due to your reputation and performance, no one dares to treat you like a normal seven-year-old child. Not only that…

“You are in Eckstedt, and in the eyes of many, you are a symbol—the ‘Heir of Constellation’.” The Marquis of Camus took a deep breath and he was lost in thought as he stared at the floor tiles of Heroic Spirit Palace. “That is far more important than your age, your inner quality, your reputation, and even more important than your own being.

“No one cares if you are a child.”

Filled with complicated feelings, Thales twitched his face and could not help but laugh out loud.

‘These politicians.’

“Stop acting like a girl who feels wronged, young prince.” Nicholas crossed his arms and snorted coldly. “Guts and courage are a Northlander’s most admired inner qualities. If you can’t even pass the first stage…

“You know, not everyone has the qualifications to be in an alliance with the king.”

Thales clenched his teeth tightly.

Then, the second prince sneered. “Hey, this way of testing if someone is qualified for an alliance is truly rare.”

“As it should be.” Nicholas shrugged and lowered his head to peer at the Prince of Constellation. His eyes glinted with exotic colors. “Welcome to Northland.”

The three of them stayed silent for a few seconds.

“So, did Nuven find his enemy? That co-conspirator and person who framed Lampard?” Thales tried his best to calm down.

“He is also your enemy.” Marquis Shiles smiled lightly. “Since you’ve already met the king for the first time and the first step of the trap is completed, our follow-up plan shall—”

“There will be no follow-up,” Thales said faintly.

Shiles and Nicholas were both stunned.

Thales lifted his head and the anger in his eyes had transformed into determination.

‘I absolutely cannot do things according to their rules.


Serena Corleone and Chapman Lampard’s figures flashed before his eyes.

‘…I won’t even know when I’ve been betrayed.’

“Nuven’s plan ends here.” Thales heard himself enunciating each word clearly and with repressed emotions, he said, “I am not that old man’s toy for him to manipulate.”

Shiles had a very unpleasant smile upon hearing this.

“What do you mean?” Nicholas’ gaze became increasingly colder.

“Listen, if Nuven wants my help, then he better respect my aspirations and my life!” Thales said in resolution and he did not fall back when he confronted Nicholas’ violent gaze. “For the following matter, you have to do as I say.”

The Head of the White Blade Guards shut his mouth and exhaled roughly from his nose.

“Now is not the time for you to get into a huff, young prince.” Nicholas narrowed his eyes slightly. His gaze showed his eerie coldness and his tone was creepy. “Do not forget that you are in Eckstedt’s Dragon Clouds City. You are away from your father, the king and your attendants are not by your side.

“Plus, Heroic Spirit Palace is very dangerous. There are a lot of supernatural stories about life-threatening events that happened here.” Nicholas’ eyes were basically burning into him.

“I cannot do anything about that. After all, I am only seven years old,” Thales disregarded the consequences, and was determined to take the initiative into his own hands. “You know, if I accidently lose my life here, you—”

Nicholas cut him off coldly. “We have numerous ways to fix a disobedient child without harming his life.

“Also, do not forget…” Nicholas turned his head sideways and revealed the uniquely-shaped sword hilt on his back. He was not subtle when he threatened Thales. “I am very good in dealing with people whose last name is ‘Jadestar’, especially people like ‘the second prince’.”

Thales secretly gritted his teeth.

“Are you really that pleased with yourself that twelve years ago, you killed the Sword of Reversing Light on the battlefield?” In Shiles’ eyes, the second prince had refuted in a rude manner. “I have seen the battlefield and I know that… he collapsed from the eleven wounds on his body. You are only one of the few hundred people who besieged him and it was just a coincidence that you struck the final blow.

“Compared to forcing a seven-year-old child to kill himself, your glorious military successes were not any better too.”

Nicholas quietly stared at him and slowly put down his folded arms. The expression on his face slowly changed from menacing to one with an intent to kill.

“Alright, alright.” Marquis Shiles promptly walked between the two of them and smiled as he tried to resolve the dispute. “As allies, we should not break our promise before we achieve our goal… This is not a good way to make a deal.”

“Maybe King Nuven should find another ally,” Thales replied coldly. “The type that can give away one’s life for him at any time.”

“This is not Constellation, where you can boss people around, brat of the Empire,” Nicholas mocked. “You better be clear on this.

“You must carefully do as we say—”

“How about this!” The second prince cut off Nicholas.

Before Nicholas’ intimidating look, Thales broke into laughter, but this did not last long as his expression instantly turned cold. “I will find those five archdukes and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them.”

Shiles furrowed his brows.

“Imagine this: King Nuven is currently looking for the murderer who killed his son behind the scenes, and all of you are on his list of possibilities…”

Nicholas and Shiles’ expression slowly changed.

Before Nicholas’ murderous gaze and Shiles’ tightly furrowed eyebrows, Thales threatened them slightly and said,

“No matter who he confirms to be the murderer, Nuven will skin that person alive.

“Then, what will that result in? That’s right, the real murderer will become even more vigilant and Nuven’s vengeance will fail—unless he wants to get rid of all five archdukes at once.

“The next day, the murderer will go back to his own territory and continue to be at large, his hatred only becoming deeper.

“Then, in eight or ten years, just wait for Nuven to pass away, wait for the King Selection Congress, and wait for the new common-elected king to be crowned…”

Thales narrowed his eyes. “I truly wish the Walton Family the best of luck. I am very much looking forward to representing Constellation in the future and establishing a good diplomatic relationship with the new king, as well as support him and the archdukes in handling Eckstedt’s internal affairs.

“Such as conferring the heirless Dragon Clouds City to another ruling family.”

Nicholas and Shiles’ expression became increasingly sour.

“So, it is in your best interest to respect the future Supreme King of Constellation, Northlanders.” Thales snorted. “Using your words…’carefully do as I say’…”

Thales seemed to be at ease now as he raised his right forefinger in a rude manner and pointed it up in the air; he then said some words that turned the Head of the White Blade Guards pale, “Also, do not call me citizen of the Empire. Every time you remind me of that, I always feel like I am not in Eckstedt, but in the great Empire’s…

“Northland Province.”

The Prince of Constellation ignored the two of them as well as their ‘interesting’ facial expressions as he turned around and left.

“What are you looking at?”

On a street in Armor District, Miranda turned over to ask Kohen.

“Nothing.” Kohen shifted his gaze away from the alley and mumbled to himself, “I saw a strange man in the alley, and there were two swords fastened by his waist…”

“Swords?” Miranda appeared serious. “Is he our target? What does he look like?”

“He looks like… I didn’t pay much attention earlier.” Kohen scratched his head desperately and wrinkled his brows. “I can’t remember his face…”

Miranda sighed. “Be more alert. Big Leather Belt said that there’s been some new faces here recently.”

‘Just like us.’

The two of them passed a street corner and came before an unfrequented butcher’s shop.

“Umm… are you the owner here?” Kohen knocked on the big wooden window of the butcher’s shop and asked the busy Far Easterner inside, “Mister… Gu?”

The Far Easterner, who was chopping meat slowly raised his head.

‘Medium build with smooth brows, straight hair and black eyes. He’s no different from the Far Easterners in Constellation.’ Kohen thought.

The Far Easterner glanced at the both of them and then lowered his head again to handle his meat.

Kohen was momentarily stunned and he continued to say, “Hey—”

However, the Far Easterner spoke directly and killed the words in Kohen’s mouth.

“One silver coin for the Inner City, two for city perimeter, one more silver coin for the upper three districts, add another silver coin if it’s related to nobles and officials.” The owner of the butcher shop, Gu chopped up a big bone on his chopping board and said proficiently, “Add two more silver coins for counts and above. As for archdukes, the king and the temple, the rate starts from two gold coins.”

“What?” Kohen appeared confused.

On the other hand, Miranda looked at Gu’s chopping board thoughtfully.

“For the price of information,” Gu did not even lift his head when he spoke the common language in his unique Northland accent, “there’ll be no bargains.”

“Huh?” Kohen furrowed his brows. “One silver coin?”

Gu wiped his hands and shifted his dull gaze to the two of them. “If you’ve offended the temple or the king, get lost immediately. Don’t bring me bad luck.”

Kohen’s face was filled with doubts when he asked, “Why five gold coins for merchants? Why is the price for them higher than nobles? After all—”

The next moment, Gu lifted his right hand and stopped Kohen from speaking.

Then, without batting an eyelid, the owner of the butcher shop quietly extended his left hand and flattened it, so that his palm was facing upwards.

Once again, Kohen was bewildered.

But before Kohen could respond or reply, Miranda reached out and removed the wallet from Kohen’s waist.

“We want to ask about an incident that recently happened in this district. Two groups of swordsmen once fought here…” Under Kohen’s resentful gaze, Miranda seemed to be pleased with herself as she took out a Northland gold coin—a small metallic disk that was engraved with Raikaru’s portrait and a dragon.

‘That’s the money I exchanged with Kaslan.’ Kohen rolled his eyes.

Miranda calmly loosened her two fingers and the gold coin fell onto Gu’s palm.

“You seem like generous and lavish foreign customers.” Gu narrowed his eyes and raised the gold coin on his hand. He then flicked the edge of the coin and whistled. “If this is only for information… For your information, I do not give change.”

“Treat the extra as tips.” Miranda did not change her tone and her gaze was sharp. “As long as it’s worth the money.”

Kohen stared at the gold coin, wide-eyed and then back at Miranda. His eyes were full of disbelief.

‘Do you know how to count, My Lady?!’

Gu chuckled lightly, but his next words surprised the both of them. “No.”

Miranda furrowed her brows tightly. “What do you mean?”

“The information you want. The fight between the swordsmen; I’ve never heard of it.” Gu shook his head.

“But for the sake of the gold coin, you can change the question.”

Miranda turned and pondered.

“In that case, are there any new and strange swordsmen roaming about nearby?” Kohen recalled what he saw earlier and muttered, “Right, I think I saw a swordsman with two swords…”

Gu’s gaze suddenly froze.

‘Strange swordsman.’

‘Could it be you?’

“Also no.” Gu calmly kept the gold coin and lowered his head to continue his work on the matter at hand. “Alright, you’ve used up your quota. Both of you may leave now.”

The two of them were simultaneously stunned.

The police officer and the young woman could not fathom the situation as they exchanged glances.

Miranda’s eyes were filled with resentment, while Kohen just spread his hands.

‘An exchange of equal value… Looks like this principle isn’t practiced in all places.’

“You—” Just as Miranda was about to voice up, she was pulled back and interrupted by Kohen.

The blond police blew a puff of air and laughed.

At the next second, Kohen smashed his fist into the shop’s window frame.

Gu raised his head and stared at him in a hostile manner.

“I know. In a lot of places where intense situations go on, they all have a rule. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the battlefield, in pubs or in shops.” Kohen’s lips curled into a smile as he looked at Gu, who appeared cold and callous. However, Kohen’s face was filled with sincerity. “It’s called ‘the first lesson’, right?”

Gu did not speak. He only stared at him quietly.

“Newcomers and foreigners always get played during the first time. They end up losing some money and learning a lesson.” Kohen lightly tapped on the window frame.

“At the same time, you get to explore the newcomer’s background. Those who are strong and have powerful backgrounds would save face, then forgive and forget,” Kohen shut his eyes and nodded as he said, “While those who are weak would count their losses and be more polite the next time around.”

Kohen tilted his head, leaned next the window and put on a smile.

He imitated Gu’s manner from a moment ago and whistled.

“So, those who act as owners usually have a good ability in making judgments.

“You can’t afford to go wrong.”

Miranda watched Kohen acting like an old ruffian and chuckled quietly in her heart.

‘He’s learned quite a few things from the Western Frontlines.’

“Oh?” Gu narrowed his eyes and smiled. “So, do you have powerful strength or strong and powerful support?”

“Maybe we have both?” Kohen sighed helplessly and flashed the saber by his waist. “Since you’ve already received the money…”

Gu sneered and shook his head. “I already gave you an answer.”

“That is not an answer we are satisfied with. You are being perfunctory,” Miranda said with a cold voice. “We do not wish to use force in doing this.”

Gu raised his eyebrows.

He could tell from their movements that the both of them were ruthless characters.

‘The man is probably a warrior, who’s skilled in direct attacks and battlefield techniques. As for the woman…

‘Strange, I cannot make it out.

‘Those fellows along the streets are not blind. Despite that, the thieves, child beggars and swindlers do not dare to touch them.


“I will repeat my words. We are looking for a group of strange swordsmen about the level of supra class.” Kohen smiled. “They have relations with the firearms black market and they are very cruel in their actions. Compared to the average swordsman… they are probably slightly stronger.”

Gu took a breath and exhaled lightly.

‘A group of strange swordsmen.

‘I almost thought that they were here to find you…

‘Black Sword.’

In the next moment, the Far Easterner wore a helpless smile before Miranda and Kohen.

“Regarding transactions of the black market, Vlad is more familiar than me. But that group of people you want to find…

“Alright.” Gu laughed and simultaneously pulled up the bone knife from the chopping board.

“There are indeed a few strange people here… They’re bad tempered and they stay away from strangers…

“The type of people who hold swords and use the Power of Eradication…”

Miranda and Kohen exchanged glances with each other.