Chapter 145 - The Wait

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Chapter 145: The Wait

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Kohen exhaled. ‘From the very beginning until now, he hasn’t understood a thing.

‘Even the police officers have started doubting themselves.’

He made up his mind that no matter what the couple of cheaters said, it would not stop him from forcing them to cease their guessing games. They caused him to feel depressed and isolated, even though such scenarios often occurred in the Tower of Eradication.

“So, do you want to tell us the truth or not?” Kohen said grumpily. “The Disaster Sword? The Secret Intelligence Department? What about the reason for your presence?”

Raphael looked at him with a subtle gaze.

“Hey! I wouldn’t mind joining hands with Miranda to finish you off…” Kohen subconsciously patted his saber.

Looking at Kohen’s expression, Raphael faintly smiled.

The young man, who was wearing a white shirt resumed talking in his typical optimistic tone, “You know, Kohen, I’ve always envied you.”

“You have such a simple world, a simple mentality… Just simple happiness.

“It is as lovely as a story in a knight’s novel.”

Kohen stared at him blankly.

‘A knight’s novel…’

Kohen’s brows were scrunched together. ‘This guy really knows when to insult someone!’

Looking at Miranda’s smiling expression, Raphael’s eyes began to twitch.

Following that, he smiled too.

A wave of familiarity surged in Kohen’s heart.

Everything harked back to the time when the three of them were still in the tower.

“Remember, keep a low profile and stay hidden.” Raphael slowly turned around and whispered, “Find a good hideout. Stop being concerned about people like him.”

The next moment, Raphael’s shadow disappeared into the small alleyway outside.

Kohen’s expression changed. He was about to go after Raphael, but Miranda grabbed his arm and held him back.

Miranda looked down and faintly said, “Kohen! Stop chasing him already.”

Kohen looked at Miranda in disbelief.

“You’re just going to let him leave like that?” The police officer indignantly raised his arms into the air and said, “It’s our first time meeting in three years and you’re not going to ask about a thing? Not even about the Disaster Sword?”

Miranda did not raise her head or look in the direction where Raphael had disappeared. She absentmindedly said, “There’s no need to ask anymore. He definitely still carries out missions for the Secret Intelligence Department.”

The voice of Arunde’s daughter became softer and softer as she said, “Furthermore, I wasn’t the one who ‘made him leave’.”

Kohen looked at the swordswoman, feeling puzzled

“I…” Miranda sighed.

“I can’t beat him anymore.”

In a daze, he stared at the swordswoman, the Chief Seed of the Tower of Eradication’s Eight Seeds. She had her head hung low.

‘Something’s not right.’

Kohen noticed that somewhere along the lines, Miranda’s supposedly braided, black hair had gotten loose.

When he remembered something, Kohen was shocked by his own thoughts.

He looked down and found Miranda’s hair tie under the moonlight.

It was already broken.

The incision was neat and flat, like it was cut by a sword.

Kohen’s expression changed immediately.

‘This was… when Raphael and Miranda battled for the first time…’

Kohen looked at Miranda in disbelief. “Raphael held back… just now?”

Battles between swordsmen had always been unpredictable.

It may have been easy to kill a swordsman.

But to spare one meant that there had to be at least one party who possessed beyond superb swordsmanship and control of the situation.

The thing was… Kohen clearly remembered, although Raphael came in second in their comprehensive assessment, when it came to one-on-one battles, he was one of the bottom threes among the Eight Seeds.

Miranda was speechless.

Kohen gasped arduously. As he looked at the hair tie on the floor, he came to a realization that his old friend had become a stranger.

In confusion, Kohen said, “Miranda, that final story you told about the knight and the princess… What did it mean?”

Miranda remained silent for a few seconds.

“Hmm, Kohen, as a family member the Sword of the Twin Towers and son of the Karabeyan Family, your historical knowledge is really below average,” Miranda said as she forced a bitter smile.

‘Okay then.’

He could only admit it.

However, he was without a doubt unfamiliar with the history regarding the Chronicles of Constellation’s Kings! Was that not the job of historians?

Shaking her head, Miranda silently explained as she kept her gaze on the ground, “The knight’s name is Camelot Karlose, and that princess, his enemy’s daughter, eventually became his wife.”

“Such a risqué scenario!”

Kohen furrowed his brows. “Wait a minute… Camelot, isn’t that name a little familiar?”

Miranda ignored him and continued with her story.

“After that, the knights fought for twenty years. They suppressed the awful chaos of war and brought peace, resulting in the establishment of their ideal nation.”

Kohen’s brows were furrowed even tighter

‘Suppressed the awful chaos of war…

‘Resulting in the establishment of the ideal nation…’

“Because of the magnitude and remarkability of his merits, even the pastor of Bright God Church couldn’t find a coronation and crowning ceremony suitable for him.” Miranda lightly laughed. She then softly said, “Hence, the knight’s wife weaved a jasmine garland with her own hands for his coronation.

“His subordinates and citizens gave him an unprecedented title…”

Miranda plainly finished by saying, “Supreme Emperor.”

In that instant, Kohen’s mouth opened as wide as ever.

“He was the first emperor in history, Great Emperor Camelot. It was he who conquered all lands and established the Ancient Empire as we know it.”

With bewilderment in his eyes, Kohen kept scratching his head.

‘Okay… Looks like his historical knowledge is indeed subpar.’

“So… Raphael meant…” Kohen hesitated.

At this moment, the unexpected happened.

Miranda suddenly turned around, after which she raised both hands and rested them on Kohen’s broad shoulders.

She hugged the police officer.

Then, she buried her face in his chest.

The weight of her whole body shifted towards Kohen.

Three seconds passed.

Kohen stared blankly at Miranda in his arms.

The next moment, he immediately recomposed himself and jumped in surprise!

‘W-W-What’s happening?

‘Miranda… The delivish, monstrous Miranda, lying in my arms…

‘This isn’t right!’

‘The script wasn’t written like this!

‘There’s a Far Eastern proverb that says, “A brother’s wife is off limits…”

‘When she comes back to her senses, I…

‘If Raphael finds out, I…’

“I’m sorry!”

The swordswoman’s words were laced with a trembling, sobbing tone. It sounded muffled as it came from Kohen’s arms.

‘Is she sobbing?’

“From now on, I’m going to treat you like a wall,” Miranda’s voice was somewhat blurred and distorted. “I need to lean here for a while.”

It seemed like she was on the verge of crying out.

Kohen lowered his head in disbelief and looked at Miranda.

The contrast between the typically strong, independent appearance of the swordswoman and the one embracing him, confessing came more as a surprise to Kohen.

He also noticed that Miranda was trembling a little while she was leaning on his arms and resting her hands on his shoulders.

“About that, Miranda,” Kohen said helplessly. He could only pat Miranda on the back awkwardly.

“It’s going to be okay. You’re the Chief Seed of the Tower of Eradication. On top of that, you’re the Deputy Duchess of the Northern Territory, Lady Miranda Arunde!

“No matter what happens, you can—”

‘Wait a minute.’

He recalled Miranda’s keen observation skills.

‘Could it be that…’

“Miranda?” Kohen said blankly, “Did you discover something during your recent battle? And as a result… your conversation with Raphael started to become strange after that.”

Miranda trembled again in his arms.

Kohen was assured of his conjecture.

“It’s Raphael, am I right? You struck his sword and uncovered something!” Recalling Raphael’s expression, Kohen clenched his jaw and asked, “Raphael… What exactly happened to him?”

Miranda began to shiver again.

A wave of sadness flowed through his heart as he gazed at Miranda’s expression.

“I can’t tell you, but…

“It was terrible.”

Following her raspy voice, the swordswoman’s head trembled faintly once more.

“Raphael… Something terrible happened to him.

“Very terrible.

“Very, very terrible.”

Heroic Spirit Palace, Hall of Heroes.

“Spit it out.” Under the glow of a fire, the long-haired Archduke Kulgon Roknee scowled. Looking at Thales, who had a peculiar expression on his face, he spoke in his typically serious tone, “What is your plan if Walton and Lampard are truly allied?”

Thales gradually opened his mouth and said a little awkwardly, “Well, actually…”

At this moment, a second set of footsteps was heard outside the stone hall.

Inside, the two of them shifted their gaze at the same time.

As the shadow moved into the hall, the third person materialized before Thales and Archduke Roknee’s eyes.

Thales stared blankly at the newcomer.

The man with the bowl cut donned a face full of doubt. The Archduke of Southern Eckstedt, Porpheus Trentida of the Reformation Tower lifted his head and looked at Roknee, then at Thales.

Trentida stared back at Roknee with a peculiar expression on his face. “My, my, Prince Thales, you did not inform me that you have invited an outsider. And the glorious, proud Roknee of all people?

“Could it be that you are also interested in such crafty plots and machinations?”

Archduke Roknee pinched his brows together as he went into deep thought.

Thales laughed in embarrassment. “Please don’t take offense…”

‘These two people?’

Another set of footsteps came from outside the hall.

Roknee and Thales exchanged glances and looked out for the newcomer.

At the sound of the feeble footsteps, the bald Archduke Lecco of Defense City in the north walked into the meeting hall cautiously.

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Thales exhaled deeply.

‘Three archdukes?’

“Hmm?” The elderly Archduke Lecco observed the three people in the room. He could not help but softly say, “It seems like things are quite lively here today?”

“It looks like someone is playing us for fools?” Trentida fixed a complex gaze on Thales. “This little Prince of Constellation promised me a private meeting…”

“You little brat…” said Archduke Roknee with a fierce expression.

Thales’ face twitched as he forced a smile. “It’s not what you think…”

“I knew there was a problem!” An obviously dissatisfied voice spread across the hall and traveled into the ears of the four people.

Thales, Roknee, Trentida and Lecco collectively turned around. Carrying heavy footsteps, the bearded Archduke of Prestige Orchid, Reybien Olsius walked into the meeting hall. His complexion was dreary.

Thales let out a deep sigh.

‘Four archdukes.’

Thales opened his eyes as he restlessly said, “Well, Your Excellencies, it looks like… you are all… very interested in the secret overturning of the Walton Royal Family!”

The four archdukes looked at each other in dismay. Instantly, they understood something.

Archduke Olsius looked at the rigid Thales with an angry expression. “I see. Little brat, you did not tell everyone the same thing, did you?”

“I really salute you.” The long-haired Archduke Roknee sighed and shook his head. “With just a few words, you have lured us all here.”

Thales took a deep breath as he bore the ill-meaning glares from the archdukes.

“Shall we wait a moment then? To complete the five of us?” Trentida sarcastically said. “Maybe that Poffret boy is on his way here?”

Just as Thales was buckling under the archdukes’ interrogation, more footsteps were heard.

The four archdukes simultaneously scowled and looked at their surroundings.

Numerous people dressed as guards and servants walked in a line into the meeting hall.

Many braziers were also lit up.

The stone hall was suddenly as bright as daytime.

A familiar ancient voice came through,

“This is just so touching.”

The elderly voice caused the four archdukes to change color at once.

“The cruel and sharp Reybien Olsius”

“The cunning Porpheus Trentida.”

“The unsmiling Kulgon Roknee.”

“And the seemingly loyal Rogers Lecco.”

“With just a little provocation, the four archdukes are now in doubt and conspiring against your king?”

“I’m not dead yet, but you impatiently eye for Eckstedt’s throne already?”

Flanked by two rows of White Blade Guards and Nicholas, Nuven Walton the Seventh walked into his meeting hall with a face of prestige as well as dignity.

The Common-Elected King of Eckstedt approached the high seat by the long table underneath the Soul Slayer Pike. He raised his head and casted his gaze on the four archdukes.

In that moment, Thales suddenly noticed that the old king still had a very tall and lofty build.

From the crowd, Marquis Shiles and Putray came forth to Thales’ side. The former plastered his typical smile across his face and nodded at him. The latter just pursed his lips as he observed everything in the hall.

The four archdukes looked at each other with different expressions, then back at King Nuven.

“Screw you, little brat.” Archduke Olsius spat. He locked his fierce gaze on Thales as he said, “Conspiring with the king… Playing us all at once?”

“What now, Your Majesty?” Roknee hardly cared as he sat on the long table. “You want to punish us for a crime, just because the four of us came to gather in the meeting hall?”

Trentida glanced at Thales with a face full of ill intentions, and it gave the latter chills that ran up his spine. “Or does that brat there want to accuse us of errant conspiracies against the throne?”

“Our entourage and guards are all up there, Your Majesty.” Archduke Lecco exhaled with a complicated expression on his face. “If you want to get rid of us, now will be an unprecedented opportunity.”

‘This is terrible.’

Thales sighed. He suddenly realized that he had apparently drawn a lot of hatred to himself.

He could only smile sheepishly and spread his arms. “Actually, this was all King Nuven’s—”

At this point, King Nuven interrupted him.

“Porpheus is not wrong.” King Nuven slowly exhaled. His fluctuating yet imposing voice echoed across the stone hall. “There’s only one thing we need to do.”

Under King Nuven’s sharp gaze, the four archdukes were all stumped for words.

The old king’s elderly yet powerful voice was the only audible thing as he slowly said, “Wait.”