Chapter 149 - Not Even Worth Half a Penny!

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Chapter 149: Not Even Worth Half a Penny!

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The following second, Archduke Poffret’s shadow moved without delay.

He started his assault from the front. He bellowed as he swung his battle axe at King Nuven.

The two big axes clashed together without unnecessary movements!

The blunt clanking of striking metal tortured the crowd’s ears.

Astonished, Thales watched the two players on the field.

Poffret gritted his teeth as the blade of his battle axe was stuck at the top of King Nuven’s axe. It slanted downwards between the edge of the blade and the tip of the sharp edge.

“Impulsive rookie.” King Nuven leaned forward steadily. His left hand gripped the joint between the axe handle and blade, while his right clutched the far end of the handle like he was holding a gun. He used the axe to hold back Poffret’s attack.

The old king resisted the other party’s attack and spoke in an icy voice, “If you had your weapon stuck like this on the battlefield, you would be dead by now.”

During their tangle, King Nuven used all his strength to push the other’s battle axe away.

“You know, this is not turning out to be a good idea, old man.” Poffret took a hefty step back, claimed his battle axe, and moved around as he searched for an opportunity to strike again.

“This is not a battlefield, this is a duel.” The young archduke circled the old king and shifted his footsteps. “There aren’t a lot of White Blade Guards around you… to protect that honorable head of yours!”

Like a veteran warrior, King Nuven followed Poffret’s movements and his blade remained targeted at the enemy.

“It’s just you and me now!”

While talking, Poffret’s second strike came again!

This time, he swung the battle axe in an open arc. He struck King Nuven’s waist with a strong hack from the side.

The sound of metal rang once again!

Just at the right moment, King Nuven turned the handle of his axe. His left hand was supporting his battle axe as he avoided Pofrret’s strike once more.

“Yes, just you and me.” King Nuven gritted his teeth as he deflected the blade of his enemy. He slowly gasped for breath. “This is much more exciting than being on the battlefield.”

Thales whispered in doubt, “Why do they so familiar with wielding battle axes?”

“His Majesty is not a child who has never laid a hand on a weapon before,” the Star Killer had a stern expression on his face as he explained sarcastically.

“As Eckstedt’s king, he once single-handedly resisted the onslaught of northern glacier ocs at the Thirty-Eighth Sentry Ground. The skull of the Human Slaughterer, Xyra Darkstorm still hangs high in the First Sentry Ground to intimidate the glacier orcs.

“He also once broke through the Golden Passage and fractured the White Mountain elves’ line of defense to the west. The purposeful army and their prestigious air managed to persuade Camus, the White Elves and the Alliance of Freedom.”

The Star Killer had a glimmer in his eyes. “Three hundred years ago, he was the first one to take Broken Dragon Fortress. As the northern monarch, he crossed the borders of Eckstedt and Constellation.

“In terms of combat experience, he cannot be defeated by any of the seasoned warriors of the White Blade Guards.”

Putray raised his brows as Thales stuck his tongue out.

Back to the duel, Poffret raised his battle axe once again as both his and King Nuven’s weapon clashed in the air!

Their blades collided, sending sparks flying.

King Nuven seemed to be a little overwhelmed. He gritted his teeth and braced himself against the battle axe as his arm trembled slightly.

“Tired already?” Poffret grabbed the opportunity to bellow when King Nuven took a breather. His arms suddenly began to tremble.

“Old man!”

King Nuven could not take it and fell a step back.

While the king was still adjusting his bearings, Poffret swung his axe again and started pursuing him in attack!

Once more, King Nuven resisted his enemy’s violent assault. He had been passively defending from the very beginning.

But this time, the enemy’s assault did not end so simply.

A force surged up Poffret’s arms and his eyes burned like a crazy, murderous warrior. He bellowed and took another strike at the king’s left leg!

From his undulating view of the duel, Thales could see that Poffret was suddenly charged with a bright light. It constantly flashed, and was concentrated in his arms.

“The Power of Eradication.” Nicholas watched as his own king met with danger. He remained calm as he briefly explained, “The axe barrage style is practiced in Beacon Illumination City, giving birth to at least three types of Powers of Eradication.”

The old king snarled as he exhausted all his strength to retrieve the battle axe. He struck Poffret’s axe away, sending sparks into the air!

The king continued to endure his opponent’s axe.

However, it was not the same as before. With this strike, the old king failed to lock down on his opponent’s axe blade.

Poffret had no intention of stopping either!

Accompanying the frantic expression of its owner, the axe roared with the wind as it made a few loops in the air. Once again, Poffret targeted his assault at the king’s head.

Gasping for air, King Nuven struggled to adjust his stance. He lifted the heavy handle of his axe and rested it by his side. He held back Poffret’s assault forcibly.

A loud sound rang and Thales subconsciously raised his hands to cover his ears.

With the blessing of the Power of Eradication, Poffret did not get his axe stuck like the previous time.

He reacted swiftly as he turned his axe around.

He instantly slipped past Nuven’s defenses!

In the next moment, the young archduke pursed his lips and pushed with both hands, thrusting forward the spike on the axe.

He was going to lunge at his enemy.

In the face of his enemy’s surprise attack, the overwhelmed King Nuven did not have time to put down his heavy axe.

He could only look on helplessly as the spike came towards his face.

The spike moved closer until they pierced his left cheek!

“Argh!” King Nuven snarled in disdain.

At that very moment, Thales felt his heart skip a beat.

In the nick of time, King Nuven turned to his side.

The spike grazed the king’s face, drawing blood this time, and it provoked a cry of exasperation from the hall.

Brandishing a terrible scar that began from his cheekbones to his left ear, King Nuven made a narrow escape from the deadly spike!

Blood began to drip on the ground.

The king clenched his jaw. He mustered all his strength to brandish his axe, forcing Poffret back in the process.

This was also Nuven’s first counter-attack.

Poffret withdrew himself in three agile steps, escaping the king’s axe and his offensive range as well.

Like many of those in the hall, Thales could only exhale. He patted his chest in relief.

“Have you all forgotten one thing?” Thales turned around and asked his peers with much concern. “That old man, King Nuven is already seventy years old!”

“As the King of Eckstedt, a duel is something he has to experience.” Nicholas opened his mouth slightly, but his gaze remained still. “Age does not matter.”

“Every Northland man has to serve in the army. There, he will receive harsh combat training. The same applies to every Eckstedtian suzerain until they awaken the Power of Eradication,” Putray explained to Thales, who had mixed reactions. “The state of the nation is as such because popular customs dictate it.”

“God, I was so fortunate to be born in Constellation, not Ecsktedt…” Thales rolled his eyes and shrugged helplessly.

Upon hearing these words, the Star Killer laughed. “Same old, same old…

“Welcome to Northland.”

Thales shook his head and cast his gaze on the arena.

Putray’s expression changed as he looked at Thales’ back.

‘To be born in Constellation, is it considered lucky?’

Putray sighed silently. ‘You’ve spoken too soon, Little Prince.’

“Hahaha.” The young archduke looked at his bloody face in satisfaction. The king gasped for air as he clenched his teeth. “How many rounds has it been, old man?

“Can’t go on anymore?”

“Nonsense, boy.” King Nuven put his axe on the floor and used used his left hand to wipe the blood off his face. Not giving in, he said, “That was just a warm up.”

“You’re already seventy,” Poffret used his words to weaken the king’s resolve and brew the next wave of assault. “Your muscles have shrunk, even your Powers of Eradication have weakened, am I correct?”

“Hehe,” King Nuven took a deep breath and fiercely pursed his lips. “Boy, how many battles have you fought? You dare say such words to me?”

Poffret began to laugh in a strange manner. “Yes. I still remember, twelve years ago when my grandfather was still alive, you gathered the army of all the six archdukes as well as your own to visit the so-called nobility in the south of Constellation.”

In the midst of talking, Poffret lashed his axe out without warning.

The blade of his double headed axe chiseled again into King Nuven’s axe!

This time, the young archduke yelled and pressed forward with his whole body, confronting King Nuven face-to-face!

King Nuven was pushed back a couple of steps before he was able to stand firmly. His face twitched; it was a struggle to hold the young archduke back and his arms continued trembling.

“You were strong, fierce and rich.” Poffret gritted his teeth as he added more pressure on his blade, effortlessly suppressing the elderly king. “You definitely did not look this ill and broken.”

Soon, the old king could not summon any more physical strength. He was being pushed and he slipped onto the ground!

His weapon fell to the floor as well.

Everyone held their breath.

Without any mercy, Poffret smashed his axe downwards!

The old king rolled around slovenly as he evaded Poffret’s axe, which violently struck the ground to his left.

The power was so immense that a hole was created on the stony ground!

The hall burst in commotion!

“Damn it.” Thales turned around in frustration. “This is what I’ve been afraid of!”

Although his tightly furrowed brows had long betrayed his emotions, Nicholas coldly said, “Look! The battle has not reached its final moments…”

Nuven gasped for breath. But with a reaction speed way beyond his years, he quickly picked up his double headed axe.

The young Poffret also picked up his double headed axe, which was carved into the ground. He seemed to be panting slightly as well, like he had exerted too much in that one blow earlier. “Back then, my grandfather was clad in combat attire and armor. He stood next to you, out of breath just like a toothless tiger, venerable and disgraceful.”

There was a cold air about him as he scrutinized King Nuven’s actions.

“Your forefathers were much better than you,” King Nuven spat and got up to his feet. “And you, you just never grew up, did you?

Poffret’s eyes started to twitch. The moment King Nuven got up, he attacked Poffret with a blow, using all the strength he could muster!

Taking advantage of his unstable foothold, Poffret forced Nuven to kneel on one knee.

“Never grew up?”

Poffray laughed nastily as he brandished his double headed axe. Once again, he pushed Nuven into retreating. The latter ended up squatting on the ground, unable to catch his breath.

“Beacon Illumination City was a docile, mature hound to you, right?

“A hound that would accept all your manipulation and orders at any time?”

Poffret chuckled as he struck the old king, who was attempting to get up again.

Every time King Nuven tried to stand up, he was interrupted by Poffret’s assault. The Common-Elected King of Eckstedt could not even get up to face his enemy.

“Before Constellation’s Broken Dragon Fortress, my grandfather’s army could not restrain that damned Sword of Reversing Light. The defenses of Beacon Illumination City were crippled…

“I still remember you whispering to my grandfather, ‘You’re old now. Is Beacon Illumination City old too?’,” Poffret’s tone was cold as he regained the immense energy he lost from brandishing the axe. “The next day, my grandfather retired and my father succeeded the role of Archduke of Beacon Illumination City…”

At an absolute disadvantage, King Nuven just knelt on the ground and carelessly said, “What? Don’t tell me you wanted to betray Dragon Clouds City because of that?”

As he spoke, the old king swung his axe at Poffret’s leg!

“The three southern archdukes were cruel and untamed,” Poffret simply took a step back and avoided the axe. Looking at the fallen King Nuven, he continued, “They delayed in restocking military supplies and were slow in their movements. Hence, the burden of the Constellation war was piled on Beacon Illumination City’s shoulders! Troop supplies, military expenses, reinforcements, death squads and even military prostitutes!

“Don’t you think something’s not quite right there?” Poffret gritted his teeth.

“Those were your assigned responsibilities as well as the king’s orders!” King Nuven’s eyes were terrifying as he shouted in anger.

Poffret mercilessly struck him yet again and King Nuven went rolling across the ground!

The exhausted Nuven could not completely restrain his opponent at this point. The blade of Poffret’s axe grazed his left shoulder, successively drawing more blood.

‘This is bad,’ Thales secretly thought.

‘This feels really bad.’

“Screw your orders! To take down that damn Broken Dragon Fortress, how many soldiers did we have to sacrifice?! More than half among them were citizens of Beacon Illumination City!” the young archduke yelled.

“I had to witness the injured troops retreat, look at their numb expressions, and listen to their laments about going home…

“But the next day, they were once again dispatched in waves like targets in a battle to exhaust the fortress’ bows, arrows, kerosene bombs, battering rams, boulders, Mystic Guns and soldiers. They went there just to throw away their lives!” Ferocity burned from his eyes as he struck his own chest.

“On the other hand, the elite troops and generals of Dragon Clouds City were singing and laughing joyously, enjoying the best food and women. They even had the privilege of attacking the city only at the easiest, most crucial moment!

“After much fear and trepidation, my father succeeded the position of archduke. Facing you, what else could he have done?”

“Only more insane, magnanimous disregard towards our soldiers followed… We sent them to the fortress—to their deaths!

“All in exchange for your trust!”

King Nuven grabbed the handle of his axe to block yet another attack from his opponent. He subsequently fell on his stomach and panted unceasingly.

Poffret started circling King Nuven. To reduce the burden of holding the double headed axe, he conveniently rotated it between his left and right hands. “To my surprise, you just sat there in the camp. Under the protection of the White Blade Guards, you valiantly questioned my forefathers, ‘Why was Beacon Illumination City unable to stop Horace Jadestar?!’

“Why were we unable to stop that damned murderous dictator of Constellation?

“Why were we unable to stop the most elite, insane royal guards he brought from Constellation’s capital?”

‘Horace Jadestar?’

Thales’ heart skipped a beat. He recalled the last story regarding the Sword of Reversing Light that Tolja of Black Sand Region told him.

He turned around to look at Putray and Nicholas.

The former remained speechless, while the latter pursed his lips with an unchanging expression on his face.

“You speak a lot of nonsense indeed.” King Nuven wiped the blood on his left arm on his robe as he did not want it to affect his grip on the axe. He raised his head, revealing vicious eyes. “On the battlefield, the one who talks the most nonsense dies the fastest.”

His reply was Poffret’s unrelenting strike.

King Nuven trembled as he exposed the trajectory of his blade.

He had descended into an absolute downfall.

“Screw you, Nuven Walton,” Poffret spat with fury plastered across his face, “Are you even worthy of being the conqueror of Broken Dragon Fortress?”

King Nuven got up and folded himself in a semi-kneeling position. He grasped his double headed axe and looked at Poffret as if he was devising the most critical counter-attack.

Yet again, Poffret unrelentingly struck his axe against Nuven’s axe handle.

King Nuven strenuously resisted his opponent’s vigour as their two terrifying weapons hovered above in a deadlock.

“A piece of paper called the Fortress Treaty was all you needed for everyone to pack up and go home. As for the rest of the archdukes, you even had the initiative to comfort and explain things to them.

“But for us, for Beacon Illumination City? No land, no benefits and no rewards or comfort. Just the wave of a hand and we were dismissed!” Poffret gritted his teeth as he got to the verge of insanity.

“I personally handed your grandfather and your family the position of the Archduke of Beacon Illumination City because I trusted him!” King Nuven clenched his jaw in fury. “I was not in the least concerned because they were my best right-hand men!”

“Bullsh*t. Trust? That’s not even worth half a penny!” Poffret snarled. “At the fortress, within Constellation territory lies the buried bodies of Beacon Illumination City’s soldiers. Go tell them that yourself if you have the guts!

“Right-hand men? Why didn’t you send the people of Dragon Clouds City to their deaths then!”

However, in the next moment, there was a flash in the eyes of the old king, who was seemingly finished. Additionally, the muscles in both his arms began to swell up.

From the unique view granted to Thales by the wave of fluctuations, the old king’s arms suddenly erupted in dazzling rays.

Thales knew that this was King Nuven’s Power of Eradication. It had rushed up his arms at that very instant.