Chapter 150 - The Beloved Former King, Nuven

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Chapter 150: The Beloved Former King, Nuven

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Poffret’s expression froze and his pupils contracted.

King Nuven’s arms swelled up as he unleashed his Power of Eradication. Its explosiveness pushed his greataxe sideways!

Poffret grabbed his own axe desperately, staring at the old king in disbelief.

King Nuven’s movements became quick and powerful in an instant. He let go of the greataxe in his hand and shot towards Poffret with hawk-like focus!

Using his right elbow, the old king struck a firm blow on Poffret’s chest!

Caught off guard, Poffret whimpered in pain as he took a step back.

Both greataxes rolled onto the ground!

In the hall, the moods of the spectators were instantly stirred up again.

Thales could not take his eyes off them and even forgot to breathe at one point.

‘The king’s counter-attack, finally.’

Free from the constraints of the greataxe, King Nuven’s movements became as fast as lightning!

He did not stop after the initial attack with his elbow, instead he steadily clung on to his right arm. His feet kept moving, and with a terrifying momentum, he swung his right shoulder to cast a blow on Poffret’s chest!

Poffret momentarily lost his balance because of this. The young archduke felt distress in his chest as he painfully gritted his teeth and continued to retreat.

“Beautiful!” Marquis Shiles clicked his tongue in praise. “This is indeed an instant twist of fate!”

King Nuven revealed a ferocious look and stepped forward.

With his right hand formed into a fist, King Nuven swung it violently into the air, bringing about the sound of the wind.

“Too much nonsense…

“Never results in any good!”

Accompanying the king’s deep growl, a heavy punch landed on Poffret’s belly!

More punches followed and the muffled sounds of every punch echoed in everyone’s ears.

Many of the archdukes began to frown.

“He really doesn’t resemble a seventy-year-old man right now.” Trentida watched the king’s counter-attack in disbelief.

“Do not underestimate him.” Archduke Olsius looked grave. “He is, after all the Guardian of Glacier’s Defense—he fought countless life or death battles with the terrifying orcs.”

Poffret was hunched over, his face expressing deep pain.

He huddled himself into a ball and it looked like he was unable to stomach the strength of the previous blow.

Shortly after, King Nuven raised his left fist. His complexion was calm, yet overflowing with anger.

“Beacon Illumination City? Unfairness?” King Nuven looked like a lion who had just caught its prey. He stared at the young opponent before him with a ruthless gaze. “Based on these ridiculous reasons…

“You killed Moriah!”

The next moment, the king struck again with his left fist.

By virtue of the terrifying force brought upon by the Power of Eradication, he struck Poffret on his left chest, just right above the heart!

There was a terrifying blunt sound.

With that punch, Poffret’s body swayed violently, like weightless leaves floating in the water.

King Nuven observed his trembling opponent as he spat, “Coward!”

Thales could finally let go of the anxiety that was suspended in his heart, “Phew… That gave me a shock…”

“Wait a minute, something’s not right!” Nicholas was alarmed.

King Nuven’s face changed drastically after that final punch!

A second later, Poffret yelled as he raised his head, held his chest up and straightened his crouched body.

He looked extremely aggressive.

The crowd could finally clearly see how the duel was progressing.

King Nuven’s punch towards Poffret’s chest was firmly grasped in the archduke’s hand.

The punch did not create an impact!

It chilled Thales’ heart.

In the next instance, Poffret grabbed King Nuven’s fist with his left hand. He jerked back all of a sudden and with a thunderous effort, pulled King Nuven towards him!

He crossed his right elbow and directed it at King Nuven’s face.

Poffret struck the old king’s head heavily with his elbow!

A terrifying muffled sound echoed in the hall.

But this time, the two opponents exchanged roles in offense and defense!

King Nuven seemed to be dazed and stunned by the vicious blow from Poffret’s elbow.

He swayed and fell backwards!

King Nuven fell to the ground, his head firmly striking a stone brick.

A few screams erupted from the crowd of spectators.

Thales stared blankly at the twist in dynamics of the duel.

“I’ve waited a long time for that, Your Majesty.” Poffret chuckled. He rubbed his chest, which endured the huge blow earlier. His words were chilling, “It was hard work, saying so much nonsense just to get you to take the bait.”

King Nuven shook his head strenuously. It looked like he had lost his vision and sense of direction.

“Whenever the enemy has the advantage, you always use brutal counter-attacks, playing to your strengths and striking the enemy with one fell swoop, am I right, Your Majesty?” The young archduke furiously raised his leg and kicked King Nuven in the chest. As the audience members held their breath, he knocked him to the ground again.

King Nuven trembled. He dragged his old body and tried to stand up again.

But the blow was apparently too heavy. It was either that or he had expended too much energy. The old king actually could not get up.

“My grandfather always told me stories about you. From your battle habits to your physicality and pace!” Archduke Poffret gasped for breath and revealed a vengeful smile. “My grandfather… do you remember him?”

King Nuven panted painfully. He flipped over and tried to retrieve his greataxe.

But Poffret was faster than the king. He stepped on the two axes before the king could reach it.

After that, the archduke raised his leg and consecutively kicked King Nuven to the ground again.

The mouths of those watching hung open in shock.

‘Although it was half-expected… Now that it has really happened…’

“As a child, my grandfather always said, ‘We, in Eckstedt, have a generous and just king. He described how you and Archduke Stustel clinked glasses at the sentry territory camp.” The somber Poffret picked up the greataxe by his legs. “But what did I witness instead? I saw two generations of Beacon Illumination City archdukes in a panic and frightened state. They lived like dogs to flatter and obey you.

“On his way back to his hometown, my grandfather passed away from depression. My father feared for his life. He looked miserable every day as he tried to conform in exchange for Dragon Clouds City’s support. Even when he and his troops were retreating, he had to prepare prostitutes for the lot of you!” Poffret growled reluctantly as he looked at the king. “They suffered from humiliation, fear and pain under your shadow!”

The young archduke then came striking with his axe!

King Nuven gasped for breath. He was forced to give up his weapon as he rolled away from Poffret’s attack.

The axe slammed into the ground and bits of stone flew everywhere amid the loud bang.

Poffret exhaled and panted for about two seconds. As he lifted his greataxe, he walked towards the already weaponless and breathless King Nuven with a malicious look in his eyes.

Many in the Hall of Heroes had their fists clenched tight.

“Oh no, the Crystal Drop Ore Contract with Dragon Clouds City…” Marquis Shiles gave himself a painful slap.

Putray squinted his eyes. He appeared to be plotting something in his mind.

Thales was speechless and his mood was heavy.

He really just started to consider how things would be post “King Nuven’s death”.

Shiles was only worried about his contract.

But what he really had to worry about was his scant life.

Poffret’s footsteps reverberated with deadly aura. Step by step, he walked towards the king.

“Haih,” Archduke Lecco sighed. “Is this the end?”

Archduke Roknee pursed his lips tightly; Olsius had a complex look on his face, whereas Trentida rolled his eyes in deep thought.

Nobody responded to Lecco.

To everyone’s surprise, King Nuven suddenly began to laugh.

“Hahaha, I’ve figured it out.” King Nuven panted and raised his head in laughter. “Your father’s death… You were behind it, right?”

The emotion in Poffret’s eyes faltered.

“The sudden death of the former Archduke of Beacon Illumination City…”

In an instant, the young archduke had a rabid look to him. Something had stirred up his deepest past.

“The Secret Room has had its doubts for the longest time. Your father’s death was too fishy. He suddenly fell to an ailment at the prime of his life!” Weaponless, the old king gritted his teeth as he mustered everything he had to get up. He stared tenaciously at the archduke.

“It was you, Conkray Poffret!”

King Nuven’s words cut like a knife in Poffrey’s heart.

His words cut through the hall as the spectators also quivered in fear.

“It was his favourite son, his successor all along. You murdered your own father, did you not?!” Nuven was serious and he had a complicated look in his eyes.

Poffret’s axe-wielding hand started trembling. His face contorted as his teeth started chattering.

Poffret’s face turned white. His lips trembled and he subconsciously raised his greataxe.

“I did not…”

The young archduke took a deep breath.

He raised his head abruptly and his pupils were blanketed in vengeance as he stared at King Nuven.

“I did not kill him!”

As he bellowed, the young archduke snatched his axe and struck the king with it!

King Nuven evaded this fatal blow sloppily. As he retreated, he fell onto the ground again.

Poffret’s Power of Eradication once again enhanced his speed and the power in his arms. The archduke bellowed and swung the axe backwards.

He frantically raised the axe with both hands, and he directed the sharp weapon at the fallen King Nuven, striking him!

Nervous and frightened, everyone watched on as King Nuven snarled. He extended both arms and actually grabbed the handle of the oncoming axe!

The old king dangerously obstructed the axe blade on his chest!

A collective gasp was heard coming from the hall.

Dumbstruck, Thales watched as the king was forced into despair.

“Father unexpectedly got injured. It was very bad, very severe…” Poffret murmured with a sorrowful expression. “I did not do anything! I only had him go into a deep slumber. He wasn’t living in good fortune anyway…”

“From then on, there were no more restlessness, no more fear, and no more disturbances…”

The archduke, who was wrestling with King Nuven did not cease in his attacks. With his utmost strength, he pushed his axe blade towards the king.

He roared frantically, “There will be no more nightmares brought upon by Dragon Clouds City!”

Unwavered, King Nuven held on to the handle of his axe, groaning painfully.

However, his face was flushed and the trembling of his shoulders grew worse.

Poffret composed himself as his gaze condensed into a firm numbness. “From that moment, I bore all of Beacon Illumination City’s humiliation and pain…

“I’m going to end it.”

King Nuven’s old face twisted in pain and restraint as he watched the axe nearing his chest.

The old king was not willing to reveal any trace of weakness. His spirit was strong, but his flesh was weak. “Haha, even if you kill me, you’re still a coward!”

He raised his head in due time. He then looked at King Nuven and squinted his eyes slowly.

“That’s right!”

Poffret strengthened his arm unrelentlessly, causing the old king to groan again.

“It’s all our fault, we’re too cowardly!” Poffret’s biceps were extremely extreme, while his eyes burned with indignance. “But look at the three archdukes of the south; not a single one of them conformed!

“Trentida of Reformation Tower always concealed his opposition with outward devotion; he skimps on the job. Olsius of Prestige Orchid Region, who has special status bestowed upon him by Raikaru pays no attention to you; Lampard of Black Sand Region is even more so a thorn in your side!”

The whole thing wrenched the hearts of the crowd, especially the archdukes whose names were mentioned. They started to falter.

“Nonetheless, they received respect!” Poffret gritted his teeth as he spat these words at the weakening king.

“You treated them as worthy opponents, while Beacon Illumination City’s Poffrets lived under the Dragon’s shadow. We were like pitiful dogs and weak, gullible objects!

“Why? Because two generations of our archdukes were both cowards!”

King Nuven grew increasingly exhausted against the young man’s vigor.

The duel of life and death was finally reaching its juncture.

The blade of the axe started to pierce into the king’s chest.

“Be-Because of… this…you… just… put yourself in Lampard’s hands?” King Nuven stammered.

His eyes were now bloodshot.

“Of course it’s not just that.” Poffret’s face became cold again. “But why would I tell you?”

Nuven unwillingly howled.

“When you reach Hell’s River, please wish my forefathers well,” the young archduke said without any mercy.

“Beloved former king…

“King Nuven.”

King Nuven roared in pain and sorrow.

Poffret’s pupils contracted. Immense power surged as he struck him with great violence.

The sharp end of the axe pierced straight into the old king’s chest.

King Nuven stared intently at Archduke Poffret in front of him.

It seemed as though he could not believe what was happening before his eyes.

Blood stained the king’s robe.

Thales gradually lowered his head as he screwed his eyes shut.

Shortly after, a dead silence flooded the hall.