Chapter 168 - The Tragic End of Weaklings

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Chapter 168: The Tragic End of Weaklings

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The two hands that stretched out from the dark alley cupped around their mouths with a strength so great it was impossible to resist it.

With flashes of the firelight, the patrol unit consisting of at least a dozen men hurried past the street.

The shouts sounded and faded repeatedly.

Thales and Ramon struggled as if their lives depended on it, but with few light taps on their necks, the stranger disabled their strength to even open their mouths.

Ramon widened his eyes and eventually discerned the man before them under the dim moonlight—Black Sword, who had been covering their escape.

The pale-faced man had his hands cupped over their mouths, pressing them against the wall of the alleyway until the patrols left.

Thales sighed sadly in his heart.

“Quick!” Black Sword released them and said weakly, “Asda is right behind us.”

A feeling of anxiety grew within Thales.

Before they replied, Black Sword dragged the two of them into another alleyway.

“I lured at least three patrol units here… I’m not sure how long they can stall him, but that should probably alert the whole city,” Black Sword said, tracing the wall with his hands, panting as he led the way. “We take the alley. I suspect Asda is looking for us from the sky.”

A thought appeared in Thales’ mind.

The two men from the Brotherhood turned around.

Thales lifted his chin and looked at Black Sword and Ramon, scowling. “He doesn’t have to search for us from the sky.”

“What?” Black Sword kept walking. He frowned.

Thales recalled what Asda had told him in the chess room at Red Street Market, that the Air Mystic could sense the airflow along a whole street.

‘Such as…’

“Our breaths,” Thales said, gnashing his teeth. “He can track us by detecting our breathing.”

As he spoke, Black Sword suddenly stopped moving while he was leading the way in front. Thales and Ramon also grew tense.

In that instant, Thales realized that there was no noise coming from the place they left behind—where Asda and the patrols had supposedly encountered one another.

‘What’s going on?’

“Not just your breath.” A familiar, pleasant voice that sent a shiver down Thales’ spine sounded from the path ahead. “The air flowing in your bodies is like a road sign—a blinding light in the dark.”

Ramon was shaking. He took a step back. Black Sword stooped down solemnly. He got into position, preparing to strike at any moment.

Thales sighed as he watched the alleyway ahead, Asda Sakern walked slowly out of the corner like a phantom.

“You are an insubordinate child.” Ignoring Black Sword and Ramon, Asda glared at Thales. The coldness in his eyes was chilling. “I have to admit, your little scheme with the help of the stupid roach did cause me some trouble.”

With a blanched look, Ramon took a step back, glancing around. Black Sword remained in front of them with a hand on the strange sword at his waist.

“Because you were not being friendly.” Thales gave a long sigh and clenched his fists.

‘This is a housing area. If I scream now, will it help? Or will I get some curious, innocent residents into trouble?’

“Oh, no. I was as friendly as I could be.” Asda shook his head calmly. “But you forced my hand. I have to employ some harsh tactics.”

Thales narrowed his eyes. He noticed that there was something odd about what the Air Mystic just said.

As expected, Asda jerked with his finger.

A small, sobbing silhouette drifted from behind him. Thales’ pupils shrank.

It was a scruffy, bespectacled girl about eight or nine years old. Under Asda’s control, she hung in the mid-air, occasionally letting out a wheeze of fear.

‘Bloody hell.’

Thales gaped at the girl in disbelief. With her glasses were tilted to one side, she could only watch in panic and fear as she levitated in the air. When she caught the sight of Thales, however, she seemed to have found someone who could save her

‘It’s him. It’s that boy.’

The girl stretched her tiny arms out to Thales, revealing some bruises on them. Helpless tears trickled out of her eyes, and she wailed.

Hearing her cry, Thales sucked in a deep breath. With a heavy heart, he looked up at the shivering, weeping girl—Little Rascal.

Thales clenched his fists.

‘It was her. Saroma Walton. Little Rascal.’

Asda said softly, “Come back to me—stop being so difficult.

“Unless…” Asda said soft and wriggled his finger. “You want to watch this little servant to die?”

Little Rascal made a hundred-eighty-degree rotation in the air and was upside-down. Thales held his breath.

At that very moment, Little Rascal was petrified into silence. She merely floated in the air, quivering, weeping quietly with tremendous dread. Black Sword scowled. Thales clenched his teeth.

“I know you will not willingly leave with me.” As though knowing what was on his mind, Asda chuckled. “So, I have taken precautions.”

Little Rascal pivoted in the air. The girl was already paralyzed by fear and could not even say a word, while her tears flew everywhere.

“This is a matter between you and me.” Thales gnashed his teeth, conflicted. “It has nothing to do with her!”

He stared at Little Rascal’s terrified eyes behind her glasses.

He remembered the scene when Little Rascal covered her mouth in fear and stumbled backwards as she watched Alex convulse on the floor.

He remembered Little Rascal’s hand held tightly by King Nuven while he placed a black ring on her palm. He remembered Little Rascal’s trembling hand when he pulled the girl away from the Hall of Heroes.

She knew nothing. She was completely unprepared and was forced to face all this.

“Of course,” Asda said slowly, smiling. “I noticed that back in Red Street Market, you cared for that friend of yours deeply. Now let us see if you care about this friend just as much?”

A distant memory surfaced in his mind.

Quide lifted Coria up with a manic grin, grabbed a red-hot silver coin and pressed it onto the child beggar’s cheek while laughing hysterically.

‘Coria. Her struggle, the look on her face, her cries.’

Thales inhaled feebly, staring at Little Rascal.

“If I go with you, will you release her?” Thales said weakly.

“No.” The smile faded from Asda’s face. He said with a blank expression, “I will keep her with me. Her fate is dependent on your actions.”

Thales’ breathing stilled.

“Your past actions have disappointed me,” the Air Mystic said coldly, “This is punishment for your reluctance to cooperate. Do not forget how serious I can be just because I was friendly to you.

“Mystics are not to be toyed with; do not displease powerful beings like us.” Asda gazed at him and said meaningfully, “Unless you become… as strong as we are.

“Do you understand?”

Thales shuddered from head to toe.

Seeing the helpless Little Rascal, he recalled that day…

That day when Coria, with a high fever and a face full of red blotches, smiled at Thales—who was trapped in the sixth house—with teary eyes.

‘”I’m not afraid, because… Thales will always find a way.”‘

When the silver coin was pressed against Coria’s cheek, the sizzling sound of grilled flesh seemed to echo in his ears again. Thales shut his eyes and tightened his fists. A wave of sorrow washed over him.

‘”Thales’ will always find a way.”‘

‘I’ll always find a way.’

“Asda.” Thales squeezed his eyes, took a deep breath, and pressed a hand on his trembling chest. “You bastard.”

“Do not be angry. Taking hostages…” Asda snorted. “I learned it from your friend in the Brotherhood.”

Suddenly, Thales felt a pressure on his left shoulder.

“That girl.” Black Sword heaved a sigh, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Is she someone important to you?”

Thales remained quiet. Asda frowned slightly.

“Mr. Black Sword…” He shook his head with a determined gaze.

“Please press your sword against my neck.” Thales’ words made Asda crease his brow. “Let’s bet whose life is more important to him, mine or hers.”

“Oh, child.” Asda sighed in pity. “I’ll let you guess what kind of punishment you deserve for saying that?”

Silence ensued. The air held only Little Rascal’s sobs…

Until the ordinary man broke the silence.

Black Sword smiled and patted on Thales’ shoulder.

“Hey, listen to me.” Black Sword turned around and glared at Asda. “Don’t listen to that guy’s bullsh*t.”

Thales looked up, puzzled.

“Powerful beings?” Black sword pulled out his weapon, his voice was full of disdain. “This arrogant, undying monster calls himself a powerful being?”

Asda’s expression changed.

“He might seem powerful,” Black Sword said coolly with a smile, as though the person before him was just a second-rate opponent. “But don’t forget that, these people have been…

“Hiding and seeking shelter in this wild, wide world… Fearing for their own lives for the past six hundred years… Running from countless battles.”

Thales wrinkled his brow. Asda’s expression darkened.

Black Sword did not press his sword against Thales’ neck, like the boy suggested. He took a step forward while glaring at Asda, eyes gleaming with bloodlust.

Black Sword parted his feet and bent his knees, a cold glint sparked in his eyes. “The weaklings who should be afraid… Are you and your people, the calamities. Don’t mix that up!”

Thales said nothing. A blue light flashed in Asda’s eyes.

Black Sword raised his sword and pointed it at Asda. “We have yet settled the score between us before you found this boy, monster.”

The Air Mystic stopped smiling.

“Want to take my life?” Black Sword challenged. “Come and get it.

“You pathetic weakling.”

Asda narrowed his eyes which glimmered with a blue light. Little Rascal slowly descended onto the ground.

“Don’t misunderstand, child,” Asda said calmly. “You won’t escape your punishment… after I eliminate this cockroach.”

The two stared at each other intensely, as if this was the final battle between them.

Thales held his breath. He thought swiftly. He had to have different approaches to handle the different results of their battle.

Although Thales did not think Black Sword would win.

‘After all, the legendary anti-mystic equipment was—’

Ramon’s scream came from behind. Thales whipped his head around, and spotted Ramon a dozen feet away with his back towards them, as if he was trying to flee quietly. But after a few steps, he turned back stiffly and gaped at them.

The Strange Doctor had an extreme look of panic on his face. His eyes were filled with shock and dread, as though he had just seen something terrifying.

Black Sword’s expression changed and he started moving.

Ignoring the Air Mystic, he dashed without hesitation towards Ramon who seemed to be in great trouble.

Thales narrowed his eyes in confusion. ‘What’s going on?’

His question was answered soon enough.

A loud bang came the next second.

Thales’ eyes widened as he saw Ramon… explode before his eyes!

The Strange Doctor, who was alive and kicking a moment ago, burst into smithereens and torrents of blood.

Thales was stupefied.

‘This is…’

The force from the explosion stirred up an airwave, sending the walls on both sides of the alley flying.

Black Sword bellowed as he ran past Thales, slicing a huge rock that flew towards him into half and dashing towards the spot where Ramon had blown up. Thales lifted his arms with difficulty, shielding himself from the debris that showered over him.

Black Sword darted into the looming cloud of dust. The sounds of an intense fight came from within, then it was followed by a shocking, enraged roar from Black Sword.

Seconds passed, and Black Sword’s shout stopped abruptly.

Thales gawked at what had just unfolded before him. He did not even notice that Asda had already walked to his side.

“Step back,” the Air Mystic said to him coldly.

Thales recovered from the shock. He turned around and rushed towards Little Rascal who was shivering on the ground.

“It’s alright now.” Thales tried to comfort her, but he himself was overwhelmed with fear. He stared at the cloud of dust.

Little Rascal held on tightly to Thales’ arm, gnashing her teeth and sobbing.

A second later, a slender silhouette appeared from within the dust, holding a sword in her hand. Thales was shocked. It was an odd sword coated in black paint.

“Oh, look at what happened to the person who called us weaklings.”

The silhouette happily tossed the weapon away.

The strange, black-colored sword fell onto the ground.

“This is the tragic end he met with,” said the stranger as she chuckled.

‘No way.’

Thales gaped at the strange sword on the ground.

‘Black Sword? He was just….’

The strange sword was still trembling nonstop, as if it was calling out to its master, who was gone from it.

The approaching figure drew closer until she completely left the area of the dust cloud. Thales’ expression changed. He gawked at the unwelcome intruder in horror.

It was a delicate-looking girl who wore a lovely smile on her face. Thales felt his stomach churn—the approaching person stirred up his most hated memories.

“I was very curious what on earth made our Air Mystic evolve?” The girl giggled with her head tilted to one side, eyeing them with a mischievous grin. “Thanks to you, I managed to find you very quickly.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to meet you.” The young girl averted her gaze to Thales. The surging emotions in her eyes heightened. “What a surprise…”

Thales sighed to himself.

With a cold expression, Asda took a step forward and stood in front of Thales to block him from view.

The Air Mystic spoke to the maiden flatly without a change in his expression. “It has been a while, my dear partner…