Chapter 229 - The Strongest Chess Piece (Two)

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Chapter 229: The Strongest Chess Piece (Two)

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Putray did not say a word. He only bowed his head.

Genard the veteran sighed. His gaze on Thales slowly changed.

“As for Northland and Eckstedt, they’ll live under Lampard’s lies and will. Then one day, the king slayer will be their king.” Thales turned around.

“The Waltons can never rise again.” The prince cast a glance on Nicholas and Mirk, then chuckled softly. “This feels horrid, does it not?”

Putray exhaled, his brows furrowed.

“As for escaping?”

Thales continued. His voice sounded hollow. “Where can we escape to when we leave such a mess behind?”

The prince looked at all of them as he turned around.

Thales said resolutely, “You will either die in the conspiracy-filled Dragon Clouds City in the present, or die in the war-filled Eternal Star City in the future.

“Is there any difference?!” he yelled.

That was until a loud, powerful male voice broke the silence.

“Of course there is.”

Everybody was flummoxed as they turned around.

The young officer, Kohen Karabeyan walked into the back hall with heavy footsteps. Miranda, who had a cryptic and subtle expression on her face, and Raphael followed behind him closely.

The tall and well-built police loudly said, “All of those who choose the latter will at least die like real men…”

Miranda darted a cold look at Kohen.

Raphael covered his mouth and let out a cough at the most opportune moment.

Kohen’s expression stiffened and he quickly added, “… and also women.”

As the crowd tried to take some time to ponder on the intriguing aspects of Kohen’s sentence, Thales smiled.

“Thank you for your support, Officer Karabeyan,” the second prince nodded and said amicably.

After Kohen heard the prince’s approval, he smiled as his eyes formed into crescent-moon shapes. “Please just call me Kohen, Prince Thales!”

“That’s right.” Thales turned around. “Horace Jadestar mentioned this before.

“Since there’s no turning back, why don’t we go all out?” he said as he looked around, and glanced at all of them.

Putray gripped his hands with a worried look in his eyes.

But Kohen was eager, looking as if he was ready to go.

Rubbing his fingers together, Raphael’s expression was indifferent except for his focused gaze.

However, Thales eyes were already focused on the Northlanders. “What do you think, Nicholas?” he asked in a steady voice.

Nicholas frowned as he stared at the prince.

“This is impossible.” The Star Killer denied him with a shake of his head, then said, “You? The state that you’re in right now? The state that we’re in right now? Compared to Lampard, we are totally—”

Thales interrupted his sentence.

“Do you still remember the White Blade Guards, Commander Nicholas?” The second prince stared steadily at him.

Nicholas’ face was dark and his gaze froze.

“You may not remember.” Thales harrumphed. His look was very solemn. “But I remember.”

Nicholas furled his fingers tightly into a fist.

Behind him, Mirk held onto his shoulders as he shook his head slightly.

Thales’ long sigh was the only sound that rang in the air. He clenched his teeth as he remembered what happened, and furiously said, “I remember those warriors.

“I remember them using their bodies to shield us from the Migratory Locust Blade.

“I remember them taking their final breaths before they rushed towards the enemies with their blades.”

Nicholas’ expression turned increasingly colder.

Almost everyone’s eyebrows were furrowed.

“Those were the Dragon’s Imperial Guards. They were the final defense for plenty of people.” Thales lifted his head swiftly, raised his voice, and demanded, “Do you remember that, Commander?”

Nicholas slammed his fist into the wall next to him.

“I personally trained them. I remember each and every one’s names, faces and skills…” The Star Killer gritted his teeth, and his eyes were burning. With extreme anger, he said, “Don’t you dare lecture me here, you little Jadestar bastard…”

“Yes, I am giving you a lecture here!”

Thales was also seething without backing down. He took a step forward and yelled at Nicholas, “Lord Soray Nicholas, the cowardly Star Killer. Damn, that is such a terrible title.”

Nicholas’ eyes burned with the flames of anger. His face was red, and his fists were clenched. Just as he was about to move forward—

Wya and Ralf instinctively protected the prince. Both Kohen and Miranda’s hands were pressed on the hilts of their swords.

Behind him, Mirk stretched out his arms. His muscles tightened as he restrained the angry Nicholas. “Let him finish.”

He took a couple of breaths while he cursed with unfamiliar words. He then clenched his teeth and said, “You better listen up.

“I will not run away. I will go back, back to where we were beaten up so badly by Lampard and we fled with our lives in panic.”

The prince glanced at each of them; from Putra to Wya, from Miranda to Raphael, from Mirk to Little Rascal. Observing their expressions, he spoke in a grim voice.

“We will avenge the White Blade Guards, seek justice and reveal the truth for them.

“We will proof that all their sacrifices were not for nothing.

“We will defeat Lampard’s conspiracies and plans, no matter what.

“We will go… and help this city, which has spilled way too much blood.”

After Thales finished talking, he hit his chest.

Nicholas chuckled coldly through his gritted teeth and said, “This is suicide.

“You’re just simply choosing a better way to die.”

Thales once again lifted up his head.

“You’re right. The Constellatiates are just marching to their own deaths,” he said coldly.

The second prince shoved Wya aside. He walked forward until he was facing Nicholas directly. He looked at the Star Killer with a stare as sharp as a sword. “Northlanders…

“Are all of you coming?”

The air seemed like it had frozen.

Nicholas stared at Constellation’s second prince fiercely.

The faces of the White Blade Guards flashed before his eyes.

And there was that bastard…

Nicholas’ body started trembling uncontrollably. A sudden surge of strength shot up within him.

Mirk’s expression changed. His grip on Nicholas’ shoulder became tighter and tighter.

Everyone was looking at the whole situation nervously.

After a really long time…

Nicholas jerked his arms and struggled free from Mirk’s tight grip.

His expression was full of conflict as he spat.

The Star Killer looked at the person behind Thales—the anxious Little Rascal.

Thales narrowed his eyes.

“The Walton Family’s orphan is right here.” Nicholas turned around. His eyebrows were knitted together and his face twisted as if he was trying to find an explanation. “I cannot do this, I cannot risk having her get hurt.”

He clenched his teeth, struggling to persuade himself.

He was angry and also indignant.

“But I want to help him,” the tiny voice of a girl traveled into everyone’s ears.

“What?” In disbelief, he lowered his head and looked at the little girl.

Although Little Rascal was rather afraid, she forced her fear down and shifted closer to Thales.

The prince gave her a very grateful look.

Little Rascal trembled slightly as she gulped.

“I said, I want to help Thales,” the girl’s words sounded a little hesitant and weak. “I don’t, I don’t want to run away anymore.”

This was followed by everyone’s surprised gazes. She still continued with great determination, “All of us, aren’t all of us Northlanders?”

Nicholas and Mirk were both taken aback.

“Walton’s grandchildren never run away from wars.” The girl shut her eyes as though it was the only way to gather her courage. Her glasses slipped onto the bridge of her nose. “Before the entire army was destroyed, the King of Wrath, Shawlon Walton once wielded an axe and fought for an entire night.

“In the end, with his eyes wide opened in rage, he watched the Night Wing King twist his head. Even after his failure, he still wanted to witness his own death.”

Little Rascal opened her eyes while she shuddered, and she forced herself to meet Nicholas’ sharp gaze.

“We cannot run away, and I do not want to run away.”

Once he heard this, Mirk suddenly broke into chuckles.

“You are a real Walton.” The kingdom’s former administrator had a pain-filled gaze. No one knew what he was thinking. “…Young lady.”

Little Rascal thought of Alex, and shuddered. She retreated behind Thales and was too afraid to meet Mirk’s gaze anymore.

“His Majesty made the right choice.” Mirk laughed loudly and desolately.

“What do you say, old friend?”

Nicholas’ face gradually relaxed.

After a few seconds, the Star Killer started to laughed as well.

His laughter was filled with a sense of relief, but also desolation.

“F*ck.” Nicholas threw Thales an angry glance and said to Mirk, “You have all your intentions written on your face anyway.”

Mirk nodded with a sad gaze. “I will get these brats ready right away.”

Thales sighed in relief.

“So, what’s your plan?” Nicholas said fiercely. “First things first, I will refuse plans that are made in a rush, Constellation’s prince.”

Thales closed his eyes. “You might approve it… Maybe.”

“We might have all lost our minds,” the Star Killer harrumphed coldly and spoke disdainfully. “We are listening to two young children… to go to our deaths.”

Putray sighed deeply and took a step forward at that moment.

His steady voice rose into the air, “What did Lord Hansen say?”

Putray glanced at Raphael, who had been silent for some time. “Will the Secret Intelligence Department approve of this as well? This is not an easy decision to make. This affects the future of the kingdom. It will be best if we have the support and strategies from the Secret Intelligence Department.”

All their attention was instantly trained on Raphael.

‘Or rather, all the attention is on the Black Prophet,’ Thales thought to himself.

The young man from the Secret Intelligence Department had a light crease between his eyebrows.

“I can’t contact Lord Hansen for the time being,” Raphael said plainly, not bothered by all the eyes that were on him. “So, at this very moment in this place…”

“I am the will of the Secret Intelligence Department.” His gaze was focused.

Putray reached into his bosom and took out his favourite tobacco pipe before he absentmindedly loaded it with tobacco. “Then, what is your stand?”

Raphael took a glance at Miranda. The latter held her saber tightly. She licked her lips and remained silence.

This reminded him of that little girl twelve years ago.

At that time, she licked her lips just like that too, squatting at a corner and trembling.

Curled up in a pile of dead bodies.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Raphael chuckled softly at the bottom of his heart.

The young man from the Secret Intelligence Department turned around with a resolute and firm gaze.

He still looked as cynical as ever, but the words that came out of his mouth were formal. “Since it is the prince’s suggestion, the Secret Intelligence Department will obviously give its full support and provide all the help needed.”

Thales gave Raphael a nod.

“Moreover, it is not as if he is absolutely not confident he will win.” Raphael looked at Thales.

“Oh, very well.” Putray lowered his head, lit up his tobacco pipe, and said with a tired look, “He’s a Jadestar after all.”

Thales sighed. “Lord Putray Nemain.”

“Go on with it then.” Putray lifted his head once again. His expression became a lot more relaxed as he let out a puff of smoke. “If this is your will.

“I will do my best to serve you!”