Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Prime Minister on the Left, Lampard on the Right!

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At that moment…

“Of course not!”

A sonorous voice was heard.

Thales and the passengers in the carriage turned to look at Shiles, feeling surprised.

The marquis shook his head with a serious expression and looked at Thales before he decisively said, “You cannot search for Lisban!”

Shiles first coughed to cover up his loss of composure. He then turned the anxious look on his face to full blown worry. All of this was done in a very natural manner. “Ah, what I mean is, I do not suggest that you do so…”

The marquis closed his eyes and sighed deeply, “Prince Thales, do not forget that regardless of whether you are a murderer or not, for the prime minister, you are a troublesome prince of the enemy kingdom.”

Shiles shook his head seriously, and he spoke in no uncertain terms, in a tone never from him before. “Lisban is just a count serving the Archduke of Dragon Clouds City. What can he do? He cannot let you do as you please, and neither can he sentence you to your ‘crimes’. Of course, the only thing he can do is to detain you, and then wait for the decision of the archdukes and the suzerain.

“Trust me, what you want to do will only make the situation worse.”

Nicholas snorted and interrupted him. “When did you become so enthusiastic?”

Shiles smiled cordially.

“I am just fulfilling the contract between the prince and I,” the Marquis nodded sincerely, “For the sake of…”

Putray frowned and continued Shiles’s words, “Avoiding the Prime Minister Lisban and saving your own life.”

Shiles shrugged and smiled. “This is just something that will happen along the way.”

Thales sighed and turned to Nicholas. “You haven’t said whether Lisban is trustworthy or not.”

Nicholas frowned slightly.

“You know, Kaslan was once His Majesty’s right hand.” Out of Thales’s expectation. This strong and ruthless warrior, the commander of the White Blade Guard, suddenly appeared dreary and shook his head, “So, I can’t really tell whether Lisban is trustworthy or not.”

Thales was momentarily taken aback.

Just then, the door suddenly opened.

Raphael Lindbergh from the Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Department boarded a moving carriage with an indifferent face, and it made the carriage—already carrying four people—even more crowded.

“I think all of you already know the situation, isn’t it? We have to make a decision as soon as possible.” The young man of the Secret Intelligence Department smiled slightly and looked at Nicholas, his tone was relaxed but the words were cold. “Your dear Prime Minister is coming over to us.”

Everyone in the carriage moved slightly.

A question popped up in Thales’ heart. ‘Did the Prime Minister come over in person?

“But this is not the worst part…” Raphael said, “The worst thing is…”

He opened the window in the carriage slightly to reveal a small gap, then pointed to a direction outside.

Thales got in front of the window.

In the distance was an old noble with a medium-sized build and gray hair. He was surrounded by soldiers as he walked towards their carriage.

But Thales’s gaze immediately froze.

There was an old woman dressed in a red robe beside him, and she was walking beside Lisban with a relaxed expression.

They talked from time to time and pointed at the two Camus Union carriages.

Seeing the familiar yet unfamiliar red robe, Thales’s heartbeat began to accelerate.

All the people in the carriage froze when they saw this scene.

“She’s everywhere.” Putray sighed long and hard. “The situation is not good.”

Lisban got closer to them.

Raphael closed the window expressionlessly.

The atmosphere in the carriage became very solemn.

“We have to make a decision as soon as possible,” Raphael pulled his head back from the window, narrowed his eyes and urged him to action, “He’s less than two hundred meters away from us.”

Thales leaned against the carriage and frowned. He did his best to control his breathing.

Lisban’s appearance was somewhat unexpected, and that person appeared with him… Right then, Thales could only be said to be completely taken by surprise.

He obtained no information or news about this at all!

He… He did not even have time to make any preparations!

“Any suggestions?” The second prince clenched his teeth, then hissed, “What’s the situation right now?”

No one answered. Nicholas gripped his weapon tightly, his face full of disbelief. Shiles was anxious and seemed deep in thought. Putray rubbed his own unlit pipe and his lips moved.

“Prime Minister Lisban and the Red Witch are on the left, and Lampard as well as the archdukes are on the right,” Raphael stared at Thales with a blank expression, “We must choose, this is our situation right now.”

“Choose?” Thales gulped and looked at Raphael. “What identity did the Red Witch assume to stand next to the prime minister? The leader of the Secret Room and the Chief of Intelligence? Lampard’s lobbyist and messenger?”

Raphael smiled slightly. “I don’t know.”

Thales frowned and turned to Shiles. “Was Prime Minister Lisban bribed by the Secret Room? Did he betray King Nuven? Or has the Secret Room temporarily blinded his eyes?”

Shiles gave an awkward smile. “I don’t know.”

Thales let out a sigh of relief and turned to Nicholas. “What is the connection between the Secret Room and the prime minister? What is the relationship between Prime Minister Lisban and Lampard as well as the archdukes?”

Nicholas looked blank and sighed. “I don’t know.”

Thales let out a sigh of relief and looked at Nicholas. “What is the relationship between the Secret Room and the prime minister? What is the relationship between the Prime Minister Lisban and Lampard and the archdukes?”

Nicholas’ expression was dreary as he sighed. “I don’t know.”

“They are still one hundred and fifty meters away from us,” Raphael’s voice sounded very indifferent. “We will see Lisban soon.”

Thales felt himself tense.

‘Damn it.’

“She let us go once at the exit of the secret passage,” Thales clenched his fists. “This time… perhaps she will let us go as well.”

Nicholas’ expression tensed and he closed his eyes weakly. “I don’t know.”

Thales forced down the impatience in his heart and pouted. “Are you still going to see Lisban and the Red Witch?”

Nicholas did not speak, but his expression became even more frightening.

“What about you?” the Star Killer asked coldly.

Thales, who trembled slightly in irritability and tension, could not help but sigh.

‘I have to be calm.’

“He’s now less than a hundred meters away, and Lisban and his merry gang seem to be speeding up.” Raphael reported coldly. “Don’t forget, we still need time to inform those outside.”

The atmosphere grew more tense.

Thales clenched his teeth.

“So, what is your suggestion, Putray?” the prince controlled the volume of his voice and whispered.

Putray moved his gaze and glanced in the direction of the Red Witch, even though he could not see what was going on outside.

“You make the decision, Your Highness.”

“But my suggestion is, no matter what you do, it is better to be more certain of what is going on and have less uncertainties.” said vice diplomat with a solemn voice.

‘Certainty. Uncertainty.’

At that moment, his breath seemed to have stopped.

‘That’s right.

He knows more than anyone else, where is the key to this game.

He knew more than anyone else just where the key to this chess game laid, was it not?

He stared at the top of the carriage without moving.

Soon, Thales closed his eyes and let out a deep breath.

“I have decided,” the second prince opened his eyes and said faintly.

The Prime Minister was on the left and Lampard was on the right.

‘More certainties, less uncertainties.’

“As for you, Lord Nicholas.”

Thales looked at Nicholas silently, “Which are more afraid of, death or failure?”

Nicholas furrowed his eyebrows.

Standing at a distance to the carriage was the Prime Minister of Eckstedt, Count Lisban, and he was talking to Madam Calshan about something.

“I understand your concerns, but this will never be allowed!” The Prime Minister frowned, he harshly refused the smiling woman in red, “Have the archdukes filled the gatehouse with their troops? There has never been something like this before—”

But he was swiftly interrupted.

“Prime Minister!”

From a distance, Viscount Leisdon yelled as he pointed at a direction, “The carriage!”

Prime Minister Lisban realized where the situation was headed to very soon.

It was those two carriages.

It was the two carriages from Camus Union that had just arrived, declaring that they to pay a visit to Heroic Spirit Palace. Right then, even the ten ‘attendants had suddenly changed direction.

The coachmen whipped the horses desperately as they passed by the patrols?before they can form their battle formations!

They broke out of the encirclement and ran madly to the city gatehouse!

The Red Witch scowled as soon as she saw the two carriages.

Prime Minister Lisbon was first stunned before he shuddered.

‘The archdukes’ troops? City gatehouse? Heroic Spirit Palace?’

He turned his head to look at the Red Witch with suspicion.

Lisbon could bet the key to all that happened on this day laid on the carriages!

The next second, Lisbon’s expression became tensed, he strode forward and used his loudest voice to shout at the patrols, “Stop them!

“Stop the two carriages!

“All of you, at all costs, stop them!”

In the city gatehouse.

Count Levon was observing the patrols while strung high on his nerves. He glanced at the changes happened below and was stunned.

In his vision, around a dozen people guarded two carriages and headed to the city gatehouse while they were pursued by the patrols behind them!

‘What is going on?’

“Your Grace.” The soldiers of Black Sand Region reminded him, “That two carriages seem to have the symbol of that marquis from Camus Union…

“Do we open up city gatehouse and welcome them?”

The head vassal of Black Sand Region, Count Lisbon frowned.

Of course he recognised the symbol of Good Flow City.

Count Levon thought of Broken Dragon Fortress.

If this was a plan to get them to open the city gatehouse…

Levon’s hand furled into a fist.

The next second, Count Levon raised his fist and roared to the archers in the distance, “Phil! Get ready to shoot!

“Archers, on guard!”

In the distance, the short soldier and captain of the archers, Phil, had a brilliant glare shine in his eyes when he heard those words.

He grabbed a bunch of arrows from the quiver behind him, stuck it to the hay beside him, grabbed one of the arrows, and placed it on a longbow.

Phil’s arrow aimed at the small dot in the field of his vision.

In an instant, Phil’s eyes move, and he let go of the bowstring!

The whistling sounds of an arrow shooting through air rang.

The arrow was nailed firmly to the ground, right in front of the horse’s hooves pulling the first carriage.

The horse was so frightened that it wanted to turn around while it neighed loudly.

But the coachman was clearly very skilled. He used the whip and led the carriage back to its original direction.

The carriage continued to race towards city gatehouse. In fact, it showed no signs of slowing down!

Phil frowned. ‘They are not stopping.

‘If that’s the case…’ He grabbed the second arrow.

This time, after nocking the arrow on the bow, Phil turned to his subordinates and ordered with a cold tone.

“The warning shots are over. All hands, prepare to fire!”

Behind him, about one hundred Northland archers of Black Sand Region stood in position.

They nocked their arrows on the bows, bent their waists, and pulled their shoulders back. Then drew the bows with stable, powerful arms.

The sound of bowstrings and the bows being pulled rose simultaneously.

The contour of the two carriages were getting clearer and clearer.

Phil’s expression was as cold as ice.

“Get ready to shoot!”

Everyone tightened their muscles. Their expressions were stern, their bow-strings pressed against their cheeks, and their arrows on their targets—the carriages and people heading swiftly to the gatehouse.

The carriages drew closer.

Finally, with a ferocious expression, Phil roared,

The next second, with united but terrifying whistling sounds, countless arrows were released to the area beneath the city gatehouse, in a manner where the sky was entirely blotted out.