Chapter 350 - Never Lost

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Chapter 350: Never Lost

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Thales frowned and said, “Is there such possibility? What will the consequences be?”

Silver Shadowman remained silent for a long time. About ten seconds later, he then replied coldly, “That is none of your business, Jadestar.”

Thales was rendered speechless, and he felt a little embarrassed. But he still sucked in a breath and looked at Silver Shadowman seriously. “I… I have friends above, in Dragon Clouds City. I would like to know; I think I should know.”

Thales thought of Saroma and Gleeward. He even thought of the Shield District that was destroyed during the fight between the Mystics.

‘Shield District…’ When he thought of it, Thales could not help but tense up.

Silver Shadowman seemed like he was observing him, and after a few seconds, he said slowly, “What happens to this curse in the future is not something you should consider, it is also not something that you can control.

“But from what you saw just now, at the very least, I can still handle this current situation and prevent the curse from getting worse—I can stop the rise of the deceased souls.” Silver Shadowman did not seem to find his words very convincing, so he subconsciously added another sentence, “I can still handle the current situation for a very long period of time.”

Thales frowned deeply. “For a very long period of time? How long?”

He saw that after Silver Shadowman delivered that punch, the silver light had grown much weaker, and he could not help but sigh. “If someone like you who has such great power but also continuously weakening and disappearing, and the power that allows you to retain your consciousness and sense of self continues to fade, then just like what the general said…”

Silver Shadowman’s dark eyes sparkled briefly while the silver light reflected on him.

“Once you can no longer suppress this curse and ‘maintain the current situation’… Although I don’t know what will become of the curse, I also don’t know what the consequences will be, but above this place is Dragon Clouds City, Eckstedt, the Western Peninsula…”

Silver Shadowman did not speak.

Thales pinned his gaze on him. “Is there no other way, such as?getting rid of it completely and solving the problem once and for all?”

Silver Shadowman seemed to have let his mind wander for a brief moment, because he was repeatedly mumbling what the prince just said, “Solving the problem once and for all…?”

The man’s facial features suddenly became sharp and his words gew cold. “No. You and everyone else should just be as far away from it as possible.” Silver Shadowman suddenly turned around, the stark contrast of the light and shadows on his face caused his profound expression, as well as his dazzling demeanor, to leave a chill in Thales’ heart.

“Just leave the rest to me; leave it to me, and that would be enough. This is the best way I can currently think of,” he said resolutely.

Thales frowned for a long time, but in the end, he still shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

Silver Shadowman let out a light snort. “You don’t need to understand. Because you cannot do anything about this, Jadestar.” He denied Thales’ need to worry, snuffing it out like how he would nip a problem at its roots.

“Even if you worry, you cannot do anything. At least, with your current weak, young, immature, and useless self, you cannot do anything.”

Thales was rendered speechless by that.

Cold light reflected off the darkness surrounding them due to the brilliant light shining from Silver Shadowman, a chill crept down Thales’ spine once more.

Both of them stayed quiet for a long time.

Thales asked quietly, “What about you then? You are sealing the Black Track, but you just want to stay… stay here forever? Can’t you leave… to where you should be?”

This question stunned Silver Shadowman briefly. “Me?”

It seemed like this was the first time he considered this question. He lowered his head, and pondered it for a while.

“I’ve been dead for a long time,” Silver Shadowman said nonchalantly, “It has been so long. So long that I can’t even remember how long it has been…

“But I, who has been long dead, can still remain existent without needing to rely on an empty shell. Other than the mighty being that allows me to continue to exist, the curse has, more or less, helped me manage this.”

Thales’ expression turned cold.

Silver Shadowman’s words became dejected. “How ironic, right? I can only stay here, forever guarding this curse until the day I am destroyed with it,” Silver Shadowman said quietly. “Or allow it to conquer me, enslave me, and make me assimilate with it.”

Thales became dispirited. At that moment, he suddenly felt a little cold.

The man before him had to guard this place in such a manner? Since his death until now, and even far into the future, without knowing when all of this would end, he had to tirelessly guard this dark, humid, cold, still and quiet place?

“But that’s not all, I am the only one who can suppress its power.” Silver Shadowman’s tone became firm and cold?again, allowing no room for doubt and arguments. “I’ve always been here, so that I can prevent new deceased souls from being dragged into the curse and face this tragic end. I can stop them from becoming a new puppet or nutrients for the curse.

“As long as I live, the curse will not worsen, that is my purpose in staying here.”

When he saw the man’s resolve, Thales could not help but say, “Then how about you? When are you going to be freed? You will be kept here forever in solitude, and you have to face these deceased souls day and night; these rocks, this darkness, this curse. Day by day, year after year, century after century. And to live in fear, constantly on guard so that you can prevent yourself from losing your mind and falling into the enemy’s hands. What would become of you?”

This time, Silver Shadowman remained silent for a long time. “I can see now, Jadestar…”

Silver Shadowman nodded slowly, the rhythm as he spoke slowed down, and his voice was deep. “At this point, you resemble Tor a little.”

“Tor?” Thales did not manage to figure out who that name belonged to. “Who is Tor?”

Silver Shadowman shook his head.

“You don’t need to worry about me,” he replied in that cold tone he always used. “I have always been dead. My existence means nothing, my absence also means nothing.

“I only do what I can do, am willing to do, and want to do. That is all. Don’t think of me as someone pitiful, and don’t think of me someone noble, either.”

Thales could only stare at him in a daze.

Then the man changed the topic of conversation. “But you are a living person, a young Jadestar, you have not reached the point where you should join us. You should not die today, and you should not die here, too.”

His tone was a little gloomy. “We must eventually go our separate ways.”

This small section of the cave turned quiet for a while.

“I know.” The prince sighed deeply, and cast a glance at the expressionless Silver Shadowman. “But… but there has to be a way to solve this, right?”

Thales thought of something, then his eyes brightened. “I might not be able to do anything, but some people I know, some… of the existences I know have power beyond your imagination. They have great wisdom and sharp minds, maybe they… maybe they have a solution.”

This time, Silver Shadowman stared at him for a long time. So long that Thales could no longer bear his gaze.

“You are not the only one who has had that thought,” he said softly, and his words echoed in Thales’ ears.

The man stopped staring at him, but he took a few slow steps forward. As silver light flowed from him, it made him seem even more unique and brilliant.

“But just as the Iron Blood King’s tales marked the beginning of the rise of humans, here lies the Iron Blood King’s curse, and it is also the genesis of all disasters.”

Silver Shadowman raised his head. He turned his face towards the sealed, cramped, dark and dull rocky wall around him.

‘The genesis of… everything?’

Silver Shadowman shook his head slowly. “If you have even the slightest idea how great of a price the wizards paid to get rid of this curse and the effects it brought… If you have even the slightest idea how many of those so-called powerful, wise, sharp-witted people tried to break this curse and unlock its mysteries…

“And how many among them were natural-born genii, but lost their way trying to dispel this curse, fell into madness because of it, and died on the road to solve this mystery…

“And in the process, they then produced and brought about even more evil, even hastening the creation of this evil. And from this evil, many other problems were born, and still continue to torment the living even now.

“If you have any idea what exactly is happening, then you will not say these words so casually.”

There was puzzlement in Thales’ eyes, but he remained quiet as he listened to the man telling him about this. However, he could not completely understand what Silver Shadowman had said.

‘What did he mean?’

“A good heart does not necessary bear good fruits.” The man’s words became stern and fierce. He did not even bother to be tactful. “Some soil is destined to nurture the flowers of utmost evil.”

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They sank into silence again.

“Is it?” Thales lowered his head and did not say a word. He merely sighed faintly.

The silence lasted until Silver Shadowman’s light began to move gently. “However…”

Silver Shadowman looked at him, then slowly raised his right arm and gently clenched his fist. “If you really want to do something, then go and be prepared.”

Thales forced a smile, lifted his head, and let out a light snort. “Prepare for?”

Silver Shadowman nodded slightly, but shook his head immediately afterwards. “Now, your body carries only the bloodline.”

Thales’ smile disappeared. “What do you mean by ‘carries only the bloodline’?”

The man’s dark facial features moved. “Young Jadestar, your will is still childish, your path ahead is still unclear, your resolve is far from enough.

“I heard what you said. Calamities still remain in the mortal realm, and they are mercilessly reaping lives, resulting in tragedy, correct?”

Thales was slightly shocked. “Huh?”

The brilliant light on Silver Shadowman’s face alternated between degrees of brightness and darkness as he stared quietly at Thales.

The prince suddenly felt that perhaps there was a great passion far beyond his imagination hidden behind that face made of silver light.

Silver Shadowman quietly gazed at Thales and said slowly, “Tormond could not fulfill his promise, but I can tell that he left his hopes to his descendants.

Silver Shadowman spread his palms gently. A few strands of silver light rose above his palm, and they flowed back and forth like a sparkling galaxy. It was an incredibly amazing sight.

It was quiet for a second.

Thales’ pupils narrowed slightly. “Tormond,” he muttered. “Are you saying…?”

“Go,” Silver Shadowman said faintly, but the echo of his voice was incredibly clear. Thales could not help but be shocked by it. “Find the mission that belongs to your ancestor and to your family, accept it, and become a reliable man.”

Silver Shadowman’s facial features shook slightly, as though this man with the unique identity had put on the most serene smile. “It is only then, when you will be worthy of returning to fulfill the long-cherished wish belonging to Tormond and myself, the wish which we had failed to accomplish.”

The darkness in his eyes seemed to contain the depths of the entire world. “At that time, only then will you be fit to end all of this, to end even the disaster wrought by this ancient curse. You will be able to put an end to it forever.”

Thales, utterly upset and confused, stared at Silver Shadowman who was in such a darkened state. He seemed to have caught hold of something, but also seemed as if he had not understood anything.

In the end, the prince still frowned and shook his head honestly. “I… don’t understand.”

The man moved slightly. Ripples appeared in the silver light on his face. “Then I hope that you will forever not come to understand it.”

Thales was somewhat startled.

Silver Shadowman slowly raised the flowing silver light on his right palm, then watched the light return to his body.

“Young Jadestar.” He slowly came forward to approach Thales as he said quietly, “Thank you for giving me these few precious, interesting, and happy hours in this darkness which has no magnitude, no end, no future, and no direction.

“Even though, I would forget it very soon and return to how I was before I met you.”

Thales stared at the man. The emotions stirring in his heart were complicated and difficult to put into words.

In the next moment, Silver Shadowman touched Thales’ face with his right palm. He leaned forward and pressed his forehead—formed by silver light—against Thales’. He gazed into Thales’ eyes quietly.

Thales only felt that the spot, where the silver light flowed at the center of his forehead, grow cold. He stared dumbfoundedly at Silver Shadowman, who gazed at him deeply. The silver light shining from this person caused him to be unable to look directly at him and was forced to squint.

Nevertheless, Silver Shadowman’s gaze was incredibly profound. Thales had never stared directly at this exceptional Silver Shadowman at such close proximity. He even had an impression that all the stars in the galaxy were contained in this man’s dark eyes.

“May the mountains be tolerant of your feet. May the earth bless you in your journey.” The light from Silver Shadowman’s body brightened, and it would shudder with every syllable he spoke.

At that moment, a gentle ringing sounded in Thales’ ears.

It was lighter and softer than all the ringing Thales had to suffer before this. It was as though it was noiseless.

“May you… never be lost.”

When he said his final few words, Thales felt that gentle ringing in his ears slowly fade away. In the next second, Silver Shadowman’s light suddenly grew dimmer.

Before Thales could react, Silver Shadowman released him. The cool feeling on his forehead was gone.

“What was that?” Thales looked at the man, puzzled.

But Silver Shadowman just shook his head wordlessly and remained quietly watching him.

“…Thank you for bringing me her greetings.”

In the next moment, before Thales could register what was going on, Silver Shadowman turned around and walked towards the dark, rocky wall, which was completely devoid of any kind of cracks or crevices. The silver footprints he left behind still shone with bright light like before.

“The deceased souls will trouble you no more. Turn around and walk forward, you will find the way out. Forget about today, return to you life.” The man’s words resounded in his ears.

Thales had a thought and a feeling: This was goodbye.

A strange impulse made the prince take two steps forward and he shouted at Silver Shadowman’s back,

“Will we meet again?”

The footsteps of the Silver Shadowman’s feet paused for a moment. The light on his body flickered slightly.

“Of course, ” he replied softly.

Right then, that amusing ray of silver light, now just a spark to avoid being seen, suddenly flowed to the top of Silver Shadowman’s head and formed a few words.

Silver Shadowman stood where he was, as though he still did not notice the strange phenomenon above his head. “Young Jadestar, one day, we will surely meet again in the underworld, just like all souls who rest in peace.

“We won’t meet here, in this curse where everything about us is taken away, against our will.”

Silver Shadowman moved again and walked down the path where he came from.

His body, made of light, slowly fused into the stone walls.

The silver spark jolted and formed words again.

[He’s still lying.]

With a dumbfounded look, Thales stared as Silver Shadowman sank into the rock formation. He watched the silver gradually fade away. The silver spark then became dark and it continued to form another string of words.

[The two of you will never meet again.]

Thales’ eyebrows knitted together.

Finally, Silver Shadowman disappeared completely into the stone wall. The silver light vanished, never to be seen again.

The silver spark was almost completely dimmed by now. It formed its final words in the air before it vanished without a trace.

In the next second, the world in front of Thales turned dark. As Silver Shadowman left, the cave became completely swathed in darkness.

Thales was left alone in that place, returning to this lonely and silent darkness; he had to face the cold air, hard rock, and endless silence again.

Thales could not see a thing in the darkness, but he continued to stare blankly in the direction where Silver Shadowman left. Then, strange feelings filled his heart.

The things that happened not long ago still played vividly in his mind: the heavy blow delivered by Silver Shadowman, the armor he manifested, and the light jabs and teases aimed at Thales in the cave.

‘”I have always been dead… I can only stay here until the day I am destroyed with it… It’s been so long, so long that I can’t even remember how long it has been…

‘”Thank you, for giving me these few precious, interesting, and happy hours in this darkness which has no magnitude, no end, no future, and no direction… We eventually need to go on our separate ways…”‘


Thales clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. An impulse surged into his heart and filled his blood.

His arms crashed against the solid rock wall!

But Thales seemed to not have felt a single thing. He opened his mouth with great effort, and said softly in that boundless darkness, “But I will remember.”

The area around him remained as the same still darkness, and only his low murmurs echoed in the cave. There was not even a single response.

Thales lowered his head and resisted the urge to turn around. He whispered in the cave, so dark that nothing could be seen, “Even if you forget everything or cease to exist, there will always be one man in this world who will remember your life here.”

It was as if he was talking to himself. Still, he hoped that his words could travel to the other end of the wall in front of him, into that spot that would forever be cloaked in dark loneliness.

…So that he could give that man, who could not rest in peace after he died but still smiled while he guarded this place alone in eternal darkness, a small spark of hope.

“Did you hear me?”

In the endless darkness, the upset and dispirited prince sucked in a long breath to suppress the strange burning in his nose.

“Raikaru… Eckstedt.”