Chapter 356 - Unique Only to One

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Chapter 356: Unique Only to One

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Thales still remembered his first meeting with the Star Killer.

Six years ago, the prince once saw Nicholas clearly with the Sin of Hell’s River. He was a silver-colored figure, emitting a piercing brilliance. His Power of Eradication shone on every inch of the man’s body. It constantly affected the man’s direction and momentum as he moved, making others unable to determine his movements and actions.

At that time, even if Thales used the Sin of Hell’s River and thought hard, even if he calculated the man’s speed and direction, he would still discover to his grief that his weak self could not avoid Nicholas’ blow, even if the man attacked him without weapons.

But now, after six years…

When Nicholas’ fist instantly landed heavily against the shield Thales held, the prince shook under the loud noise. But he gritted his teeth hard, took a step back, and withstood the blow.

With hell’s senses, the silver figure before Thales shone. The prince tensed up immediately.

Just as he expected, the Star Killer delivered his second blow—a left punch—without any pause since his first. Thales prepared himself to step back, just like what he had done earlier.

But at that moment, the words Wya said when he was training on the court came to his mind.

‘”Your Highness, you can’t always retreat and defend. Kohen and I did this when we fought against that large man from Black Sand Region. We were too mindful of Rising Sun Saber’s attack, and we kept avoiding fighting head-on against it. But in the end, we failed. Defending is not giving up the fight, it is for you to prepare for your next strike.”‘

Nicholas’ fist stirred up a gust of wind that sounded terrifying to the ears.

Thales took a deep breath. In the next moment, he faced the man’s fist with a solemn expression, took a step forward, and attacked using the Northland Military Sword Style’s Flanking Maneuver.

The tip of his sword forced Nicholas’ attack to stop for a moment. However, the Star Killer’s adaptability surpassed his imagination. At the same time the man was avoiding the tip of his sword, he changed the direction of his left hand’s attack and struck Thales’ right wrist, which was his swordhand.

With the help of hell’s senses, Thales saw this supreme class elite’s actions and was in awe. ‘As expected, defending is not just backing off.’

Take Nicholas as an example: Every single time he defended, he would follow up with an aggressive attack. Even if he retreated to avoid his attack, the man never tried to avoid being injured, but to create harm on Thales.

When he thought of this, Thales gritted his teeth and moved forward again. He pushed his shield forward and knocked against Nicholas’ left arm.

The third defense stance in the Northland Military Sword Style—defense style. He swung his shield in the name of defense, but it was also for a counterattack!

A muffled bang resounded when shield and arm collided. His left hand was slightly numb, and his whole body was shaking, but Thales cried, trying his best to deliver a counterattack with his sword!

But Nicholas’ actions were faster than what he had imagined, and much more bizarre. His left arm pushed against the shield while he charged forward without stopping. With the shield acting as an axis, he kicked Thales hard with his knee!

Thales felt his breaths stop!

In the next second, he groaned in pain and, together with the shield, was flung two meters away from where he was.

“Not bad.” The empty-handed Nicholas did not change his expression. He cracked his knuckles. A barely noticeable crease appeared between his eyebrows.

“This can be considered your best performance among all your classes.”

The Star Killer walked slowly towards him, revealing a malicious smile. “At least you have a will to fight. You’re no longer like a blind man waving his sword or a coward lifting his shield.”

Thales climbed to his feet with great difficulty, and shook his numb left hand. He picked up his shield again and laughed bitterly. “It’s that Power of Eradication of yours that changes direction suddenly again?”

The Star Killer shook his head, as if he did not want to waste his time. “Let’s end this quickly, I still want to have my lunch.”

Thales sucked in a sharp breath and resisted the pain in his body. He put on the ‘confrontation stance’ again.

‘Northland Military Sword Style.’

He suddenly thought of the time he first learned this sword technique and the words Gilbert said to him,

‘”This sword style was developed to battle fearsome opponents whose strength and size far surpass human beings, such as the ancient orcs, or even dragons. This is the oldest combative sword style recorded in human history. Under such alarmingly huge disadvantages, humanity fought battles until they almost sank into despair. And as they engaged in almost fatal resistances and suicidal charges…”‘

He looked at Nicholas who was getting closer to him, and sighed in his heart.

‘…Far surpass human beings… fearsome opponents? No, No just that.’

Another figure of a mysterious man appeared in Thales’ mind. ‘”How did the humans defeat the ancient orcs while they were in a completely disadvantageous situation? How did they win the Battle of Eradication?

‘”Those who are truly strong… In despair they seek hope, and from loss, they find ways to turn the tide. They escalate favorable circumstances into sure wins and transform unexpected mishaps into support…

‘”You clung tightly to every possible bargaining chip, cast the most crucial one, and from then on, changed the entire battle.”‘

Thales took two deep breaths, then shook his head which was dizzy from the fall.

‘My bargaining chip, my chance of victory… I do have it. But… There’s only one chance.’

In the next second, Thales roared and charged against his enemy again!

He thrust forward with his sword, but Nicholas knew him too well.

Every single time they had practical training, the Star Killer would have a relaxed smile and use every tactic at his disposal to defeat him.

With every strike he delivered, the Star Killer would rely on his skills and toy with Thales.

Every time he tried to test Nicholas’ skills and provoke him, the Star Killer would be prepared to also test Thales’ attendants’ standards.

‘So…’ Thales’s pupils shrank. ‘So this is the Star Killer’s greatest weakness! He “knows” himself too well.’

Thales’ face contorted, and he gritted his teeth. He shouted with his mouth, and called out in his heart as well, “Come!”

‘Come, my comrade… Sin of Hell’s River!’

The familiar waves rushed through him. After using it for six years, it instantly spread through Thales’ entire body at a faster, more stable and smoother way.

As he watched Thales charge at him, Nicholas laughed, continuous and cold. “If you use the same stance, you’ll just have the same ending.”

The Star Killer gathered strength in his legs, then charged towards Thales.

He easily avoided Thales’ thrust, then threw a blow towards the prince’s face. The wind brought by the fist roared.

Thales’ body shuddered and he swung his shield again into the defensive position, straight towards his enemy’s fist.

But this time, it was different.

‘This time I need strength. Strength!’ the teenager thought calmly. The Sin of Hell’s River rushed ‘excitedly’ to his arm.

The shield and the iron fist clashed once more against one another!

Nicholas’ cold laughter remained. “As I said, little prince—”

However, a fraction of a second later, his laughter stopped.

…Because an unprecedented strength came surging towards him from the shield! It caused his fist and body to jolt. Nicholas’ expression changed drastically!

‘How…?’ Nicholas looked at the prince in shock. He was forced to retreat under the immense strength. He took one more step to balance his body. ‘What’s going on? This kind of strength…’

Nicholas blocked the shield in his shock, then immediately counterattacked with his left elbow.

But before he could understand what was going on, Thales roared again, “Star Killer!”

‘I need to react. React!’

The Sin of Hell’s River happily rushed to his eyes, brain, and his swordhand, connecting them all together and allowing them to be synchronized.

At that moment, the roaring Thales looked as if he had foreseen his enemy’s actions. At the moment the Star Killer moved, the tip of his sword went to attack him in the direction Nicholas moved towards!

Nicholas was shocked. Following the momentum of the sword, Thales went to pierce through his left lung.

‘How did this prince, who doesn’t know how to fight, be able to respond so quickly?’

But the experience and skilled Star Killer responded within that short moment. He gave up on attacking and turned quickly, avoiding the attack.

But his opponent did not think so.

‘Lastly,’ Thales thought calmly, ‘I need speed. Speed! Deadly speed!’

With that thought, the remaining Sin of Hell’s River became like a beast released from its cage, charring into Thales’ arm muscles with a roar. They burned with a terrifying flame in him, creating an explosive strength.


Thales continued to roar unceasingly, as if he wanted to used up all his strength.

At that moment, the tip of his sword stirred up a gust of ear-piercing wind, and it flashed right before the Star Killer’s eyes…

…Then it seemed to disappear.

At that moment, the shocked Nicholas suddenly felt his skin crawl. A chill he had not felt for a long time infiltrated his heart. It was a sense of danger he could feel only when he faced powerful enemies on the battlefield.

A cold chill suddenly appeared in front of his left breast.

‘Shit. Shit!’

In the next moment, Nicholas gritted his teeth hard. He activated his Power of Eradication madly, stopped his momentum where he was about avoid the attack, and turned towards the other side of the sword tip!

In the next second… *Shick!*

There came the sound of a sword tip cutting through flesh.

It was the loud noise of a human falling to the ground.

Once these two sounds faded away, Thales thrust the sword to the ground as he tried hard to maintain his balance.

He then came out from the Sin of Hell’s River state, including that of hell’s senses.

“Hah… hah… hah… hah…”

The teenager leaned against his shield with most of his weight on it. He panted heavily, trying to relieve the muscle aches and dizziness after the Sin of Hell’s River disappeared.

At that crucial moment, Nicholas’ figure had turned in a bizarre manner. He moved his head back, rolled to the side in a disheveled state, and avoided the attack aimed for his heart.

The shivering Thales clenched his teeth and looked at his enemy while in pain.

There, the Star Killer kneeled on one leg on the ground. His eyes were wide in disbelief and he extended his palm with a dumbfounded expression. In the next second, a short wound from the Star Killer’s left cheek to his chin appeared, and red liquid seeped out of it.

Blood dripped down onto Nicholas’s slightly shivering palm. The Star Killer seemed to be completely stunned.

‘How could this happen? He… that prince who never knew how to fight…’

The Star Killer raised his head in anger and shock while he touched the wound on his face and sensed the pain he had not endured since a long time ago.

He stared fixedly at the pale-faced, panting Prince of Constellation, trying hard to understand everything in front of his eyes.

‘The trash who could not even take one of my blows… How did he… How did he suddenly… suddenly…’

Thales shook his head hard, trying to shake away the temporary dizziness. There was indignance in his heart.

‘Damn it… Damn it! Even when I used all of my power, I still can’t defeat him…’

After a few seconds, the incredibly disheveled Star Killer panted twice to calm himself down.

“No, this kind of power, this kind of response…” He knitted his eyebrows, and there was deep suspicion in his eyes.

“This is not what you can do.” There was shocked disbelief on Nicholas’ expression. “Just now, that was… the Power of Eradication?”

Thales put on a weak smile as he leaned against his shield. Right then, the teenager hoped that his enemy would just talk less.

‘At the very least, let me get over the numbness and pain from overusing the Sin of Hell’s River, please?’

The Star Killer’s expression was grave. “But… But when did you activate your Power of Eradication—

“Heh heh.” Thales chuckled twice and interrupted him. The prince, his limbs numbed, could no longer hold on to his longsword, so he let go of the sword hilt. He shook his lightly shuddering hand, then tried hard to put on a very relaxed look.

“A long time ago. Surprised?”

Nicholas stood up slowly. His expression grew more and more serious.

When he saw the man rise, Thales’ hand on his shield shook slightly.

“Then, the speed you used when you snatched away the book, and the strength you showed during training were not coincidences?” Nicholas stared at him fixedly, ignoring the trail of blood on his face. “How many years have you hid the fact that you have a Power of Eradication from us and all the spies in Heroic Spirit Palace?”

Thales snickered. His numb limbs were slowly regaining their feeling. Those six years of training were more or less effective, even if his Power of Eradication did not become stronger, at least his body had grown used to the price he had to pay for using the Sin of Hell’s River.

“Sorry to say this, but there are still plenty of things that you don’t know.” The prince shook his head, and he once again grasped his sword hilt.

The shock and anger on Nicholas’ face slowly turned into fury. “So, the numerous outdoor training sessions… Even though you were brutally beaten up, you never used it even once?”

“Strength is not for show.” Thales gently furled his recovered right hand and wiped off the cold sweat on his face. “If I can’t use it at the most crucial time… Then I’d rather hide it to confuse my enemies.”

Nicholas laughed angrily. He stretched out his hand and swiped it over his own face. With the trail of blood on his face, his pale face started to gain color.

“I knew it, little prince, since you first came to Dragon Clouds City, you have always treated us as your enemies. You were born with that craftiness and deviousness.” The Star Killer’s eyes were practically burning with anger. The ache on his face reminded of him the fact that he was hurt by a weakling, which made the proud man even angrier.

“Who knows how much you have been hiding from us for the past six years.”

Thales sneered. The life as a hostage in Dragon Clouds City was not as good as what other people thought.

The short alliance he had with Dragon Clouds City crumbled the moment Lampard left Dragon Clouds City. Count Lisban viewed him as a dangerous political chess piece of the enemy, while the Star Killer never forgot that the Constellatiates were the root of all the problems they suffered. While he was there, even studying in peace was a luxury for Thales.

The prince’s every single move was watched, and he was not even allowed a single teacher from Constellation. Even when he had outdoor classes he faced many obstacles, because the Northlanders treated him and the kingdom behind his back with great enmity and wariness. Moreover, they did not want this astonishing heir from the enemy’s kingdom to gain more skills.

From that moment on, Thales understood that he was not some blessed child. He did not have this luck, which allowed him to present his strength and wisdom every single day, to make him the center of attention, shock his enemies and friends, and still remain unharmed by the end of the day.

At least, during the time he spent in Dragon Clouds City, he needed to be careful; to take each step carefully, to hide his talents, and wait for the opportunity to change his situation.

…Such as hiding his own Power of Eradication, even though he would get brutally beaten up on the training field.

If he revealed his Power of Eradication, perhaps it would allow Thales to win a fight during his outdoor training classes. He might even be able to evoke amazement and awe from the Northlanders, and be referred to as a ‘genius’. However, when he thought about it, this would make him lose a card he could use during crucial moments.

Thales could only grit his teeth and bear through the pain. He watched the Star Killer insult him by bringing him down repeatedly while mocking him, and he had to suppress the Sin of Hell’s River that almost activated every single time the Star Killer did this.

“What about you then, Star Killer?” The prince took a deep breath and stood up slowly. He pulled the longsword from the ground. “In the past six years, how much did you and Lisban, and even the late King Nuven, hide from me?”

Nicholas’ breathing stopped.

In the face of the prince’s profound gaze, he suppressed his anger, then reached his arm towards his back.

This time, it was Thales’ turn for his facial expression to change.

“I apologize to you.” As the sound of metal and leather scraping against each other came, the Star Killer drew the weapon behind his back with a fierce glare—made even more terrifying due to the scar on his face. There was wariness in his words, “I was wrong. I never treated this as a duel.

“It was I who belittled you… Thales Jadestar, who awakened the Power of Eradication before the age of fourteen.”

Thales stared at the long saber that reflected with a golden light in Nicholas’ hands. There was worry in his eyes.

That was the legendary anti-mystic equipment. Its former wielder once placed it to Thales’ throat and threatened his life.

‘Rising Sun Saber. Well, this is bad.’

“Are you sure?” Thales could only summon his courage and lift his shield. “I heard Wya talk about that incomparably sharp weapon before. It can cut through everything, right?”

Nicholas started laughing coldly, but there was a ferocious tone in his laughter.

“Rest assured, I will not activate its power, or else I would not be able to control it and it would cut open your head by accident.”

He lifted the Rising Sun Saber horizontally and had the tip of the sword point at Thales’ direction. There was a rare solemness in his eyes. “And didn’t I tell you? No matter how badly you’re beaten… I will always leave you with that hand.”

In the next moment, Nicholas’ expression changed. His body suddenly left from where he originally stood!

The nervous Thales sucked in a sharp breath, and instantly used hell’s senses. In his vision, that silver figure shone rapidly, and it was coming towards him.

The battle began anew!

This time, the Star Killer’s attack and speed was far beyond Thales’ imagination. The tip of his sword suddenly arrived before his eyes!

When it felt the threat, the Sin of Hell’s River activated by itself.

The nervous Thales immediately lifted his shield and desperately blocked the Star Killer’s first, merciless vertical strike.

As he watched the golden saber, which clashed against the upper part of his shield, Thales immediately felt a chill on his back. He could not help but think, ‘If this thing is as Wya mentioned, that it could melt everything… Then right now, wouldn’t I be—’

However, he did not have time to think. Nicholas growled. With both of his hands on the sword, he pressed down on Thales with the saber!

Thales felt his arms lower. When he saw that he was about to lose his balance, he tensed up. He instinctively tried to pull off the flanking maneuver to dodge his enemy’s strike. But Nicholas’ offence did not stop at all. He used the momentum whereby Thales evaded him to charge forward, and his right shoulder crashed into him.

‘I can’t even thrust my sword.’ Thales groaned with much difficulty. But at least he managed to hide behind his shield before Nicholas crashed into him, which allowed him to withstand his enemy’s charge of brute strength.

The force from the charge came rushing at him. The prince scrunched his face up. He used his left hand to hold the shield and took three consecutive steps back.

Due to the increased strength from the Sin of Hell’s River, he was knocked down by his experienced opponent.

“All real warriors are born from fighting with blades against their necks and blood dripping down their bodies.” Nicholas used half of his body to press against his shield. This unbearable position made it difficult for Thales to swing his sword. He could only grit his teeth and push his enemy back. Then he heard the Star Killer’s angry voice rise again.

“You need a good physical and psychological condition, experience, adaptability, a good body… All are essential. You who only knows how to train with targets are far from being a true warrior!”

As Nicholas’ roared angrily, Thales, who was using all his power in a contest of strength against his opponent, suddenly felt the weight of Nicholas’ elbow on his shield reduce!

He could not help but glide forward. Even with hell’s senses, the Star Killer still managed to instantly appear at Thales’ unguarded left side, and he went to hit Thales’ forehead with his right elbow!

Thales suddenly had an idea. He instinctively threw away his shield, and the Sin of Hell’s River rushed to his elbow to thrust at Nicholas in an attempt to block his fatal strike.

However, the silver light in the Star Killer’s body shone again.

Within half a second, the Star Killer who ambushed him on his left suddenly stopped and he instantly retreated!

Thales was shocked. He had swung out his left arm and did not have time to withdraw his sword-wielding right hand.

He could not make it in time to defend himself.

During that second, within his slowed perception of time thanks to hell’s senses, Thales could only watch in shock as his enemy seized the initiative. He only needed to deliver his final blow now.

Only eight seconds had passed since Nicholas launched his attack. This was the second round, the first round was when he delivered the wound on Nicholas’ face.

‘How quick.’ Thales sighed in his heart.

The muscles on Nicholas’ wounded cheek moved and his lips curled up to reveal a smug, ferocious smile.

‘This is the difference between us, boy. This is the slight difference between those of supra class and supreme class.’

The result of the fight was at hand.

In the next moment, Nicholas flipped his saber with a roar and thrust the sword pommel forward, straight at the defenseless Thales’ forehead.

It was a scary and loud noise. The place quieted down… But Thales did not fall.

As for Nicholas, he stared once more in shock at the young opponent before him.

He was prepared to defeat Thales in one blow with the sword handle, but right before it crashed onto Thales’ forehead, it collided first into a palm.

It was Thales left hand, the left hand Thales had flung out just now, and had not been able to pull back in time.

This left hand immediately moved to the prince’s front, as if it was the work of some miracle, and blocked the strike from his enemy. Thales was drenched in cold sweat. He shivered as he blocked Nicholas.

The Star Killer could not believe his own eyes at that moment.

‘Impossible. The skill I used is the Twist of Fate. It’ll allow me to deliver the best strike when my enemy loses his momentum and has no strength to defend against me. He… blocked it?’

But the Star Killer did not hesitate, neither did he ponder too deeply about it. Kaslan told him before that if he could not kill his enemy with his first slash, then…

“AH!!” Nicholas roared, enraged. His Power of Eradication was activated again and guided his movements. Then, as if it ignored all his habits, the Power of Eradication led his body to deliver a slice and a slash!

Thales sucked in a sharp breath and watched his enemy’s blade move back before advancing, immediately attacking his defenseless legs.

The sound of metal colliding against each other rose into the air.

Nicholas’ blade was blocked by Thales’ longsword, which had suddenly appeared right in front of his thigh.

Nicholas’ pupils constricted. ‘Impossible. Impossible!’

The Star Killer’s Power of Eradication surged through his joints and he moved in a flash again!

The blade went for Thales’ neck once more.

The second sound of metal clashing echoed in their ears.

Thales panted harshly. This time, his hands appeared before his throat to block the saber from below, preventing Nicholas from cutting into his throat.

Nicholas stared at him, dumbfounded. His eyes were filled with shock. He had even forgotten about his desire to continue attacking.

‘This is…’

Thales used the last ounce of his strength and forced Nicholas back. Then, he fell to his knees with a loud thud. The prince could not stop panting and his breaths were mixed with pained moans.

Nevertheless, the Star Killer was already completely stunned. “Just now… you…”

Nicholas blinked and stared at Thales who was on the floor with an ashen face, drenched in sweat, and seemed to be enduring some sort of suffering.

He opened his mouth slightly and looked as if he wanted to speak. His expression was incredibly complicated. Thales could only pant continuously. It was as if the blows just now had almost taken his life.

Eventually, the surprised Nicholas said, “What did you use to block my strikes just now?” He scowled. “No, just what is your Power of Eradication?”

Thales gradually calmed his breathing. When he heard this, he forced a smile onto his face, though he did so feebly. “Hahaha…”

Nicholas continued to watch him without moving. Thales remained kneeling on the ground, with one hand on the sand and the other trembling while lifting the longsword.

“Oh, you mean… this?”

The prince sucked in a sharp breath and, in an instant, his face turned paler, but his blade went slashing sideways, and his movement as well as his posture were actually very on point.

However, when the slash was executed halfway, it changed direction in a bizarre fashion and instantly went downwards to cut into the ground.

Nicholas watched this scene, stunned. He heard Thales speak while smiling feebly.

“It’s an attack that drifts about and is unpredictable because it suddenly changes direction, right?”

The Star Killer fixed his stare on the longsword in the ground and murmured under his breath, “This is…”

Thales feebly lifted his head and stared at Nicholas whose expression was now… quite interesting. While feeling anxious, he said with strenuous effort, “Haha, this is the work of a rare elite from supreme class. He spent a total of six years to personally show me this ultimate technique every single week. Based on his words, this is a rarely seen Power of Eradication.”

Thales smiled again. No one knew that at that moment, all the prince’s muscles were working against him. They ached, went numb, and had periodical spasms. All these sensations came attacking his senses at the same time. It was simply difficult to put into words.

The Star Killer’s expression became even more sour.

The prince smiled even more joyfully and continued speaking. “There is only one person who can use this in Northland.” While enduring great pain, Thales narrowed his eyes slightly. “Its name is… the Twist of Fate.”

At that time, Nicholas’ expression had practically become as cold as the coldest ice.

“You should feel proud.” Thales chuckled softly and observed Nicholas carefully, the older man’s emotions were in turmoil at that moment. “…Because he told me that most of the people who saw it are already dead.”