Chapter 365 - Saber Or Crossbow?

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Chapter 365: Saber Or Crossbow?

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Once more, under the effects of the Sin of Hell’s River, Thales found, to his amazement, that time had slowed down.

In his field of vision, as though in slow-motion, he clearly saw that Nicholas had opened his mouth to shout violently as his face was filled with shock and anger.

There was a fierce look all over Monty’s face as he charged forward as he stretched out his right arm in the teenager’s direction. Three throwing knives spun in the air in front of his right arm and rushed towards Thales.

The prince was shocked as he watched the three throwing knives which he could not avoid!

‘What should I do?’ When he sensed that the situation was unfavourable to him, he took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

The air entered his lungs smoothly, then broke down into several different parts, entering his blood stream and turning into energy in his blood.

‘Wait a minute!’ Thales’ pupils moved. He suddenly noticed something that was not quite right!

He had just inhaled air. Usually, this action would take half a second.

But when he sucked in his breath just now… The time he took to do so did not slow down.

‘This means…’

Thales exhaled again. He was surprised to learn that while he exhaled, the throwing knives before his eyes merely moved forward less than an inch.

A thought ran through his mind, ‘As expected, this time the breath I took was a little faster than everything around me in “slow motion”! Therefore, the things that went faster were not merely my thoughts.’ Thales was stunned to see Monty who was charging in his direction. ‘Is this the new power of the Sin of Hell’s River?’

But the weakness he felt immediately afterwards made Thales realize something. The Sin of Hell’s River contained within his body began to deplete rapidly as he took a breath that was quicker than when he took a breath in ‘slow motion’. After he recovered, the Power of Eradication that he had accumulated with great difficulty was suddenly reduced to nothing.

Clearly, the new power did not come free-of-charge. But the situation did not allow him to think further.

Thales emptied his mind and came to a decision: He could not hide or retreat. These movements would deplete his Power of Eradication greatly. Thales could not do any of them.

When the throwing knives were about to get to him, he adjusted his movements and estimated the trajectory, the direction of the wind, and the opponent’s direction if he were to evade with his hell’s senses.

As he moved, the Power of Eradication surged into him and was finally depleted.

Thales gritted his teeth, aimed at his target, and pulled the trigger!

In the next moment, the flow of time returned to normal.

Thales’ vision blurred. He felt pain in his left hand and right shoulder, while the crossbow in his hand trembled.

*Clang!* The Crossbow of Time fell on the ground.

*Shick!* It was the sound of a crossbow arrow stabbing into flesh.

“Watch out!” came Nicholas’ furious bellow.

Thales sat on the ground in pain. The soreness and hunger that got more and more distinct became much more unbearable.

Right before his eyes, Monty lost his balance and fell to the ground.

“Damn it,” the Raven of Death cursed in dissatisfaction, covering his left thigh with a pained expression. In his left thigh was an arrow, and it had cut deep into his flesh. The arrow shaft quivered.

The weak young prince trembled. He forced himself to pull the short throwing knives out of his arm and shoulder. He had not recovered from the shock. During that crucial moment, he managed to escape death.

“Such response and accuracy…” From aside, the shocked Nicholas stared at the young prince,?puzzled, as if he did not know him anymore. “You still preserved some of your strength?”

Thales gasped for breath. He could not afford to be bothered by his bleeding hand and picked up the crossbow, rolling and crawling to leave his original spot. He wanted to leave Monty’s range of attack.

The frightened young prince ran to a safe area. He wiped the sweat off his forehead off while fear lingered in him. He felt unbearably famished and sore.

“So… You decided not to pretend anymore, right? Your loyalty is not only exclusive to the Secret Intelligence Department, is it?”

As he spoke, Thales could no longer endure the hunger. He moved forward shakily to the warhorse left by Monty, and took out a packet of jerky like a starving man.

The teenager, with his mouth filled with food, tore at the jerky viciously and thought to himself, ‘This is probably the aftereffects from the Sin of Hell’s River after it stimulated my vitality.’

Monty lifted his head and glared at him. “Damn little bastard…”

Thales bit the lid off the leather waterskin and downed the jerky with the water. He smiled as a few thoughts ran through his mind. “I see. And here I was wondering earlier… So he knew about it much earlier. Raven of Death, you were the one who told him.”

Monty suppressed the pain in his thigh with great difficulty. His face was fierce. “What?”

“You knew about Adele and Mirk.” Thales could not help but shake his head. He was starting to feel that his tummy was filled a little. “So, it was you who told him about the archduchess’ identity. The Secret Intelligence Department came to rescue me through you. He also got to know about this through you.”

As the young prince uttered his words, the Raven of Death’s gaze became even fiercer. The Star Killer grew even more puzzled.

Thales seemed to have recalled something and frowned. “So, because of this, he came here to ruin our plan… F*ck him.”

The young prince swallowed the last mouthful of food. There was annoyance and indignation on his face. “To think I was scared by him and thought I was tricked. I even regretted it for some time.”

On the other side, Nicholas questioned in a dissatisfied tone, “What are you talking about, young prince?”

Thales ignored him and only shook his head.

“As for the things you said about the first rule and silencing him…” Thales looked unhappy and gritted his teeth angrily. “Based on what I know, there is only one person in this whole world who hates my words so greatly, and is so wary of me he doesn’t even want to let me speak.”

The Prince of Constellation sighed. “If that’s the case, this is ultimately a fight between him and me.

“So, Raven of Death, you triple-crosser, send my regards to King Chapman.” Thales put on a friendly and pleasant smile for Monty.

Nicholas was dumbfounded.

On the ground, Monty became even more violent and smashed the ground ferociously. “F*ck!”

Finally, the three men tore apart their final disguise under the sun, and exposed themselves in the eyes of the other two people.

In the next second, Thales let out a long breath and, with complicated emotions, stared at the two terrifying opponents who were entirely spent.

Unexpectedly, he was the only person who stood safe and sound.

Subconsciously, he smiled and spoke in a manner like he was talking to himself, “The truly powerful would turn a disadvantage to his advantage, his weaknesses into his strengths…”

Nicholas and Monty watched him with hostile gazes.

Thales quietened down. He shuddered and walked slowly to the front of Nicholas’ saddle and took the luggage one by one off the saddle.

Food, water, money pouch… He moved them to his own saddle.

The Star Killer’s expression changed. “Hey, you—”

“Shhhh…” Thales lifted his finger to his lips and cut him off in a displeased manner. He took the liberty to put Nicholas’ last piece of bread into his own saddle pack.

Then, as the other two people watched with widened eyes, the young prince put his hand behind his ear, making it appear as if he was listening attentively, then he followed the sound to the cracks between the wall. He then pulled another horse out—it was Monty’s horse.

“Damn it—” Monty’s face turned pale.

“Shhhhh…” Thales shook his head in a displeased manner. He pulled a bag of arrows from the saddle and shoved it into his knapsack.

“Three men’s worth of replenishments and money. It should be enough,” mumbled Thales as he leaned forward to refill three waterskins from the stream.

The two heavily injured men, one on the rock and the other on the ground, could only watch Thales do all this.

“Shit. Little brat. Come forward if you have the guts,” Monty said with a ferocious face as he dragged his badly injured leg behind him with great difficulty. “I’m going to make you—”

Thales did not let him finish his words. The teenager shook his head while smiling. “How about I tell you a story?”

The Star Killer and the Raven of Death just showed him savage expressions. It was obvious they were not in the mood for any story.

Nevertheless, the young prince was still rather happy with himself and said in a carefree manner, “One day, two men passed the Land of Barren Rocks. Each of them dropped something and panicked.”

Thales moved forward step by step until he reached a corner and bent down.

“At that moment, a prince suddenly appeared. He extended his hands to the other two people amicably and asked, “‘Relax. Come and take a closer look. Did you drop…?'”

Nicholas and Monty’s expressions changed.

Thales straightened his body and walked to the three horses. He raised the two legendary anti-Mystic weapons with a smile on his face.

“…the saber in my left hand, or the crossbow in my right hand?”

Time seemed to stand still. The two men had their eyes pinned on Thales.

The young prince seemed oblivious of their glares He even swung the Rising Sun Saber and the Crossbow of Time joyfully.

A few seconds later…

Nicholas was enraged. He glared at Thales while gritting his teeth. “F*ck…”

There was a hostile look in Monty’s eyes. He finished the Star Killer’s words in a show of great teamwork. “…You son of a b*tch.”

This time, Thales’ expression changed.

“Wrong answer.” Thales’ smile faded away and he furrowed his brow. “That prince said angrily, ‘You are not honest at all.'” Thales shook his head somberly. “All these things…”

He tied the Rising Sun Saber around his waist before hanging the Crossbow of Time on the saddle with a bright smile. “…are very clearly mine.”

As he watched their expressions, Thales untied the reins and stepped on the stirrup to get onto his saddle. The horse did not reject him. It seemed that ever since Silver Shadowman gave him the blessing at the foot of the mountain, he was rarely rejected by horses.

Thales sneered, looked at the sky, and smiled in a relieved manner.

“You know…” Thales exhaled and touched the crossbow sack on the saddle. “I can actually lift the crossbow and kill all of you here.”

“Hmph.” Nicholas said coldly, “Go on ahead.”

Thales was quiet and concentrated on the wound in his leg. As the prince rode on the horse, he suddenly smiled while looking at the two severely injured men who could hardly move.

“No,” the young prince said, shaking his head. “Do you know what sets me apart from you?”

The Star Killer and the Raven of Death paused for a moment.

Thales glanced at the Star?Killer. “Nicholas. Six years ago, it was indeed I who brought the disaster upon Dragon Clouds City, and brought the White Blade Disgrace upon you. But it was also I who led all of you in the counterattack and chased Lampard out of Dragon Clouds City.”

Nicholas snorted coldly.

“We definitely have yet to settle the grudge between us.” When Thales spoke of the past, he felt a little sentimental. “But it’s fine. My six years in Heroic Spirit Palace should have cleared all of them. Therefore, we do not owe each other anything.”

Nicholas cast him a cold glance. “You wish.”

Thales snickered. However, his face immediately turned serious. He drew the Rising Sun Saber. “But this saber…”

Thales stared at the golden saber quietly. Nicholas’ gaze tensed.

Then, Thales raised his hand abruptly and threw the Rising Sun Saber as far away as possible!

Both Nicholas and Monty were stunned.

*Clang!* The saber fell beside Nicholas’ feet.

The Star Killer watched the saber in a daze. He was unable to react, even after a long time had passed.

“What are you doing?” Nicholas looked up and asked through gritted teeth, “Pretending to be generous?”

“No, I am not that noble. My bone, which you broke, is still in pain.” Thales sighed and schooled his expression. “But, this is also proof of the battle that has not been fought between you and Tolja. It is also the weapon you safeguard Dragon Clouds City with.”

He said in a serious manner, “Your real enemy is not me, especially after I leave. Instead of wasting your time and energy on me, why don’t you put more thought into how to get the saber that belongs to you back?

“So, guard it well.” Thales smiled a little. “Even if it is for the sake of Dragon Clouds City.”

Nicholas’s expression froze. The young prince turned towards the Raven of Death.

“Monty, we have only known each other for a while.” Thales was amused by how Monty was struggling to break the arrow. “I have to say, no matter what your initial intention was, thanks to your adept scouting skills, I survived Dragon Clouds City’s pursuit.”

Monty furrowed his brow. Thales sighed. “But you just threw a few throwing knives my way. So…” The young prince patted the crossbow on the saddle and put on an evil smile.

“The crossbow is mine now.”

Monty’s expression changed. He swore exasperatedly through gritted teeth, “You motherf*cker!”

“Hahaha!” Thales laughed heartily. The corner of Nicholas’ mouth twitched as he observed what was going on.

A few seconds later, Thales gradually stopped laughing.

“You said you lived in darkness, you did not care to whom your loyalty belonged to for the sake of your own survival… But you remind me of someone.” Thales seemed to be deep in thought. His gaze was profound. “…Some thrice cursed Camian.”

The Raven of Death gritted his teeth and said, “F*ck you.”

“Trust me, Lampard is not a good boss. He is too harsh on himself.” Thales pointed to the east, then he shifted his gaze. “So, if there comes a day where you are driven into a corner again…

“You could come to me. I might give you a good price.”

Monty’s eyes flickered. Thales looked at him soberly. “Remember, this is Thales Jadestar’s promise.”

Monty did not say a word.

“So, both of you, farewell.” The young prince shrugged and smiled with all his teeth at the two men. As he uttered his final words, Thales swung his reins and snapped at the other two horses, chasing them away.

“Hold it!”

Thales’ arm paused for a moment.

Monty looked up, panting. “It’s very dangerous in the desert. The heat, the lack of water, the sandstorms, getting lost, the enemies; any of these could kill you.”

Thales frowned a little.

“Only I know how to get in touch with the person who will receive you from the Secret Intelligence Department.” The Raven of Death gritted his teeth and said in a trembling voice, “You could tie me up and take me with you. After all, I’m already badly injured. At least don’t leave me here.”

Thales sank into deep contemplation for a while as he listened to the Raven of Death. He turned around and gazed southwards. There was only endless rock and barren land on the horizon.

“If you ask me,” Nicholas said coldly, “You will definitely die if you enter the Great Desert alone. But with him?” The Star Killer said sarcastically, “You will die in no time.”

Monty glowered at him.

“You just said you would give me a good price, didn’t you?” The Raven of Death looked at him. “How about we start now?”

Thales let out a sigh. “Alright. Your words have given me pause.”

Monty’s eyes lit up. However, Thales smiled again.

“But someone once told me that there is a good way to overcome hesitation.”

Monty’s face tensed.

“That would be…” Thales waved at him happily. “To not give myself any chances to hesitate.”

The next moment, Thales snapped the reins and lashed at the horse with a solemn face.

*Gallop, gallop, gallop…*

As the horse galloped onwards, the Prince of Constellation rode off into the neverending horizon, leaving the border of Eckstedt without looking back…

…riding into freedom.

The two men who were left behind were stunned and looked at each other, at a loss for what to do.

A long time seemed to have passed.

Monty inhaled deeply as he dragged his wounded leg. He looked in Nicholas’ direction with a serious expression.

“Damn it.” Monty looked at the Rising Sun Saber next to Nicholas’ feet. He frowned. “So, we have been fooled by a pubescent child?”

The Star Killer looked back at him coldly.

“He is not a pubescent child,” Nicholas said in a chilly tone. “Count Lisban once said that, one day, he will be Eckstedt’s most formidable enemy.”

Monty paused for a while, thoughts running through his mind.

The next moment, while enduring the excruciating pain in his shoulder, Nicholas gathered strength in his legs and kicked the Rising Sun Saber up in the air before catching it with his right hand!

The Raven of Death let out an anguished groan as he watched Nicholas’ movements. He collapsed against the rock behind him.

The Star Killer sucked in a deep breath. He moved the golden saber skillfully and with precision, using the hot blade to cut the arrow off to free himself from the rock.

Nicholas gritted his teeth and limped forward.

“Say it, old friend.” With his trembling right hand holding the saber, he pointed the weapon at Monty who was on the ground. Nicholas’ eyes were filled with complicated emotions. “Would you like to be roasted… or cut alive?”

The Raven of Death stared at him with a miserable look. “Why can’t we just—”

“No!” Nicholas moved to the spot in front of Monty and interrupted him curtly.

Monty sighed and closed his eyes as he accepted his fate. Nicholas lifted the saber slowly.

At that exact moment…

The sound of a gust of wind rose. A shadow suddenly appeared behind the Star Killer!

Nicholas’s expression changed. He immediately turned around and brandished the saber.

Nicholas was startled. He missed. There was no one behind him. The shadow had disappeared.

Before the Star Killer could respond, that shadow re-appeared next to him!

The Star Killer’s arm and the attacker’s fist clashed.

The attacker was not fast, but the accuracy and angle of his blow was far beyond what Nicholas expected, especially when it came to his next punch.

The attacker viciously struck the wound in Nicholas’ left arm!

“Urk!” Nicholas gritted his teeth and groaned, his movements frozen. Then, his enemy punched the wound left behind by the arrow in his right chest!

The Star Killer’s arm shuddered and he loosened his grip on the saber. He knelt down on one knee.

Nicholas had no more energy to care about his saber. He took deep breaths. While surprise and anger filled his body, he recognised the enemy before him.

He remembered his attack style, his silhouette, his…

Nicholas suddenly looked up!

At that moment, the Star Killer completely lost his composure, and that was something that had never happened to him before. His expression was fierce as he screamed his head off, “YOU!!”

The other person hardly gave a response to this vicious anger, he only shook his head slowly.

“When you eat… you use your right hand, don’t you?”

His voice was hoarse, his tone deep and low, as if he was mumbling to himself.

Nicholas was slightly startled. He stared at the person, the resentment and hatred in his eyes could practically fill up the entire world.

He screamed, as though he wanted to scream himself hoarse, “It’s you—”

But within the next moment, the enemy’s sword struck his temple viciously!

Nicholas’ furious and indignant shouts came to an abrupt halt. Under the heavy blows, the famous Star Killer fell to the ground in a heap and he lost his consciousness, just like that.

As the sun set in the west, the ambusher who defeated Nicholas in one blow slowly turned and faced the Raven of Death.

But at that moment, Monty stared at the person who came forward with a dumbfounded look on his face, as if he had forgotten about the pain in his body.

The Raven of Death looked like he had been struck by lightning as he stared dazedly at the guest who had arrived unannounced.

A few seconds later, Monty sighed and closed his eyes. “It’s you, huh? When did you arrive?”

The newcomer remained silent and did not speak, neither did he pay any attention to the almost dead Raven of Death. He only lifted his head slowly and looked to the south.

“The first rule,” the ambusher said languidly.

Monty opened his eyes swiftly. “What?”

The Raven of Death stared at him in surprise. “Are you saying that you have been tailing us since that moment, and I… didn’t even notice?” He began evaluating this person in shock.

The ambusher did not speak, as though he should not speak.

“I get it now.” Eventually, Monty sighed and shook his head, like he had been freed of a burden.

“Spiky and the guards he led were hot on our heels, and we could not shake them off no matter what… So it was your doing. You don’t have the confidence to defeat me alone,” the Raven of Death said dejectedly. “So you intentionally chose not to attack but to lure him to this place to wait for the both of us to wound each other severely.”

Monty let out a chuckle like he was mocking himself. He lowered his head dejectedly and no longer spoke.

The ambusher was still silent.

A few seconds later, the unwelcome guest slowly spoke and repeated his first sentence.

“The first rule?”

This time, there was a strange rise at the end of his sentence.

Monty frowned. “What…?”

In the next second, the ambusher suddenly attacked!

He struck Monty’s neck with a knife-hand strike.

Before the Raven of Death could even finish speaking, he already fell to the ground, unconscious.

The ambusher, who had just easily dealt with two of the Five War Generals, did not even cast a glance at Nicholas and Monty lying on the ground. He turned around slowly, and faced south to gaze as far as he could into the distance.

A light breeze blew at him, and his body disappeared into the air.