Chapter 83 - Cry-baby and Ugly-Faced Woman

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Chapter 83: Cry-baby and Ugly-Faced Woman

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“I reckon that this has something to do with those guests of yours who have unique diets?” Watching the setting sun a distance away, which was almost obstructed by the forest, Putray sighed and looked mockingly towards Thales.

But Thales did not answer him.

The prince forced himself to calm down amid the flurry and confusion of encountering an ambush. He gazed at the silver-haired and purple-eyed Blood Clan beauty opposite him who was dressed decently in black.

Katerina L.A. Van Corleone.

‘If I recall correctly…’ Thales gritted his teeth. ‘She is the current master of the Corleone Family and the Night Kingdom.

‘The Night Queen. Serena Corleone’s younger sister.’

Thales immediately realized. ‘But why would the queen of the strongest kingdom in the Eastern Peninsula, someone of such respectable status, humble herself and personally cross the sea to pursue and attack four political refugees of little power? Even if that person is her sister; someone who covets the Blood Ocean Throne. Something’s not quite right.’

“How do we fight against the Blood Clan?” Wya, the attendant, held a straight blade whetted to a single edge in his hand. He looked around grimly. “I have only heard about this from my teacher and had never put it into practice.”

The young attendant tried hard to maintain his composure, but from the sudden increase in his speech rate, he probably never thought that he would encounter the current situation after only having been by the prince’s side for a few days.

“Congratulations to you, then. Not everyone gets to have such a good opportunity for practice!” Putray, on the other hand, was calm. He carefully observed the Blood Clansmen around them whose gazes sparkled.

“Behead them or pierce their hearts. These are some of the very few effective methods, although some very strong Blood Clansmen can even recover from having their hearts damaged. Silver or sunlight will also weaken or harm them.

“During battle, you have to depend on these things. First, adequately steady footsteps, and second, the prediction of their body positions. Because you can never be faster than them.

“At the same time, be on guard. Just like Powers of Eradication, all Blood Clansmen who are above supra class have their own special power, and it is different for each one of them. When used in battle, they would often bring results that are completely out of the range of expectations.”

Wya nodded, pale-stricken.

A middle-aged Blood Clansman beside Katerina and looked like a commander, took a step forward. He had a staunch appearance, and his expression was aloof. His gaze was filled with coldness. “Mortals from the Western Peninsula, the honorable queen is waiting for your obedience. Hand over the traitors of the Night Kingdom, and we will be slightly more merciful in our attack.”

“Twenty-one of them. All of them are elites above supra class. At least three among them are supreme class.” Aida walked forward from behind Thales. Her voice was no longer lackadaisical like usual. Instead, it was grave and serious. “That uncle who was speaking, the young man to his left, and that queen who is dressed like the star of a ball.

the female secret protector put her hands on her waist and spoke grimly, “If we were to battle, prepare to suffer heavy casualties. If it really goes awfully, I can only prioritize protecting you and escaping this place first, brat.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the ‘young man to the left’ that Aida spoke of flashed a mysterious smile and looked at her. Dressed in luxurious red clothing and silver armor, he was a young Blood Clansman with brown hair.

“The one with the cloak is a supreme class. The others are not worth mentioning, Your Majesty.” The young Blood Clansman had sharp facial features. It was a shame that his pale face ruined that hardy look on him. Smiling, he bowed to his queen beside him. “Please, let me handle her.”

Katerina did not react. She just stared at Thales with a profound gaze, making the latter’s palm sweat despite such cold weather.

The middle-aged Blood Clansman said slowly, “Do not be careless, Simon. These are all soldiers. The might of the battle formation they worked together to form cannot be compared to normal adventurers.”

Simon chuckled softly. “Very funny, Hestad.”

“Soldiers? In this world, are there any soldiers that can compare to our Sacred Blood Army?”

‘Sacred Blood Army?’ Thales clenched his fists discreetly.

The words of the blond Blood Clansman, Istrone, appeared in his mind. “Even if your enemy is the Supreme King of Constellation, with the Sacred Blood Army’s support and protection, he will definitely not dare to make things hard for you.”

Katerina did not move at all, leaving her two commanders to negotiate. She only swept her pretty eyes across the crowd. Her gaze was filled with coldness.

All thirty Swordsmen of Eradication were elite fighters, but even so, many of them could not help but look to their leader, Chora.

“Calm down!” Chora sternly ordered, but he, too, was drenched in cold sweat.

“We never slacked during these four days when it came to patrolling and scouting, ensuring that there are no threats within the few kilometers ahead of and behind us.” Chora looked at the figures that surrounded them in the forest. In a low voice, he said with disbelief, “Vampires can only travel at night. How did they catch up to us?”

The middle-aged Blood Clan commander coldly said, “Watch your words, mortal. I do not want to hear that label anymore.”

Thales furrowed his brows. They came for Serena Corleone who was in the carriage fleet.

‘True. At this point of time, whether it is Constellation or Eckstedt, both have no reason to take my life. Even those ambitious schemers who are eager for war would at least have to wait until I leave the border of Constellation and enter Eckstedt. That way, my death would be able to better stir up the strife between the two kingdoms, forcing them to have no choice but to go to war.’

Thales glanced towards the carriage that held the black coffin in it with the corner of his eyes. ‘And Serena is still staying silent until now.’

“Chora, you do not have to lower your voice anymore.” Thales was contemplating whether to send someone to check on Serena’s carriage under such a tense situation. He could not help but let out a long sigh. “I can assure you that every single one of them can hear what we say.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Katerina’s gaze suddenly swept towards him! It made Thales so scared that his blood froze.

The seemingly middle-aged Blood Clansman, Hestad, exercised his waist and said nonchalantly, “We have waited long enough. Where are the traitors to the Night Kingdom?”

Thales’ breathing quickened, and there was already a storm in his mind.

“My dwear, ruthwess sister, you still came.” A familiar and childish voice rang.

Under everyone’s gaze, Serena Corleone—who looked only six or seven years old—stepped out of the carriage with a cold expression, accompanied by Chris and Istrone.

Katerina’s purple eyes stared fixedly at her sister.

With the appearance of the three Blood Clansmen, the Blood Clan warriors who had stood like statues began moving, as if coming to life. It seemed that many of them were surprised at Serena’s young figure.

Watching Serena’s appearance, both Hestad and Simon furrowed their brows. The former even gave Chris an angry glare.

On the other hand, beside Thales, Ralf glared vigilantly at Chris and Istrone. He had not forgotten the old grudge between them.

The seemingly young Simon smiled and said, “Looks like your injury is quite serious, Your Highness. You cannot even maintain the basic adult figure.”

Serena ignored him. Instead, she walked into the crowd one step at a time, and stood beside Thales.

Hestad coldly said, “Your Highness, I ask you, having committed the most heinous crime, to return to the Blood-Prohibition Prison and finish your remaining sentence.”

Thales’ heart jolted. ‘Committed the most heinous crime? Sentence? What sentence? Isn’t Serena the loser in the battle for the throne?’

He looked at the silver-haired loli.

Serena raised her gaze and cast a deep look towards Hestad. “Oh, my dear Count Hestad Correone, may I know if there are any changes to my sentwence?”

“The original sentence was a life sentence.” Hestad maintained a steely expression, as if he hated the little girl in front of him very much. “Due to your abominable escape from prison and your act of theft, the sentence has increased by ten years… so the sentence now is… A life sentence and ten years,” he said coldly.

‘Escape from prison and… theft?’ The confusion in Thales’ heart became stronger and stronger.

Beside Serena, at this moment, Istrone’s gaze became fiery, and he could not help but say, “Is there a difference?”

Katerina was still glaring at Serena with a ferocious gaze.

“Hestad, Simon, Luke, Dinnie, Bruton, Isaiah and Sarzo…” Serena looked around and pouted. “You have bwought awong almost half of the power of the Corleone Family within the Sacwed Bwood Army. Are you not afraid that the situation within the kingdom will become unbalanced? The archdukes from the other six families who are waiting for a chance to cause trwouble?”

A look of disgust appeared on her alluring face at that moment, and Katerina said slowly, “If I can capture you and bring you back, I will not be scared.”

‘Why is my luck always so horrible?

‘At this point in time, we can only negotiate. What they want the most is Serena, and their biggest disadvantage is that they are in a foreign land. Therefore…’

However, as per usual, Thales’ horrible luck took effect before he could react.

Serena scornfully said, “Hmph, crybaby, why don’t you give it a try?”

The expression on Katerina’s lovable face immediately became cold!

‘This is not right!’ Thales furrowed his brows. He turned his head and looked at Serena, ‘Is this old witch… recklessly and blindly provoking the opponent? In this type of situation… Has she gone crazy?’

A fierce look appeared in Katerina’s eyes. Again, her voice became an octave lower, “As you wish, ugly-faced woman.”

This time, it was Serena’s turn to change her expression.

The next moment, Queen Katerina Corleone raised her dainty chin. Her purple eyes shone with bewitching colors as she surveyed the members of the diplomat group.

She gently parted her cherry lips.

“My chevaliers and knights…”

Thales shuddered violently. He immediately raised his hand and loudly cried, “Wait a moment!”

But a fierce look appeared in Katerina’s eyes. That alluring voice called out, harboring the cold intention to kill. “Kill them all!”

Thales’ just opened his mouth wide.

‘No. Wait.’

The three supreme class Blood Clansmen opposite him were still standing in their positions, but the eighteen Blood Clan figures around them disappeared behind the groves in the blink of an eye.

“Starlight Formation, prepare to engage!” This was Chora’s furious roar!

Before Thales could shout his remaining words, he was pushed face down onto the snow by Ralf and Wya with one hand each, their expressions changed drastically.

The next moment, Thales—whose face was buried inside the snow—immediately felt that the once quiet birch tree forest suddenly rang with countless explosions, like oil on a hot pan!

Numerous sounds of weapons slashing and shields colliding rang out.

The sound of flesh being ripped open by sharp claws and the sound of blood spurting out as arteries were ruptured travelled into the air. The heavy sound of bodies falling onto the ground and the dragging sounds of things rubbing against the snow rose into the air. Anxious cries, nervous reminders, indignant roars, and pained cries shot up. The whistling sounds of the Blood Clansmen’ figures going back and forth…

All those sounds reverberated through this sparse forest at the same time.

Thales spat out a mouthful of snow. He was lying face-down on the snow, then raised his head with gritted teeth amid the panic and anxiety.

Wya’s single-edged blade sliced past like a ray of cold light, shimmering in front of Thales’ eyes and forcing back a Blood Clansman who had broken in through a gap.

Ralf activated his psionic ability in a great show of cooperation. Strong wind billowed ceaselessly and blew the enemy far away.

Aida’s figure leapt through the air, and the Blood Clansman’s head immediately flew off.

However, this was only the scene beside Thales.

Under the protection of the people surrounding him, Thales turned his head and looked around. His pupils immediately dilated.

At other places, the Jadestar Family’s private soldiers were facing the danger of complete annihilation. Blood splashing, severed limbs falling off, heads flying off. The soldiers’ blades were dyed red. Bodies fell on the ground helplessly. Soldiers were dragged out of the defense line by the Blood Clansmen.

‘No.’ Thales opened his eyes wide. It was not that he had never witnessed battle, but this was the fastest he had ever witnessed of one side dominating the battle so quickly in this chaotic fight.

In more than ten seconds after they engaged in battle, among the thirty members of the Jadestar Private Army’s battle formation, eight or nine people had already fallen!

The Blood Clan warriors’ figures continuously appeared and disappeared in the air. Every time they moved, it signified the execution of an extremely dangerous attack.

“Too fast- Careful, calm down!”

“Ah… my hand!”

“The top of your head… watch out for the top of your head!”

“This is… right in front… unh!”

“They’re on the left!”

“Damn! Quickly, drag him back!”

“He can’t be saved already… watch out for your back!”

“No! Don’t you dare!”

Chora was at the forefront, defending the formation. He formed a rounded formation with the soldiers flanking him. Gritting his teeth, he swung his sword at a Blood Clansman who suddenly appeared. However, the blade of the sword only cut through the air and did nothing.

He roared at the top of his lungs, loud and angry, “Hold your shields properly and stabilize the defense line! Be careful of the attacks aimed at the top of your heads!”

But it was useless. A soldier beside Chora held out his shield and blocked an attack for Chora.

At the same time however, sharp claws appeared from the other side and swiped at him swiftly, scratching the soldier’s throat open.

Blood splattered out. Chora could only roar furiously to no avail, with a heart full of discontent and indignation.

Jadestar Family’s private soldiers tried their best to maintain the Starlight Formation. They originally intended to control the Blood Clan Warriors—whose movements were like those of a phantom and had astonishing speed—through perfect coordination in battle. However, ironically, in this battle, the ones who cooperated the best were the Blood Clansmen.

One person would feint an attack while another created a disturbance. There the third person who waited patiently for the right moment would deliver the fatal blow, ripping out throats or chopping down heads.

If the first person was accidentally hit by the sword and got injured, that person would immediately switch positions with the second person. The second person also frequently exchanged duties with the third person. They maintained the continuity of their attacks and did not relent at all, putting huge pressure on the defense line at every moment!

Not a single Blood Clansmen hesitated, said too much, backed away, or paused in their movements.

Thales thought fearfully, ‘Compared to the blood slaves we encountered and whom could not reason nor cooperate at all, these are… the true elite warriors in the Blood Clan, the Scared Blood Army? Only supreme class elites like Chris and Aida can hold their ground in this chaotic fight, and even kill some of them.’

The cries of another soldier rose into the air.

‘No. This cannot continue. Why? Why was her order to “kill us all”? Why was it not “hand Serena over” instead?’

Thales turned towards Serena and said angrily, “We could have solved it through negotiations!”

However, Serena only stared back at him coldly. “What she said was to ‘kill us all’.”

The casualties among the soldiers were still increasing. When he saw Jadestar Family’s private soldiers fall one by one, Thales’ blood froze. However, at the moment when more and more casualties appeared, a furious roar blasted from out of nowhere.