Chapter 84 - The Situation Took a Turn for the Worst

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Chapter 84: The Situation Took a Turn for the Worst

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“Abandon your shields!”

Many warriors stared bemusedly at the person who gave the command.

It was Genard, that former soldier of Starlight Brigade.

“Believe me! Starlight Brigade had also once fought against the ‘mercenaries’ of the Grand Banquet Hill!” Genard yelled at the top of his lungs while fighting at close quarters.

The old soldier of Starlight Brigade could be heard using a voice louder than Chora as he roared, “Give up on Starlight Formation and abandon your shields! Stay close to each other!

“Stick your legs to the closest person to you and do not look at it with your eyes!

“Hold your sword with both hands and strike at the direction of the tremors!

“Do not use up all your strength in striking, and also, ensure the flexibility of your attack!”

Chora turned around and looked at Genard in confusion.

While he hesitated, another soldier had his abdomen torn apart.

“Do not hesitate and act according to his instruction!”

The old butler of the Blood Clan, Chris Corleone took down a Blood Clan Warrior in midair. He had a deep wound on his side where his flesh was clawed out by another warrior. Despite that, he still wanted to tear out the other party’s heart, regardless of the warrior’s furious cries. He could be heard saying coldly, “You are facing an army with the least number of people, but the richest experience in this world!

“The Sacred Blood Army!

“Many of them have already fought a few hundred years worth of battles!

“The old, classic battle formation is not useful in this situation!”

“Alright!” Chora was still hesitant, but Putray blocked off a blow with much difficulty as he angrily roared, “We are going to be all dead in a minute anyway, just listen to that fellow for once!”

Jadestar’s private soldiers threw down their shields and placed their legs against each other’s, just as Genard had instructed.

They held their swords with both hands and regrouped once again to form their formation, no longer believing in the sights they saw.

The result was instant.

The casualties were immediately reduced.

The Blood Clan’s Swift Phantom Attack used by groups of three could not exhibit its previous effect after the Jadestar soldiers had a more stable battle formation. The soldiers were also more flexible after they abandoned their shields. In contrast, Jadestar’s private soldiers started to attack more effectively as they struck back, relying on what they sensed through the vibrations instead of relying upon their visions.

Simon furrowed his brows from afar. “They have an experienced soldier with them.”

Hestad stared intently at Chris’ figure. “Also, do not forget about Chris. That fellow was once a part of the Sacred Blood Army.”

“It is time for us to attack.” Simon turned to his queen. “We already have four casualties.”

“No, fighting is one thing, but war is another.” Katerina shook her head while she remained expressionless. “Even a supreme class expert may not be able to remain entirely unharmed in a chaotic battle with over fifty people.

“We still have to deal with those two supreme class fellows.

“I would rather be a little more conservative. Also, there is no need to waste your strength.

“After all, we are stepping on strange land.”

Katerina muttered, “Besides, we have to protect that thing all the way back to the Eastern Peninsula.

“The relatives of Grand Banquet Hill have been drooling over it for a very long time.”

Thales breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that the surrounding battle was not as devastating as before. However, Serena, who was beside him suddenly tugged on the corner of his shirt.

“You want to stop this battwe, wight?” Serena smiled mysteriously.

Serena pointed at Katerina, who was a distance away from them. “It’s simpwe, just give that cwybaby a suwpwise attack.

“Chwis can awso hewp and we have a warge cewtainty of success.

“Then we can just sit down and negotiate.”

Thales was huffing and puffing when he glanced at Serena before switching his gaze onto Katerina.

‘Save our surrounded allies by attacking the home base of the besiegers?’

Even though Thales knew that Serena had fused some of her personal grudges in her scheme, he also knew that this was probably the only possible method.

A soldier collapsed as he panted.

He did not hesitate for another moment longer.

“Aida!” Thales roared furiously and stared at the cloaked figure in front of him, who was still fighting with ease. “Take down the queen!”

Aida understood what Thales meant.

“My job is to protect you!” Aida replied coldly.

Thales roared without a sign of hesitation, “Our people are hurting and dying! Stop them!”

Aida glanced at him as she pursed her lips under her cloak.

“Please!” Thales stared intently at his supreme class protector.

Aida snorted lightly.

Within the next second, the secret protector could be seen pulling out a skillfully crafted machete from underneath her cloak. With the help of a birch tree beside her, she leapt into the air.

Then, she flew towards Katerina!

The exquisite machete drew brilliant patterns with its blade. As though it could tell the future like those fortune tellers and prophets, it struck three of the Blood Clan warriors who came forward to intercept her path.

Aida broke through the obstacles and continued to charge towards Katerina.

However, one strong arm appeared out of nowhere and seized Aida’s right shoulder.

“Madam!” Simon, who suddenly appeared laughed joyfully. “You are my—”

Yet, before he could finish speaking, he felt Aida’s shoulder sinking before she immediately broke away from his grip.

Simon’s expression changed.

‘Such nimbleness…’

Before he could finish his thought, the cloaked secret protector somersaulted in the air and held onto Simon’s arms, while she flipped with agility onto his shoulders!

There was not enough time for Simon to be startled. He turned around at lightning speed and attacked with both of his claws as his body moved in a flash.

However, Aida’s body was twisting and moving like a flexible, boneless snake. Even with all his strength, Simon only managed to grasp air.

Aida stepped onto Simon’s shoulder and borrowed his strength while he was turning to leap into the air effortlessly. Then, as if she was just passing through obstacles, she headed towards Katerina without difficulty.

Simon’s expression turned extremely dark. Someone had passed him by, and he had not been able to stop her even for a second.

Even Katerina furrowed her brows when she saw Aida’s set of movements.

Her nimbleness was definitely out of the ordinary.

‘The second supreme level expert.’ Hestad Corleone had a serious expression on his face when he appeared in front of Aida.

‘That cloak… She may not be an ordinary supreme class fighter,’ he thought.

However, regardless of how nimble the person was, before the Blood Mist projected by the Blood Image Dance…

Hestad let out a grim laugh as her body started to become blurry.

However, his facial expression immediately changed the next moment!

It was because, without his knowledge, the Blood Mist was formed from the Blood Image Dance of another Blood Clan member twisted and twined around his whole body!

Serena’s old butler, Chris Corleone silently appeared behind Hestad and grabbed his throat with a tight grip.

“Chris!” Hestad roared furiously. He immediately turned around and broke away from the other party’s grip. He thrust himself towards Chris’ heart with one of his claws.

It was as if the two supreme class Clansmen were teleporting about. They would suddenly disappear from the ground and reappear on the trees, mid-air and then, on snowy ground. Their every appearance was accompanied by an extremely dangerous clash of fists.

“Hestad, my old friend!” Chris replied with his face devoid of any emotion. “We had such memorable old times.”

The two Blood Clansmen suddenly transformed into mist together, and like two tornados intertwining with each other, they swept towards the horizon.

Aida’s pathway towards Katerina was no longer blocked.

Thales thought in his heart, ‘If Aida can subdue Katerina, or even gain the upper hand in the battle… then… There is a chance.’

However, in the next second, Thales felt Serena, who was beside him, gently embracing his waist like a lover.

“This way, no one can disturb you and me anymore,” she softly said.

Thales had been paying full attention to the situation, and he was just about to impatiently shake off this nonsensical, old witch… when his brain suddenly registered something.

‘Serena. Anymore… shouldn’t it be anymwo?’

‘Why did she stop lisping all of a sudden?’

Thales swiveled his head in astonishment while he stared at Serena in disbelief.

Lady Serena Corleone, who had silver hair and red eyes stared at him with a smile on her face. “You noticed the moment I let the cat out of the bag?

“You indeed are my ally.

“I can finally speak normally. It was extremely exhausting for me to put up this act for the past month.

“You are too smart, little sh*t.”

Thales’ brain blanked out as he stared at the situation before him.

Before he had enough time to make sense or process the situation, he fell and lay upon the snow-covered ground, unconscious.

In the chaotic battle, Ralf used a hidden blade to fight off a Blood Clansman as he continued walking with his sore knees—he was unaccustomed to the pair of prosthetics.

At this very moment, Ralf, who was exceptionally sensitive towards wind, furrowed his brows.

He turned around and saw a single carriage among the fleet of carriages suddenly moving.

The horse that was pulling the carriage started to run like it was startled.

The carriage moved into the distance.

Ralf squeezed his eyebrows tight together. He recognized that it was Serena’s carriage.

‘What is going on?’

He turned his head around, wanting to inform the other people.

But he immediately came to realize that he was mute.

Ralf sighed helplessly.

At this very moment, a strange, round ball suddenly fell out from Istrone Corleone’s sleeve in the midst of the chaotic battle.

The rolling ball was covered with strange patterns and characters.

Putray, who had good eyesight, noticed the ball.

His expression became extremely sour.

“Everyone, get down!”

Everyone was momentarily startled.

Putray angrily roared, “It is a wizard’s Alchemy Ball!”

Only Wya’s expression changed drastically. He subconsciously wanted to throw himself on Thales.

He turned his head around but he could not see Thales’ figure in the chaos.

‘Where is the prince?’

Extreme worry rose from the bottom of his heart.

The next moment, a violent light and explosion spread out from the center of that ball.

When Thales woke up, he found himself on a speeding carriage.

He immediately recognized that it was Serena’s carriage. The carriage was loaded with a black coffin. This was due to the fact that he was leaning against that folded black coffin.

Thales struggled to lift his head up, but he found that his hands were tied together behind his back.

The prince stared at the front section of the carriage in bewilderment.

Serena Corleone was holding a horsewhip at the front, and she smiled at Thales creepily.

“What is going on?!” Thales questioned her in surprise and fury.

“Do not worry, my ally.” On the other side of the carriage, Serena, who had ulterior motives, was smiling as she stared at him. “The most wonderful part is just about to start.

“It is time to reverse the situation.”

The young girl, who appeared to be about six or seven years old, grinned. “My road to regain my position.”

Suddenly, her expression changed as she spat unhappily.

“They are so fast in catching up.

“As expected of the grudge-harboring crybaby.”

Thales was still trying to make sense of everything in front of him.

As if the roof of the carriage was ruthlessly smashed by someone, the whole carriage suddenly shook.

Thales swayed so much due to the vibrations that he toppled over.

However, an even stronger vibration shook the carriage after that!

‘This is?’ Thales stared out of the carriage, shocked and confused.

The horizon became more visible as the sun continued to set.

The carriage suddenly hit against a birch tree and overturned on the snow-covered ground.

The collision caused the dizzy Thales to be bruised all over the place as he fell inside the carriage.

He shook his head and clenched his teeth while he struggled against the rope, which tied his hands together—he could not reach JC’s dagger at the side of his waist—like a caterpillar in the damaged carriage, he tried to wiggle his way out.

“You have gone too far, what sort of enmity do you have with these two horses?” Serena’s childish voice made its way into his ears not too far away.

Thales flipped himself out of the carriage with strenuous effort and fell onto the snowy ground.

He was immediately lifted up by a strong hand.

Thales raised his head and saw that Rolana was the one who grabbed him. She stood beside Serena and stared into the opposite direction like she was facing a formidable enemy.

There stood Queen Katerina Corleone, the Night Queen, the Weeper. She was staring at the three of them with a frosty expression on her face.

“You can never escape even if you cause chaos.

“With your current injured and unrecovered power, you are simply not my match.

“This farce is over. Hand over the Dark Night Black Coffin and come back with me.” Katerina’s gaze was sharp as she stared at her older sister, who appeared as if she was just six or seven years old. Her face was full of enmity and hatred. “Continue to atone for your horrible and ugly past.”

‘Horrible and ugly past?’ Thales looked at the adorable Serena, who was still blinking as coldness crept upon his heart.

‘What is horrible and ugly?

‘What past?’

“Oh, I do not know what crime I committed.” Serena did not seem worried at all as she giggled. “I only ever do the right thing.”

“The right thing?”

Katerina repeated Serena’s words without any emotions reflected on her face.

However, Thales could feel that the Night Queen’s mood became even worse.

For the first time, the cold Katerina had hatred and burning anger radiating from her eyes.

“Is that so? This is what you think after spending two hundred years sitting locked up in the Blood-Prohibition Prison?

“The patricide, Serena Corleone.”