Chapter 86 - Blood Clan's True Form (Two)

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Chapter 86: Blood Clan’s True Form (Two)

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To his surprise, the Blood Clansman found Wya shutting his eyes tightly.

‘Is he waiting for his death already?’

‘It seems that there is no way for me to discover his power now.’ The young attendant sighed quietly. He had only one solution left.

“Do not always think about the other party’s weakness, Wya. That is what the army’s commander is supposed to do.” His teacher’s words echoed in his ears.

Wya endured the pain and flipped the single-edged sword in his right hand around to hold it in a reverse grip.

“What is even more important is to be in control of your strongest forte.”

Wya’s breathing became increasingly stable. Thin wisps of sharp power that were like gossamer gathered around his right arm.

His pores were stimulated by this Power of Eradication, and the hairs on his skin immediately stood on end like sharp needles.

“No powerful swordsman in history was selfless. They only had their own swords in their eyes.”

In a split second, the Blood Clansman felt a slight pain in his eyes as he stared at Wya. It was as though his eyes were looking at a sharp sword blade.

‘This is… the Power of Eradication?’

The facial expression of the Blood Clansman changed.

‘Before his aura takes shape…

‘I have to kill him.’

“Deliver your strongest strike with your sword—this is far more important than victory or defeat, far more important than life or death!” His teacher was smiling as she spoke in Wya’s memory.

Wya was breathing heavily, as if he had practiced tens upon thousands of times in the tower. The Power of Eradication scraped through his entire body like a blade.

In the midst of the unbearable pain, he saw the will of the sword being sent forward from his sword. It was delivering a backlash on him.

He saw the enemy’s killing intent. It was like a ball of flames in the dark; it was so dazzling.

The Blood Clansman was yelling, rapidly pouncing on him with his sharp claws, which were growing larger exponentially.

‘Go to hell, sword-wielding mortal creature! You will have no chance to use your Power of Eradication anymore.’

“Wya, understand your Power of Eradication.”

‘No matter how your enemies are like. No matter how strong and powerful your enemy is. Pay no attention to victory or defeat, gains or losses.’

“It is a power that wanders around the cliff of insanity.” Wya still remembered his teacher sighing at that time.

‘I only need to ensure that I deliver my strongest strike. That will be enough.’

“It also has a name that is not very auspicious…” She held up her sword and carved a few words in the air.

The Blood Clansman laughed sinisterly and charged towards his side in a split second.

“The Edge of No Return,” the teacher said desolately.

Wya then swiftly opened his eyes.

He had already swung the sword in his hand outwards.

There was no return for a sword that had been swung.

Its sharpness was unmatched.

Wya knelt down in pain!

The Blood Clansman scratched the clothing on Wya’s right shoulder into smithereens, and the pieces of clothing fell onto the floor.

The Blood Clansman stared in confusion at his own claw.

‘I did not kill him? Why…? did I miss?’

However, he soon knew the answer to that.

The Blood Clansman’s whole body was trembling. He carefully looked at his arms and he saw a line of blood appearing on them.

‘No. This is impossible. With my power… It is impossible for him to be able to cut me!’

The parts below both of his upper arms fell onto the ground. They were sliced cleanly off.

The Blood Clansman widened his mouth in shock.

‘This… degree of sharpness?’

He lifted his head up and looked at the single-edged sword.

‘It is obviously just a normal sword. Why?’

Then, a line of blood appeared across his chest. It was at the same level where his arms were cut off.

A blunt noise was heard.

His upper body was separated from his torso and it fell to the ground.

The cut was flat and smooth.

‘Why?’ The Blood Clansman thought in despair. He wanted to exhale and shout.

However, he could never make a sound anymore.

A black heart that distinctively belonged to those of the Blood Clan was separated into two, with one part in the upper body and another in the lower body. The separated heart weakly throbbed twice in both the upper and lower body parts.

Then, both parts of the torso along with the Blood Clansman’s face, which implied that he did not die without regrets became black as they shrunk and shriveled.

Wya Caso, who survived the disaster, was gasping for air as he said this to the corpse, “I am sorry. I am not the Tower of Eradication’s ‘seed’… at least, not a ‘seed’ in the conventional sense.”

It was such a close call.

His power was actually the power to reverse part of the refraction of light.

Wya sighed. ‘No wonder I could not cut him. It was because the parts I aimed for were all parts of the illusion he had created from refraction.

‘It was like a newbie who had located his target, throwing down his spear into the river but still not managing to stab any fishes in it.’

Shortly after, the sound of footsteps could be heard behind him!

Wya clenched his teeth tightly as he vigilantly turned around with his sword in hand.

Putray was seen holding Chora, whose entire body was covered in blood. He was followed by three of Jadestar Family’s private soldiers. They walked out unsteadily from the thicket.

“Have you seen His Highness?” Putray asked with his brows furrowed together.

“I have the same question.” Wya breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly sat back down. He endured the excruciating pain and used the field survival tips he learned from the tower to stop his bleeding. With much difficulty, he said, “We have to find him immediately!”

“You have to prepare yourself for the worst.”

The few private soldiers took Chora over. Putray patted the melted snow off of him and fixed his collar. He muttered to himself for a while and as he was staring at the sunset, he said, “The prince is in a dangerous situation, but we are only left with these people before our eyes.

“It is evening now. The smoke produced by the Alchemy Ball was too strong, so we were not able to locate where the prince headed.”

Chora was struggling when he said, “My Lord, just let me down and find His Highness…

“I have a younger sister who works as a secretary at the Western City Police Station… If I die—”

“You will not die! At least, you will not die here!” Putray cut him off roughly.

The experienced vice diplomat of the group pondered slightly, then made his decision.

“With our current situation, we cannot do anything while facing this sort of enemy!

“But fortunately, Broken Dragon Fortress is not far away from here.

“Our carriages wandered off into different directions due to the explosion, frightening the horses just now.” Putray lifted his head up and looked at the three private soldiers, his gaze was firm and persistent.

“The three of you separate and move in three different directions. Follow the tracks to find each carriage. Do not hesitate after you find the carriage. If there is a messenger crow, send the messenger crow to Broken Dragon Fortress first with the most urgent Class 7 emergency report.

“And then, untie the horse’ reins. With the fastest speed, ride to the fortress and request for help!

“For the prince’s safety, our first and foremost task is to avoid the vampires if we come across any of them!”

“Finally ready to reveal all your cards?”

Aida smiled indifferently as she twitched her pointy ears.

Across from her, Simon gritted his teeth while he took off the coat of his fine attire.

He coldly said, “Underestimating the opponent is the first step towards death, let alone an opponent like you, who is an eternal being.

“Look at the color of your skin.” The veins on Simon’s face suddenly popped up, “Are you a Sacred Elf or a White Elf? Or could you be a High Elf of the Eastern Peninsula?”

The veins on his face began to gather together, becoming denser, redder and blacker.

Immediately afterwards, Simon’s whole frame started to swell up and change shape. He grew seven or eight inches taller.

His fair skin fell off and turned into ashes, revealing the solid but greyish-black keratin underneath.

Simon was roaring in pain, as if he was going through torture.

Spurs grew out from both of his shoulders and a pair of dark grey skeletal wings pierced through his back. They then extended into a pair of great wings.

Every strand of his hair became thick, hard, and white.

Compared to Hestad and Chris, Simon’s face did not become too sinister or terrifying. Instead, with an extra pair of bat ears, he looked weirdly beautiful.

Simon, who transformed into his ‘True Form’, coldly extended both of his wings and claws. His greyish-white eyes were fixed on Aida.

“This temporary True Form brought forth by origin blood can greatly alleviate a Blood Clansman’s physical attributes. This includes endurance, the ability to recover, ability to regenerate, nimbleness, senses, strength, and even instinctual comprehension towards battle as well as the special power already held by every Blood Clansman.” Aida sighed.

“I just did not expect that it could even make you become more handsome. It is clear just how ugly you were before.”

Aida finished speaking that moment.

Simon’s wings vibrated while he was in his True Form.

With his extraordinary speed that surpassed the perception of almost every other sense, he immediately appeared before the elf.

First, there was a loud sound of air being torn apart, which almost had the ability to blow eardrums apart!

Then, a loud and sharp noise resounded out of nowhere.

A thick, large, but powerful dark grey claw chafed against Aida’s blade and sparkles sprayed out fiercely.

Aida’s figure was sent flying after he struck her with his claw.

Due to Simon’s incredibly fast movements, the loud sounds of the wind that was stirred up by his movements only arrived much later.

The elf flew more than ten meters away and fell onto the snow-covered ground. She rolled a few times before she hit a tree and stopped.

“Speaking nonsense cannot make you stronger.” True Form Simon spoke with a thicker, hoarser voice as he stared coldly at the elf lying on the ground. Her fate was still unknown.

In the next moment, Simon once again moved with extreme speed that triggered sonic booms, and instantly reached the area above Aida to attack her.

He flung his claws downwards and stabbed through Aida’s body!

True Form Simon said expressionlessly, “Speed, speed, and also speed. This is my everything, my only power.”

Before Istrone Corleone rose to supreme class and transformed into his True Form, there was no one who could match up to his speed in the entire Night Kingdom. It surpassed the speed of sound.

Not even the former King Laurie could match his speed.

Looking sullen, he raised up his huge claw to lift up Aida’s…. cloak, and a section of a branch. However, his expression changed.

He realized something. He then immediately turned around and activated his extreme speed, bringing up the loud sounds of the wind in his wake!

But at the exact moment he turned around, an exquisite elf machete stabbed straight into the left side of his chest.

It seemed as if Simon who was the one who moved his chest to the spot in front of the blade.

Simon stared in disbelief at the machete that pierced through his heart in his chest. After that, he stared at the pretty and delicate elf beside him. She was baring quite a large portion of her skin since she was only wearing a set of exquisite Crystal Drop Armor.

“I do not understand.” True Form Simon sighed.

“There is only one thing that can defeat speed.”

Aida coldly drew out her machete and turned around in a dashing manner.

“And that is perfect prediction.”

Simon knelt down on both of his knees.

“No.” Simon’s body returned to normal. He appeared discouraged and defeated. “It is impossible.

“There is no such thing as perfect prediction in this world.”

Simon stared intently at her.

Aida also stared back at him for a really long time.

Finally, the elf sighed, admitting defeat in the staring contest.

“It is very rare that I get a chance to act cool.

“Do not expose me that fast. Yes, I do not know how to predict at all. The previous time I managed to dodge was not because of how nimble I am either…”

Aida pouted and said with dissatisfaction, “It was due to me being a hundred percent sure of your next move.”

‘Next move… A hundred percent… How does she do it?’

However, he could only fall to the floor weakly with his mouth wide opened.

Aida pulled back her cloak and her expression suddenly changed. She smacked her forehead, as if she just remembered something.

She put on a long face as she furrowed her brows and mumbled, “Am I still supposed to… protect that brat?”


Thales’ brain was blank as he stared at Serena.

The second prince recalled what she said during their first encounter.

“My cwybaby wittle sister, Katerina, ilwegally seized the wight I inhewited from my father, the Night Wing King. She wusurped the Bwood Ocean Thwone…”

‘No. If that is the case…’

“Can someone explain to me what happened?” Thales sighed and stared at the pair of Blood Clan sisters in front of him.

He said bitterly, “I knew it. The queen of a kingdom would not personally be involved in a dangerous situation and chase after a few political refugees without any reason.”

‘More importantly… my so-called ally—’

“Yes.” Serena smiled lightly as she cut off his trail of thoughts and waved her hand at Rolana.

Rolana casually flung Thales towards the black coffin.

Thales painfully crashed onto the stone coffin headfirst.

“That is not all, my dear Thales,” Serena gently said.

In front of her, Night Queen Katerina’s expression abruptly changed!

Serena could be heard enunciating her words clearly with a smile on her face.

“Her motive of coming here personally is for this coffin. This is the only weapon that can tackle the Mystics.”

A shudder wrecked through Thales’ body!

Serena could be heard laughing as she said, “The legendary anti-mystic equipment.

“The Dark Night Black Coffin.”

Thales was stunned as he stared at the black coffin beneath him.

This coffin… that he once climbed into was actually… the only weapon that could attack the Mystics?

The legendary anti-mystic equipment?

However, Serena had yet to finish her speech.

She stared at Katerina’s murderous gaze and said her next words with a sigh.

“In this coffin, there is someone imprisoned within its seemingly seamless dark black slab stones… from thousands of years ago…”

Thales’ pupils started to contract as his breathing sped up.

Then, Serena spat out the final words, “A Mystic.”