Chapter 89 - Awakening (Two)

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Chapter 89: Awakening (Two)

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Tower of Eradication. House of Scions. Truth Library.

This was an enormous storeroom. Red rays of sunset pierced through the dome roof made of Crystal Drops, and shone upon rows of large bookshelves, making the record books made of various, colored materials glisten.

“Can you be a little more serious?”

A lean and handsome middle-aged man with short, gray hair held an Everlasting Lamp and stood behind a row of huge bookshelves, staring in dissatisfaction at the other side of the bookshelf.

There was a sickly, blond young man who sat leaning against a bookshelf.

The Class Two Police Officer of Eternal Star City, Kohen Karabeyan, raised his head with a fatigued expression and looked at his teacher, Zedi Taffner.

So tired that he was barely alive, the police officer raised his hand and said, “Hey! I asked someone to help me take a month’s leave and took seven days to travel without pause to the Tower of Eradication! Then you pulled me here before I could even catch up on some sleep!

“I only ate two pieces of bread during all this!” Kohen weakly patted his stomach and protested feebly, “Can you at least show some concern for your student’s welfare?”

His middle-aged teacher, Zedi Taffner, snorted and put down the Everlasting Lamp. He nonchalantly took another book. “It was you who voiced your desire to read records on scions for reference… You know that Shao wouldn’t agree, that old Far Easterner sticks obstinately to the rules. I can only make the best use of the time when he is not around to come here with you.”

Remembering Master Shao’s temper, Kohen leaned against the bookshelf behind him. He felt that he could not arouse any interest to look for books at all.

He spoke in resignation, “Shao… Did he not give up the inheritance right to the greatest sword sect in the Far East to come to the Tower of Eradication? I thought that, having done something like that, he would not be so conservative and rigid…”

“How would I know? All of Shao’s inheritance have all sorts of weird regulations. Anyway, until now, I have not figured out the operation protocols of those ‘sects’ of theirs. If we were members of Far Eastern sword sects, as a student, the moment you walk through the door, you should respectfully kowtow to me.

“If you are disrespectful towards me… like right now…”

Zedi glared angrily at Kohen. “I can cripple your sword hand!”

Kohen rolled his eyes.

“Have you found any connection between the ‘Disaster Sword’ and Blood Bottle Gang?” the police officer asked dispiritedly.

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“No. It’s still just things that both of us already know,” Zedi snappishly put back the ancient sheepskin book in his hand to the shelves, “Because I am very inefficient! And there is a student who is refusing to get up to help!”

Kohen pretended not to hear the last sentence. He contemplated and said, “Alright, then why don’t you tell me about the people of the tower’s attitudes towards those ‘Disaster Swords’? How much do the people in the tower understand about them? Perhaps it would be helpful if I combine it with the information I saw in the police station?”

Zedi stopped moving his hands. He looked at his student and was silent for a moment. In the end, he sighed, “Very well, but if you want to know, you will have to join our secret group.”

“Secret group?” Kohen turned his head curiously.

“In short, we are a small group of people in the Tower of Eradication who are entrusted with a special mission. The aim is to fight against the inheritors of the Sword of Eradication outside the tower, who are otherwise known as ‘Disaster Swords’.”

“I’m in!” Kohen’s eyes brightened. He must join them. He must understand more things about the ‘Disaster Swords’, about that violent type of Power of Eradication.

‘Even if… It is for Raphael and Miranda…’ He clenched his fists discreetly.

“So readily?” Zedi asked in surprise. He then flashed a joyful smile. “Alright, this group consists of Chartier and myself. Now, there’s you, too.”

Kohen opened his mouth in disbelief. “There are only three of you… us? A small group of three people… Fighting against the ‘Disaster Swords’?”

Kohen looked as if he had been scammed. He stared at his teacher in disbelief, “It’s a joke, right?”

“What’s wrong with having three people?! We are, after all, a secret group. We do have an official name!” Zedi slapped his thigh and said with an unfathomable countenance, “Shao calls us the ‘Purgers’.”

Kohen’s expression froze. ‘Purge? To purge the traitors? Then Raphael…’

“However, Chartier thinks that based on Crassus’ blood debt, the ‘League of Avengers’ is better…” Zedi leaned his body forward, his expression was serious. “And in my opinion, based on the importance of our mission, we should be called…”

Kohen subconsciously wanted to cover his ears, but Zedi had already uttered the words, “The Supreme Team That Will Get Rid of Crassus and Bring the Tower of Eradication Back to Its Glory and Revive the Extraordinary Sword and THEN Rescue Errol!”

Kohen watched his teacher with derision.

“Haha, I was joking! The atmosphere was too serious!”

Seeing Kohen’s expression, which was akin to someone who had just eaten something disgusting, Zedi laughed loudly and patted his shoulder.

“It’s too bad that, until now, our knowledge about that violent Power of Eradication is limited,” Zedi said disappointedly, “After all, what was felt when battling with them was not the complete picture of their Power of Eradication.”

Kohen also became grim, “Is there no result at all?”

Zedi looked at his student. A few seconds later, he pursed his lips and spoke seriously, “No, there are still some results. At least we are aware that the brutal and insane type of Power of Eradication that originated from the ‘Disaster Sword’, Crassus…

“…Is actually an imitation of a mysterious and terrifying power from ancient times.”

“Look, Serena, why don’t we sit down and discuss this issue properly?” With a smile on his face, Thales looked at Katerina—whose face was full of despair—then at the complacent Serena, “You don’t have to be so violent.”

“Oh, ah…”

Serena raised a brow and hurled Katerina away.

The latter crashed into a tree nearby. Struggling, Katerina raised her head.

Serena walked towards Thales gracefully. “Let it out?” She glanced at the black coffin and flashed an enticing smile. “How are you going to do it? Kick it with your legs?”

Thales’ heart started beating uncontrollably. ‘Calm down. At least she let go of Katerina. This is the only chance, I must seize it.’

“The Dark Night Black Coffin can only be opened with the key that the ruler carries at all times, along with the blood of direct members of the Corleone Family.” Serena laughed playfully. “Which is to say, Katerina’s blood or my blood.”

Katerina, who was a distance away, raised her head with effort and glared at them indignantly. Her limbs were regenerating, but the speed of her recovery was incredibly slow.

‘Forget about regenerating, there is no more hope for a comeback…’ she thought in despair, ‘In this battle between sisters… Isn’t there?’

Thales inhaled deeply. “Rolana and the rest must had told you about how Ralf and I escaped from the dungeon in Vine Manor.”

Serena narrowed her eyes.

Trembling, Thales tried his best to create his own story, making it sound more believable. “I have a special psionic ability that can be used to break all shackles… Why don’t I give it a try on this coffin?”

Thales touched the sharp fragment of wood in his hands, which were placed behind his back. His heart was racing with anxiety. He did not have the ability to slice open the rope. However…

Cutting himself should not be a problem. Even though the side effect of that power might be a little severe, it was just that, without the help of his hands, could he still successfully ‘lose control’?

Thales laughed bitterly in his heart, ‘Time to test whether I can deceive her with that ‘if gazes could kill’ concept.’

Serena’s steps came closer and closer. “So, this is your psionic ability. But why did you think I tied your hands up?” Lowering her head, Serena laughed coldly and said softly, “I asked Rolana down to the smallest detail. Your psionic ability can only be activated when you cut yourself and blood comes out! This is to drive you towards a dead end, Prince Thales.”

Thales’ heart shuddered. ‘She… had she noticed this from the beginning?’

Serena continued approaching him with her steps.

“That’s far enough!” Thales shouted, “Don’t come any closer!”

He had already made calculations. Even if Serena came over in a flash from that distance, she would need at least a second.

It was enough for him to activate THAT on the coffin.

“I have a piece of wood in my hands.” Thales moved his body sideways and revealed the piece of wood. He then carefully and swiftly turned back. He spoke while panting slightly, “It is enough for me to cut open my own hand! Do you really want to meet that Mystic?” He kicked the black coffin behind him. “Do you want me to knock on the door for you to wake it up first?”

A chilly look appeared in Serena’s eyes.

‘This brat. Is he betting on whether I will dare to take that risk?’

“My dear Thales!” Within Thales’ field of vision, Serena stood still on her spot. She suddenly flashed a bright smile and threw her hands into the air. “You must have misunderstood me! I did not plan to hurt you at all. For me, a living Constellation heir is even more useful than a dead Constellation heir, is it not? We have a promise. With each other’s help, you will one day be crowned king, and I will regain my throne.

“Have you forgotten?” The Blood Clanswoman from the Corleone Family smiled brightly. “Do we not have a marriage contract?”

Thales’ brows furrowed. ‘This old witch. Ugly-faced woman.’

Serena extended her right hand and slowly clenched her fist. “We will join hands! With the navy of your Eastern Sea Hill and South Coast Hill, and our natural geographical advantages at the Sea-Gazing Cliff, we will occupy the east and west coasts respectively. We can make the southern part of the Sea of Eradication which is rich in Eternal Oil into an inland sea belonging to the Starlit Night Alliance.

“Between Constellation and the Night Kingdom, we can share our gains and assist each other, intimidating our opponents from our respective peninsulas and making them hesitate in attacking us. For you, it would be Eckstedt and Camus; for us, it would be Mane et Nox and Hanbol.” Serena looked right at Thales. “These were my initial thoughts.”

“Do not trust her!” Katerina spat out a mouthful of blood. She spoke with hatred, “Only the most insane demons would dare to form an alliance with this poisonous b*tch!”

Serena laughed coldly. She casually threw a snowball which sailed at a rapid speed. It hit Katerina and incapacitated her.

Thales exhaled deeply.

Serena continued speaking expressionlessly, “I know that you are not a normal seven-year-old child. You have a maturity and wisdom that exceeds those possessed by your age. You would know that my idea is plausible.”

She extended her hand at Thales. “We are allies.”

Thales lowered his head. ‘Allies. Haih…’

“You intended to kill me earlier,” Thales furrowed his brows as he spoke.

But Thales raised his head gently and shook it slightly, “Serene, this is the last time I call you this.”

Serena’s expression changed.

Thales sighed. “Let this deception end here. You never saw me as an ally at all… ugly-faced woman.”

Serena’s gaze became cold.

“The first time we met, your words were already filled with lies. You said that you were the true heir of the Corleone family as well as the rightful and legitimate ruler of the Hill of Pain.”

“In regards to this, I did not lie.” Serena blinked her large, charming eyes. However, Thales, who had a deep impression of her ‘other side’, was not swayed at all.

“I was indeed the first in line to the Night Kingdom throne and heir apparent to the Night Wing King, Laurie Corleone.” Serena opened her mouth, sticking out her index finger and rubbing off a trace of blood from her cheek. She then placed her finger inside her mouth and sucked on it.

This action made her seem even more attractive and seductive, but Thales was secretly anxious. ‘How long can I drag this on? Where are Aida and the rest? With Serene’s speed, there is only one chance to utilize this “loss of control”. Besides, the effect is inconsistent. Unless it is at the last moment, I mustn’t draw this card.’

“But you did not mention the truth about you murdering the previous king.” Thales shook his head. “In other words, you are not a loser in the fight for the crown among those who have their eyes on the throne. Instead, you are a criminal who is guilty of a serious crime, who murdered your father the king, whose crime cannot be pardoned, and whom everybody has the right to punish.”

Serena’s charmingly smiling gaze froze.

“Even if you become powerful, I’m afraid that no one in the Night Kingdom would support your coronation.” Thales raised his head and stared at Serena. He spoke, enunciating each word clearly, “There is no possibility of you regaining the throne at all.”

The sun was about to set. There was a deadly silence in the snow-covered land.

Serena stared at him. She did not avert her gaze for a long, long time.

“I have had enough of you.” Serena’s smile disappeared. Her voice was extremely cold. “Arrogant mortal, you are right. Even if I kill Katerina right here…

“The Sacred Blood Army is extremely loyal to her. Along with the clans behind those warriors who covet the Blood Ocean Throne—Costigan, Sullivan and Lorilia. It is impossible for them to allow me to be crowned either.”

“So, your true enemies are the opposers who can be found almost everywhere in the entire Night Kingdom.” Thales shut his eyes tightly and exhaled. “So, you need the power of a kingdom to destroy those opponents that you cannot match up to.”

“Originally, I only wanted to borrow all your power to intercept Katerina. However, the assassination of the Eckstedt Diplomat Group gave me a massive revelation,” Serena, whose face was as cold as frost, nodded. “The death of an heir triggers war between kingdoms. Not to mention that the King of Constellation made a sacred pledge in public that if you die, the person who will avenge you… will be the next king.”

Thales heaved a sigh.

Serena shook her head and sighed. “For the heir to Constellation to die under the shameless interception of the Night Queen, and for the latter to disappear without reason… How many ambitious schemers do you reckon would attack the Night Kingdom at all costs, or at least make a relevant pledge just for the throne of Constellation?

“After all, it only takes a week to sail with the ocean currents from Constellation’s South Coast Hill, and across the Sea of Eradication to reach the Night Kingdom.

“War will wipe out the opposers in the Sacred Blood Army, and provide me with a more submissive Night Kingdom.” Serena took a passionate step forward. “And the true heir of Corleone would make vigorous efforts to save the situation at the last moment.”

“So, this is the aim of the alliance. To borrow the power of Constellation to wipe out your opposers.” Watching Serena’s expression, Thales spoke quietly, “The Starlit Night Alliance was a complete scam.”

“You do not understand, childish brat,” Serena laughed coldly and said, “The purpose of an alliance is to fight against your enemies.”

Thales glanced at the unconscious Katerina.

“No,” Serena said in a cold voice, “What I meant was that, to form an alliance with your enemy, and then betray him at a crucial moment… Betrayal is the true essence of an alliance.”

Thales furrowed his brows tightly. ‘I see. This is her logic for survival.’

The Starlit Night Alliance, the first act of diplomacy in Thales’ life, became a complete failure at that moment.

In the future, in the countless times Thales will sit before the negotiating table, he would be unable to help but think of this scene. At the same time, he would recall the “true essence of an alliance” with wariness in his heart, as well as the Starlit Night Alliance between him and a certain Blood Clanswoman that only lasted for about a month before ending in failure.

Thales sighed, “As expected, to have an adorable, capable, loli vampire with red eyes and silver hair, who is a childish brat with a sugar-and-ice personality, and has lived for a few hundred years, to suddenly appear to speak with me that sickeningly sweet voice and call me big brother, and even eagerly wanting to marry me… This tactic… I was the one who thought too much!”

He lowered his head in desolation. “This world is, after all, not like the ones in those novels with simple plotlines.”