Chapter 1417

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Chapter 1417: Chapter 1416 was done once

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How important face was to old Huo could be described with a story. There was once when he got stuck scolding someone. After he came back, he spent three months on a related project and wrote two papers, he organized and participated in many meetings and chased after the other party for more than half a year.

After this time, if Huo congjun got stuck scolding someone again, the other party’s people would jump out and offer ammunition.

Department director Liu of the Lu hospital could be considered Huo Congjun’s old rival. If it were not for the fact that the position of the Emergency Medical Center could not be moved easily, Huo Congjun could have even moved to the other side of the Lu Hospital’s Emergency Medical Center to fight with the other party.

However, even if Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency medical center was extremely powerful, the Lu hospital could still rely on the functions of the joint logistics support to thrive. Even if Yun Hua people did not go to the Lu Hospital’s emergency department, they still did not lack the patients that they should have.

Huo congjun initially did not have any thoughts about this. It was only until these middle-aged men with mature looks, old age, and different attitudes came knocking on his door.

As the saying goes, famous doctors were like beauties since ancient times. The more people they saw, the better their skills, and the more famous they were, the better it would be. The more foreign they were, the more they had to serve them with care. Only by doing so could they expand their fame, increase their knowledge, and develop their careers.

If the joint logistics system came knocking on his door, how could Huo Congjun not lick his lips.

Huo congjun would not give up easily just for the sake of department director Liu.

“If you’re looking for Ling ran, then you’ve found the right place. Let me humbly say this, Ling ran is the best emergency doctor in our Changxi Province.”Huo congjun boasted politely to the few middle-aged men and stepped on department director Liu twice.

The middle-aged men finally found their rhythm in front of Huo Congjun. They chuckled and said, “This time, we’re screening doctors from all over the country.”

Huo congjun naturally could not say that Ling ran was the best emergency doctor in the country. That would offend people too much. However, when it came to speaking, he never lost out to others, he only said calmly, “There’s no need to talk about the entire country, even the entire world. Choose the doctors according to the requirements of the emergency department. If you find Ling ran, you don’t need to look for other people. “Of course, if you’re not here to save lives and help the injured, then just pretend that I didn’t say anything.”

“There’s definitely a need to save lives and help the injured…”

“Then why are you still picking and choosing?”Huo Congjun’s imposing manner suddenly rose. He lifted his chin slightly, he said, “Saving lives and helping the injured is not complicated. When the patients are sent over, the doctors will judge their condition. If everyone’s luck is not bad, then they might live. If one party’s luck is not good, then they won’t be able to live. There’s no such thing as the best, so what if there’s the best? “The best are also doctors, not gods.”

“Please don’t get too excited.”The few of them were not intimidated by Huo Congjun. As usual, it was the elderly who came forward, he said, “Because the nature of the mission is different, we don’t just require skills. We also need to examine other aspects of abilities. “For example, Doctor Ling is so young. His physical strength and body are very good, but how good his ability to withstand pressure and whether he has rich experience in the emergency department are things that we need to consider…”

“I think all of you haven’t thought about it properly.”Huo Congjun’s aggressive sales pitch, he said, “Let’s put it this way. For a doctor as young as Ling ran, if he wants to stand out, it will be much harder for him to do so than an older doctor. If his fame is so great that it is now, how much better would he be than an older doctor? “Ability to withstand stress? “Experience? “Our Ling ran is only strong, not weak, okay?”

The few of them nodded unconsciously when they heard what he said.

If they were here to consume and enjoy themselves, they would have probably been angry long ago when they faced a salesman like Huo Congjun. However, their goal was very clear, so they had to carefully consider Huo Congjun’s words.

The few of them gathered together on the spot. Their big heads were so cute that they formed a flower. After they discussed it, they all looked as if they were relieved of a heavy burden.

“Doctor Ling, we are on a military mission here. You should know about it, right?”The middle-aged man who was Chen Hua spoke with some authority.

Huo Congjun sat back down with a smile on his face. When he said this, Old Liu was most likely out of the picture. As for the specific details, he was not worried.

Just as he said, Ling ran was the strongest emergency doctor in the world. If he could not do the job, the others would only have a harder time.

Ling ran had been listening the whole time. At this moment, he only nodded slightly.

“The medical transfer mission is located at the border. There is a certain level of danger… of course, we will try our best to ensure safety, but there is still a certain level of danger.”The middle-aged man asked, “Can you accept it?”

“Yes.”Ling ran’s answer was very simple.

The middle-aged man was a little satisfied. He said, “Alright, we will start making preparations now. We will inform you in advance of the specific time of the mission…”

“Wait a minute.”Ling ran stopped the middle-aged man and asked, “Is the content of the mission just medical luck?”

“Of course, it includes treatment. Luck, and then treatment.”

Ling ran nodded and asked, “Will I be the one to decide on the medical part, or will there be someone else?”

The middle-aged man Chen Hua smiled and said, “Even if it’s a surgery in the operating theater, it has to be a team, right? There will be several doctors participating in it. You can discuss it.”

“That’s impossible,”Ling ran said firmly. “There’s only one person who decides the outcome of the surgery in the operating theater, not to mention the luck of the medical team.”

Huo congjun turned around and frowned as he said, “You can’t just look for an assistant after all these investigations.”

“This…”the middle-aged man hesitated for a moment before he said, “We still have to seek the opinions of the other doctors.”

“Ask them. If they are not convinced, or if they are not willing to accept Ling ran’s command, ask them to bring out someone who is responsible. I want to see who has such a big face.”. “Ask them now.”Huo Congjun was very confident. With the fame that Ling ran had built up over the past few years, there were very few people in the circle who dared to command him.

The profession of doctors was unlike other professions. There was a lot of vague space to make decisions, especially in the emergency department. Different orders would have different effects if they were not used, and the difference would immediately be determined. There might be situations where they could make preparations in advance for elective surgeries, but emergency surgeries did not have as many plans in advance.

The doctors who still had the qualifications and dared to command Ling ran would definitely not put their qualifications and reputation on a medical transfer.

The middle-aged man frowned and went to make a call. After a while, he came back again, and his face was once again filled with a smile. “It really is… everyone agrees. If It’s a medical decision, Doctor Ling, you will be the one to make it.”

Ling ran nodded slightly. He thought for a moment and said, “If there’s still time, I suggest that we work together as a team.”

“Do you mean to do a drill?”

“It can be real luck-changing, real cooperation.”As Ling ran spoke, he looked at Huo Congjun.

Huo congjun slapped his thigh. “This is good. You guys decide on the distance and the way to transport equipment. I’ll look for the patient.”

“This… Alright.”The middle-aged man did not think of this, but he did not consider the cost. He turned his head and agreed.

Huo Congjun’s expression became a little more serious. Such a straightforward decision could only mean that the responsibility was heavier.