Chapter 1418

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Chapter 1418: Chapter 1417: Everlasting Peace

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“Doctor Ling Is Here? Is He here for a freelance surgery?”Liang Xue looked out of the window and saw that it was becoming more and more suburban. He could not help but feel a little apprehensive. He glanced at Zuo Cidian, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. After all, they were in Yun Hua, a place that they were unfamiliar with. If they were kidnapped by a doctor, they might not be able to find anything back.

Fortunately, Zuo Cidian’s smile was still as ugly as ever. He looked back in the rearview mirror and said, “Isn’t he preparing to change his medical fortune? Doctor Ling is not very familiar with this aspect, so he is thinking of reading a book and making some theoretical preparations.”

“Uh… isn’t he very familiar with it? I think he agreed quite readily.”Liang Xue chuckled, ‘good heavens, there’s bound to be things that you’re not familiar with.’his expression suddenly became rich, the fear of being trafficked also temporarily disappeared. “Of course, Doctor Ling is still young, and his surgical skills have already reached such a level. He can’t be omniscient…”

“You’re right.”Zuo cidian smiled and nodded. “However, it’s Doctor Ling himself who said that he’s not familiar…”

Zuo Cidian’s lips curled into a smile. He looked at Liang Xue sympathetically and said, “Doctor Ling has always said that he’s not good at general surgery.”

“Ha…”Tai Wu Central Hospital’s General Surgery Director da Vinci Robot Founder, Juexuan Liang Xue, who was about to retire, replied with a clear smile.

The car instantly quieted down.

Not long after, the car stopped in a parking lot at the foot of a hill.

Liang Xue adjusted his mood and got off the car. He took a deep breath and looked into the distance, he could not help but laugh. “It’s a good place with beautiful mountains and clear waters. Does Doctor Ling usually come here to read and study? Everything else is good, but it’s a little far away.”

“It is indeed a little far.”Zuo cidian nodded. Yun Hua was also a city that often had traffic jams. It would take an hour just to get out of the city. They had been rushing all the way and it had taken them almost two hours.

“As doctors, we actually have to cherish time. There’s a good saying that says that time is the fairest asset for everyone…”Liang Xue Sighed, the emotions of a good teacher who had been a director for many years surged up again.

“You’re right.”Zuo Cidian gave an encouraging smile. Then, he led Liang Xue and the others through the parking lot and into the manor.

The manor had a bit of a German style. The trees were tall and lush, so much so that most of the buildings were covered in green. Even in the corridor, there were hanging orchids hanging from the sky. Due to the height, they looked particularly strong and arrogant.

Liang Xue looked around curiously and soon found a touch of red among the green trees. After a closer look, he found that it was the paint color of a helicopter..

“Where is this?”Liang Xue pointed to it.

“It’s Miss Tian Qi’s manor.”Zuo Cidian looked in the direction that Liang Xue pointed to and explained, “That’s Miss Tian Qi’s own parking lot. Usually, it’s full of cars, so it’s not used outside.”

After all, it was a private manor. The tree barriers were more for the sake of looking good, not to hide anything. Therefore, a few people could easily see rows of Ferraris and helicopters that were eager to try.

It was not certain whether the former was fun or not, but if the latter was used for commuting..

“Hehe…”Liang Xue’s smile became clear again.

Zang Tiangong, who had come with director Liang Xue, lowered his head and pretended to be deaf and blind. He was just a hostage-level attending physician who had no freedom of the human body and had aspirations. According to the ancient spring and autumn era’s tradition of noble sons being called “Hostages,”he was just a harmless “Hostage-level attending physician.” He didn’t want to suffer any director-level anger.

The few of them walked forward in silence.

They passed through the greenery, the small forest, the small square, the flower bed, the fountain, the lawn, the small lake, the stream, the small hill, and the small river, they passed through another parking lot, another small group of buildings, and another garden. Finally, they saw Ling ran.

Liang Xue, who got off the shuttle bus, was like a passenger who had walked one kilometer and finally reached the furthest boarding gate. He looked into the distance with a “Finally”expression.

Ling ran, who was sitting under a small pavilion on a hill, seemed to be wearing a loose coat. The mountain breeze rose slowly, and the sleeves of his clothes moved slowly. The mountain stream gurgled away..

Tian Qi was dressed in the height of a Curiel. She was half-leaning on the other side of the stream. She held her chin and looked up at Ling ran with an infatuated expression. Her face was filled with satisfaction and happiness.

“Why did we come here?”Department director Liang was completely, completely unhappy.

Zuo cidian said faintly, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to communicate with Doctor Ling about the matters that the experts agreed on?”

“HMM… even though that’s the case…”department director Liang originally thought that communicating with Ling ran would be harmless even if it did not have any effect. But now, he felt that he had been harmed.

“That’s why I said that Doctor Ling is very busy. Why Don’t you rest for a while? I’ve told Doctor Ling that we’ll go back together after today’s briefing.”

“I really can’t tell that Doctor Ling is ‘very’busy.”Director Liang gritted his teeth.

“Doctor Ling said that he has to read books today.”Zuo cidian emphasized, “Don’t look at the beautiful environment around him. Doctor Ling himself is very focused.”

“If the environment is enjoyment, then I think Doctor Ling really enjoys the environment. However, Doctor Ling is indeed very focused.”Zuo cidian paused for a moment, he then said, “You should be able to feel that Doctor Ling is very used to such enjoyment. So, enjoyment is not the main point. Then, I’ll go up first…”

“Let’s go up together.”Liang Xue shook his head vigorously. He had driven for two hours to get here. If he did not see the helicopter, if he did not see the running water on the small bridge, and if he did not see Ling ran’s comfortable expression, he should be able to tolerate it, but when he saw it, he could not tolerate it anymore.

The few of them climbed up the stairs. They only felt that each step was a beautiful sight. When they walked to Ling ran’s side, they even forgot what they should say.

“You’re here.”Ling ran only greeted them briefly, but it made them feel as if they were bathed in a spring breeze.

Liang Xue could not help but sigh. He looked at Ling ran’s expression seriously again. No matter what, he could not bring himself to say anything.

“Zuo Cidian.”Ling ran called out the name again and asked, “Is the patient that department director Huo mentioned ready?”

“The one who transferred the medical treatment? It’s ready. The plan is to transfer the medical treatment by helicopter,”Zuo Cidian quickly answered.

“Oh, what is the patient’s current condition?”Ling ran put down the book in his hand and picked up the Teacup in front of him.

A woman dressed in ancient clothes came forward very naturally. She also brought a cup for the others and refilled it with tea.

“The patient is 58 years old. He has hepatolithiasis, hepatoascites, and cirrhosis. His gallbladder has been removed and is being maintained in the ICU of Ning Hospital…”Zuo Cidian had memorized all of this by heart, and he immediately answered.

“Sure.”Ling ran stood up and exercised his body. He pinched himself and nodded. “Then, all of you go and make preparations first. It would be best if there is another patient with fixed-wing transportation…”

Zuo cidian nodded and agreed. He then reported the other work in the department. Once he was done, he called for the others to go down the mountain.

“You’re leaving just like that?”Zang Tiangang was reluctant to leave. A strange thought actually arose in his heart. ‘even if I have to be a quality treatment for the rest of my life, it’s still better than going home.’.