Chapter 1421

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Chapter 1421: Chapter 1420 should be passed on

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“Our initial task was to send a few criminals who were involved in the case back to the hospitals in the mainland. “They all had external injuries of varying degrees. They received emergency treatment and around a week of treatment, but the effects were not ideal. Two of them were still in a coma…”

The young man whom Department director Chen invited was tall, handsome, and confident. However, he was not as good-looking as Ling ran. When he spoke, his gaze unconsciously drifted towards Ling ran, he said in a serious tone, “These few criminals involved in the case are very important. They have received better treatment in the local area. There must be no mistakes during the transportation process.”

“HMM, to ensure this, you must have a basic understanding of the transportation process.”Ling ran never listened to others’tone. He only explained the facts and said, “Can you provide the information of the few patients now?”

“Yes, you can take it back and study it…”the young man took out a briefcase.

Zuo Cidian immediately went forward and took it. He opened it and roughly read the cover. Then, he handed the image part to Ling ran.

“Wait a moment.”Ling ran did not take it back and study it as the other party had expected. Instead, he read it on the spot.

The tall and handsome young man could only stand in front of Ling ran and wait. He did not have anything else to do. He just opened his eyes and stared at Ling ran. The more he looked at Ling ran, the more guilty he felt.

“Is it possible that being handsome can charm death? Why did you choose someone so young?”The young man complained to his companion in a low voice, unwilling to do so.

His companion raised his head and looked at the tall and handsome young man. “Hehe.”

“The meaning of the early stage is that there will be other patients after you who will be transferred to the mainland through medical transport, right?”Ling ran asked again after he finished looking at the four videos.

The young man hesitated for a moment and said, “Our mission can not be revealed to you. You Don’t have to worry about the follow-up situation for now.”

“From the situation of these four patients, if they were sent to Yun Hua Hospital immediately after they were injured, they would not have been unconscious until now.”Ling ran glanced at the other party calmly, he said, “So, if there are still patients in the future, the best plan is to transport them immediately after they are injured.”

The young man said unwillingly, “We also have quite excellent doctors at the front line.”

“This is the difference between the anglo-american model and the Franco-german model.”Ling ran had never given in to the other party in terms of professionalism. He did not give the other party any face at all, he said, “There are pros and cons between the two, but that refers to the city’s first aid system. In a more dangerous disaster location, or at the front line of a war, the anglo-american model has a clear advantage.”

“Say something that people can understand,”the young man said in a cowardly manner.

Doctor Zhou, who came over to take a look while he was away, would usually not make people feel too awkward, therefore, he said, “The anglo-american model refers to the model of bringing patients to the hospital quickly. Although first aid is also done on the spot, it is mainly based on the most basic and urgent needs. “The Franco-german model can be understood as bringing doctors to the rescue site, or even bringing the hospital to the patients. Those who can not complete medical treatment on the spot will be sent to the hospital

“Then we want the French-german Model! You can arrange your medical transport equipment according to the needs and complete the treatment on the spot as soon as possible…”

Doctor Zhou interrupted the young man’s words and said faintly, “Princess Diana died under the French-german model.”

“After Princess Diana got into a car accident, she immediately received a high level of medical resources. But unfortunately, under the French-german model of the first aid system, even if the best first aid doctors were sent to carry out on-the-spot treatment, they were unable to save Princess Diana.”. “From the analysis reports that followed, if the doctors at that time did not carry out on-site treatment for a longer period of time and instead adopted the anglo-american model, bringing Princess Diana back to the hospital with simple first aid, her survival rate would greatly increase.”Doctor Zhou’s reply was gentle and simple, he added, “Princess Diana’s first aid this time has also caused a lot of reflection on the Franco-german model in the medical world. The professional doctors and professional organizations in the country usually do not choose the Franco-german model.”

The young man was a little embarrassed, but he still insisted, “We can combine them. When we send doctors to treat the patients on the spot, we can transfer them back as soon as possible…”

“What are the standards of on-the-spot treatment? are destructive treatments allowed? For example, if the stomach is bleeding and needs to be treated by a laparotomy, should we open it up?”Doctor Zhou curled his lips, he said, “No matter how good your resources are, the hospitals that you can transport to the scene can only be small-scale. A light-scale hospital and a high-level hospital at the rear are two different concepts. “The experience of the United States and Afghanistan is to transport the rear as quickly as possible. They only need to do basic treatment, and the trained medical soldiers can do it well. “They have already saved the soldiers who have lost all their limbs, suffered abdominal injuries, spinal injuries, chest injuries, and head injuries.”

The young man opened his mouth. “What is the meaning of saving lives like this… ?”

“Finding the meaning of life is the responsibility of a philosopher. Doctors are only responsible for saving lives.”Doctor Zhou paused for a moment before he gave his position to Ling ran. He then added, “You have to let us do our job well.”

“Alright.”The young man silently took a step back.

Doctor Zhou looked at Ling ran and said, “Doctor Ling, please continue.”

“We will use the anglo-american model. In terms of distance and mission, we have to establish an air rescue channel. “First, we have to determine a destination hospital. We have to prepare and train for the ground rescue. “Second, we need a medical emergency helicopter. We need medical emergency equipment such as ECG monitoring, ventilators, defibrillators, and other medical emergency equipment on board. We need trained medical emergency personnel. “The space of the helicopters must be big enough to transport at least two lying wounded people at the same time. If it’s not big enough, we need bigger helicopters, or even more helicopters. If the destination can not be reached by helicopters…”

“The helicopters can arrive.”The young man sighed and said, “We can also guarantee the helicopters of two lying wounded people.”

“Then, the second step would be the transfer of the fixed-wing aircraft. The fixed-wing aircraft would be arranged within the range of the helicopter. The closer the helicopter is, the better. This is because the helicopter’s speed is still not fast enough.”Ling ran paused for a moment, he thought for a moment, he said, “The transfer of the fixed-wing aircraft to the airport of the destination would also require the transfer of the second helicopter to go directly to the hospital of the destination. “Assuming that the location of the incident is within 1,000 kilometers, the transport can be completed in at least two hours, but the best plan is to complete it within one hour. “One hour of gold.”

Doctor Zhou coughed twice, he explained, “One hour of gold refers to the first hour of trauma. It is the key to first aid or treatment. “The Franco-german model is partly based on this. “However, the anglo-american model proves that it is a better choice to reduce the transit time to one hour.”

“That means two helicopters and one fixed-wing aircraft. I’ll report to the higher-ups.”The young man concluded.

Ling ran shook his head. “There’s another hospital. “If possible, build a hospital within one hour. It’s best to do the initial treatment. “At the same time, although the training for all the participants only requires a simple training, it also needs to be done in addition.”

“Understood.”The young man no longer nagged. He only raised his head to look at Ling ran and said, “This request of yours is much more intensive than the other doctors. If it doesn’t work…”

“Go and pass on my request.”Ling ran did not have any intention of arguing. To him, the most important thing was to pass on the request and fulfill the task. As for the thoughts of the Middleman, it did not matter whether he was happy, unhappy, angry, or licking the dog.