Chapter 1422

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Chapter 1422: Chapter 1421 was too expensive

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“Two helicopters and one plane. In fact, we need three to four helicopters to meet the basic needs. “Then, we need a field hospital. The equipment in the hospital needs a CT machine, an MRI machine, and an intensive care unit. “If we want to further transport them to the rear, we need to add more helicopters and planes… This is the long-term plan written by Doctor Ling ran. Every page of it is like burning money.”

The tall and handsome young man stood under the projector in the conference room. He could not help but grit his teeth as he spoke.

There was no need to mention the few representatives in the conference room. They could not help but start a small meeting.

As they looked at the numbers in the feasibility report, chief Chen’s head was also buzzing. “I mean, there are a lot of resources, but Ling ran’s requirements are too high. He did not even think about how much the cost of these helicopters and planes alone would cost. How much would the expensive equipment in his hospital cost? “Let’s not talk about this anymore. If the medical team assigned to each helicopter, the medical team assigned to the planes, and the hospital had to be on standby 24 hours a day, how many people would that require? “If it’s a field hospital and a field airfield, how many people would I have to prepare to be his assistant?”

“Yeah, our field hospital can’t be like other countries. Some things can not be bought even if we want to…”

“How do we arrange the security forces? According to what standards? What about the electricity? The power consumption of the field hospitals and field airfields is not low. We can’t even use the ones we used before.”

“Field hospitals can be placed in the Army Group’s base, and they can share the power of the security guards. For the time being, field airfields are not too big of a problem… However, the fixed-wing aircraft and the medical team attached to the helicopter that he wants can’t be saved at all. Not only do we have to have people on duty, but we also have to do additional training. Moreover, I once again communicated with them and learned that even with their model, it would definitely be beneficial to move the surgeons forward.”Even though the tall and handsome young man was unhappy with Ling ran’s handsomeness and oppression, he still had to follow Ling Ran’s explanation when it came to work, however, when it came to work, he still had to follow Ling Ran’s explanation.

Department director Chen nodded slowly. “Such an expensive plane. If you want to get on it, you’ll definitely have to go to a professional doctor, but… it’s too expensive.”

A representative participating in the conference chimed in and said, “Based on the overall assessment, LING RAN’s requirements are the highest. The amount of investment in the initial stage has already far exceeded the requirements of the few candidates behind him. In comparison, the latter few proposals are more practical. Not only is the cost lower, but the management and control are also easier. The cost-benefit ratio is very high…”

“I still want Ling ran.”Department director Chen opened his eyes wide, as if the complaints he had just made did not come from his own mouth.

“The cost is indeed a problem.”

“Then I Want Ling ran too.”There was determination and persistence in department director Chen’s eyes. He looked very much like an otaku who wanted an alien but did not have enough budget, an otaku who wanted an apple but did not have enough budget, and an otaku who wanted to parachute but did not have enough budget..

“It’s too expensive. It might not be easy for the higher-ups to pass,”the young man said in a low voice.

There was a moment of silence in the conference room.

“Compared to Ling Ran’s plan…”department director Chen Sighed. “Ling Ran’s plan can send people to the hospital at the back in one or two hours. Even if Ling ran does not need to perform surgery, he can send a doctor who is about the same level. There is an eighty percent chance that he will be able to bring people back. “The other people… the other people’s skills are not necessarily better than Ling ran’s. The advantage of the plan, what we want this time, is the cost-effectiveness ratio?”

“They say that the resources are skewed. It’s not easy to come up with a good plan, but they say that they don’t have the resources…”

“That’s right,”department director Chen agreed. “If it’s a one-time investment, it definitely won’t work, but Ling Ran’s plan is obviously a plan that can be used for a long time. SIGH… it’s just expensive.”

“It’s all a long-term investment. As long as it’s used, it won’t work even if it’s not used for a long time.”The young man complained in a low voice.

Department director Chen Chuckled. “If we look at it in the long term, it’s not completely unacceptable if we average the budget.”

“Is it really acceptable?”The young man was quite surprised. He was actually thinking about a secondary solution, but he did not expect department director Chen’s attitude to be so different. He even supported it quite firmly.

“Let’s take a look at this first. Didn’t Ling ran fly over? Let’s see what the result is.”Director Chen stopped for a moment, his voice became softer, he said, “This is really a life-saving plan. You Don’t have to compare it with foreign countries, and you don’t have to compare it with the other troops. Just compare it with ourselves. Are you willing to use a cost-effective plan, or do you want the best plan?”

Chief Chen’s opinion was expressed very clearly. Everyone present was surprised, but they still nodded.

Ling ran took Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and the other members of Ling Treatment Group on a transport plane and flew all the way to the border.

Lu Wenbin was wrapped in a seatbelt, but he still did not forget to squat. It was as if he was in a thirty thousand feet gym. Ma yanlin tore at the dried fish bit by bit, swallowing all his nervousness.

Yu Yuan walked out from the gap between the seatbelts. She swaggered past them, but no one caught her.

When her legs felt comfortable, Yu Yuan crawled back in and hung up her seatbelt again. Her feet stepped on the Louis Vuitton collection box that she had tied up. She opened an album nervously and expectantly, the album was filled with descriptions of the species of animals near the border. She had already put away her cell phone, so she could not look at it even if she wanted to.

The calmest person in the phone was Ling ran. His eyes were half-closed, and he was reviewing the information about medical transportation in his mind.

He did not have enough information at the moment, but Ling ran did not force the other party to provide much information. On one hand, he already had a lot of skills in his arsenal, and he was already able to counter every move he made. On the other hand, Ling ran was more inclined to carry out medical transshipment under normal circumstances.

The reason he came out personally this time was not entirely because department director Chen and the others requested it. Ling ran also needed to personally participate in and observe the current situation of medical transshipment in the country.

Compared to his foreign counterparts, such as the medical transshipment in the United States on the front lines of the war, the medical transshipment in Germany along the highways, the medical transshipment in Switzerland during the ski season, and the ceiling of the medical transshipment in the country was the military. No matter how Yun Hua Hospital changed next, it was still necessary to observe the military’s approach.

“We’re almost there. Doctor Ling, we’re ready to get off the plane.”A man in uniform walked over and shouted loudly beside Ling ran’s ear.

“I’m not getting off the plane.”Ling ran shook his head and said, “Tell them to send the patients to the plane as soon as possible.”

The uniformed man frowned and reminded him, “There are quite a few leaders down there.”

A hint of seriousness flashed in Ling Ran’s eyes. “Did they affect our luck?”

The uniformed man thought for three seconds with a straight face. He finally understood Ling ran’s words. His entire face was filled with disbelief.

“Doctor Ling is really waiting for your answer.”Zuo Cidian Sighed quietly and woke up from his turtle’s breath.