Chapter 1426

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Chapter 1426: Chapter 1425: Understanding

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“There’s no need to pay. Ask me if there’s anything,”zuo cidian said politely and nodded to his girlfriend next to him.

His girlfriend, who was dressed in Amash, smiled amiably and fed Zuo cidian a cherry while she looked around, indicating that she wouldn’t disturb him.

Of course, the older girl’s ears were perked up. She was still very concerned about Zuo Cidian’s financial situation.

On the other end of the phone, director bo chuckled and said, “It seems that you don’t like our small amount of money. However, you really have to help me with this.”

Zuo Cidian did not respond. He said, “If we’re just chatting, I’m fine. Let’s find a time to sit together…”

“These people who do investment and finance are definitely not just chatting.”Director Bo paused for a moment and said, “This is something that is beneficial to everyone. It’s also beneficial to Doctor Ling.”

“Oh? How So?”Zuo Cidian’s interest was slightly piqued.

Ever since he was given a piece of Green Water Ghost, Zuo Cidian’s interest in money had actually greatly decreased. In other words, his understanding of money had greatly changed.

On the other hand, Zuo Cidian’s pursuit of his “Career”was increasing. And his career naturally depended on Ling ran.

Director Bo also updated his understanding of Zuo Cidian once again. He clicked his tongue secretly, he said again, “If you use the financial circle, the planes, helicopters, and medical equipment needed for medical transshipment are all valuable assets. No matter how big the medical service organization is, it’s impossible for it to abandon the people in the financial circle and do such a business on its own. “However, Doctor Ling should need medical transportation services. His skills are so strong that it’s impossible for him to live in a corner.”

Zuo Cidian seemed to agree with him, but he did not show it on the surface. He only said, “Doctor Ling has been quite interested in medical transportation recently, but the previous projects have already been completed.”

“Let me put it this way. Why do you think the cities with the strongest medical treatment in China are always Beijing and Shanghai? “Why can the medical centers in the United States be in Cleveland and Germany can be in Hamburg?”Director Bo had prepared a whole set of explanations, at this moment, his tone was slightly brighter and sharper.

Zuo Cidian had never thought of such a question before. He was stunned for a moment and said, “The medical center in Japan is still in Tokyo.”

“Yes, but the reason is the same.”Director Bo smiled slightly, he said, “It is precisely because China and Japan are relatively weak in terms of medical transportation and do not have much good development. Therefore, our way of medical transportation is to allow patients to move and naturally move to the capital and developed cities. “As for countries like the United States and Germany, their medical transportation is very developed. Therefore, patients can go from big cities to small cities, and the hospital has reduced many unnecessary costs.”

Zuo Cidian thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “This topic of yours is a little too big.”

“What I mean is that if we don’t do medical transportation in our country, doctors like Doctor Ling will inevitably go to Beijing or Shanghai in the end. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve the highest achievement,”director Bo said very seriously, then, he hit the nail on the head and said, “It’s not as convenient for Doctor Ling to go to Beijing as it is for Yun Hua.”

It was not just inconvenient. Zuo Cidian instantly thought of countless unfavorable conditions. Those medical students who graduated from doctorates, beautiful girls, boys who knew how to speak and know how to use their skills, middle-aged people who had accumulated countless life experiences… the pressure of being in Beijing was overwhelming, no matter how you thought about it, there were always men who were more miserable than you and worked harder than you..

Moreover, the situation in the hospitals in the capital city was very complicated. The emergency department was not necessarily better than the emergency center in Yun Hua Hospital.

As a city with a population of 20 million, the only opponent of the emergency center in Yun Hua Hospital was the provincial hospital and half of the Lu Hospital. In comparison, how many emergency departments were there in a tertiary grade a hospital in the capital city

Even if the radiation field in the capital city was wider, the source of their illness was too scattered compared to Yun Hua Hospital. It was not… not completely impossible for Ling ran to squeeze other departments like this, but the difficulty was probably even higher.

“Are the friends you introduced preparing to change their medical fortunes?”Zuo Cidian asked in a low voice.

“It’s hard to say whether they will do it or not, but they definitely have the intention to do so. Otherwise, they would not have come to me and come to you.”Director bo smiled and said, “How is it? Do you want to meet them?”

“The amount involved is not small.”

“That’s true. However, some of them do financial leasing. As long as the project itself can be established, tens of billions will not be a problem.”Director Bo revealed some information and bragged a little.

Zuo cidian replied with an “Oh”and temporarily believed him.

The hospital had a lot of dealings with financial leasing, and airplanes were the traditional field of financial leasing. The mode of operation is usually for the demand side to put forward certain needs, such as I need an airplane, or so-and-so medical equipment, after the financial company buys it, lease it to the other side at the agreed price.

This way, the main thing is to reduce the financial pressure of the users, and facilitate rapid expansion. For example, almost all the airlines have succumbed to financial leasing, and the newly purchased airplanes are almost all from financial institutions.

Hospitals were also using financial leasing more and more frequently. Now, an MRI could cost 20 million to 30 million, and CT machines could go from row 32 to row 64 to row 128. The performance price had increased like computer accessories. Even if the cash flow of a normal hospital was super strong, if they really had to save up tens of millions to buy equipment, they would have all kinds of headaches. In addition to the depreciation and obsolescence costs of the equipment, they might as well directly use leasing. Especially for high-end tertiary grade A hospitals. They could use the best equipment through financial leasing. In an era of rapid technological change, the cost of obsolescence of the old equipment would not be painful.

If medical transshipment was carried out, the thirst for funds would be obvious without asking.

However, unlike airlines that operated flights, medical transshipment could be simple or complicated. The complicated ones could be set up in various cities, and the simple ones could be followed by the phone.

Zuo Cidian’s expression did not change even after he hung up the phone.

“Are You Alright?”His girlfriend stuffed another cherry into Zuo Cidian’s mouth. It was so sweet.

Zuo cidian hummed twice, he said, “It’s nothing. These private companies are really flexible. They have noticed all the stories from the corners. Sigh, I’m sorry. I have too much work here. It’s impossible for me to completely let go of my hands.”

“It’s okay. I understand.”His girlfriend made a kind gesture and said, “However, I just heard about finance. You also know about finance.”

“I don’t really know. I just know what they want to do.”Zuo Cidian’s forehead flashed with experience. “In the area of medical transportation, it’s not something that anyone can do just because they want to. They have to have the technology, money, and policy support. We just finished the project here, and someone came looking for us. It’s not simple.”

“It sounds complicated…”

“Nothing complicated.”Zuo cidian patted his chest proudly. “Men are not afraid of things being difficult, but they are afraid of nothing to do.”