Chapter 1427

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Chapter 1427: Chapter 1426 was not at a disadvantage

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“Nurse Luo, long time no see.”

Director Bo came to Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency medical center and greeted them along the way. He was so familiar with them that he felt like he was in his own backyard.

In reality, he came to Yun Hua Hospital pitifully few times. However, just like when he went to other hospitals, every time he went to a hospital, director Bo would do his best to show his strongest sense of presence and brush his face the most, the doctors, nurses, and administrators who knew him the most would make use of each other for the rest of his work.

Director Bo was a good-looking person, and he was dressed like a successful middle-aged man. It was very easy for him to gain a good impression from the crowd. As he brushed past them, he soon met Zuo Cidian.

Compared to the well-dressed director Bo, Zuo Cidian looked a little dispirited. The white coat on his body was a little dirty. It was unknown whether the corner of his coat was stained with blood, urine, or feces, but it showed some black and yellow color. His face was full of fatigue, as if he had not slept for the whole night and was undergoing surgery, his old and rough skin had become even older and rougher, looking worse than many professional old patients.

“Doctor Zuo, it’s been a while. Have you gone artistic?”Director Bo tried to hold back his laughter as he greeted him. He felt that it was much easier to communicate with him in person than over the phone.

“I work hard, so I can’t be artistic.”Zuo cidian laughed bitterly. He looked at director Bo and said, “I thought you would be here in a few days. Why are you in such a hurry?”

“When it comes to finance, the concept of time is different,”director Bo ridiculed. He asked, “Is it convenient for us to go out for a meal?”

“We don’t have time.”Zuo cidian spread his hands and said, “The emergency department is very busy today. We really can’t go out.”

“Then let’s talk in the emergency room.”Director Bo seemed to have made the final decision.

“Is it really that urgent?”Although Zuo Cidian looked tired, his IQ instantly went up.

Director Bo laughed bitterly. “You don’t care about money. We, the lackeys of capitalists, are not allowed to serve capital. When capital has a requirement, a dog will run away and break its legs.”

He was taller, more handsome, younger, and earned more than himself. He was freer than himself and had a better family than himself. He might even be younger than himself, but Dean Bo claimed to be a lackey, this greatly increased Zuo Cidian’s mood. He could not help but smile. “Even capitalists need to talk about human rights. Alright, Go and call for help. I’ll eat something along the way.”

Director Bo Chuckled. In a short while, he had brought three people over.

The person in the lead was an elite man in his forties or fifties. He was handsome and followed by an ordinary greasy middle-aged man. He was a beautiful american-style woman with light blonde hair.

Zuo Cidian was instantly taken aback. He stared at the american-style woman for a few seconds before he retracted his gaze and looked at director Bo. He said in a low and cautious voice, “Don’t even think about using a honey trap…”

Director Bo Smiled. “I don’t know about you. Doctor Zuo is famous for being professional. I Won’t Give You…”

“Not even Doctor Ling!”Zuo Cidian was serious.

“I won’t.”Director Bo was also serious. “It’s just a joke. Miss Hannah has worked for Standard Chartered Bank for many years. She is a very famous investor and an important partner in this project. Don’t offend her.”

“That’s impressive.”Zuo Cidian could not tell the other party’s age. He felt that she was not too young, but he could not tell.

Director Bo did not waste time. He introduced the two parties in a few sentences, then, he said, “Doctor Zuo, the two of you mainly want to know about the current situation of the medical transportation in the country. If you can tell us what you know, we can discuss whether there is a possibility of cooperation…”

“I actually don’t know much…”Zuo Cidian finally realized that among the three of them, the ordinary greasy middle-aged man was the translator, and the other two were the capitalists who were qualified to be lackeys.

“We heard that the policy that Doctor Ling is implementing is the anglo-american Model?”Hannah smiled and asked in English, which was then translated by common oil.

This was something that could be said. Zuo cidian nodded and asked in return, “Do you care about this?”

“Of course. It’s too expensive to send the doctor forward with the Franco-german model.”The leading elite smiled and said, “In our opinion, the plan adopted by Doctor Ling is more in line with the market.”

“Do you know the plan adopted by Doctor Ling?”Zuo cidian frowned.

“Part of it.”Hannah paused for a moment and then began to ask about the details.

Zuo Cidian was extremely cautious. He said a few words that he could, but he did not say anything that he could not. Even so, after a few minutes, he could not help but glare at director Bo and said, “That’s enough, right?”

“Didn’t you just start talking?”Director Bo smiled awkwardly.

“I was blinded by the lard. Let’s not talk about it anymore. What’s the point of talking about this!”Zuo Cidian shook his head and was about to leave.

“We can put a special medical plane in Yun Hua to see the situation.”Hannah pulled Zuo Cidian back with just one sentence.

“The special plane will be equipped with a special medical team and pilots. When there is a mission, they will go to the designated location to pick up the designated people or things. In theory, there will be patients from all over the world who will be transferred to Yun Hua Hospital through the system…”Hannah flicked her light golden hair, she said, “If it works, Your Yun Hua Hospital will become very lively.”

Zuo Cidian’s heart moved. “What are your benefits?”

“We can temporarily not consider this problem.”Hannah’s smile was very wide. She said, “If Yun Hua’s flight route can operate smoothly, we will talk about cooperation.”

“You still want to inspect us?”Zuo Cidian smiled.

“Of course.”Hannah’s answer was very direct. She asked again, “Can I talk to Doctor Ling?”

Zuo Cidian did not answer immediately. Beside him, director bo coughed and said, “Old Zuo, you remember that we are in Thailand, right?”

“HM? What’s Wrong?”Zuo cidian glanced at his wrist. He did not bring the green water ghost with him, so his courage increased greatly.

“At that time, weren’t there patients who were transferred from abroad?”Director Bo reminded, then, he said, “Not only did they treat patients and save them, but they also gained fame. Not only domestically, but internationally.”

Zuo Cidian had some thoughts, but he was also a little hesitant.

“They are willing to leave a plane here. What do you have to worry about?”Director Bo said helplessly.

“The cost is the cost, but there are special medical planes. There are only three or four cities in China now,”director Bo emphasized again, “Unless Doctor Ling doesn’t want to develop internationally, this is definitely a shortcut.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to Doctor Ling,”Zuo Cidian replied and turned to leave. He turned around and went to look for Huo Congjun.

Even though Zuo Cidian knew director Huo very well, he would never let go of a plane that he had “Given away”for free. However, director Huo was famous for never losing out.